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Monday, August 8, 2022

Juan O' Savin: Dropping Hydrogen Bombs of Truth


  1. I have a hard time listening to Juan O. He's so long winded. If he could just give the quick version it would be great. Blah Blah Blah.....

    1. im still waiting after over a year for The Gut Punch JO'Sav promised is coming. ....on Brave, searched: juan o savin trump gut punch.
      way down in the search results is:
      • Gut Punch Coming For Nation. tv datte gab datte cam, channel ondarocks viewgut punch
      "...Juan O Savin says a major gut punch for the nation is coming that people wont be able to see as part of the plan." [me: ¿oh, REALLY!!? no, i think we can figure things out.... and i told you to get yure damm feet offathe cofefe table juan,...wuz yu bornt in a barn boe'ah???]
      • newstreason dattecam, may 29, 2021
      • utub wyatt christman: juan o savin gut punch -- not a part of the plan?, may 27, 2021.
      others, more recent.

    2. people are speculating that "The Trmp Ar Res T" that the Conspiracy Theorists have suggested might be used to try to start a "C W" is next...
      but many people are calling out "Just More Political Theater" about both sides. The phoenix bird on the FIB logo is double-headed!!!!

  2. Agree with above comment ! Quick info please

  3. Be careful what you claim to be
    I wonder if the slight of hand on this CONtinent is at hand

    1. And I would say that manhattan island plays a big role in the con going on on this entire continent right now
      So are you in America


      LAST name is not yours

      Romley has always said that the last name is the link

      Early Maryland records I has uncovered link all family members to a FAMILY IS

  4. yes, "Former" Navy Seal(?) michael jaco says not only can he make himself invisible but he can also "RemoteView".....
    there is sooo much out there about V2K, Voice to skull and other so-called "no-touch torture".
    i think the 1974 patent for V2K is held by a Robert Malech (Molech??)
    i believe the Navy was in charge of the contracting on it.
    just pulled up website-- what do they know datte cam, ---
    in the comments, Paul Gaffney 27 Sept 2010:
    much much more.
    dubdubdub congress datte gov house bill
    H.R. 2977, Space Preservation Act of 2001

  5. ASL

    So that all cap name is it ENGLISH?

    1. What kind of ship is Anna launching again?

    2. And again

  6. Really Paul???? Savin (has zero credibility). The guy who works for the CIA, takes orders from MI6, and is buddies with Robert David Steele, Charley Ward, Sasha Stone, and the insect guy. The guy who masqueraded as John F Kennedy Jr. in god knows how many insufferable long videos.

  7. Bruce Reinhart the judge who signed the search warrant worked for Jeffrey Epstein and is likely a Rothschild blackmailed child trafficking pedophile.

    "It's perfectly unsuspicious that the lawyer who defended Jeffrey Epstein is the judge who signed the sealed warrant for the FBI raid on Trump's home."


    Documents mailed to Trump by GSA were "unclassified" and the FBI had access to them for months...political theater
    "Needless to say, the GSA does not box up still-classified documents and send them to anyone through the mail. Not even a former President."

    This is the person who signed off on the raid of President Trump's estate

    Garrett Ziegler, [8/9/2022 1:47 PM]
    [In reply to Garrett Ziegler]
    The S.D. Fla just took down the Magistrate Judge's page:
    BUT, don't worry, it wass archived:

    Please lawfully express your concerns to this Magistrate Judge:
    Just in from a trusted, high level Justice:
    “I’m starting to feel more and more that this raid was a pret-text for the opportunity to grab documents in his house that could contradict, or implicate individuals who have previously testified in the January 6th investigation to get indictments against them for lying/perjury at the hearings.”

    1. yes, its completely "off the rails" in nearly everyway imaginable.
      commenter on a blog said he found it suspicious that the text number that was set up for trump: # 88022 is also the date of the raid, 08/08/22!


    2. Part 1, Why Did the DOJ and FBI Execute the Raid on Trump – The Story Behind the Documents

      ​"​The past 24 hours have provided a great deal of clarity on several issues. CTH will be outlining the entire story behind the raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, including what documents the DOJ and FBI are determined to control. However, before getting into the specifics, it is important to remember the full context of the threat that only Donald J Trump represents.​

      After days of research and meetings in DC during 2020; amid a town that was serendipitously shut down due to COVID-19; I found a letter slid under the door of my room in a nearly empty hotel with an introduction of sorts. The subsequent discussions were perhaps the most important. After many hours of specific questions and answers on specific examples, I realized why our nation is in this mess. That is when I discovered the fourth and superseding branch of government, the Intelligence Branch.

