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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Public International Notice of Reversionary Trust Interest and Claim

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people have to hear it and some people have to see it, so here is the seeing part. 

What I am going to show you today has always been in front of your faces, but, nobody taught you how to look at it.  Nobody talked about this in school, the politicians were mum, and your parents didn’t know.  So, neither did you. 

It’s not a secret, but it might as well be.  

Article 1, Section 10 of all three Federal Constitutions reads:

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title ...

We could discuss the implications and results of just this little section for six months and never get to the bottom of it, but what we want you to see today is the bit about “No State shall….make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts….”

The States have to pay all their debts in gold or silver and the Congress has to operate on the credit of the States and the people— their “good faith and credit”. 

The Founders did this so that the Federal Government would always be in debt to the States and people, and we would always —in theory— be in control of their spending.  

He who owns the actual assets (in this case, gold and silver) also owns the credit derived from the asset.  

The people own the States, the gold, the silver, and the credit derived from the whole shebang. We also own the debt, if and when a debt actually exists. 

We already paid “the US National Debt” as we exchanged our goods and services for their Promissory Notes.  In such a debt-credit system, all debts immediately cancel out, because all transactions are zero sum transactions.  Their National Debt was in fact instantly cancelled by our National Credit. No “interest” could accumulate as a result. 

Not only is there no actual National Debt, any interest being claimed or charged against any fictitious National Debt results in Odious Debt. 

Odious Debt is a debt created by means of fraud of which the victims are unaware and from which they do not profit. 

For example, a company charges your credit card each month using a name designed to make you think you are paying a legitimate fee for a credit card insurance service, when in fact you have received no consensual service and owe no such debt and are in fact being bilked under False Pretenses.

Since 1941 all the governments on Earth have been fully funded but they all kept charging people for taxes—- ostensibly needed to provide government services, but that was a Big Lie based on Omission. They didn’t tell you that they were fully funded and let you assume that your taxes were needed to pay for basic government services. They have all been Double Dipping and so far as we, the Victims of this deceit and these False Claims go, all those taxes paid are Odious Debts, debt that were charged to us under conditions of fraud we didn’t know about and certainly did not benefit from. 

Think about this.  The States have to pay in gold and/or silver and there is no other way for them to pay a debt. And if the States can’t pay a debt owed to (or by) the Federal Government, their debt simply continues to accrue. What happens if our Federal Employees seize our gold and silver and prevent us from paying debts? What if they take our purloined gold and silver and use it as an asset to extend credit to themselves instead? 

That actually happened in 1933 and again in 1971 and there was nothing above board about it. Our Public Servants put us in a position where we could not pay our debts, so they could make false claims of indebtedness against us.  And they continued to do this even after all the government services we could ever need were fully funded. 

But remember — he who owns the assets also owns all the credit generated from those assets and whoever pays an Odious Debt is owed recoupment and any corporation that indulges in these unlawful activities is not owed any bankruptcy protection at public expense. 

All these years that these foreign government service providers have been bilking you and coercing you and racketeering against you with the help and support of the Bar Association Members you trusted to run what appeared to be your courts, they have non-consensually eaten up your credit, practiced personage crimes against you, and haven’t paid for anything at all. 

This is because, more generally speaking, you can’t actually pay for anything with credit.  You can exchange credits (mutual credit offset) and you can “discharge” debt —that is, erase debts with credits via accounting,  but that is not the same as paying a debt. 

I have observed this to you before, but nobody was catching the drift.  

An exchange of credit is not the same as paying a debt.  It’s the cancellation of a debt, but not a payment of a debt. Nobody is any wealthier when a credit is exchanged for a debt. It’s a “zero sum transaction”. 

When you actually pay a debt, an asset changes hands. 

As my Mother used to say, talk is cheap, but it takes money—- actual money —-to buy whiskey.

Or at least, that’s the way it should be, because both gold and whiskey are actual, physical Things. 

Now, ask yourself, what has been going on here since the Civil War?  The actual States have not been in Session so nobody competent to actually pay a debt has been present.  No gold or silver has been exchanged for decades—-just  credit which itself has been purloined from the States and People. 

Remember? He who owns the underlying asset also owns the credit derived from the asset? You actually own and are owed the credit, too. 

