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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Truckers, GoFundMe, and the CIA; Connecting Dots


Jon Rappoport’s blog

February 8, 2022

The Canadian Truckers’ Battle Against Covid Tyranny


  1. paul,
    these are American common law concepts and belong to the people. they cannot be claimed or copyrighted by any man or other, they are free. they are part of mans riches and gifts from God. and its these same gifts that were used to create websites and digital apparatuses(sp?) so i believe it is mans authority that stands over these "things".
    i am man.
    its my intent to share freely with whoever desires to hold and live in accord with American common law under authority of the laws of nature and nature's creator.
    i will mostly be sharing about American common law from now on. what i have found, and believe true.
    and mostly in bullet points, without explanations because ive already furnished explanations many times.

    lets get this ball rolling.
    we must have open discussion.
    we must have the full spectrum of ideas open to "debate".
    whatever harms man though FORGET ABOUT IT. ITS ALREADY OUT.

    what weve got to deal with first, imo, are:
    1. understanding man is man and under God, and is not property of another man.
    2. all man own the fruit of their own bodies, including the fruit of their own labor.
    3. government is good and necessary to the extent that it uplifts man and protects his God-given gifts.
    the American common law principles that our fathers and mothers lived by and fought for and established for us and themselves and died for that we have our God-given right to enjoy are:
    • all true law is first, peaceful.
    • all governments are man-created; governments did not create man.
    • all Statutory, Military, Ecclesiastical, other inferior man-made authorities must first fulfill the law that is common to every man:

    • If it harm man, it breaks our American common law.
    • the people have a right AND RESPONSIBILITY under authority of God, or for other reasons, to not allow creations that harm man to operate on their land.
    • right and responsibility to protect man, and life, freedom, pursuits, and land;
    • right to make agreements with other countries concerning mutual protection and safety on our lands.
    • responsibility to keep agreements of mutual peace, friendliness, trade, and safety with other countries.
    • the land and its riches belongs to the people, for their life and good, in equal-share measure.
    • governments securing the rights of the people also secure mans equal-share portion of his gifts and his ability to use them the way he sees fit while doing no harm to other man.
    • however, man's body is mans gift from creator, and is freely and exclusively held by that man for his use only.
    • call for referendum whenever the people desire to call one.
    • one man, one equal vote, one paper ballot, true count, no exceptions.
    • no un-elected leaders.
    • no hereditary leaders.
    • generally: limited time of service for elected Deputies and for elected Delegates; few exceptions: decided on by the people.
    those are the basics so far.

    please take a minute out everyday and think about how many men in all generations including this one have been willing to put everything on the line for us to live peacefully, in Gods abundance.
    lets get moving in peace, for restoration of our God-given gifts.
    thank you God.

    1. i also do again step forward and say i:woman: called by janmarie: bloodline daughter and descendant from father:man called by simon, from fathers house called by "kenton": naturalborn, 1755 on virginialand: Captain, POW, Shawnee Nation: protected the American people in the American War for Independence along with his brothers, john, mark, george, and william:my uncles; and fathersimon also did protect our American people: Brigadier General Ohio Militiamen, War of 1812 that ended, effective 1815 at Ghent, Belgium in Treaty with pledges between Americans and the British Crown /Affiliates to maintain peace.
      no War has been declared since to break that Treaty.

      Listen Americans:
      we have a right and duty to peacefully hold the British Crown / Affiliates to it.
      [refs only:
      • DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Ancestor lookup: A065086/ others: my uncles.
      • Sons of the American Revolution.
      • Draper Manuscripts: original manuscripts held at the Wisconsin Historical Society/
      • copies Kentucky, Ohio, "dotte govs" and others.
      Author: Alan Eckert
      • Daniel Boone Society (refs)
      • Simon Girty papers (refs)
      • many others.]
      our fathers and mothers who were part of establishing the Declaration of Independence for our free people and our free country STILL HAVE BLOODLINE DESCENDANTS LIVING IN PEACE ON THIS LAND.
      and i have lots of bloodline "kenton" cousins too.
      and this country is still standing until the bloodline descendants of these fine, selfless, brave, loving, men and women along with those of the following generations SAY it isnt standing anymore AND WE HAVENT SAID THAT AND WE WONT SAY THAT EITHER.

      the men and women who are named "Brits", and their Affiliates, are going to have to step up in peace and begin working this out. PEACEFULLY.

      janmarie: woman, daughter: "kenton" house, on kansasland, in peace, february 8, 2022.

