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Monday, January 2, 2023

The Dangers of Myth-Making

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are all getting double doses of pre-fabricated "Narratives" these days, often long, convoluted stories that amount to either fear-mongering or hopium, neither of which is helpful. 

The fear- mongering ("We're all going to die!" --- as if this is news?) only leaves people paralyzed, and the hopium leaves them paralyzed, too, albeit, for different reasons.  

So who or what benefits by keeping us paralyzed? 

In a word -- those who want to keep us from thinking and acting for ourselves.

When we think and act for ourselves, we become unmanageable, and from their perspective as manipulators, that's bad. 

All these Fly-by-Night Narratives are bad enough, but something else is happening as well --- a process of Myth-Making that marginalizes our motivation and ability to take practical action in much the same way. 

There is a myth that I didn't write The Jural Handbook.  This myth has no basis to it.  The myth says that some unidentified man actually wrote the book, because "no woman" would have such knowledge. 

This appeals to those prejudiced against women, and it turns out that there are quite a few closet woman-haters out there. 

The myth then bifurcates into two versions, one says I am Catholic and the other says I'm Jewish, and none of that has any factual basis, either. 

One even more fanciful off-shoot says I am a black, Jewish, woman plagiarist who ripped off the unidentified white male author and his non-existent prior effort that has never seen the light of day. 

Curiously, those spreading this myth are plagiarists themselves -- men who ripped off Frank O'Collin's work, Ucantia, and used it as the basis for the Reign of the Heavens Society.  

They follow the modus operandi I have so long pointed out: they accuse everyone else of doing what they are doing themselves. 

They blame the Jews for "killing Jesus" when in fact, according to the Bible, the Romans killed Yeshuah. 

They blame Eve for Original Sin, but the Bible shows that she confessed and paid for her transgression, while Adam reacted like a two-year-old and wasn't competent to stand trial. 

These banal excuses for men blow themselves up like so many Puffer Fish and loudly proclaim the excellence of white men of the "Adamic Race" --- a concept they created out of thin air --- and hope that we won't notice that white men of this purported Adamic Race are the ones who brought us to this moral and economic collapse. 

It's their fault, yet they present themselves as the answer to the problems they created.  

Everyone knows that Old White Men did this and are still doing it.  But those who are responsible for this Mess sure try their best to deflect everyone's attention from the facts.  Pope Francis?  Old White Man. King Charles?  Old White Man.   Joe Biden?  Old White Man.  Donald Trump?  Old White Man.  Mark Miley?  Old White Man. 

Do you see a pattern here? 

Adamic Race, kiss my ass. Without women there wouldn't be any race, Adamic or otherwise.  For the record, men, we give birth to you sops and we wipe your butts and we feed you and care for you all your lives. And that's the truth of it. 

Where were the vaunted heroes of the Adamic Race while all this corruption and war-for-profit and money laundering and drug addiction and fraud and unconstitutional hocus-pocus was going on?  

I can tell you that they weren't with me slogging away reading history and law books in the basement.  They weren't there when I was writing The Jural Assembly Handbook, either. 

These "sons of Adam" are as shiftless, cowardly, and unaccountable as their Father, trying to avoid blame the same way he did, too. Blame the woman instead of owning up to your own responsibility for your own actions and inactions. 

Grandma took them to the woodshed and now, they've got a sore butt.  It's their own fault and telling more lies isn't going to help them one iota. 

There's also another Myth, one that says I am some sort of prophet or guru, existing in the rarefied air hovering above the Earth, so far above common people that they dare not compare themselves with me.

But that's the whole point. I am a Great-Grandma from a small town who had to do all this.  The message is not that "Anna is so special."  The message is that "if Anna can do it, so can you."  

So must you.  

Neither myths nor narratives are helpful.  They get in the way of the facts.  Buzz-talk and labels aren't helpful, either.  "Adamic Race" is just Wokeness wearing a different uniform. All it does is create another smokescreen and more divisiveness.  

The American State Assemblies provide a practical answer, a peaceful and lawful means to organize and restore lawful government in this country and around the world.  Go to and get going.  


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  1. .... and who created (the) woman "anna"?.....
    .... let me guess...... NObody!?....
    ....its (the) woman who is the Self-ExistentOne, the creator? :)
    did i guess right "anna"?
    if yes, id have to Call It this way:
    this Article is just one more of those confusing Narratives the Article purports it is written about.