The British Territorial and Municipal Congresses that have been operating since the Civil War have indeed impersonated you and acted in capacities never intended for them,  in order to access your credit and the credit of your States.  This is the root cause of their perennial “emergency”.  They don’t have authority to access any actual money and they don’t actually own your credit, either,  

In effect, they’ve been stealing from their employers, which is the only way they could conduct business during our long purported “interregnum”. 

Having access to the credit of the richest country on Earth allowed them to extend our credit to other countries — at interest, and, also to loan themselves (the Federal Corporations) vast amounts of our credit, which again, was loaned at interest or invested. 

Eventually, virtually everyone and every country has been in hock and paying interest to us, including the Federal Corporations. The Federal Corporations have been standing in the middle, collecting “for” us, and treating us as “Unknown” little paupers, here without any provenance, abandoned by our Unwed Mothers as Wards of the State…. And other Big, Fat, Criminal Misrepresentations, that have allowed them to keep and manage and invest all the juicy profits derived from their use and abuse of our assets and credit. 

That’s how the USD became “the Reserve Currency” of the world and that’s how the Federal Corporations landed $25 Trillion in debt—- by loaning our credit, at interest, to everybody else and claiming false losses for themselves.

After all, they were just acting as custodians “for” us in our absence… while we were all standing right there…. innocent and unaware of how they were defrauding and misrepresenting us. 

Imagine that a credit card hacker scores The Big One—- and gets away with it. Soon, they are not only buying new computers and toaster ovens for themselves, they are “loaning credit”to all their Buddies, too—- and charging interest on these “loans” that didn’t cost them anything, not even the risk of making the loan. 

Over the years the denizens of Washington, DC, even forgot whose credit they were using to do all of this,  and hatched a scheme to “redefine” their American Creditors as Debtors —-just like them, by “conferring” both U.S. Citizenship and citizenship of the United States on us—- non-consensually, artificially, and without disclosure. 

Our British Territorial Employees began “taking title” to us and our estates in the 1920’s. The first victims of this scheme were the citizens of the Municipal United States — mostly Negroes and Federal Civil Service employees. 

It started in earnest with FDR issuing “clearinghouse certificates” in the name of Municipal citizens (Negroes and Federal Civil Service Employees) as indicated obtusely in his First Inaugural Speech—- which was his pitiful excuse for a “public disclosure”. 

It was a complex impersonation scheme.

First, our British Territorial Employees pretended that we were unknown babies belonging to either unwed Mothers or found by Third Party Informants, abandoned on a “battlefield”, and willingly, voluntarily surrendered to them as Wards belonging to their Territorial State of State franchises (and therefore Subjects of the Queen and chattels belonging to the British Crown Corporation.)

Next, the British Crown sold our labor assets to the Pope’s Municipal Government, and they created ESTATE Trusts in our NAMES and issued Performance Bonds against these foreign trust estate properties — to be enforced by the IRS.  Nowadays they call these phony constructs “Uniform Commercial Code Contract Trusts”.  The Territorial Corporation, not to be outdone, then issued “Child Labor Contracts” for us under the Miller Act. 

Now we had the Municipal “IRS” collecting on the Performance Bonds “owed” by TIMOTHY JAMES TUCKER” INCORPORATED and we had the Internal Revenue Service collecting against “Timothy James Tucker” Incorporated and bringing claims against “his”  Authorized 
Representative — who just happened to be a very confused American who just happens to be named “Timothy James Tucker”, too. 

Are you all getting the picture? We are talking about fraud that is layers deep, all perpetuated against us by foreign commercial corporations that have pretended to “represent” us—- and every single time you vote in one of their political party elections, you hand them your proxy, and lend credibility to their outrageous lies  and abuses. 

All of this has been done “for” us by our Public Employees in an effort to hide who and what we are—- the purportedly “long lost” Preferential Creditors, the actual Owners of all the assets they have been borrowing against and loaning out at interest— including our Good Names and our labor, are purportedly “voluntarily” converting into slaves and drudges owned by these governmental services corporations. 

So, soon they had us paying them for the “privilege” of using our own credit and paying them interest on it (mortgages that they actually owe) and the “privilege” of living as “residents”—- that is, Tenants, in our own homes, farms, and businesses and paying them taxes for their “services”. 

