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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Mike Lindell’s Action-packed “Moment of Truth” Election Summit

Mike Lindell’s “Moment of Truth” election summit in Springfield, Missouri, last weekend gathered hundreds to bear witness to documented evidence of election fraud across the country.

The event spanned two 12-hour days, each packed with nonstop information, now available at Lindell’s Frank Speech website or through his app.

The weekend featured presentations by election-integrity experts such as:

  • former Michigan state senator and poll challenger Patrick Colbeck, author of The 2020 Coup. What Happened. What We Can Do.;
  • former Trump legal advisor and Newsmax contributor Jenna Ellis;
  • attorney and Trump advisor Kurt Olsen, who is attempting to bring the 2020 election under U.S. Supreme Court scrutiny;
  • technology expert and inventor Jovan Pulitzer, who revealed real-time hacking of voting machines in Georgia and participated in the Arizona audit;
  • founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Richard Mack;
  • former Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.
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