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Friday, March 25, 2022

About Our Reconstruction

 By Anna Von Reitz

The American Government was formed in 1776.  In July of that year, The United Colonies of the United States of America was formed and began doing business as the States of America and as the United States.  

In September of that year, these same United Colonies formed The United States of America, an unincorporated Federation of States, designed to conduct international business for the United Colonies. In 1781 -- still during the Revolution, these same United Colonies created the Confederation of States-of-States (known as "Confederate States") to conduct mutual business for the States in commerce.  Commerce is business between two incorporated entities. 

This was all done by the Second Continental Congress that we are heir to. These are the so-called three branches of our American Government: Union, Federation, and Confederation. 

The Proper Name of our country operating as a nation is: The United States. 
The Proper Name of our country operating in international venues is: The United States of America.  Both names include the Definite Article: The. 

Simple enough.  The Union stays home and tends the knitting, grows the gardens, and holds the national soil jurisdiction of each State inviolate. 
The Federation faces the wide world and deals with the issues of diplomacy on land and sea.  The Confederation busies itself with delivery of government services for pay, issuance of patents, regulation of postal service and all similar  
activities --- or is supposed to.  That is where the problem lies. 

The original American Confederation ceased to function in 1861. That threw its responsibilities back on the Federation, which originally did those functions, too, for the five years between 1776 when the Federation came to be, and 1781, when the Second Continental Congress created the Confederation to take over those responsibilities.  

The collapse of the Confederation also meant the collapse of the American Federal Subcontractor fronted by the Union States doing business as the States of America--the Federal Republic.  

In fact, the Federal Republic was just a governmental services contractor responsible for doing specific things enumerated by The Constitution for the united States of America (1787)---- but it was important because it was the American Federal Subcontractor in the Constitutional System. 

This Federal Republic Subcontractor is how the Americans were supposed to retain control of important day to day functions -- like the Patent and Trademark Office, and the US Mint, the US Coast Guard, the Federal Court System, and American Military Services.  And it went kaput in 1861 with nobody but some DC vermin being the wiser. 

Now we enter the topic of United States History. 

The United States Federal Government mirrored the already existing American Government.  

Just as we had three branches--- Union, Federation, and Confederation operating our American Public Government, the United States Federal Government was conceived as a Private Government Subcontractor with three branches. 

Our American Union of States was mirrored by the States of America, run as a Republic. 

Our American Federation of States was mirrored by the United States of America--a British Territorial Government, run as a Democracy. 

Our American Confederation of States-of-States was mirrored by the United States (Number Three), a Papist Municipal Government, run as a Theocracy. 

When we are talking about this later "United States Federal Government" we are talking about three subcontractors, one American, one British, and one representing the Holy Roman Empire. 

Remember --- The Federal Republic, the American Federal Subcontractor, stopped functioning in 1861, and nobody bothered to tell the Americans.  

That left the two remaining Federal Subcontractors, one British, one HRE, and they just slipped into place on an "emergency basis" and nobody back then, in the chaos and confusion following the so-called American Civil War, was any wiser.  Lincoln was dead.  Andrew Johnson an incompetent. All normalcy and communications channels were disrupted by four years of war. 

The Schemers in Washington, DC, pulled in extra foreign workers and made it look like everything was back on track, but it never really has been.  The Reconstruction which was supposed to take place after the Civil War never happened.  

The Confederation has never been rebuilt by the States, and the Federal Republic has never been reinstated by the Confederation. 

Both the Confederation and the Federal Republic still have to be reconstructed after more than a century and a half. 

The States of the Union have to reconstruct the Confederation, and then, the Confederation has to reconstruct the Federal Republic, first one and then the other.  

And all this work has to be done by the American States of the Union and by Americans who are claiming their natural birthright political status, because nobody else has the right to do it. 

When we woke up and realized the immensity of the task before us and the considerable disadvantage that our paid-for "help" had placed us in by unlawfully converting our natural political status into that of a registered U.S. Citizen (making us wards of the Queen and British Crown), the States of the Union hadn't been called into Session in a hundred and fifty years. 

Worse, while there were and are plenty of Americans who still believe themselves to be Americans, almost none of them were competent to act as Americans as a result of the British Interlopers claiming that they were U.S. Citizens instead and registering their Proper Names as such almost at birth.