    1. Sounds like Grandma has had your ass behind the woodshed a time or two, sounds like you need it again, Missy!

    2. super naught,
      your comment sounds like the caliber of people who follow a Fictional Internet Grammama who nobody ever answers, whose "solution" to people ignoring her is to pretend she has the means by which to "beat peoples ass" and make them obey!!!
      thanks for outing yourself.

    3. Let's not get to distracted. Which came first the chicken or the egg? The Tenth Amendment is where our focus should lie. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. People is lower case so soil jurisdiction (county). We have three sovereigns. Let's get busy on all three.

    4. a651am,
      appreciate your intent to stay focused.
      Their "Constitution" is the same Fraud as Their "BirthCertificates". the only actual, practical difference is: Their "Constitution" is Fraud against our Confederated Union whereas Their "BirthCertificates" are Fraud against American sons and daughters and their families, neighbors, and the Free and Independent States.
      First Q: where is the definition for We the People?
      there isnt one. who wrote it?
      its a farce. a fraud. its a false flag.

    5. (((( " anna " )))):

      *IF* you were to say the Creator is a Woman, would you say her Name is:
      " I S I S " ? ?

  2. Tasa link is broke

    1. Yeah I tried it too it's not working I don't think that's the right URL

    2. This is William Wayne Wierson
      This is the proper URL it's

  3. Thank you Grandma I think a lot of people need the woodshed, Blessed New Year to all even the sore butts !

    1. so glad you all are outing yourselves about your enthusiasm for using beatings to make people obey!
      hopefully, anyone considering joining, will now RUN LIKE HELL.
      better watch it tho'?? "Your Grammama" doesnt seem to be getting too many new recruits and seems to be losing alot of the former ones.... she may just end up with no ones asse to beate but yores??

  4. The Dr Jane Ruby Show is LIVE!

    On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Pope Benedict, ousted from the papacy and held in captivity, for CIA installed Francis (Bergolio), died over the weekend. Brother Alexis Bugnolo joins Dr. Jane LIVE ON

  5. Ucadia. Frank O'Collins body of work is called - Ucadia. Anna Ucantia get it right!

  6. On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Pope Benedict, ousted from the papacy and held in captivity, for CIA installed Francis (Bergolio), died over the weekend. Brother Alexis Bugnolo joins Dr. Jane LIVE ON THE GROUND FROM THE VATICAN TONIGHT to discuss Benedict and the CIA installation of Pope Francis.

    Brother Alexis Bugnolo’s Fascinating Site for all things Vatican

  7. Atta Girl Grandma, Givem' Hell! after 66 years on this flippin' planet in this lifetime, I will second the motion Anna, I too, have had about as much of the Male Patriarchal nonsense, as I'm ever gonna effin take too!

    1. Stop acting like your shit doesn't stink. Check your fragile female ego. This isn't man vs. woman. It's good against evil. Light against dark. Making it out to be anything other is playing the elites game of divide and conquer. You all have to be smarter than that. And that includes "grandma".

    2. a251am,
      couldnt agree more. the nastiest, most merciless creature on this earth is a woman who does not respect her own self... it leaves her with no internal boundaries and no internal compass. she can be as evil, or even worse, than any man.

  8. I would love to see a report on which state assemblies met in 2022 and what actions they took. I think there should be a newsletter regularly reporting this info.

    1. Join your damn Assembly. Then you'd know.

  9. Why are the readers of Anna’s writings never given any links to prove what she is saying is truth? It is always left to us to research, why?

    1. Because you are supposed to discover your own truths...not sit on your ass waiting for somebody to hand you something.

  10. Very interesting perspective thank you. One issue I question, if I hire someone to commit murder or act on my behalf, am I not guilty too? The Romans need some company here….

  11. [thats-nice:dear]

  12. All things come from woman. Everyone nearly was nurtured and cared for by woman. Children most precious, women next and then men, the first line protectors of children and women. Today you hear of patriots and the patriotic. Seems to me cultures where women are at least 51 percent, a little more than men is balanced. Yet who ever hears that we are matriotic or matriots. Even women are patriotic. With balance ignored and ego puffing no wonder things going wrong

  13. Anna wrote an Open Letter to Pope Emeritus and them Pope Emeritus RIP, his funeral is set on the 5th of January - expecting a huge MSM event. Now on the 6th SCOTUS #22-380 is up for a vote that could challenge and exchange Status Quo.

