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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Think About What You Are Thinking

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you don't know the actual history of your own country, how could you expect to know the history of the solar system and galaxy you live in?   

Do you realize that the Universal Field Theory was proven back in the 1920s?  If not, that puts your knowledge of physics a hundred years in the past.  

You have been deliberately dumbed down and kept in the dark by people who sought to keep you ignorant and vulnerable to their lies and self-serving misrepresentations. 

And it's not just lapses about American History.  

This planet was built by our Creator, who designed our DNA and everything else needed to define and sustain and care for us. We are all in receipt of a gift, our DNA, which is 13.8 billion years old.   

If you want to begin catching up on the science and planetary history and want a people-friendly teacher and guide, I suggest you begin by studying the material provided by Gregg Braden.

Gregg and a group of researchers at Harvard startled the world by announcing that our DNA contains coded messages that come directly from our Creator. 

This astounding news barely caused a ripple thanks to mainstream media suppression.  

Suffice it to say that The Ancient of Days, God, is no longer a theory or a religious belief. We know his name.  We bear his signature. 

The "book"---our DNA--- whose mysteries were sealed until the End Times, has been opened. 

The Deception and The Great Fraud ultimately goes much deeper than forgetting to tell you the end results of the Civil War. 


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  1. Replies
    1. Pshah is all you can say to this information? It's no wonder we're at the place we're at! Thank goodness for people who actually study before they answer and have begun to understand all that's really out there in our vast universe created by a God who loves us and truly wants our best. He gave us dominion over His creation for a set time and we're certainly doing a poor job of ruling over what He gave us.

    2. Hey, you, Pshah . . . if that is a challenge to a pissing contest. You are countered to a flushing contest, and I pay my honey wagoner well.

    3. I'm curious as to why you refer to our creator as "he?"

  2. An evangelist for Renaissance 2.0, which is a counter-Renaissance in the global vision (fiction).

    Science many decades ago shifted away from truth to follow fables. The justification was and still is that practical application trumps truth. Hence, we have a techno-worldview that's based on inventions of mind, models, theories. It is still Unified Field Theory. Theory; not fact, principle, science, but a model that can be put into practice, which (as was and still is Macro-Evolution) is taught as if it were fact. All this crap is mysticism. Human Alchemy.

    And you're falling for it because you hate UN Agenda 2030 and its pernicious proponents. As you should. I don't criticize you for hating it. I hate it. But this rebranding, refacing, rebirth is the intended product of the catalysis. UN-WHO stated in its own documents that it needs a new image, as the present one is failing.

    1. This guy is a darling of Fortune 500, UN and the military.

  3. Rebecca....
    You must not know your scriptures very well. Especially your firm foundation scriptures. l mean, come on,
    While in earth years, it doesn't say how many years before God told MAN ..Gen. 1:26
    [in part] ..." Let "us" make man in
    * OUR * "IMAGE"...
    after our likeness."...
    Rebecca, who does the bible say that bears the IMAGE of God?
    MAN, right? When did man receive that image? On the 6th day of creation week, right?R i i i i i GHT !
    Gen.1:27..." So God created man in his
    * OWN IMAGE. *
    That's who God says bares his image and that happened on the 6th day of creation week. You know, the week that God finished A L L his work and rested on the 7th day from all his work that he had made???
    Yeah, THAT week. And No other.
    So you want us to believe that there were 3 other seedings of man before the so-called 4th one?
    l sure wish l knew what you think about Wisdom of Solomon 2:23..."Man was created to be lMMORTAL and is an image of God's
    Yes Rebecca, that comes from the wisest man in the world nor ever shall be bcuz that was Yeshuah speaking right through him.
    lf Manis an image of God's OWN ETERNITY and man was destroyed 3x before, then what would that say about God's own eternity?
    That would not work, now would it? So there must be so.ething wrong with someone's understanding cuz l
    KNOW there's nothing wrong with God's word.
    Because if you can't trust this word then you can't trust ANY WORD written therein.

  4. nicely player Karen Gore with common sense and discernment and wisdom that only comes from the father and or creator.

  5. DNA (IMO) AKA: "Gene Keys" that I consider as the graduate course of the Human Design System and with a number of advantages (most especially over the Jovian version of Human Design). A major key to all of this is attitude and its impact on our genes. It's most truly an inside job!

  6. Why would "God" need a rest? Only man should need a rest....*cough*
    Did God write the bible? Just asking simple investigative questions.

    1. Rest is part of God's plan and nature. Like breathing. Man, made in the image of God, wrote The Bible by being moved by the spirit of God. Those who read and study The Bible and meditate on The Message know instinctively it is a supernatural Book. Your questions cannot "trick" those who have read The Bible because we are spiritual beings and are affected by the supernatural and spiritual nature of that Book, per God's plan.

  7. Christians should read "The Naked Bible" by Mauro Biglino. Before anyone claims he's illegitimate in some way, why is it that 10 years after the publication of this book, not one Christian Hebrew translator has come forward to refute point by point what Biglino found when translating the oldest source documents of what you call "the Old Testament?"

  8. I'm thinking of a nice rib eye steak and some mashed tater. Wash it down with a good old glass of cold milk. Whole milk. Not that 2% crap.

  9. Patrick Henry was right about people shying away from a painful truth. And its true that many a man has lost fortune and life for not knowing what he thought he was sure of. Hopefully more will wake up to the fact of their own ability to turn over every stone and know the most possible before they add another layer of owner ship claiming voluntary participation in becoming GMO and like Monsanto plants and seeds be claimed up as whatever corporation genetically modified subclass of humans that allegedly replaced men and women.

  10. Is THAT A LL en so?🤔


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