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Friday, October 21, 2022


 By Anna Von Reitz

One of our Canadian friends has been digging deep into questions about taxation schemes— so she button-holed an attorney (paying $250 an hour for the pleasure) and cross-questioned him. To my delight, he confirmed everything I have been telling you. 

One of the best bits is that when you receive a “TAX NOTICE” it is indeed a contract “offer” that they are attempting to foist off, and if they address it to a “UCC Contract Trust” using what appears to be your name in all capital letters, you are well-advised to return it unopened —- “Return to Sender. Addressee not here.”

Depending on the variation of NAME they use, the Municipal Corporation they are addressing might be a creation of the US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE or the US DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, etc., but in any event, the ADDRESSEE is not at your house, not owned or operated by you, and you are not responsible for paying its employment or capital gains taxes. 

As you learned, any name styled in all capital letters is a fictitious non-specific “gloss”.  It might resemble your name, but it’s not. In the world of Mercenary Soldiers (those “Sold to Die” ) this odd convention of styling a nom de guerre in all capital letters goes back to late Roman times and is called “Dog Latin”.  This is also the reason such soldiers are issued “Dog Tags”, usually printed  in all capitals and in reverse order with the last name appearing first: KELLY, RICHARD THOMAS.

Because it is a fictional name and non-specific, meaning that it is not a Proper Noun denoting any specific person, there is no obligation on your part to answer to it, and knowing what it is, you would be foolish to do so. 

So decline any “TAX NOTICES” misaddressed to you. 

Also decline any offer to mischaracterize you as a “Taxpayer” or “TAXPAYER”.  

A “Taxpayer” is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service.  A “TAXPAYER” is a foreign Municipal CORPORATION known as a UCC Contract Trust.  

What happened in 1933 was a colossal artificially engineered “emergency” in which gold and silver were removed from the market place. Suddenly, people has no gold or silver to actually pay a debt. 

As remedy the Congress accepted the obligation to pay all debts and this is clearly stated as Public Law 73-10 and in the Statutes-at-Large, Chapter 28,  28 Stat 112. 

The IRS and any tax assessors are responsible for providing you with a “coupon”.  This looks very much like the tear-away part of a billing statement, the portion you are asked to detach and return “with payment”. 

In this weird new world, your signature allowing them to transfer credit to balance whatever debt you present for payment is sufficient whether it’s for a million dollars or pennies. 

You have to endorse the coupon using two separate endorsements and return these instruments to one of three separate IRS Offices tasked to provide us with our exemptions and payment services—- but we are never given any instruction about any of this — never told how to endorse these instruments for payment, nor where to send them afterward. 

Congress provided remedy, but criminally neglected to provide reasonable public access to it.  No instructions were published, no addresses given. 

Guess we start sending the bills to the members of Congress themselves? 

It’s time for Americans, all Americans including public employees, to stand up and demand the establishment of Debt Redemption Service Centers that are competent to process debt redemption claims. 

Go to: to get organized and Sign In America! 


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