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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Trump's History of supporting the Second Amendment



  1. MANY THANKS TO THE AUTHOR for tracking and compiling this... thanks for posting it paul.... didnt realize "Trump" had done this much that is contrary to his Campaign Promises.

    one of these days, TheCowards are going to have to "find a set" and Announce to our men and women [those of us law-fully and peace-fully under authority of our Unanimous Declar, july2, 1776] that Their CORPORATE Policies are only for CORPORATIONS, and have never applied, in law, to American men and women.
    And that they KNEW that.
    And purposely did not tell us
    And stole from us knowingly
    And didnt care if they hurt us, even unto death
    and much more.

    if TheCowards are melting down with fear, its understandable..

  2. Hell there are three different SPELLings of just what a weapon is
    Weapon is the word I use but heck a knife is a weapon
    But you see how this WORD MAGIC works
    And funny how the letter 'Q' made it in there too
    And gee mixing the letters upper case lower case
    I wonder what that is supposed to mean
    I wonder if we take all the cap letters and put them together and then all the lower case and put them together if there is a 'hidden message' they relaying to their 'agents'

    I bet if you look in to that ERPO shit that this is where there so called legislation relates to the SANDY HOOK PROMISE comes in to play've-watched!-Research-flat-earth_x264:5

    Observe at home, go to school and report anything suspicious and the school notifies the 'authorities'
    Of course it's all anonymous
    And they have 'drills' 'practice excercises' at the schools to prepare the children for the trauma so when something does get scheduled through FEMA to take place at one of these schools the children are prepared for the violent stage play and the ensuing 'trauma based mind control' to take effect'

    Because the child is coached at school to look for and report on his family the school appointed psychologist can now raise red flags with the authorities
    And like magic Daddy and Mommy are bad and we must get those things from them
    Now think about that

    And according to Daniel the 'right to bear arms' has everything to do with the SURNAME and nothing to do with weapons or firearms or guns etc etc etc

    ARMS is COAT OF ARMS (SIR or SIRE name) of which they all beLIEve they have superior lineage and that only they can carry those SURNAMES not the peasants
    Anagram ARMS and you get MARS
    And hell we feed our children a bunch of MARS candies
    One of the richest families in the nation folks

    Those grammerians (aka lawyers) wrote those documents too and they knew what the shit meant

    Hocus Pocus word magic

    Hell I red somewhere the other day that the mug shot on the one dollar bill is actually Adam Weishaupt and not ole Georgy boy

    Funny his name is ADAM, ATOM
    EVE spelled the same from front to back
    Just like ANNA

    Ya know like the clip from below all these comment post we make
    Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

    This shit is no accident

    1. You know kind of like a crypto code on something that they are now using to send their messages?

      Remember when humpty dumpty took office he awarded the Indian, Navajo code talkers

      And them ole Eliezabeth Warren aka Annette Benning started her Pocohontas shit shew
      See Greg Bradfords you tube channel
      Ole Annette plays multiple roles in this grand shew and her daughter is in on the shit too

  3. And gee now we have VILLAGE medical providers at Walgreens

    That means the SMART CITY medical providers are now on staff at your local Walgreens to care for all the VILLAGERS within the Village err I mean SMART CITIES and those would be what used to be labeled/branded as RESERVATIONS

    Crafty little suckers are they not

    It all works in quite well with their Agenda 2050 plans of which they are already 30 years ahead of the curve
    Ya know like it will only take two weeks to flatten the curve