    2. and finally, for now:

      i will to remind all man that:

      • all man hold law:right before the people and mans creator to correct mistakes.
      • all man free from obligation to practice any Foreign /man-made/ other laws and norms.

      in peace: woman:janmarie, bloodline daughter and descendant from man:simon, "kenton" house: on virginialand, the united States of America, July 2(two), 1776.

    3. paul has shut down comments under his own comments on the article following this one, so i will comment here:
      i believe that "anna" is also sometimes doing the same thing with our true, superior authority, American law that "she" is doing with your religion: authoring, and having you publish, things that are wrong; and there is no way to clear things up because "anna" rarely, if ever, answers questions; and usually provides little, if any, proof or references showing that what "she" is publishing is factual and correct.
      so im going to be here under my American common law rights and authority, lawfully authoring my own comments, that i believe are true.
      i am ONLY here because i believe "she" is making claims on gifts from God that belong to the American people; and you are publishing them.

  2. it would be great to finally get to the bottom of things goodE2boots, so let me show why that will never happen and why it will always be "anarchy" in "america".

    none of those words mean anything goodE2boots, because they rest on non-existent foundations. a house of cards.

    "where the law is uncertain there is no law" maxim, and albert pike agrees.

    you already contradicted yourself:

    • no un-elected leaders.
    "god" "creator" -- these are meaningless gibberish terms, that noone agrees on, and are nowhere defined. in law, if something does not show up, it does not exist. no unelected leaders.

    ok, lets do the judge thing where like "federal citizens", they try to make this ill-defined system work. (starting to see a pattern here? exactly how america ended up in this predicament in the first place?)

    so america is a theocracy, same as the prior system. who are the priests of this new cult? where can we find their holy books? what are the fruits of these beliefs? how do they treat outsiders who don't share their delusions?

    new testament requires being "born again". so you just "genocided on paper" all "christians"

    old testament, the tribe of judah zodiac sign is the chosen people. so you just "genocided on paper" all the "jews" by mixing them with other supposed "tribes".

    new testament, some people are of their father the devil. so you just said god and satan are the same -- luciferianism. jesus and/or christ and/or "god" is now "genocided on paper" and banned from your "America", new testament is "light only"

    old testament is "i create the light and dark" -- so vaguely we see this "god" is quasi pseudo-"jewish". revelation calls this "those who say they are jews but are not". quasi-"judaism" without any of the responsibility. not torah following. not actual judaism, just a shadow, imitation version.

    so, looks like america remains hell on earth lol what has changed here? nothing.

    1. let us dive further, into why there will never be any "law" in "america"

      let us examine "family" definitions, since you claim "fathers and mothers"

      1) bloodline
      2) magic jesus blood
      3) masonry, god is our father, and we are all brethren
      4) big brother
      5) commercial version of big brother, welcome to the business "family"

      many things will cross more than one of these, e.g. a mafia family is likely a combination of all of them.

      so you are claiming one-size-fits-all "god" but also "blood family". so we end up with: your version of america is for bloodline masons, no other "family" allowed.

      i apprecate your desire to discuss these issues, but america is a lost cause. there's no evidence america will ever be anything but 24/7 anarchy.

      love not the world, or anything in the world. "god" is not with those people.

      egyptian magic "bible stories" is correct on this. despite all the ghetto violence, the complete lack of any class or respect by all characters, fiery serpents, sex, polygamy, incest, murder, betrayals, "magic", and so forth.

      "God" is just masonry. masonry never says too much. that is cool -- mystery religions run america from behind the scenes, same as always.

