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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Battlefield America: 2022 - 2024, Episode 2, Steve Quayle and Mike Adams


  1. dont be fooled;

    there IS no War.

    unless a Sovereign declares War FOR *ONE* REASON ONLY:
    The people are being unpeaceful.
    and were not being unpeaceful.

    the canadians only want whats in their Charter of Rights and Freedoms. there is nothing wrong with that.

    Corporations cannot declare war...
    theyre dead.
    the military cannot declare war. its a fictional dead thing too, and its a Corporation too.

    reject all war talk.

    make them DECLARE war before you buy into the itswar narrative.
    they cant declare war
    were peaceful

    spread that knowledge around for goodwill, peace, and the peoples wellbeing.

    1. Excellent comments. Peaceful self governing men and women have control of the world and we are the People

    2. thanks becca ecca. agreement multiplies our declared intent.
      anyone care to join us? from my pov. all are welcome.

    3. its looking more and more like the intent of the depe satet was to lure the good and great Canadian familymen into a trap.
      its not working thank you God.

      as will smith has pointed out similarities to J/6; i also just found a d shared with shelby that there us a 666 in the Freedom Convey logo.

      now the "Truckers" are supposedly building temporary dwellings in downtown ottawa,... like anteee fawh did in washington?

      so, it looks like "phase two" is a flop too.

      *this website just deleted my comment or something happened, so im posting it again. sorry if it duplicates paul.*

      thank you god.

    4. looks like someone may be trying to put the "stink" of auntee fawh on the Truckers.

      first of all the Truckers know better than to build a structure on public ground. i dont belueve its the Truckers.
      they have their cabs.
      they are used to socializing in their cabs in truck stop parking lots. and besides they would not even THINK about building a structure on public ground.

      and even if they WERE going to build something, THEY KNOW IT WOULD CAUSE A RUCKUS TO DO IT WITHOUT TELLING THEIR SUPPORTERS WHAT THEY ARE DOING SO *THE TRUCKERS* would have made an announcement before they started.

      **its NOT the Truckers.**

      its the people trying to pretend to be Truckers to lead these good men into problems.
      and smear the stench of an tee faah on respectable stand-up men.

  2. At minute marker 5:12 The partial Document below is flashed on the screen for only a few seconds. It was published by; Extraordinary and Conspiracy news on June 19, 2021
    "U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: “Force Majeure,” Paratroopers to Fed Reserve Banks. “De-Monetize” U.S. Dollar" This below were some points of what was written on this page.
    Will implement the series of 6900 Protocols. At 11:38 A.M. is when it will be announced

    I was not able to find the exact document by "Extraordinary and Conspiracy news", however this one seemed to be similar;
    "U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: “Force Majeure,” Paratroopers to Fed Res. Banks, “De-Monetize” U.S. Dollar – Media";

    It explains why the 11:38 AM timing would happen, however not the day or the year.
    I don’t like to play “Their game” however with what has been transpiring, and how “They” just love “Their“ backwards numbers, then February 22(22-02-2022) looks like it has everything that “They” could ever want in order to make it into "Their" anal’s of History. As we all know where these Sodomites love to put everything.

    1. loooool cracking up here!!!!

    2. still giggling
      before i read this comment, i had just told shelby to keep her boot up there too!
      cracking up!!!!

    3. The above read; "U.S. Treasury Plan If Economic Collapse: “Force Majeure,” Paratroopers to Fed Reserve Banks. “De-Monetize” is no laughing matter as this video below will attest to
      Smith Barney commercial 1979 - YouTube
      “They” make money the old fashioned way, “They” earn (urn) it.
      That single sentence has everything in it.
      What are the contents that urns mostly contain?

    4. was laughing about where they hide things! i hope they find room for EACH OTHER up there too cause alot of us are tired of looking at them!
      remembered avr had had a little blurb about FMaj that paul posted here a few years back.
      basically i agree; but in a simple phrase id say it means "i cant fulfill my contractual obligations because something happened that i had no control over that prevents me from doing so. you have to let me off the hook."

      its nothing new with these cretins; its the same dammn thing this same bunch of lying thieves did to the First Nations peoples over and over while committing genocide?...
      ex: Treaty of Fort Laramie 1851; then Treaty at Fort Laramie 1868 only took 6 short years for BRIT/VATIC to break in 1874 ---- blaming ---: THE AMERICANS, of course!!

      too bad for them that theres no where for them to hide and we can Skiptrace them using the technology funded by the unauthorized use of what belongs exclusively to us.

    5. Here’s a short peruse of how ‘“They” make money the old fashioned way’
      History of slavery - Wikipedia
      Keep in mind folks that we (all of Us) are the walking Gold. Nothing gets done unless a Man or Woman does it. “They” know this, and that is why”Their” whole system is set up to exact this peonage onto all of Us. The best slaves are the ones who believe they are free. It’s all in the word beliefs, and how, and by whom it’s administrated towards. Ah yes the old adage; “Better ewe than me”, up and until lo, and behold when the mee’s have it now happening to them as well.

    6. And now the ribbon is tied into a bow.

    7. well shite.
      no wonder they need to keep giving the roosters every few months; keep metallic particles fresh.


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