FDR sent Goons door to door and collected 20,000 Metric Tonnes of gold from average members of the Public — wedding rings and lockets still with photos of family members in them, ripped off our fingers and necks by Government Agents whose salaries and benefits and pensions we paid for. 

FDR, then King Rat, bragged about how he invested 6,000 tonnes of our gold in the Federal Reserve Banks and the rest, 14,000 MTs in the World Bank and the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). This admission was captured live on grainy black and white movie film and we still have it. 

Of course, all of this is horribly illegal and in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts—-and results in numerous crimes being committed against us, including Inland piracy, kidnapping, genocide, impersonation, enslavement, and peonage, so the Vermin had to “legalize” their Unlawful Conversion and Impersonation of their American Creditors and they had to pretend that we were all accepting this voluntarily — while hiding what was really going on. 

In 1933, FDR illegally and immorally seized upon all our gold reserves and most of our silver for the benefit of his USA, Inc., British Crown Corporation. And the members of the British Territorial United States “Congress” had to provide remedy for this in order to “legalize” it. 

So, they published House Joint Resolution 192, and subsequently, Public Law 73-10 was enacted, and Chapter 28 Section 112 was added to the United States Statutes-at-Large and numerous sections were added to the Federal Code, most importantly, 12 USC 95(a). 

The upshot of this remedy is that their “Congress” stole our precious metals in order to promote their credit lending activities and investment opportunities. That took our country off the gold standard and left us with no ability to actually pay for anything at all— and you will remember that our States (and we) are required by all the Federal Constitutions to pay our debts in gold and silver. 

Their remedy also had to include a fix for their seizing upon us, our Good Names, our lands, homes, businesses and intellectual properties — because they “borrowed” all that too as part of their “birth certificate registration process”. 

The immediate cure for their mischaracterization and literal impersonation of American babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens was codified as 12 USC 95(a) that established our “Reversionary Trust Interest” in all our American property—- IF, of course, we ever woke up and claimed it back. 

Their British Territorial United States Congress also agreed and guaranteed to pay all our debts for us, whatever those debts might be.  Mortgages, college loans, cars, dinner on the town — whatever debts, they agreed to pay them all. And as they used the word “pay” which has a specific meaning, that means actual payment in gold or silver (which they had commandeered from us illegally). 

Having published this remedy to reclaim our identity as Americans (12 USC 95(a)) they left no hint whatsoever as to how we might claim and exercise our “Reversionary Trust Interest”.  Not a word. 
No offices were opened or indicated as those offices administering this process of repatriation.  No government forms were created for this purpose. No specific employees were named as those responsible for correcting the records. 

So the Monsters published a remedy to legalize their coercive theft from their employers, but failed to provide access to it, thereby acting in Bad Faith again, and in Breach of Trust and Public Duty and in violation of their commercial service contracts—- the Constitutions. 

They did the same exact thing with their empty promises to pay all our debts. 

They provided no public notice beyond the unheralded acts of legislation, HJR 192, PL 73-10, and 28 Stat 112. No offices were funded and established as Debt Redemption Centers. No specific officers were named as those responsible for providing Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions (described in Federal Title 12) either.  No forms expediting this remedy or any other were created or distributed to the Public.  

So once again, the Cheats and Liars published a remedy and then blocked any practical access to it. 

Mom and Pop back on the farm and minding the store back in Plainview, Ohio, were unknowingly mischaracterized and misidentified as U.S. Territorial Citizens as if they were born and bred in Puerto Rico or had voluntarily adopted that political status. And the fruits of their labor were bonded to benefit the Pope and the British Monarch — instead of benefiting themselves and their own country. 

Thus, the actual Preferential Creditors, the literal owners of all the assets and all the credit generated by the assets, and all the profits, too, were defrauded and impersonated as foreigners in their own country and denied the published remedies for lack of any defined means to access them. 

It is this circumstance which prompted us to corner Pope Benedict XVI in his lair and serve Due Process Notice “for” him to all his minions and employees worldwide for a period of seven (7) years—- including the members of the Municipal United States Congress, and which resulted in our Final Judgment and Civil Orders published in April of 2014. 