      This four-year sequence of events, including all of the betrayals and threats made against Donald Trump, all intended to keep him from allowing the public to see the full nature of the corrupt Deep State operation that lies at the heart of our current political strife, is ultimately what led to an FBI raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago this week.

      This is the scale of the issue. In the final part four of this series, I will outline what specific documents are the most likely to have been retained by President Trump.

      I hope the previous three outlines have provided a solid context for people to understand the scale of our national issue. The DOJ and FBI will do anything to stop the release of those documents that outline how the system worked to target candidate and President Trump.

      If the broader American public understood what tools and surveillance systems were used; if the broad American public knew what the DOJ, FBI, intelligence apparatus and aligned Senate committees have done; if the broad American public became aware of the scale and scope of the corruption in DC as it now exists; entire institutions within that framework would start to collapse.

      This is what they are trying to stop. That is the scale of their zero-sum approach."

      Part 1, Why Did the DOJ and FBI Execute the Raid on Trump – The Story Behind the Documents

      Part 2 – Why Did the DOJ and FBI Execute the Raid on Trump – The Evidence Within the Documents

      Part 3, Why Did the DOJ and FBI Execute the Raid on Trump – A Culmination of Four Years of Threats and Betrayals

    3. "I Was a Communist For the FBI (1951), based on the true story of Matt Cvetic, exposed communism for what it was and still does—ridicules religion, incites racial hatred, “divide and conquer,” mob violence, party leaders looking down on the underlings.

      The difference today—the FBI infiltrates patriotic, Constitutional groups instead."

    4. Part 4
      What Was in The Trump Documents Creating Such Fear in DOJ and FBI

      "The existence of Trump is a threat, but the existence of a Trump that could expose their corruption…. well, that makes him a level of threat that leads to a raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago."

  8. Those early colonial records from MARYland I had uncovered and the connection to swissy land and the banking mafia

  9. the red herring 3 article:
    keeping in mind all of the thefts and lying and merrderrs perpetrated upon the indigenous Americans by the British:
    again i:woman say, THEIR UNI-LTERAL CONSTITUTION/Contract has:
    1. no definition for who We the People are
    2. no Signatories, just Witness Signers
    3. was never ratified by the State Legislatures and therefore has no consent from the governed and
    4. as TRUTH pointed out, was only approved by UNELECTED COMMISSIONERS!!
    The whole damed thing is nothing but a fraud...
    .... and even with all that, heres "anna" publishing an article saying the American people allowed the British to use our CREDIT!!!!!!
    can anything get more ridiculous than that?
    HELL NO WE DIDNT!!! ANYMORE THAN WE HAVE EVER ALLOWED ANY ONE/THING ELSE TO USE OUR CONFEDERATED UNIONS NAME: The United States of America, in any form or format,... just as we also do not agree to allow use of what we are "called by" in American common law/ our "names".

    if anyone is still taking these Articles seriously, youre either new or your need to have your head examined!

  10. i remind everyone once again that our nations/ several sovereign states/ union/ country, the united States of America (see: The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States of America) and The United States of America (see: Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union) that are created from consent of the governed, have/has ALWAYS been a Confederacy consisting of separate, sovereign, nations called 'the several states'.
    It has never been a Federation.
    even before our War for Independence, the COLON-IES WERE SEPARATE, TOO, having their own Declarations of Rights and so on that they were separately trying to work out with "The King"... Virginia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, to name just three... that makes even the UNITED COLON-IES a Confederacy, not a Federation.

    "anna" refers over and over to: the united States of America being:
    a Federation called the unincorporated The United States of America (and variations) SINCE 1776.
    nowhere will you find any such thing.
    nor will you ever find the Government of the united States of America that is ratified from consent of the governed being anything other than a Confederated Union of the several, sovereign, free, and independent States of America, united.
    Might i suggest you write this down? ...and put it in your holy bible, family album, or with your other keepsakes...:
    ***Obvious proofs of Confederation, not Federation are, among others: ***
    1. Declaration.
    last paragraph:
    a. ...that these United Colonies are and of right ought to be <> ...
    b. ...and that as. <>, they have full power to levy War...

