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Friday, April 1, 2022

Nanny State or Granny State? Chapter 5

 By Anna Von Reitz

As you are beginning to pick up here, life is an adventure that takes place in your mind as well as within the parameters of your physical world.  

The "Nanny State" referred to is the state of a baby requiring help and assistance at every moment, not knowing what words mean, having no ability to properly discern logic and truth, not knowing one's own name and history, not being able to defend oneself, being utterly dependent on the kindness and largesse of others, being constantly told what to do or being physically manipulated to perform in some way.  

Just think of Mom rolling you over and changing your diapers.  That's the Nanny State.  And some people are content to lay on their backs and be served and cared for and instructed by others and fed by others, supported by others, and content to have their decisions made for them for all their days.  They don't want to grow up and take on the responsibilities of adulthood, so they accept the Nanny State --- that is, the Nanny State of mind.  

It doesn't occur to them that they are themselves responsible for anything, and their decision-making capability remains rudimentary -- reduced down to simple "Either Or" choices.  

In their world, you are either a Packers Fan or a Vikings Fan.  It never crosses their plate to question the other options, or to ask --- "Do I like football at all?"  Am I a "fan" at all?" 

Similarly, in their world, you are either a Republican or a Democrat, that is, a "Conservative" or a "Liberal" --- whatever those labels really mean.  

They take it for granted that you have to be one or the other, and that you should vote in their elections, too.  It never occurs to them that their elections aren't meant for you.  

If you tell them that you are an Elector, not a Voter, they will cock their heads and look at you funny, like a horse eyeing a strange object in their pasture, nostrils flaring, whites of the eyes showing.  

They simply don't understand what you are talking about, just as a baby doesn't understand algebra, but they sense that they should know --- and perhaps that is the most hopeful part of this situation. 

It's not their fault.  Those who benefit from keeping them in this truncated state of mind spare no expense and miss no opportunity to use both fear and ignorance to control them.  That's the whole point.  

That's why John Adams and Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson all agreed that our republican form of government cannot be maintained by an ignorant and uneducated populace. 

When a government goes AWOL and runs amok, the first thing they do is attack the education system, so that they raise people in the Nanny State and keep them there, and limit the reach of their minds, so that they can control their bodies, too.  

For America, this attack on our educational system started in the early 1900's and went full-bore in 1976, when Jimmy Carter, a Southern Democrat, created the US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, ostensibly, to educate Municipal citizens of the United States.  

It was under Carter's administration that education in this country was reduced to an education fit for slaves, because that is what Municipal citizens of the United States are. 

Slaves don't have to know much.  Maybe basic reading and writing, physical education, shop classes, typing, hygiene of a basic nature, a little math so they can add, subtract, multiply and divide, and as for history, Carter deemed that all they needed to know was a gloss-over version of their own United States History--- no American History at all. 

When your Grandma (okay, maybe Great-Grandma) went to school, she studied both United States History and American History.  They were separate books and separate subjects, as they ought to be, because they describe the travails of two different governments --- our American Government and the United States (Federal) Government.  

As a result, she learned about the American Government with its Three Branches --- the Union, the Federation, and the Confederation.  She learned that her nationality derives from the sovereign State where she was born --- in her case, Wisconsin.  

Grandma learned that each State is owed its own republican form of government, and "republican" in this case does not refer to any political party.   It is talking about a form of government that arises from the bottom up, from you and your family, to your community, to your county, to your State, and then your State --together with the other States of the Union -- tells the Federation of States what to do internationally and tells the Confederation of States (Confederate "States" are States-of-States) what to do in the global sphere of commercial relations.  

So why do so many Americans think that their government is a Democracy?  

It's because all that they have been taught is a curriculum fit for slaves and indentured servants.  All they know is the foreign history of the "United States" Government and nothing about their own.  

Those who benefit themselves in terms of power and money from Public Ignorance, are content that it should be this way.  They want you to stay in the Nanny State forever.  In fact, they don't want you to know that the Nanny State exists, that it is purposeful, and constructed to your detriment.  


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  1. Its sometimes a curse to know all this. ...its also a blessing...I think.