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Friday, March 25, 2022

Fair Warning about Those Who Just Want to be Left Alone.

 Why They Don't Wanna Get My Kinda People Involved in WW3 | Buddy Brown


  1. When I was younger, and got into fights, about a half hour or so after the fight was over is when I would begin to weep. It would always happen whether I won or lost. This always perplexed me until a few years ago when told this to a good friend. He stated that this was because when ever anyone has to fight with another a part of one's being is lost or taken, never to be had again.

    I will add to what this stoic young Man has bought forward, by asking these cusses who "They think the most dangerous men, and women in the world are.... Oh "They" don't know.... Ok, I'll answer that then; The men, and women who have nothing left to lose. Period. Once that happens there will be no place for these perpetrators to hide, and no rock will be left unmoved.

  2. next to last paragr.: in OUR own and only genuine and true July 2(two), 1776 DeclofIndep, our fathers and mothers preserved their practical and time-tested wisdom for us (ALL of us who hold the truths written in parag2 to be self-evident):

    "We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends."

    1. well thank you God that no War has been declared on us since 1812.

      man is created: a very high order spiritual be-ing. we are lied to, dumbed down, abused, and "kept in our place" in a much lower-order to keep us from living out Gods intent for us.

      1. there has to be broken peace:
      American men and women have not broken (the) peace on our land.
      they know this. imo this is likely why they have not used UN or other Forces against us.

      2. Only a man who is Acting as Sovereign can Declare War. because only (a) man has:
      A.) spiritual, emotional, and logical nature that he can take spiritually-sound, moral yet compassionate, and also ethical and lawful principles and use them to make right-eous decisions, under authority of his creator.
      B. a voice and language to make a Declaration with.

    2. our fathers and mothers Declar about Peace and War together with their Announc-ment that (a) man's Safety is just as much a God-gifted self-evident and un-ALIEN-able gift:right: as life, freedom, and pursuit of happiness without interference from other men. (parag2. Sent.3.).
      such that: we do have right to Separate from those who desire to harm us, most especially when they have no lawful, sound, and right-eous reason for doing so.
      its our choice.
      we will be backed up spiritually concerning our own RIGHTEOUS decisions.

    3. will we be spared "The Fight"? maybe. maybe not.
      but if were not, we are called to be ready for it.
      even the man they call jesus said you/we/i would one day be called upon to so-engage.
      ref: luke 22:36 "...and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." it is astounding to me that jesus said this at the last supper!
      but not surprisingly now, it was when jesus/yahsuah/ other"name": told his friend simonpeter that:
      satan has desired to have you to sift you as wheat.

      breakdown teardown fragment destroy change your nature and purpose, grinddown, pulverize, make you unrecognizable, take the life out of you, mingle you with other things, put the heat on you, consume you....


    4. jesus also said he had [already] prayed for peter so that WHEN PETER FAILED, he wouldnt let his own failure/s defeat him but would get back up and stand therefore, on his feet and continue to go through the **Refiners** fire, not the fires designed by another whose purpose is to consume him.
      [paraphrased and imo.]

    5. refs:
      ps119:114 Thou art my hiding place and my SHIELD.
      ps3:3 but thou, *NAME*, art a shield for me
      prov30:5 he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him
      ps84:9 behold, O NAME our shield...

      sharing my present personal paraphrasing of the content of ps 37:3 -9 in list form:
      trust in the lord
      do good
      youll dwell in the land and be fed
      delight in him
      he will give you the desires of your heart
      commit your ways to him
      trust in him
      he will bring it to pass.

      and he will bring forth your righteousness in the nature of light
      and your right-eous judgments will act as the noonday before man-kind [sun, allowing things to be clearly seen, purifying, cleansing, naturally disinfecting, and supporting life]
      rest in him
      wait patiently for him
      dont fret over those who are prospering by doing evil
      dont be filled with rage
      dont do evil yourself;
      they are going to be cut off
      but those who wait upon NAME, are the ones who are going to inherit the earth that they have been trying to "mark" with their "symbols" to try to claim for themselves when earth was created for and has already been gifted to man from before the foundation of the world.
      and it is so.

  3. That's why I pray to God that these evildoers back down when the Assemblies act. Because that will be a LOT more peaceful than what will happen next if they resist.