    2. Art of Confederation and Perpetual Union
    a. Article 1:
    The stile of this <> shall be The United States of America.
    b. Article 2:
    Each state retains its <> and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this <> expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress, assembled.
    c. Article 3:
    The said states herebyl <> enter into a firm league of friendship with each other for their common defense, ....
    d. Article 4:
    ... in the <> ; and the people of each state shall have free ingress and regress <> ... .

    3. The individual COLON-IES' Declarations of Rights, Independence, Charter/ other before our War for Independence.


  11. "anna" cannot speak us, for the governed.


    1. There is a reason her name is 'spelled' the same from front to back and back to front

      She knows the code it's her job to keep the people in the trance and to get them on board
      Sign on the dotted line and bring me two witnesses
      Kind of like the 2 thieves who were nailed up with Zeus aka Jesus
      There's that 3 again

    2. ...and all that effort of "hers" is WASTED!
      the people require FACTS!!

  12. our only two founding papers say CLEARLY that the Government instituted from consent of the governed is a Confederated Union made up of sovereign, free, independent, and sovereign nations called " States",
    despite "anna" repeating over and over and over that it is a Federation run by a man with a Noble Title: Hereditary Head of State!! along with "her" own self: a LEGAL FICTION TITLE she gave to herself: "Fiduciary".


    Freak shew

    Again they can lie and make up anything they want
    This picture looks fuzzy and distorted for being taken so close?
    Sure as hell isn't labeled Getty Images like every other picture on earth

    1. I wonder what the going pay rate for this job is
      Juan must be making a good living lying to his subjects for prophets

      Did I mention that Patrick Byrne is also on one of these patriot trains while serving as the CEO of Medici Ventures and getting people to sign away their lands for a BLOCKCHAIN digital certificate

      He did a video showing Patrick (I cannot find it at the moment but Patrick is in one of them posing as a patriot while he is working at Medici Ventures)

  14. Right left, tick tock, back and forth, you are growing very sleepy

    1. • no.
      • nor are we confused.
      • but theyre getting bewildered.
      • some of the smarter ones are:
      experiencing fleeting bouts of low-level anxiety,
      heightened awarenesses of various kinds,
      and are starting to entertain thoughts of "what if...".

  15. i have no idea what happened to my comment, above, so here it is again:

    Might i suggest you write this down? ...and put it in your holy bible, family album, or with your other keepsakes...:

    ***Obvious proofs of Confederation, not Federation are, among others: ***

    1. Declaration.
    last paragraph:
    a. ...that these United Colonies are and of right ought to be, *FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES* ...
    b. ...and that as *FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES*, they have full power to levy War...

    2. Art of Confederation and Perpetual Union
    a. Article 1:
    The stile of this *CONFEDERACY* shall be The United States of America.
    b. Article 2:
    Each state retains its *SOVEREIGNTY, FREEDOM, AND INDEPENDENCE*, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this *CONFEDERATION* expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress, assembled.
    c. Article 3:
    The said states hereby *SEVERALLY* enter into a firm league of friendship with each other for their common defense, ....
    d. Article 4:
    ... in the *SEVERAL STATES*; and the people of each state shall have free ingress and regress *TO AND FROM ANY OTHER STATE* ... .

    3. The individual COLON-IES' Declarations of Rights, Independence, Charter/ other before our War for Independence.

    even the Article 6 of THEIR OWN FEDERAL CONSTITUTION:
    • uni-lateral
    • unSigned
    • NOT ratified by the Elected State Legislators:
    shows that they agree that the CONFEDERACY is in effect.
    additionally again:



  16. hey, you attirneys there? "anna"?
    ya'll arent afraid of the facts are ya? hahaha!!! :):):)
    hey, yall are lookin pretty cowardly hidin' the facts back here making it hard for the people to find them :):):)
    "imo" of course :):):)


  17. The stage and the 'numbers'

  18. The stage and the 'numbers'

  19. heres a li'l QuikSummary:
    "The Constitution"
    1. Was never ratified by the ELECTED State Legislators, as required.
    2. Nobody is defined as having ordained or established it
    3. Nobody Signed it except Witnesses, so nobody took responsibility for carrying it out!
    ITS WHAT i:woman CALL "A PHANTOM DOCUMENT", watch for "anna" to pick up the phrase "PHANTOM DOCUMENT" and start using it... will probably change the SPELL-ing to FANTOM or PFANTOM or something though!!!

    They all work/ed together to:
    • USE FORCE on the American People
    • *AS IF*
    • It is the LAW OF THE LAND
    • When it is not
    • And they all know, should know, or could know it.

