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Monday, January 2, 2023

The Holly Raving Roman Empire

 By Anna Von Reitz

According to the Liars, everything is "relative".  There are no absolutes. 
No right, no wrong.  No young, no old.  No man, no woman.  

These people are in a mental tail-spin, a La-La Land, where they think that failure is success, chronic unemployment is new jobs, and rampant inflation is economic recovery. 

Whatever they are now smoking on Capitol Hill is far worse than cannabis. Guaranteed. 

Most of them think that passing a Bill that they haven't read is being accountable and responsible and doing their job. 

Accountable to what?  Responsible to whom? 

I can't off the top of my head think of an analogy for this situation. Perhaps Lemmings rushing silently toward the sea? 

The statistics say that 7,500  Americans are dying or being maimed to the point where they can't work PER DAY and this is in excess above and beyond any normal death rate.  

That's a small town disappearing PER DAY.  

That's half again as much PER DAY as we lost per YEAR in Vietnam in 12 YEARS. 

We have already experienced the equivalent of 50 Vietnams.  Fifty.  

WE ARE BEING GENOCIDED. And the Press Corps? 

Talking about Joe Biden's underwear.  

Congress is doing nothing about it, either, other than declining to take the injections themselves--- and specifically exempting all their family members and staff members and their families.  

These two facts, taken together, should speak volumes even to a Dunce.

Now, the heat is on to blame it on someone or something else, and the Narrative Spinners are whirling out of control.  It's the Chinese. It's the Arabs. It's the Jews.  It's a Judgment from God.  

But objectively, factually, it's none of these things and it certainly has nothing to do with the "Adamic Race" or any other such idiocy which is not, by the way, based on the Bible. 

It's just Charlie Ward and Company trying to avoid the consequences that are due to the British Crown for its part, trying to blame their old scapegoat, the Jews.  

And then it will be the women and then it will be the Roman Catholics and then it will be the Protestants and then it will be the Muslims and then the homosexuals and then the colored people and the elderly and little children ---- you see where this goes?  

Lemmings off the cliff, and this is what the Perpetrators want. 

If we won't "voluntarily" kill ourselves, they want us to kill each other. 

Stand firm and don't be fooled again. 

The Romans killed Jesus, not the Jews.  The Romans are the ones who have advocated male supremacy and white supremacy ---and you can see for yourselves where that has brought us.  And who is famous in world history for orgies and unbridled licentiousness, drinking of blood, raping little boys and girls and porn and drug addiction? 

The Romans.  This is all their MO.  Nobody else's. 

Hallucinogenic drugs borrowed from the Greek snake cults at Delphi and elsewhere (actual snake venom mixed with herbs) made the Roman Patriarchs believe that they were Supermen, the Elite of the Elite, the Chosen Ones. Everyone else who wasn't Roman was just a DOG as in DOG-LATIN and DOG TAGS.

Think of Adolph Hitler on speed--- which he was, and meth, too, and far more exotic stuff.  

The leaders of "the Holy Roman Empire" still take the snake venom drugs.  They still worship the snake because it gets them high as kites.  Cleopatra wasn't committing suicide in despair over Mark Anthony.  She overdosed on her drug of choice: asp venom.  She was a junkie.  She had developed semi-immunity and went too far.  

And that's the part of it they don't tell you in Sunday School or English Drama Class. 

These people do and believe absurd things because they are high class drug addicts. 

Now, you know the real story of how the Roman Empire rose and fell. And will fall again. 

Think I'm nuts? I just found out about the Articles given to Catholic Seminarians in the 1930's.  Guess what 3/5ths of the church incense was made of? 


Guess where the incense recipe came from?  

Druidic Beltane celebrations.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." ---- Voltaire. 


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  1. Makes complete sense, Druidic rites were adopted, co-opted by Roman invaders to land of Picts, Angles and were well-versed in Continental practices. Recent death of Benedict and Bergoglio officiating at unearthing and emplacement of Moloch statue (which had been buried ignominiously - never to be seen supposedly) in Vatican City with ceremonies worthy of Black Pope are tantalizing leads - to? - Great Reset/Holodomor/Holocaust pagan sacrifice to Pfauci/Pfizer ongoing campaign of genocide "Shot Heard 'Round The World" mayhaps?

  2. yes,and after decades of hearing "white men" be blamed for everything, enough is enough.
    the african and south and north and central american nations fought against one another and took prisoners to use as slaves or concubines.
    the asian countries have their empires and rulers and slave class.
    india, too with its caste system.
    same with middle eastern nations, they have their disagreements carried on from generation to generation to generation as well.
    so to try to pin all the world's woes on "white men" has run its course and been found to be defective.

    lets get realistic, and honest, and hold those men and woman of any "color" responsible for any evil *they* committed, and leave the peoples of the same "color" who DID NOT INTENTONALLY, KNOWINGLY PARTICIPATE IN EVIL ALONE.

  3. Evil is in the spirit, not skin color. Expell their evils by global meditation concurrently in large groups.....

  4. Your articles are my drug of choice and have led me to Love, Wisdom and now a Granmas Truth which is simply delicious. My Gratitude x 3 for this "Trinity Dose" of "Restorative Justice" pill package!!

  5. Title: 'Holy' instead of "Holly".

  6. Well obviously someone has not set down on a quiet evening and flipped through the pages of the talmud…too bad, but please do sometime, maybe it will help shatter a myth for you! Not that I am a fan of the catholic church in any way and believe they should be prosecuted and disbanded, especially catholic charities. I really appreciate so many of the points being made here and have learned much. Previous article warned about being fooled by myths, I really encourage some deep research into the “jew” myth..I always thought this subject was off limits and could not be questioned.. once I looked into this subject, it thankfully opened my eyes to the many other lies around us. Now I understand why laws exist to make it illegal to even question the “jew” history, it is because the myth will not hold up to ANY scrutiny. The truth can protect itself, a lie needs laws to hide behind. Happy New Year.

    1. Isaiah 28:15-18 and I see the correlation to Rev 6:8 Read Is 28:15 clearly and see it written in Rev 6:8

  7. The info about the Swiss Octogon, hiding as neutral, but actually the true & evil leaders of the Pharos/Royalty/Elites, CIA, CERN, Vati-can, the banks, the wars, the Nazi’s, etc, etc, also has a lot of concealed information to be offered here. Sean Hross is a great resource for this. I don’t agree 100% but very high!