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow, m

  14. Re: Anna's Open Letter to Pope Emeritus.
    “Politicians like diapers, need to be changed often, and for the same reasons.” -Mark Twain

    "It's no wonder that truth stranger than fiction (lie) is. Fiction (lie) has to make sense." - Mark Twain

    Wednesday, December, 21th, 2022
    Letter to His Holiness, the Pope Emeritus In his Ministerial Office 20th of December 2022
    Anna Von Reizinger, Fiduciary
    The United States of America
    Happy Healthy Prosperous 2023 and Beyond Imagination!

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow, m

    Pope Emeritus RIP

    SCOTUS #22-380 Executive Summary

    In politics/dogmas nothing happens without a plan A, B, C.. ect.

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow m

  15. Disappointed in this article. And look, I get it. The mindset is wrong and problematic - not denying that. But the whole thing is written from male wounding, and is the inverse of the very thing it critiques!

    God made man and woman in His image. Both are equal, yet different. Both are required for all of God's designs, and both represent a different fractal of His Essence.

    Neither Adam nor Eve sinned first - they sinned simultaneously. Satan went to Eve because 1) women are more spiritually tuned (by design, why else did God warn about foreign wives), 2) he know he was inverting chain of command by getting her to override her husband. Classic Jezebel spirit.

    Adam is equally to blame. He saw this going on and in typical Ahab fashion did nothing. And even since the sexes have been at love and war.

    In our inner healing ministry and journey, my wife and I have found women always seem to have distrust of men, and men always are fearful of being in trouble with women. These fears play off each other reinforcing the trauma generation after generation. You can see it at work throughout this entire post and comment section.

    1. great comment,.
      very emotionally and spiritually balanced.
      we need to get back to that.
      more families than not, used to teach their sons and daughters equal respect for father and mother and then they carried that on out into the world-at -large.
      now things have become "A Competition" rather than "A Cooperation", but we, each, can decide to live a different way than that.

  16. John-Charles: ReevesJanuary 5, 2023 at 4:31 AM

    How does Anna know what everyone else knows? What an ugly article full of hate. I am a white man. I am offended by this article. Someone angered Anna and she attacks white men. I have had just about enough of this. Stick with the facts Anna. You are no Angel yourself. Imperfect white woman. One day we shall all know the truth and you are out on a skinny limb with your man hating bilge. Ashamed of you I am.

    1. yaaaay!!! :):):)
      i, for one, completely support white men, all men, in stepping up and speaking up for yourselves.
      this indiscriminate whiteman-bashing that has gone on since the mid-sixties is sickening. there is NO FACT that supports the horrible things that have been being attributed to ALL WHITE MEN for the past 55 to 60 years. they are men: some heroes, some not, some just plain worthless, JUST LIKE WOMEN.
      its great that men start to challenge these unfounded jibberings that femi notsees want to spout about ALL white men, but i'm calling also for women who know, love, and have been cared for and protected by good white men, or any good man, to STOP sitting silent when women who have a grudge against some man start tearing our men down.
      our men are not all worthless creeps, just some of them, just like us: and we women need to start defending all of our heroes, regardless of "color".

    2. Quoted (from "the Big Short) "..the truth is like poetry, and everyone hates poetry.."

      Thank you Anna.

      And to so many of you bloggers, after I have read your postings, I am compelled to re-read what Anna had written. So your diatribe's cause me to get a double dose of Anna (and very useful too!)

      So many of the bloggers seem as blind leading the blind.

      So many of the bloggers remind me of characters who Dante encounters in his poetry "Dantes Inferno."

      Hell hath no fury like "poetry?'

      Thank you Anna, for useful considerations, truths, and yes even "poetry?"

    3. youre free to give yourself a double- dose of whatever you choose, but you cant blame anybody but yourself for that.

  17. Oh, and Post Scipt - Dante's work is referred to as "the Divine Comedy"

    Seemingly for a good reason?

  18. Does this article display the same divisive culture we oppose?

  19. "We" do not "oppose divisive culture." I oppose those identifiable as a - ID-10t