    "imo" of course :):):).
    I DO NOT FORGIVE THEM.:):):)... yes, i smile about that. all of their whining FalseGuilt billshit spun out through RELIGIOUSFICTIONS is GONE!!
    i do not allow them to have one fraction of the minutest part of me and do require that they restore any and every thing they take, and more.
    and it is so :):):):

  20. The CFO, Chief Financial Officer of the SUNshine state vows to protect it's 'citizens' from the bigger and badder IRS

    1. i just saw that too!
      and then the NewsGuy said something to the effect that:
      *well the States are subservient to the Federal Govt, so how is that going to work to sue/threaten them?*
      Plan A: Fraudchi: FAIL;
      now Plan B: "We are your Saviours": FAILING MISERABLY;
      Plan C .... 70% of the people ready to make the wrongs right ourselves?

  21. news: arizona gov filling in border wall gapswith shipping containers and barbed wire..
    TrumpBiden: "... duh, why didnt i thinka that?"

    1. but now "news" says they left the biggest "hole" open, at Yuma.

  22. so now news is saying the fib agents who raided maralago are the ones who worked with "rigging the election" which we all know by now isnt an election so it cant be rigged. a CORPORATION chooses its own President. WDC chose theirs. end of story.
    but watch how theyre "throwing line over the side of the boat" to try to bait the people to follow the Narrative that leaves the people still believing "they" are our Government, when the people are our Government.
    and theyre all doing it.
    including Trump.
    watch how much fun theyre having...oooooh, theyre in on it!! ooooooooh! biiiiiig deal! :):):) ... makes a Somebody out of these people who know they are Nobodies, i guess!

    • the buildings they use belong to us, we can tell them to GET OUT.
    • we, American people, dont have a Contract for services with them and never did, just like we have no agreement with them concerning the "Birth Certificates" they create and use to "create debt". then tell us we owe the debt they created!!!
    • they owe us for Services Charged that we did not order, use, need, authorize and also for Services they Charged us for that cause us harm; and more.
    • any land CEDED to them can, in law, be CEDED BACK to us, the people to whom all land belongs, especially for not fulfilling the conditions and constraints of the CEDING CONTRACT!

    i believe They are cockroaches burrowed in deep, thick, and stanky.
    if so, then, i believe
    • we need to fumigate first -- that is: spread the word in peace and KEEP the peace while sharing FACTS with our American people.
    • stop supplying them with burrows/bureaus. --how much are they paying us to use our buidings? land? cars? computers? toilet paper? water? chairs? copy paper? parking lots?
    • post our notices of claims- in -law.

    theyre NOT going to just go just because its the right thing to do!
    they dont care about right or wrong.
    they really dont.

  24. And just so you know 'do not focus on these so called seals' that banana here ask you too

    1. Anna Maria is her name correct

      The word Superior corresponds to the title given to a sister, or nun, within the Roman Catholic Church, who oversees others in her jurisdiction. The title is Mother Superior. The city of Sault Ste. Marie is located at the junction of Michigan, Huron and Superior Lakes, when entering Lake Superior from the east.

      SAULT STE. MARIE = SAULT, or SOL, the SUN – Saint MARY
      The name Sault Ste. Marie is symbolic of the Moon Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, who is MARY.

      And the naval is where the umbilical cord is attached to as in giving birth to a new whirled

  25. His reference to the torah?

    I know you said you had watched several of his videos
    I ran in to this one and thought hmm? torah?
    Is he a crypto?

  26. The shit is endless folks
    Geneva Illinois

    Look down the page linked and see that Geneva Illinois is the proud signatory to the GREENEST REGION COMPACT

    Of course the COGS are all non profit non governmental bodies working the UN agenda for their masters
    ON TO 2050 Says CMAP
    Data data data and their SMART Cities BULLSHIT
    And anyone and everyone working in these 'organizations' is participating in the slaughter of all of us

    1. The Regional Planning Act of 1965
      670 Regional Planning unelected associations with Board of Directors carrying out the UN Agenda behind the scenes

      Regionalism -----
      Be sure and read this one as it details how even the state borders no linger exist if they ever existed at all

      Then, between 1968 and 1972 the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) urged and encouraged the states to hold constitutional conventions to change their state constitutions. When that happened a section was added in the Local Government Section of the constitutions... the "Intergovernmental Cooperation" section was added. That allows other "units" of government to be created. The "other units of government" are sub-state and multi-state and multi-national regions.