We had to paper over those British registrations and correct the public records concerning our own choice of political status, and then, we had to call our States of the Union into Session. 

As overwhelming as this prospect was, we manned up and did it.  

And now, the American Government is back.  There are fifty State Assemblies populated by declared and recorded Americans, and our Federation of States is alive and well and booted up in international jurisdiction. 

As of October first of 2020 our pre-Civil War State Assemblies acted by Roll Call Election and unanimously enrolled all those States formed under The Northwest Ordinance since the Civil War.  This allowed States like Nevada and Utah to emerge from the twilight of quasi-statehood granted to them by British Territorial Officials and begin to operate as true States of the Union, in control of their own land and soil without any presumption of a British Territorial custodianship. 

In July of 2021, all fifty of our properly enrolled and populated State Assemblies again acted by Roll Call Election to issue a Peace Treaty and Proclamation officially ending The American Civil War.  It's over.  Any continuing occupation by our public employees is illegal and unlawful. 

As we continue to make headway, we have found our employees run amok across the whole of the planet, misdirected to serve criminals in pursuit of mercenary conflicts, using fraud, identify theft, and impersonation schemes to alter our identities and prey upon us, access our credit, and non-consensually saddle us with their debts, issuing illegal "legal tender" in our names, and such a plethora of other offenses it staggers the imagination. 

The foxes were running our hen house to profit themselves and abusing our resources and empowerments to terrorize the rest of the world. Now they are trying to terrorize us at home, with schemes to kill us with phony vaccinations and profit from life insurance policies placed on their purported "citizens", with schemes to kill "the dollar" by killing their own Federal Reserve Note --- which is in no way an American dollar, with more schemes to keep this all quiet and deny that it is what it is --- long term institutionalized fraud and corruption. 

The "Federal Reserve Notes" floated by these persons have been funded by a system of labor force enslavement and non-consensual peonage, activities that have been outlawed worldwide since 1926. These same criminals have run up vast debts against our Good Names and assets, and failed to balance the books against the National Credit and Interest accrued on that National Credit that we are owed.  By this simple fraud, they have endeavored to misrepresent the Creditors as the Debtors, and the Debtors as the Creditors. 

All of this is coming to a halt as our Reconstruction continues.  All governments worldwide are now fully informed of the infamy and Gross Breach of Trust that we have suffered at the hands of the Holy See, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor. May our experience stand as a warning to everyone else who has had the misfortune to deal with them, and as a clarion call to the other nations of the world to take a stand with us and our actual American Government against this appalling criminality that has spread like a cancer around the entire globe. 

If we all wish to be free and to live in peace and to have the ability to enjoy the fruits of our labors, these crime syndicates must be broken, their methods examined, and their operations exposed to the light of day, so that they may no longer continue to employ their endless con games, false "legal" processes, diplomatic meddling, propaganda, cancerous bureaucracies, and racketeering schemes. 

Show your concern and support by sending a letter to the United Nations Secretary General right now and tell him that your government stands with the American People and the actual American Government.  Let there be no further mistake --- that thing calling itself "the US" is not America, and it never has been. 


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  1. Just in time. As I was listening to the Patriot Party News 3/25/22 (the early 1pm episode), a question was asked in regards to Anna. Then, the guest on the show, a man that goes by Mr.C...basically says oh she has something to do with the postal service in Alaska and its all bull#$!!
    I replied to the PPN network and suggested before they get any further from the truth they may want to contact the American State Assemblies and make sure they don't contribute to the propaganda. In addition it seems to me that our subcontractors are at it again and attempting to run the show. I will forward this article to them for clarity.

  2. I am not using the handle unknown. I have my email in the drop down box but it is coming up as unknown when I publish this
    I am William McDavid, a State National from Georgia and I posted the above comment.

  3. Thanks and this one goes to everyone in my phone!

  4. About the name of our Country: i was taught , but do not have a reference to the source, that we are "THESE United States of America" when speaking of us and here, and "The United States of America' when speaking internationally. The reason for THESE instead of THE was so that we would NEVER forget that EACH state is a Sovereign Entity.