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Friday, January 6, 2023

Brunson Case Update, Today is the day the SCOTUS votes.


  1. many many blessings, from a grateful Nation! I sent my letters because of
    Juan O Savin

  2. I sent mine as well because of 107

  3. There's too many Trump hating rhinos for a pro vote to happen for him. All dems hate him while quite a few republi-crats hate him. Too many.

  4. Democrat/ republican... doesnt matter they are wings of the same bird. BTW we are not feathers on those wings. That bird looks at us like we are mice.

  5. We want them under our soil.

  6. Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone who refers to "Pope Francis" as beloved


    1. Telegram Channel: Traditional Catholic
      "Photo of Francis in meeting room on the floor he uses as his apartment in Casa Santa Marta hotel says all you need to know about him. See his favorite blasphemous painting behind him which reads,

      “May his name and memory be blotted out” on the placard above the crucified Jesus. "

    2. Francis Bergolio's Crimes

  7. Yeah! Let true justice prevail! Death to the treasonous lizard persons!!!

  8. i said
    Dantes Inferno is called the DIVINE COMEDY because it HAS A HAPPY ENDING.
    this is + four times ive reposted this comment :) someone keeps deleting it.


  9. Re: #22-380 decision on
    Monday, 9th of January 2023,
    Raland Brunson via f:
    " Hello my fabulous fellow patriots and comrades. Okay! Here is the deal with tomorrow's decision. The Supreme Court's schedule of posting decisions is always the Monday following conference. So, we won't know anything until Monday! Now, don't think for a second that my brothers and I are not prepared for a denial. We've got plenty of chess pieces still at play and we still have our queen. Through hard knocks we have learned how this political/litigation game works, so keep up the prayers and your letters to the Supreme Court! You count! We love everyone of you! Thank you for your wonderful support! "

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow. m

  10. SCOTUS accepted the Brunson case

  11. Then get your assemblies going, set up your jural pillar and take BACK your country now

  12. In this one - internet turned over/signed over to ICANN
    Steve Outtrim Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon The Shadow History of Burners P5b Burning with the Man
    2 hours and 13 minutes in
    The Department of Commerce signs internet over to ICANN
    EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation a front group until internet could be signed over to ICANN
    And ICANN is fronted by the same friggin person that was the front the EFF

    There is so much information in these videos it boggles the mind and it is full of FACTS about just what in the hell they planned out and have been carrying out for decades