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Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Unbelievable Is Quickly Becoming the Undeniable-Another State Just Entered the Concentration Camp Business


  1. yeh... keepin the 'side-eye' on ALL of them. :):)

    1. including the "Truckers".

      if theres chald chadl chattel saxe traf ficking going on SOMEbody is hauling the goods around from place go place.
      uh. yeh.

    2. foscolos00 brought up use of "Force Majeure" which just, in American common language,
      means: theyre not going to do what they promised but theyre keeping what you already PAID them. like how they broke nearly every Treaty with firstnations.

      but 'i':woman say thats not going to happen.
      'i': woman say they ARE giving our stuff back.
      all of it.
      we gotta move.
      in common law though, not Legal, Attorney, Their Private Corporate Courts...(theft mask-erading *AS* commerce?)
      start to "think outside the box" they created:
      approach everything they say and do with suspecting that:
      1. every thing they *do* has flaws: that is: it breaks our common law; thats why theyve Conjured Up "IMMUNITIES" for themselves!?

      andor also be asking constantly:
      2. 'i':woman have no intent to agree; what man says 'i':woman agree?

    3. toronto convoy: men and women ACTORS ACTING AS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS for the BRIT/ VATIC/"CROWN" FICTION, holding FICTIONAL "Titles" "in" FICTIONAL "Offices" are now blustering about meeting to discuss lifting certain FICTIONAL RULES/ MAN-DATES (UGGH *man*dates? Gs wth?)

      good idea. this man-date thingie doesnt seem to be aging well for the men and women who are MASKING AS OFFICIAL FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

    4. $10million held by GOFUNDME:
      now set up GIVESENDGO. almost $800,000 in just a few hours.

      Americans are now being blamed for helping with the funding

      those Americans who are helping are saying?: "yeh. we did that."

    5. Let's make this happen.....

      "Go Fund Me is really Go Fund Soros and Defund Patriots.

      If you donated to Go Fund Me dispute the charge and have your credit card issue them a chargeback which makes them pay a fee for taking your money. Then also fill out their refund form just in case your communist credit card company doesn’t issue the refund. If you donated a lot, take them to small claims court.
      Make Go Fund Me miserable.

      If just 10,000 people file small claims against Go Fund Me you will shut down their company in legal fees."

    6. thanks ready007. yes and the Fund Creators everywhere should have to VERIFY and post, under penalty, exactly where every penny goes so the givers can go to that same account and see
      what was dispersed, to whom, and also REQUIRE that the recipient VERIFY, under again under penalty that they received and spent what the people are told they received and used it for.

      (the way its set up right now, practically anyone can steal from the people who give.)

      then if they do anything else with the funds the people who got cheated can record claims against the thieves, not the Banks or GoFundMe, who presumably had nothing to do with said theft.

      just an additional possible idea for the future, espec. when we get our own Banks back up and running again. which we will have.

    7. ... saying its really not gofundme's fault if the fund creator is a lying thief. why sue go fund me?
      am i missing a piece of info about this?

    8. SantaSurfing, [2/5/2022 3:43 PM]
      Forwarded from TruckersForFreedom

      Hahaha ... GoFundMe has changed their tune ... they froze the $10M raised for the Truckers Convoy and initially said anyone who donated $$ to the truckers and wanted their money back had to fill out a refund form ... before Feb. 19th, otherwise GFM would keep the $$ and send to GFM's charity(ies) of choice - outrageous.

      Well now, b/c GFM knows the other option is for people to dispute the charge with their banks and that would result in a $15 fee to GFM for EACH transaction, GFM is now saying they are AUTOMATICALLY going to refund everyone's money, and to expect to receive it in the next 7 to 10 days.

      BUT GO AHEAD AND DISPUTE THE DONATION WITH YOUR BANK SO GFM GETS HIT WITH THE FEES THEY'RE TRYING TO AVOID ... and also because you have no idea if they will honor their word. February 19th may come and go and you won't get your refund.



    10. yes, and require 10 times the amount of the donation?
      any decent company would have just started "batch-processing" refunds.

  2. This just in. - From Michelle Ford

    "I have a HUGE DEVELOPMENT I get to report.
    The Sonoma County Sheriff has officially opened a criminal investigation into the charges of MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY regarding the Covid injections after I petitioned them to stand up for the PEOPLE and enforce the law. We have a case number!!!!

    So similar to the UK we can now place ads in papers in local Next door listings - essentially EVERYWHERE and ask anyone who has experienced adverse effects to the injections that they can now report it as evidence OF A CRIME.  

    I need help creating an action team ASAP to help get this information OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA in short order
    I think we need to notify all our connections and truther groups across the state   I’m thinking Childrens Defense Fund, ICAN, who else?!? 

    We need to be very specific about what people are contacting the Sheriff’s office about - for, Specifically ANY ADVERSE EFFECTS or DEATHS OR FOR FAMILY OR FRIENDS THAT HAVE BEEN ADVERSELY EFFECTED
    KINDA LIKE THAT AD IN UK PAPERS!!!  Omg. This is big, big.