    2. i am failing to see what was accomplished here. after all the noise and anger and outrage -- the end result -- we like america run by mystery religions, and we are going to continue to serve freemasonry, and genocide on paper everyone else, all day long, forever and ever.

      so, there is still no "law" in america, it remains ran by "mystery religions" and only the "initiated" can ever know which "god" "americans" claim to worship.

      there is a list here:

      can you clarify which of those is your "creator" and "god", and which of those is not?

      is this allah, america is supposed to be under sharia law?

      is this the dogmatic trinitarian formula, america is "catholic" ?

      is this the elohim yahweh "ineffable/nature god" schizophrenic thing? nature's god? this seems the closest fit?

      is this brahma, only ever shows up at pole star changes and precession type things, when a new "world" is created? this also seems a good fit?

      gnostic monad? pure ineffable/unknowable? this doesn't fit nature's god, so while there are strong traits, there is no worldly kingdom with that system, and america is purely a worldly kingdom of idolatry.

      "the all" this seems a good fit. so we are left with ptah. and isis was able to obtain his real name.

      so, what is the real name of this ptah-like entity?

      now we are getting somewhere, without all this nonsense "god" "creator" meaningless gibberish. what is the actual name of this "god" that supposedly created "america" and "americans" ?

      where the law is uncertain, there is no law.

      it is totally fine if it is make believe, but that is new age "you make your own reality" -- "where the law is uncertain, there is no law."

      there is still no law in america, and doesn't look like there ever will be. just going in circles, right back to masonry and ptah. exactly where it started from. exactly what led to this whole mess in the first place.

      the cure is more of the disease.

    3. so the chain of title ends, and there is no actual law in america. exactly the same as the prior system.

      ok, so america is still just freemasonry "mystery religions" rule from behind the scenes. what lodge do people recommend? recommended books? schools? careers? where we can learn about this "american" theocracy, this new system of religion?

      where/how do we reach the priests who are running this theocracy?

      no unelected leaders. so how might people join this priesthood that calls itself "america" ?

    4. A "Name" for anyone, or anything automatically puts it, them, whomever, whatever basically into a box of confinement to "Man's" definitions does it not. What box, can ewe the "Created" fashion to contain "our Creator"? The true question then; does "God" have a "Name", and as one of "God's" creations are ewe even capable to even pronounce it let alone make any partial utterance of it.
      Hint; Aleph Tav / Alpha Omega...
      "Word up my Brotha"...

    5. Funkadelic - Can You Get To That (HQ) from the album "Maggot Brain"

    6. xerces,
      i read your comments and mostly am still thinking about them. even though we have different povs, i see the value in what you are sharing: your comments often work to clarify and "enlarge" my own point of view, that is: by answering the questions you put out there i end up learning more about what i believe and why.
      so even though we are probably never going to *agree*, i still think this is good and i think you are too. good that is.
      will prob comment tonight, if youre interested.

    7. i 100% agree with foscolos00 about the NameGame for God.
      this is not a janmarie original but someone once sagely asked:
      "who would have been around to give God a name?"

      what do you suggest we call the self-existent one xerces?

    8. xerces,
      i think i see what you mean about "no unelected leaders". thanks. i wouldnt mind hearing more about it if you want to describe it further.

      weve already talked about me using creator and god and i said im going to keep using them. however, i will add that when i find a better expression i will change and use that new one.
      "ok, lets do the judge thing
      ...treat outsiders who don't share their delusions."
      im following your logic here.... and following it still to the end of the comment. i see your points.

      going to have to spend more time on your second comment. may have questions.

      third para:
      i dont feel compelled right now to name god or limit him.
      "there is still no law in america, and ...... the cure is more of the disease."
      from the way youre viewing things, you are right, its a circular pattern. a hamster wheel, always coming back to the same point of failure in a hopelessly flawed system. i dont disagree, looking at it from your pov.

      your final comment:
      you could join what you referred to as "this priesthood called america" if youre born on this land and you are a man who has the unshakably belief that every LAWFUL* man on this earth starts out worthy of his equal-portion share of what myundefinedgod has put here for mans use and enjoyment; his right to be alive; to be free; and to pursue what makes him happy as long as he doesnt harm anyone else.

      and yes there is law, and here it is:
      do no harm to man; and if you do, restore him.

      do you find any of that untrue?

  3. If anyone is interested RBN platform the 2 pm daily channel: in search of lawful government .
    Ron Avery will be reviewing the Assembly hand book
    Call in are welcome.either Ron or Mark split the show both are fine host .
    I have a speech impediment and would yield to a good speaker.


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