      CONstitutional CONventions
      CC = 33

      Wasn't there an article posted here just a while back about a CON CON and a constitutional something?
      Maybe changin them there 'state' CONstitutions again perhaps to go along with the rest of the fraud

    2. Cairo Illinois

      Hmm Geneva Illinois as in Geneva SWISSY LAND
      Home of the Babylonian Boot Bank Whore

  27. This one is off the charts

  28. shelby,
    watched the torah one and the one by him, below, about "berth".
    hes hyper- explaining all the details and history about how the FraudSystem is set up to work.... and how WE must get ourSELVES out of it.... because (he says) by participating, WE are consenting... its our fault... we are choosing... blabla... same type of spin as Bannnfannna puts on things, the way i see it.
    looks to me like ThePlan may be for at least one of the hundreds of Influencers that are grifting around out there spinning yarns needs to get us sheeples to agree that Our Participation = Agreement /Consent .... when nothing is farther from the truth.
    ... they might be thinking they could pretend that the perps are all homefree of the atrocities they committed against the people, if any, and that they can get on with their newest 70-year long "Contract" that they already started in around 1990, without our knowledge or consent or intent or agreement.

  29. Now check this one out
    His High Impact Flix shew from days gone by

    Now all of a sudden the courts are ruling this and that and saying this and that
    Hmm steering the herd to do as you fed them the bullshit to do when in reality the whole thing was fraud to start with
    It is an EXTORTION RING and they put this shit in place as an EXTORTION RING
    One RING to rule them all

    Here's some interesting HIStory as this retired 'educator' /rancher knows it

    Kansas and the 'STOCK' yards and the rail roads hmmm

    Ole Henry Ford or thats who they tell us this schmuck was took the assembly line idea from the slaughter houses and applied it to the gentiles and their working in the factories

    Henry Ford the fucker who helped them set this shit up

    In other words, he was a luciferian worshipper. He received an award from the Nazi’s of Germany for his anti-semitism and very fittingly, made a ton of money, selling supplies to the Nazi’s in World War 2.
    It is this luciferian thinking fellow who came up with the automobile model names of A-N-S-T-A. When rearranged to portray the real intent this spells S-A-T-A-N.


    And last but not least this one here faked her death as they are all CYA assets because they're all in on it

    Newton John also recently kicked the bucket or so they say
    most likely hanging out in her palace in australia somewhere retired to her golden age as her and john travolta's hidden kids carry their lying ass torch and fraud forward

    She did a song called 'Magic' back in the day
    We have to believe we are magic nothing can stand in our way

    And where oh where did Mark Christopher end up?
    Haven't seen his lying face in a while
    The postal court jester getting people to climb on board and file their paperwork

    Meanwhile the perps are setting up the smart cities and build back better stack and pack cities plan as they clean out the bank accounts and families are forced to dole out their cash to lesser fortunate and younger family members who can no longer afford to buy or do anything
    It's like squeezing blood out of a turnip as my dad used to say

    I wonder if the papered up nationals are on the IRIS hit list for non compliance to the EXTORTION RINGS rules

  30. Disney/Astaire
    47 minutes in folks
    These are the schmucks behind this world wide heist of everything on the planet and they are responsible for the shit shew today with their so called blue blood hidden fucking kids carrying the torch forward
    And their intent is to steal it all

    They're doing it right now as they reroute water and dictate that no one can have water from the colorado river forcing migration from the western states so they can steal all the resources
    These schmucks did the same thing with their fake ass creation of ISIS RA EL as they rerouted and privatized the water and dislocated all of Palestine for their cock and bull story of this is their homeland BULLSHIT

    Wake the fuck up
    Hollywood and these families are your thieves

    Saw a commercial just few days back about how the private forest owners work tirelessly to ensure we have toilet paper and they work in conjunction and a so called sustainable fashion with all these other fucking organizations to control when we are allowed to wipe our ass or shit for that matter

    Hmm private forest owners like the 13 beneficiaries who benefit from the Arizona Land Trust they put in place just before the 'creation' of their so called private federal reserve and made up the story of the TITANIC of a lie to say that the richest guys were killed so nothing stood in their way
    Astor was Astaire and he didn't die on that fucking non unsinkable boat either he went on to entertain the masses and create Walt Disney World to bilk the masses of their hard earned money on nothing but fucking fantasy BULLSHIT