    The case # is 220125009
    Do not contact them for any other reason than to report adverse effects - as I suspect their office will soon to be INUNDATED.
    Sonoma County Sheriff’s office.

    This is a direct action that will implicate ANYONE PUSHING THE INJECTIONS
    I HAVE PUT BOTH THE SONOMA COUNTY AND MARIN COUNTY HEALTH BOARDS ON NOTICE. And sent the directors the criminal case number.
    Please get this out to any CA groups who can help us get the word out!!

    If the Sheriff’s find enough compelling evidence , I demanded that they SEIZE ALL THE VIALS AS EVIDENCE. A chain of custody seizure from every hospital, doctors office or pop up clinic. The proof is in the vials. Anywhere issuing the ‘injection’. IMMEDIATELY.

    This is helpful to have a case number because we as individuals can now call up our doctors offices or anywhere and let them know they may be held personally liable for conducting crimes against humanity to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW by issuing or even RECOMMENDING these injections TO ANYONE MOVING FORWARD!!
    This is huge, huge!! Bigly huge. Congratulations. Now let’s get to work!!  Share this everywhere."

    1. ready007,
      its still in THEIR jurisdiction though!
      they can just dismiss it with no recourse! because its still under their control in their Private Courts! where the same TEMPLE BAR ATTORN-ERS are still trying to make fools out of the American people by pretending to be actual judges. OUR judges.

      and the Sheriffs are still basically British Feudal White Slavery System's Shire/Count-ee Reeves, but on OUR land, who take orders from Banking Executives/ "Nobles" (Esquires) who are British Temple BAR ATTORN-ERS: to go throw the American people who paid for their homes out of the homes they paid for! and more.

      here are some of the TERMS of that British Fiction Private Banking/Court System mentioned in that short article:
      Dock-tors, Official, County, Sheriff, Crimes, Investigations, Humans, Humanity, Charges, Petitions, Cases, Case Numbers, Reports, Evidence, Compel, Compelling Evidence, Direct Actions, Boards, Directors, Demands, Seizures, Chains of Custody, Hospital(ers- Vatican?)
      Clinics, Individuals, Liable, Liability.
      all are "Terms" used in their Private System. Legal. Not law.

      And as we know now, they just do whatever the hell they want with these FICTIONAL "Cases".

      but the people have a Godgifted right to take their claims of harm to actual righteous courts of law: before their own people, not before Foreigners on our land who have taken Oaths to ALWAYS work in their groups own best interest, usually harming others.

      i refer OFTEN to what they took from our FirstNations peoples. Not content to just steal FIRSTNATIONS homes and land, its an indeniable fact that they genocided FirstNations people who were just living on the land they were born on.

      if they did it to them.... do they have any higher regard for other people?

      im never criticizing the system. it really could work very very well for alot of people, depending on who is over it.

    2. "The United States is the Greater Israel Project".

      only in their dreams.

  3. Dr Zelenko explains the real reason behind their insane motivation to get everyone injected with the kill shot - it's not about preventing a virus or saving lives. The Kill shot has several components, it tracks, sterilizes, maims and/or kills it's slave/serf victims. We need to unmask the stakeholders in Blackrock and Vanguard who initiated these Crimes Against Humanity. The major stakeholders are: Rothschild Family, Du Pont Family, Rockefeller Family, Carnegie Family, Orsini Family - many were previous Popes, American Bush Family, and the British Royal Family.

    They use the following foundation to foment discord and destabilization around the world: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Soros Open Society Foundation, and Clinton Foundation. The owners of Blackrock and Vanguard are manifestations of the primordial serpent. The owners of this planet are a manifestation of the Devil. Only a divinely inspired force (God), can overcome this Goliath.

    Statement From Dr Vladimir Zelenko regarding Vanguard and black rock

    Dr. Zelenko Talks HCQ, Ivermectin, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, & Where We’re Headed As A Society

    1. Former CEO of Blackrock, Edward Dowd Reveals The Covid-Crime Against Humanity Was Meant To Cover The Collapse of The Central Bank FIAT Debt System.

      "He's right - but it's more complicated than that: the Powers That Be want to be able to ride the decline and pivot to a new system (Central Bank Digital Currency) without letting go of the existing levers of power and control that they have enjoyed for the last hundred+ years by being in control of the Fiat system.

      Normally, people would not accept the drastic interventions in their lives that this would require, but COVID hysteria has given them cover to enact the systems necessary to support the machinery of totalitarian authoritarian control that they want with things like Social Credit Scores and so on. They want Total Control, not just monetary control, and time is running out for them to be able to achieve it. COVID is the means to the end: finish off Fiat and yet remain in control of the systems of value exchange while simultaneously robbing the carcass of the existing wealth system as thoroughly as they can along the way. In summary: it's demonic."