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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

End the Confusion Now

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is a Global Family Group Private Membership Association (PMA) that shares a core belief in love being expressed as a specific vibrational state -- a "frequency" of love, if you will --- and they are devoted to exploring this research and the whole phenomenon of frequency being a way to identify various emotional and intellectual states, and how to put this knowledge into practical applications in our lives. It is a budding science and area of exploration. I know that it has acquired somewhat the "feel" of a religious cult, but it is a science, not a religion, that is being applied. This has actual, factual, reproducible mechanics and effects that are being studied --- not just "believed in".
As this new science is being applied many discoveries are being made. We have the beginnings of an explanation to such questions as --- how do we communicate without words? And even across vast distances? How could Jesus and other Teachers know a person's history, without being told anything about them? Is love infectious? How do miraculous healings occur? Why is classical music beneficial to plant growth? How do energy frequencies generated by people affect them? And the world around them?
So you can think of the Global Family Group PMA as a scientific study group --- experimenting with this new knowledge and exploring what they can discover about it and how it may be applied.
You don't have to be a PMA member to have a bank account, which is a separate matter. It is, however, important to be aware of the existence of the PMA, so that you are not confused and can explain that the similarly-named PMA is not the bank and vice versa.
The United States of America (Unincorporated) chartered The Global Family International Trade Bank and The Global Family Bank of Commerce as the first two institutions in our new "Blue Dot Bank System" a year ago. Since then, over a dozen more pairs of banks have been set up with each country having its own international trade bank and its own commercial bank, and all these banks being able to work together in their own system to deal with both actual assets (international trade banks) and commercial scrip (commercial banks).
We decided to work with Global Family Group to develop the bank system because they have the scientific and technological resources needed and they share our traditional American values of freedom, equality, inclusiveness, self-governance, accountability, and simplicity.
Our banks are old fashioned banks. We use carriage accounting. We don't latch onto depositor's credit. We have our own "generations ahead" encryption and transfer system. Everything is simple and self-evident and user-friendly. We have the ability to exercise the American Exchange Rate to convert fiat dollars into silver dollars and have the ability to transfer lawful money or convert it back and forth into fiat. Credit unions in the Blue Dot System are set up to disburse back prepaid credit using Vendor cards to debit expenditures.
This entire bank system is tailored to serve people and small business concerns. Because lawful funds are not subject to seizures and unilateral corporate actions such as "bail outs" and "bail ins"---- our international trade banks are a much safer and more stable banking platform for people's retirement and investment accounts and savings. Our banks also extend privacy that the present banking system does not offer. This is because under the current system, banking and government got commingled, and the consumer's interest got sold out.
This is how the IRS, a private bill collector, alleging debts against commercial corporations named after us, can come into a bank that is operated by the same parent corporation that the IRS works for, and mischaracterize your earnings as "federal income" and garnish your accounts. The banks and the IRS are both franchises of the "government services" corporation that is benefiting from this theft and misrepresentation.
Our unincorporated banks don't allow that.
We stand under Public Law, so we don't have private regulations and private regulators to deal with. The rules are the rules and everyone can read them. We have Bank Stewards to provide Third Party Oversight and a Bank Ombudsman Office to deal with customer complaints. We deliberately keep everything super simple and service oriented. No fine print. No legal jargon. No hidden costs or endangerments.
All the banks in the system share the same charter requirements and the same one-page bank treaty, so whether you are in Bangor, Maine, as or Lagos, Nigeria, you know what the bank charter and bank treaty says. There are no special, different, or secret back door deals. All banks in the Blue Dot System have the same mission, the same requirements, the same agreements. And the Public can read what those guiding principles are. Banks in our system are free to make a profit based on services and products, but profit is not their only reason for existence, and they are free to use bank profits to expand services, fund public projects, or do charitable works in their communities.
Thus, the Blue Dot Banks will have access to philanthropic project funding and will be working side-by-side with project managers to ensure success. As each community responds and brings forward their own unique vision and talents, the Blue Dot Banks will be the "go to" place for funding and project consultation.
Having had a taste of this new system, I can tell you that it is friendly and open --- the opposite of the grim, guarded, funeral-parlor atmosphere that most banks project. The Blue Dot Banks, like the people who own them and run them, are called to be their best and do their best and that is all they have to worry about in the world, because they aren't involved in preying upon others, don't practice usury, and have no secrets. Like a man with a good conscience, they are set free.
We chartered the banks in this system because we have had it with banks acting as corporate predators and as criminal conspirators and getting away with it. We, living people, deserve something different and better. So, this is it -- our Blue Dot Bank System, designed for the security, peace of mind, happiness, and prosperity of mankind. No other agendas.
So, don't worry about the involvement of the Global Family Group PMA as bank members or promoters of the new bank system. They have their own mission and scientific interests that they are pursuing in tandem with building the best and most honest banking system possible. The two separate interests are not mutually exclusive --- in fact, they are complimentary. When everything we do is coming from a place within that is rooted in honesty, simplicity, and yes---- love for mankind, when we stop paying the usury of sin and debt, and start paying the dividends of gratitude and self-awareness, miracles aren't only possible. They are likely.
Onward and upward, as the saying goes. We aren't being impractical. We aren't asking anything from anyone, except a change of mind. Stop worrying so much about yourselves and start thinking more about the world around you. What can you do to help this country and this planet -- its plants, animals, and people? It may be nothing more than picking up a piece of litter, sweeping a driveway, or helping an elderly neighbor mow their lawn. Most of the time our actual "debt" doesn't require heroism. It requires caring.
We have three generations of children in this country who don't know their history and have been taught to have the wrong values in life. They have been encouraged to think of nothing but themselves and their most base instincts and desires. We fell asleep at the wheel and let evil, self-interested, faceless corporations rule the day, and we have paid dearly for that mistake. Now comes the correction that is long overdue. And the Blue Dot Banks are part of that correction.
Assembly by Assembly, group by group, one by one --- open your accounts with joy and confidence. It's our money. It's our assets. It's our credit. We know that now and we aren't going to be deluded into thinking that any of it belongs to a bank or the government or some other corporation. We are the value. This realization paves the way for an entirely new paradigm in banking and in life.

I hope that people read this --- and read again and again as many times as it takes to sink in. I don't want there to be any confusion between the Global Family Group PMA and the Global Family Banks in the Blue Dot Bank System. They are separate endeavors and you do not have to join or have any relationship with the PMA in order to have a bank account.


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