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Friday, April 1, 2022

Bread and Good Reminders While You Are Keeping Your Mind

 By Anna Von Reitz

Like all the other Big Lies that have been used as weapons against the sleeping people of this planet, please take note of the following Big Four:
1. The problem isn't a build up of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, the problem is a loss of atmospheric Oxygen. If we have sufficient oxygen, it naturally binds carbon dioxide. We've lost 5% of the Oxygen in the past hundred years, and were already slowly losing oxygen for the past several thousand years as a result of desertification and loss of natural forests worldwide and death of the ocean flora.
2. The death of the Coral Reefs is not generally caused by pollution or warming. The death of the Coral is because of dams that block the natural renewal of minerals from tidal silt going into the oceans. Check out the Great Barrier Reef. Where the rivers are blocked up, the Coral Reef is dead. Where the rivers run free into the ocean, the Coral Reef is just fine. Without all the trace minerals and elements, Coral can't live. Neither can people.
3. Cholesterol is absolutely necessary for your health and functioning. Your body makes a small amount of cholesterol, but not nearly enough to meet your needs. Share these Flying Factoids like wildfire to all your senior friends: your brain is 75% cholesterol by weight, and the myelin sheath covering your nerves (the coating on your "electrical wires") is 100% built of cholesterol. The hormones that control many of our bodily functions are 95% cholesterol. Should we get a clue, here? Elders have been misinformed and steered away from foods that they desperately need.
4. People who think the world is overpopulated can't do math, as the Chinese Government is now discovering to its dismay and as the German Government has already discovered. All the drastic actions to limit procreation to "One Child" per couple in China has led to an upcoming disaster for their economy and their biology. Well-intentioned as their efforts were given the skewed information offered by the United Nations --- we are all facing a population collapse, instead. God knew what he was doing when he said, "Go, be fruitful and multiply".
Next all the stupid governments will be advocating public orgies in hopes of correcting their last mistakes, so I am advising everyone to be on guard against institutionalized idiocy and interference in our private lives from now on. Full stop.
Thanks to my friend, Margaret. who recently reminded me of things I had forgotten and taught me things I never knew, and made me think again about the "game plan" published in The Book of Isaiah that the Israelites used against their Babylonian captors --- denaturing the water (with fluoride and chlorine) and leaching the nourishment out of bread (bleaching flour).
So why would anyone considering themselves to be a modern day "Israelite" unleash such tactics on the unsuspecting American Public? Since when did we ever enslave or force anyone into peonage?
Answer: we didn't. We were victimized ourselves.
It was the British Territorial United States Government that reduced everyone to indentured servitude and the Pope's Municipal United States that reduced everyone to slavery.
Not the American Government.
So while you are considering how horribly you have been lied to and misdirected on so many levels, and as you start to include eggs and other sources of cholesterol into your diet, and start thinking about trace minerals and their overall "gatekeeper" importance for the biosphere and your own physical body ---- consider what we can do to increase the oxygen levels and also consider learning how to make your own "Artisan Bread".
So-called "Artisan Bread" called "Spoon Bread" in the South, is old-fashioned peasant bread of the kind our ancestors made. It's yeast bread usually made with a mixture of different kinds of grain flours, yeast, water, sugar, and salt. You stir it up in a bowl with a spoon (hence the name "Spoon Bread") to make a very soft dough. You put the dough in a large plastic covered container and let it rise, punch it down, and then you can set aside enough to rise again in a traditional bread pan or form into round loaves to bake right away ---- and put the rest in the refrigerator, where the yeast will continue to work at a very reduced rate, ready to warm up and let rise another batch the next day or so, as needed.
I first became alarmed at the condition of our bread supply back in the 1970's when one of my roommates left a loaf of "Dunderbread" in the cupboard while she went on summer break for two and half months. When she came back, it was still sitting there like a marshmallow, not a trace of mold, not even dried out. It had achieved immortality and was dead as a doornail. Even the bacteria, fungi, and molds wouldn't touch it.
This made me think: If the fungi and molds won't touch it, should I?
And the answer was a resounding, "No!"
For many years after that, I have made bread for myself and my family as much as possible. If you need carbohydrates, let them be high quality carbohydrates with plenty of fiber to stall the conversion into sugar---which is one of the mistakes we make that contributes to insulin stress. People like super soft sweet bread, and I am guilty of that as anyone else, but overall, this is not good for you unless you offset this by including lots of fiber in your diet at the same time.
Homemade bread doesn't last as long as store bought for two reasons --- it tastes better, and if you do leave it on the shelf for a few days friendly molds will begin feasting on it, too --- but bread that you make yourself from fresh ingredients has the outstanding advantage of being good for you. The majority of store bought bread is not.
Oh, and the reason that an "Apple a day keeps the doctor away"? ---unless you buy applies that are full of pesticides, or GMO's (which amounts to the same thing) --- is that apples contain both large amounts of pectin and large amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Pectin helps replenish your collagen levels and fiber acts as a buffer to sugar and carbohydrate metabolism, slowing it down so that your pancreas gets a break from large "surge demands" for insulin.

Until the scientists among us can focus on beneficial advancements to actual science instead of politically motivated "scientism" --- let's not give them the time of day. Next time there is an egg scare, a bacon scare, a gluten scare, or any other kind of Food Fad Scare, consider the source.


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  1. Thank you Anna...I am trying to convince my husband he is believing the lie about cholesterol and heart health and because of Statin’s he is more likely to have problems that will not kill him but make his senior years difficult. And I recently discover the story of bread... I know have a mill, and a variety of wheat berries ando lay eat bread I make!!

  2. thanks.
    is it rex as in a kings research?
    also does this have anything to do with that seed of the void you mentioned? what i found online about that seemed like BlackArts-ish type info (for lack of a better description)... is that what you were referring to? us it just Levels/ Offices?

  3. What “Christian” today would even consider George Washington Carey’s insights that he wrote in 1918? Would it be to a “Christian’s” detriment not to? One could make that claim.
    I can guarantee however that on the opposite end of the spectrum “They” not only have considered everything written in these short 8 pages, “They” made it “Their” priority to dissect, and study every component down to the milli, micro, nano, and even the pico(10-12) constituent parts. One then would have to ask why did/do “They” continue with this course/agenda? What is “Their” ultimate goal(s)? Is it because “They” want to be like “Mike”? Is it because “They” truly have no idea who The Lord God Jesus Christ actually is, and “They never will. In these short 8 pages, a lot of correlations are made to show the allegorical prose that is contained within scripture. George Washington Carey brings many points for the reader to consider. There are other researchers that have also done the same, and expounded upon this subject in greater detail than that of what George Washington Carey does. However, one subject that they, as well as he always make certain never to broach, and stay clear of is; “Who made everything”.
    I will be in agreement to a point when considering the “Essenes”; I am quite positive that this group had many of the “Keys”(not all). Otherwise why would the Romans have gone to the lengths that they did to utterly annihilate this whole group from the face of the Earth. Also if they were all that, the Romans would never of had one iota of any inkling of the “Essenes” whereabouts.
    Let Us also not forget that only three “men” in scripture were taken “alive” to Heaven ie., Enoch, Elijah, and Iesous Christos/Jesus Christ-The Lord God Jesus Christ.