    Funny too ole Santos is advertising for Led Zeplin too calling them the greatest band of all time while he pushes his syncretist society BULLSHIT
    Did you know he appeared and played at the premier of Windows XP in Las Vegas in November of 2001 shortly after their heist
    He's a very talented museician if you go back and listen to his performance on that day
    Now he's a syncretist society aquarian age don't ejaculate eat veggie kinda guy selling the new age bullshit
    It was the first ever recording of a CD according to information 'revealed'
    You bet your ass he's in on it and a hidden family member

    Covid was a heist hidden in plain sight
    They cleaned out las vegas for one under the cover of their fake plandemic
    All valuables taken including all the cash they could load on those their morgue trucks
    You can bet they laundered that shit

    Dirty little secrets dirtly little lies gotta their dirty little fingers in everybodies pies cut the people down to size they love dirty laundry
    Kick em when their up, kick when their down, kick em when their stiff, kick em all around
    Hell they even had their family member make a song about
    Don Henley of the Eagles or should that be Phoenix
    Olivia is in the one above her and her hidden kid with Travolta
    Who by the way plays the grown up kid who is supposed to be the now grown brother of the not dead Jon Benet Ramsey

    Greg does another video of Don Henley and the Eagles and the fraud they have been prepetrating on the masses for decades with one of the band members playing a role in the boston affair along with tom cruise
    Henley who by the way is not dead
    And Tom Petty not dead another MASKED family member

    They're all laughing all the way to their made up SWISSY land bank and their private yachts and islands and forest while they entertain the masses to their graves

    Burning man literally as they plan and carry out their master plan from the private desert they claimed as their own a century ago

  31. Farms as targets for their monopoly on the food supply

    On the back of the Land O Lakes butter bowls it says the following
    with this purchase in all lower case letters
    In lower case letters it says
    when farmers wim we all win
    Learn more about their co-op model at
    Anagram the word farmers and you get framers as in the framers of the fake CONstitution

    Did you know that the ELectricity companies are CO-OPS too

    Hmm that 1000 points of light that ole Papa lying ass masked up bush exclaimed in his speech
    A big idea a new world order where they control it all and you will own nothing all under the guise of a new age BULLSHIT shew they created themselves

  32. And just like their so called reconstruction 'acts' after the 'civil war' and in their heist of i929 (9 1 1 by the way) the same applies to the shit these mofo's are working to pull off today

    Some civil war reconstruction information given by this rancher here
    I wonder if he is also a pegged character from old brought out of the closet as a rancher to give the dumb folk a history lesson
    Did I mention there was a go fund me done for this guy to buy him some hay and save his cattle?

    And when the same families own the co-ops and direct their prophets they can do whatever the hell they want and extort the populace right in to the welfare state that they themselves created the business model for

    Same families created SS, medicare, medicaid, drug companies, medicine and they have built on that model for over 150 years to where they have stolen pretty much everything on the planet on paper

    Now they working to make it all BLOCKCHAIN digital for all except their criminal enterprise just like the STAR WARS bunch they are

    They've used the people and paid them shit wages for decades and now these lords of the rings intend to take it all away and reduce the entire populace to digital UBI and you best behave tyranny under the guise of a fake ass messiah and a new age aquarian whatever the hell you want to call it BULLSHIT

    If this band of thieves is not identified and stopped NOW they intend to kill most of us and they will have their inbred heaven on earth and free reign to all the riches while those left living will be at the mercy of whatever the hell scheme these psychopaths can think up next
    They spread their disease all over the world through control of all BROADCASTING and ownership of ALL MEDIA including the internet by which their main brain for this beast is CERN holed up in their bat caves in SWISSY LAND

    Pope, Queen all of them are involved and have been from the very start, all CONS the STARS of this shit shew

    Those 87,000 new recruits to the fraud will now be tasked with hunting down the non compliant and shooting them in cold blood all while doing their job for the money masters
    I wonder if these 87,000 have already been chipped?

