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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Public and International Notice: I'm the Underwriter

 By Anna Von Reitz

No, not Lloyd's.  Not Barclays. Me, in the plaid shirt and sneakers, Grandma, down on the farm.  

I am the Fiduciary for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.  We, our States and our People, underwrite and hold the Public Interest  in all business enterprises and public infrastructure and public bonds associated with this country. We hold the ultimate right of redemption. Consider it exercised. 

I am also, by default, the Fiduciary for all the people in this country and the Holder in Due Course of their reclaimed estates and reversionary trust interests.  I am uniquely empowered and pre-eminent in both space and time to act as the Priority Preferential Creditor and that means I am the Underwriter and Undertaker for the Kingdom of the Dead. 

Nothing much more needs to be said.  If it's American in source or provenance, if it belongs to anyone claiming American nationality, then I own and safe-keep and underwrite it all until the lawful living owners appear and  reclaim their assets and resume the lawful administration of their own affairs. 

My position as Fiduciary is Custodial and Cooperative. I am empowered to direct the flow of actual capital assets underwriting the banks of this country and throughout the world, and have recently relieved the Australian debt crisis and ordered the production of gold Eagle coinage from the United States Mint. These are both actions that were long delayed without any valid reason by persons standing in conflict of interest.

Various incorporated entities claiming to be "The United States of America, Incorporated" ---- all of which ultimately owe their underwriting to me, have sought to interfere and intercede and push themselves forward as our purported "representatives" but as everyone can now see, we are  competent and have the standing necessary to present ourselves. 

As Fiduciary I exercise the bonds and act as the Entitlement Holder in Due Course and own a preponderant share of all bank stock and actual assets.  The United States of America --- Unincorporated --- has held its preeminent position on the international jurisdiction of the land granted to this country since 1778, and it continues to be present and accounted for to the current hour. 

In response to the various Claims on Abandonment presented by the Guilty Parties, we ask -----what possible benefit would we realize from being defrauded by our own Employees and Subcontractors? How would that "motive" compare to the benefit yielded to the banks and other Foreign Principals, who would gain the benefit of our property and assets?  And our credit derived from those assets? 

There can be no credible objection to our Claim on Abatement, our Disbursement of the National Debts, our Majority Stockholder Position, our Administration of our own Assets, or our Intent to return to a traditional and transparent -- howbeit it, technologically updated banking system that resolves any fraudulent pretense of enmity between the realms of Commerce and International Trade. 

Having discovered the Gross Fraud and Breach of Trust practiced against us and against our beloved country, we have served more than sufficient Notice of Avoidance and completed and cured Due Process to vitiate all claims and proposals coming from any incorporated entity whatsoever.  

There will be no "tokenizing" of the Earth and its resources by men who didn't create it, don't own it, and have shown no talent or interest in preserving it.  The resources of this planet belong to the people who live here, and not to any incorporated Legal Fiction at all. 

As the actual majority Underwriter and Fiduciary I object to any plan or banking system that would do any of the following: (1) serve to track unique individuals and their purchases; (2) serve to control, restrict or direct the ability of unique individuals to buy and sell; (3) reduce any transaction of assets or credit to immaterial digital keystrokes or digits absent sufficient physical cash assets directly controlled by the living people; (4) the use of any banking system to discipline, control, inhibit, or deprive anyone of their fundamental right to engage in free and open international trade; (5) the implementation of any banking system that is used to politically coerce, collect private government debts, or serve other nefarious interests in violation of privacy and private property interests; (6) any banking system that allows securitization of living flesh as a collateral asset. 

We notice that the three banks referenced above are attempting to gain access to the uncut United States gold-backed currency that has been sitting in warehouses and stockpiled in dockyards and Free Trade Zones ever since the 1960's. President Kennedy negotiated the printing of the uncut currency using our gold in the Philippines as the backing (that is, underwriting) for the release of this currency. Now that we have returned to Session,  we are in position to fully validate President Kennedy's action. We retain the right to exercise our own signature authority, good judgment, and control of the issue. None of the three banks in question have secured our approval to receive and distribute and cut these instruments drawn against our assets.  That does appear to us to be a rational and reasonable requirement to validate the issuance of the currency, and we notice that it was the lack of such actual underwriting authority that was used to block release of this currency for all these years. 

 Although we support President Kennedy's vision for the world, it is long past time for the Kingdom of the Dead to come to heel and honor their underwriters --- the living people.  

Whereupon, I am requesting and requiring settlement in favor of the living people of this country, and our unincorporated Federation of States, crediting our Treasury Accounts, and allowing the release of the uncut gold-backed currency as President Kennedy intended; there will be additional and ongoing issuance of gold-backed currency and coinage under our direction sufficient to meet demand for the foreseeable future. 

This should not, in and of itself, be regarded as any standing approval of such issuance of currency and does not signal any permission for Treasury Officers to represent us in these matters without our direct participation and explicit written approval.  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America


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  1. Did I miss it, or did you fail to give the names of the three banks?

    1. Yes Anna I think you forgot to mention the 3 banks.

    2. add it to the list :):):)

    3. I would think that the names of the banks are allow the banksters the time to purchase a potential silver lined golden parachute product service contract before jumping out the windows of their ivory towers. That's how honest and ❤️ Anna is with real living people that have claimed their birthright inheritance. Thanks Anna and Jim

    4. Good grief - just more wishful thinking from Anna.

  2. Since my house and land was stolen by the corporations, can I get it back?

  3. How are you still living and breathing?you must be divinely protected

  4. Anna do you think your articles would have more credit if you would put links to the proof of what you write about? Or direct the viewers where they can see such proof.

    1. Yes, and many of the articles Anna writes are only HER opinion, based on HER interpretation of history.

  5. The first sentence names two of the banks I believe…

    1. Lloyds is a UK-based insurance company, and Barclays is also UK-based but with a US-based subsidiary.

    2. I think she just forgot to name the three banks which amounts to little more than a typo.

  6. A lot of wishful thinking on Anna's part, I'm afraid.


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