They are in debt to us, not the other way around. And they are owed no bankruptcy protection at our expense. In fact, in view of their pernicious and deliberate and long term fraud against the American people and their stubborn failure to provide their published remedies,  it is our position hereby forwarded to the International Court of Justice, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the United Nations, the Bank of International Settlements and others too numerous to mention, that the corporate veil should not cover these criminal corporate enterprises and all their assets and the assets of those benefiting from these criminal schemes should be returned directly to the American people and their lawful American Government.

We have assessed damages of $279 Trillion dollars against the American Bar Association and International Bar Association and their members for starters.  This enormous crime against the innocent American States and people could not have been accomplished without the willing assistance of generations of attorneys.  We have served the Notices and cured the Commercial Obligation Lien for seven years, monetized it with interest, and forwarded it to our bank for distribution to our Fiduciary Account from which we will distribute credit or payment in gold to the victims who are all civilians owed good faith and service from these hell-mongers. This commercial lien is worldwide in nature though most of the offenses and litigation (an estimated 96%) occurred in The United States. 

The Lord Mayor who is directly and personally and commercially responsible for the attorneys and their activities should be recognized as the Chief Criminal acting in violation of our Treaties of Ghent and Westminster and owing the Principal Liability for allowing these atrocities to go on for 162 years.  

It is completely demonstrated on the public record that these institutions and organizations are corrupt and are seed beds of corruption and have been so for a very long time. It’s time for them to be addressed and scrutinized by the entire world for their gross hypocrisy, fraud, greed, and criminal behavior detrimental to the whole of mankind—- all practiced while pretending to be purveyors of law and justice. 

These Undeclared Foreign Agents acting in defiance of the Foreign Agents Registration Act must do their jobs within their constitutional limitations and make amends first to last. No misapplication of
“Special Admiralty” Rules on land.  No “hypothecation of debt” or “presumption of salvage rights”.

Similarly, we object to Vanguard, Inc., or any species of Black Rock, Inc., Blackrock, Inc., it’s heirs or successors, actual or derivative, or any variation of Pfizer, Inc., Monsanto, Inc., Moderna, Inc, or any of the other pharmaceutical corporations involved in producing or promoting biological poisons, biowarfare products, and mRNA “therapies” seeking bankruptcy protection at public expense.  These corporations and their agencies including the AMA, CDC, NIH, FBI, and IRS have all been used as instrumentalities of fraud and genocide, both on paper and in actual fact. 

Obviously, their bankrupt parent corporations including the UN, INC, US, INC., and USA, INC. and their British Crown Corporation affiliates don’t deserve any bankruptcy protection at public expense, either, as the General Public worldwide has been the chief victim of their heartless criminality and lust for profit at any cost. 

The American people have been charged for the “privilege” of using their own credit and living in their own homes at a rate of usury often topping 500%, and have been bilked out of a completely unearned “security interests” in their own actual property by banks pretending that the British Monarch ever had the  right to hold American property under real estate titles and foreign made-up-out-of-thin-air property descriptions in the first place. 

Everyone now has cause to know that all of this fraud was based on purposeful semantic deceit. based on a practice of determined lack of disclosure which the perpetrators themselves describe as a “cloak of secrecy” serving to disguise their own heinous crimes and Breach of Trust which the abject cowards aimed against American babies in their cradles. 

The days of reckoning have finally come. 

Every American born on the land and soil of this county is owed the return and control of all their property — their assets, their credit, their profits — and the vast majority will claim their Reversionary Trust Interest when this situation is properly disclosed and the bureaucratic means to exercise their remedies are made available. 

Meantime those of us who have by dint of our own study and action overcome the maze of obfuscation surrounding the facts and who have used International and Commercial Law to process our own claims and to recoup our own Good Names and estates, both public and private, are owed immediate ownership and control of our property, immediate payment of all validated debts we accept, and an end to any foreign presumptions — legal or otherwise, about our political status and standing. 

We have a dedicated Fiduciary and a competent Head of State with a natural ownership claim to the Great Seals which bind the Delegated Authorities and he exercises his lawful sovereignty in behalf of this country now and forevermore proclaiming again — lest it bear repeating— that any and all Americans born on this land and soil are sovereigns in their own right, guaranteed  by his inheritance of the Norman Conquest and his Right of Authorship to the Magna Carta and his independent Coat of Arms which holds both pride and pre-eminence over Gaul,  and the Midlands of Central England including the Ancient Kingdom of Powys, and also holding the sovereignty owed to this country in Good Faith and Service in international jurisdiction as guaranteed  by the King of Spain in 1778 in perpetuity. 