    This is not a fucking game they are playing for keeps

    Outside of Fort Worth Texas there is a shopping mall located within what is called the Golden Triangle and the shopping mall is called the PRESIDIO
    Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston we have a problem
    The Golden Triangle
    Throw Austin in there too (home base of Alex Jones)
    Stack and pack housing and logistics warehouses building out the ass all around this triangle during their covid build back better heist

    World Parliament 'ACTS' and the Presidio/Presidum connection

    People have absolutely no idea the extent to which these thieves have went to make their dream come true

    We're gonna do it our way
    Yes our way
    Make all our dreams come true

    There is nothing they won't try
    Never heard the word impossible
    This time there's no stopping us

    On your MARX get set and go now
    Gotta dream and we just know now
    We're gonna make that dream come true
    Doin it our way
    Meet the MARX brothers

    Sinatra - I Did It My Way
    He played the roles/alias' known as RFK and Reagan
    DBA doing business as or delaware business alliance

    Oh they've been telling us alright

    Since Oct 2015 more than 1.5 million refugees and migrants were gassed in extermination camps in Europe, mostly located in fenced Hungary but some also in Germany.
    If you think that this is impossible because "muslims" Erdogan and Iran's ayatollah's (let alone the puppets installed in Afghanistan) would have denounced it then that's because you are a specimen of human cattle.

    Examples: stop military deployments around the world, stop abortion:
    Trump's war against abortion is as real as "keeping America out of foreign conflicts" or "draining the swamp".
    Trump's fight against abortion contradicts the illuminati agenda of depopulation, which is about to reach its climax: Global Genocide which includes the global kill shot, using as pretext the "super pandemic virus" hoax.

    They're nuts I tell ya


    I wonder if it's a blue dot love bank?

  35. Your new masters. robot dogs

    Go watch some movies they making like
    Mitchells versus Machines
    Pets United
    And see all the robots they got in them there movies and see just how chilling this shit really is

    Especially watch Mitchells versus Machines
    Where they TURN OFF THE WIFI
    And contain individuals in OCTOGON pods and work to link them all together like in a hive and launch them in to 'space'
    PAL Labs is very prevelent in the movie a reference to SILLYCON valley and the APPLE EYEphone of which plays a significant role in their world domination plans as they carry out and plan a shit load of this stuff at BURNING MAN in the Nevada desert

    Burning man

    Follow the crooks and their yellow brick road who by the way the same freak shew gave us the game monopoly and the movie wizard of oz

  36. They coming for you children and brainwashing them to eat friggin bugs

    Saw a video the other day from Alaskan prepper I think it was that they are now using cricket flour and putting it in cookies and numerous other things

    Absolute friggin lunatics

  37. Check this out

    In the state of Georgia
    The ZION Methodist Church
    One of the churches became the mesonic hall

    Listen when they talk about the date on the tombstone
    Listen to the date they say is on the stone 5832 I think they say aka as 1832?
    Missing thousands of years here folks

    Chabad Lubavich and their dates
    Check out the date
    Sunday, 24 Av 5782 / August 21, 2022

    How can it be 5782 when on that tombstone it says 5832?

    Some very nefarious shit going on here folks

    1. Let’s look at this word ZION.
      ZION = NOIZ when reversed = NOISE

      That’s all that Zion really means – IT’S JUST NOISE. There is nothing sacred about Mt. Zion in the old city of Jerusalem. Mt. Zion is wherever the most NOISE can be created to distract, confuse and deceive the masses as to what the whole corrupt plan entails. There’s nothing noisier than wars, disease, entertainment, finances, law… and the like. All of which have been controlled in a very huge way, by the powerful Jewish tycoons throughout the ages.

    2. And by all means eat your vegetables they just might be good for you

  38. Building of new prisons and mental health facilities
    Check out

    Pinned by Montagraph
    4 days ago
    Here Is The Company Geo Group Inc hiding out in Florida under DeSantis
    They Build The Prisons And Mental Heath Care Facilities!

    In one of the comments they state
    ​that's right Jeff, Bob Barker owns ARAMARK, they provide ALL the commissary and mattresses to the jail system
    Bob Barker is not Bob Barker either - it is Shirley Temple Blacks father
    See Greg Bradfords channel on you tube where he explains that Black faked his death and resurrected himself as Bob Barker and was on the world stage for decades hidden in plain sight on the Price Is Right

    Fauchi is associated with the Price Is Right as well
    Roger Dobkowitz “Price Is Right” producer under Bob Barker, is his hidden son, Richard Connolly aka Anthony Fauci who has more hidden music careers than you can imagine..

