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Monday, August 8, 2022

Robb Ryder, Our Paul Revere

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are no qualified Electors --- except for the State Citizens who are members of their State Assemblies --- in this country.  

There are no certified registered Electors of any County Election Precinct/District without swearing in before a County Clerk and as Robb points out, since when have "Registered Voters" sworn any oath before a County Clerk? 

Voters are not Electors.  How long have I been telling you this?   

None of the purported officials have taken an Oath of Office as required by Article VI of the Federal Constitutions, either. 

So, all these people are impersonating public officials --- pretending to occupy public offices, while in fact acting as officers of foreign commercial corporations. 

Robb suggests that local sheriffs issue declarations of a local state of emergency at the county level.  Bypass the Governor, who is a phony official like the rest of them, and go direct. 

Hey, there's a problem in Macon County.... we have judges and sheriffs who aren't judges and sheriffs. They are acting under color of law, not taking their oaths of office, not being elected by certified Electors. 

This is what I have been telling you for many years now. It's comforting to hear Robb Ryder echoing the same information in his own unique way.  If you are having trouble understanding me, listen to Robb Ryder, the Voice of Michigan, Our Paul Revere. 

Robb doesn't get all of the jurisdictional distinctions straight, and his focus tends to be on Michigan, but if you listen to him it will be obvious that I am not blowing any smoke.  

Robb gets down and cites all their own rules and regulations and statutes that they are violating right and left, to prove beyond any reasonable doubt --- they are impersonating public officials. 
And that's an emergency.  It's also an act of terrorism when people are subjected to foreign law  and denied their constitutional guarantees and the protection of the Public Law. 

Robb Ryder and I both believe that Lincoln suspended the right of Habeas Corpus in 1863 and that it has never been restored.   

Robb Ryder believes that we are in the presence of an ongoing crime -- the only difference between us is that I believe that crime has been ongoing since 1860, and Robb hasn't quite (yet) nailed down the ultimate source of the problem.  

If you read Lincoln's General Order 100 (the first "Executive Order" ever) you will see that he also suspended the Constitution and created a military dictatorship functioning under the Lieber Code. 

Did Lincoln have any authority to suspend the right of Habeas Corpus owed to Americans?  No. 

Did Lincoln have any authority to establish a separate military government operating under the Lieber Code?   No. 

Did Lincoln have authority to set aside or suspend any part of any Constitution?  No.  

This is all history that we have, conveniently, never been taught.  

The excuse for not teaching us this history is that this is not American History, it's British Territorial U.S. History. 

Lincoln's Lieber Code is only supposed to apply to U.S. Citizens, but in effect and in application has been misapplied to all of us. We haven't been given the information that would enable us to discern that fact, so we haven't been able to defend against it, either. 

We've been left in the wreckage of our own government staring at the chaos engendered as our foreign Subcontractors, mere purveyors of "essential government services",  have commandeered this country and its resources for the benefit of foreign powers. 

Via the misuse and misapplication of Admiralty Law, these foreign Subcontractors have operated a vast personation fraud against the people of this country, and have hypothecated unauthorized debt against us and against our assets in Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts --- that is, the Federal Constitutions. 

This was planned and done with malice aforethought, as demonstrated by the Naval Agency and Distributions Act of 1864.  

At the present time, the same actors are using their "Uniformed Officers" --- licensed and therefore, conscripted, doctors, nurses, and dentists --- (see Federal Code Titles 37 and 11) as military forces to unleash genocide against the unsuspecting General Public worldwide. 

The important take home message that both Robb Ryder and I have faithfully delivered is that the Subcontractors based out of the District of Columbia ---and their local State of State franchises---- are wildly out of control and I, at least, have further identified for you that both the British Territorial U.S. Government and the Roman Municipal United States Government, are foreign corporations run amok on our shores. 

These are commercial corporations in the business of providing certain enumerated government services in the same way that General Motors is in the business of building and selling cars.  

And like GM or EXXON or any other commercial corporation, these foreign Subcontractors are are in business to make a profit.  

They have made a tremendous profit for themselves by impersonating you, hacking your credit, using your military forces as cheap mercenaries --- largely without their knowledge or consent, misapplying Admiralty Law on shore, and alternately stripping or "conserving" your natural resources to best benefit themselves and their cronies.  

To get a taste of just how out of whack things really are, go listen to a few of Robb Ryder's videos on YouTube.   

I don't happen to agree with Robb's conclusions in this particular video --- he is rather naively advocating that we should all start calling upon "Emergency Management" for help by declaring "local emergencies" caused by personage crimes and deprivation of rights under color of law in violation of 18 USC 241. 

The problem with that solution is that the people we would be calling upon for help are the same people who created this mess in the first place.  We'd be asking them to clean up their own criminal mischief, and the most expeditious way for them to do that is always to vilify and arrest the victims of these crimes, dismiss them as "tin hats" and as "sovereign citizens", arrest them for insurrection against the corruption (while pretending the corruption is right) and kick dust over the whole smoking pile. 

So I don't advise anyone to invite "emergency management" into their county for any reason, but I certainly suggest that you listen to Robb Ryder's 

You will shortly realize how these interlopers have usurped upon and counterfeited our government and how that has led to the current situation.  You will also see in example after example how they have violated their own published "laws" and Public Policies to coerce and deprive Americans of their rights and property under color of law. 


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