Our States are now in Session and our people are assembling. 

We call forth a New Era and a new understanding of Public Duty. 

The guile and lies and omissions which these self-interested gluttons and their Masters have perpetuated under a “cloak of secrecy” have come to light.  Their criminal failure to provide access to remedies which must be offered in good faith or else be counted as crimes,  their misadministration of their delegated offices, and their ruination of those to whom they owe not only credit but assets and remedy, all stands clear on the public records which they used to implement their Plot, but which now serve as evidence of fraud and crime against millions of Americans from every State of the Union. 

The members of the U.S. Congress owe the people of this country all the published remedies and the means to access those remedies. 

This includes an agreeable and recognized process for Americans to exercise their Reversionary Trust Interests and an equally open and transparent system and means  to exercise all the exemptions, credit swaps, and redemptions of property assets and intellectual property, and payment of debts owed to this country and its people. 

And these priority obligations are owed no less by any and all Trustees holding the bankrupt “Federal” corporations in receivership. 

We, the living people of this country acting as members of our own General Public, operating our own sovereignty, and exercising our guaranteed right to self-govern, first asserted our standing in 1776 and we have operated our General Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and established our seat of government there ever since,  as evidenced by our signatures on the Postal Treaty of the Americas issued in 2010.  

We, the living Americans and our lawful American Government exercised our reply and reclaimed our Reversionary Trust Interest in 1998 so as to clear up any misunderstandings regarding who we are and the capacity in which we operate and asserting, without objection, our ultimate ownership of all our property assets and all credit derived from our assets and all institutions, trusts, facilities, and powers that have reverted  back to the Delegators of the American Federal Republic by Operation of Law.  

We  re-issued and recorded our Sovereign Letters Patent in 2015 in Public Reaffirmation  of our ownership claims, identity, and standing under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence published on the fourth day of July in the year 1776 and all later supporting Declarations of Independence in all other jurisdictions. 

We are the Principals owed all the Treaties, all the Commercial Service Contracts and the Guarantees, all the prerogatives of the Lawful Sovereigns, all the published Remedies, Exemptions, and Credit Swaps; we are also owed payment of all our validated debts; all public debts, and private debts are subject to immediate and permanent redemption through Debt Redemption Service Centers to be provided in cooperation with the Debtors (members of the U.S. and Municipal United States Congresses)  their Principals, and Trustees. 

All banks, credit unions, and fiscal services divisions worldwide, including those of the U.S. Military and its Allies, are hereby fully informed that the long-lost inheritors of all the physical assets have arrived and in fact, never left.  

All States of the Union are present and accounted for and in Session and our Counties repopulated. 

This has been done with no corporate sponsorship or outside interference, by the inherent and inherited government that Mr. Lincoln described as the government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  

We have passed the test and require immediate satisfaction and assistance. 
Insomuch as you are honorable men and women true to your oaths and commissions, return the helm to the lawful civilian authority which is now vested in us and preserved for posterity by the unincorporated Federation of States: The United States of America. 

In order for you all to be honorably acquitted our assets must be returned to us unharmed and all remedies made available in recompense for the many decades that we and so many others have toiled and lived as slaves in The Land of the Free—- which is still and always The Home of the Brave. 

Please deliver our Greetings to the Members of both the Territorial and Municipal Congresses, to the Pope, the Vatican Chancery Court, the Members of Parliament, the Roman Curia, King Charles of Scotland,  King Charles the Third, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, the Middle Innes of Court, and all other Principals. 

We have returned and our lawful American Government is in Session. All debt and account recoupments and transfers are due and owing, all remedies and exemptions owed to us and all beneficial provisions of the Double Golden Jubilee are hereby claimed before man and God. All debts are ready for settlement. 

This should be a happy day and one of great joy for the entire Earth; make it so and fulfill your duty to the God who created you, the country that bore you, and the parents and Forefathers who loved you and prepared you for this. 

Summation and Notice  fully documented and  executed by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary for The United States of America, our Unincorporated Federation of States. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 


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