    How many of them are in on it

    1. Did I forget to mention that Bob Barker Productions is behind the Healthy American Peggy Hall?
      Peggy Hall was one of the museicians on the shew Whos Line Is It Anyway

      Bob Barker is Cary Grant aka Charles Black, the hidden father of shirley temple black aka judy garland
      She is the hidden daughter of Fred Astaire
      How many kids did Fred Astaire, "the unofficial pioneer of surrogate cloning" have? 13
      Shirley Temple was number 9 and played the roles of the following
      9) Shirley Temple DOB April 23,1928 - February 2014
      aka Marilyn Monroe
      aka Judy Garland
      aka Ingrid Bergman
      aka Doris Day
      aka Debbie Reynolds
      aka Dinah Shore
      aka Rosemary Clooney
      aka Helen Thomas DOB August 4, 1920 July 20 2013
      aka Helen O'Connell
      aka Jacqueline "Jackie" Kennedy Onassis
      Onassis was played by Shirley Temples hidden husband (wearing Make-up & prosthetics) Cary Grant, who became Bob Barker of "The Price is Right" in 1972. Cary Grant aka Charles Black quit acting as Cary Grant in 1966, after his last film, entitled "Walk Don't Run".

      Cary Grant Hidden kids:
      Ann-Margret aka Ruth Buzzy aka Lilly Tomlin aka Tina Louise aka Charlotte Rae
      Cary Grant, who became Bob Barker of "The Price is Right" in 1972. Cary Grant aka Charles Black quit acting as Cary Grant in 1966, after his last film, entitled "Walk Don't Run".

      Now remember that Bob Barker aka Charles Black

      SCDHL3 made the comment in the above video
      ?that's right Jeff, Bob Barker owns ARAMARK, they provide ALL the commissary and mattresses to the jail system

      So Charles Black aka Cray Grant aka Bob Barker is bankrolling these industries and also some of the new age gurus being shoved at us on all kinds of you tube CHANNELS and other platforms

      Like cabal (cable) television the CHANNELS they provide through you tube and other platforms are bankrolled by the crooks who set this shit up

      And check these ones out who have been doing videos with Santos
      You see the price is right tee shirt

      Here Is The Company Geo Group Inc hiding out in Florida under DeSantis
      They Build The Prisons And Mental Heath Care Facilities!

      Hmm geo group and ARAMARK I wonder if there is a connection of the two
      It's a win win Bob Barker aka Charles Black provides commissary and mattresses for their newly build mental health facilities and prisons as they unleash hell on the masses through their OWNED media with terror, virus' and whatever else the psychopaths can think up

      And remember ole papa bush put all kinds of mental health shit on the books back in his day for such events as they have been creating for us today

      And the audience reduced to cattle follow the cock and bull stories one and all as this world wide freak shew eliminates millions in plain sight

      Danny Kaye was Mr. Green Jeans, of the children's show, Captain Kangaroo and Fred Astaire was aka David Niven was Captain Kangaroo! An amazing Monopoly Lockdown Entertainment Society, staring Adolf and his family members in every T.V. show, movie and or record produced!

      Green Jeans Danny Kaye Astaire is fake ass Rothchild IMO

      47 minutes in folks


      “Stanford ran one of San Francisco's more notorious brothels. San Francisco Chronicle columnist
      Herb Caen wrote "the United Nations was founded at Sally Stanford's whorehouse" because of
      the number of delegates to the organization's 1945 San Francisco founding conference who
      were Stanford's customers; many actual, if informal, negotiating sessions took place in the
      brothel's living room. Then-San Francisco district attorney Pat Brown's raid on the establishment
      helped lead to his 1950 election as attorney general for the State of California.”
      Caen, I would imagine, is a variation of Cohen. Yep. Which also makes me wonder about Cannes,
      the Phoenician harbour and movie industry hotspot.

  39. They've got a shew on television right now about the search for Q Anon on VICE
    Hmm I wonder who OWNS vice
    Now if you think these bastards don't know what they are doin you better think again

    And wasn't it Anna here that promoted the Q Anon plan to save the world?

    1. It's a new series on Vice
      The Search for QAnon

    2. They've got you tubers and all kinds of stuff they captured from the web and are using in this series

      Just saw an interesting ad for desantis on a you tube video
      It was about corporate media
      Keep your eyes peeled for it but should come as no surprise as to the angle they using in the ads

  40. The new VICE series, The Search for QAnon
    It even featured a special meeting with our old ex CYA buddy RDS

    Handy Sook the bb in boston and much much more

    Think they can get a PULSE of the audience through say something like
    Neilson ratings to GUAGE the AUDIENCES CONSUMPTION

    of all their HORSESHIT


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