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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Catherine Austin Fitts on Bitcoin, Gold and The Go Direct Reset


  1. i thought all this "reverse GASLIGHTING" black/white Hat nonsense that has gone on was to STOP the reset(s)!!
    now CAF is pushing a reset, using aircoins and other non-existent "currencies"?? looololololllolol!!!

    no agreement.
    man requires substance.
    Gs.... these *people*... eyeroll.

    1. hi janmarie, I see where you are going with this and agree she is a bit confusing. I didn't watch the video actually probably because I have heard similar things from her. Her Solari Report website is actually interesting and I do think there is some sincerity in some aspects. I think she might honestly be trying to help.

      Don't forget she is hooked up with Richard Dolan and the breakaway civilization stuff. The premise is that the $21 Trillion in lost money isn't lost, it was funnelled into a shadowy, quasi-military group trying to create a new civilization out there in the new frontier. The wild west of space, where things are different than they are here.

      I thought it was funny when there was a petition going around when Bezos was shooting himself up in a rocket. People who signed the petition were basically thinking "hey can't we just send him up in space in and leave him there" haha!

      Everybody thinks space travel is just the cat's meow, but I would be a lot more impressed with the whole idea if we could just get our shit together here please before we pollute the galaxy with our psychosis and neurosis. Can't we just get along here first please, is it really that hard?

      I guess it is...

    2. hi will! :)
      glad things didnt escalate in Canada. so much is being shown online that people feel looks staged... people are really noticing and commenting about it-- not just about in Canada either.

      dont think i got a chance to tell you that i did follow Brian Peckford in the news and interview(s) and did come to see why you were/are reserved about him.

      did you find my comments about those two newspaper articles you asked me to look at?
      im interested to know what you saw in them, that is: how close was our perception of what the journalist was saying?
      i think those articles could be really important... either for a glimpse at your countrys future or for an indicator of the level of GASLIGHTING that may be going on/ other.

      leave bezos in space!!! hahaha haha!! yes, what a turtlehead! toss that smallfry fauzi in before blastoff too, he wont take up much room!!

      yes, CAF has been on the scene for years, lots of good vibes in the past. im not big on following "finance"....
      until we get our gold and silver coin back and our Treasury/ies, its all really just air, paper, electronic digits to me. a big spoof... but SOMEbody has to know about that system in order to bring it in for a safe landing so im glad to know you are following along.
      im, rather, very interested in HOW we will set up our actual, local, supersafe places of safekeeping for people once again! it will be great for the people in the local areas to have a choice to use more of the local riches, natural sources, and local labor to build their own towns/homes (more or less).

      regardless of "their" plans, i think we will see it happen, at least for those of us whos desire is to live that way, i believe that option will have to open up.

    3. and will,
      i disagree with you for once! :) ...i actually think its not that hard to get along and that we will do it.
      if i may pontificate in overgeneralizations?:
      a big part of the problem has been that the men (in particular, but also the older generations) with high morals, ethics, and principles were told to go sit down and shut up in the 1960s.
      they were disrespected, marginalized and ridiculed.
      it was meant to, and did, trickle over into seemingly most every aspect of life over the past 50-60 years.
      my point:
      alot of what replaced the high ethics, principles, and morals is illogical, harmful, selfcentered, cheating, disrespect for others and even the animals and the earth substance itself.

      however, there are still many many people who have the will and the brains and the guts to stand up, effectively, for what results in good to man and our homes.
      i dont believe that will be found in this present systrm given the trajectory it is on.
      not everybody has forgotten basic principles and ethics for living together peacefully and prosperously but know they cant effect those positive changes on their own.
      it seems to me that people are going to have to "find" others of likemind and make their homes
      and neighborhoods together.
      will we be left alone to live in peace? probably to similar extent that the Amish and non-Federal FirstNations are.

    4. janmarie, how are you? I greet you with glad tidings of great joy! You spoke very eloquently and clearly in your points outlining your disagreement with me. You said that we are not likely to find what we seek with the present system and the trajectory. Hard to argue with that, and yes at least the FirstNations seem to have carved a small bit of sanity for themselves, that seems to be the case here in Canada too. Perhaps even more so here, I am not aware of any major issues with the state overplaying its hand.

      By the way, I have long wondered if that is because they were not drawn into the same web that the rest of us are due to our registrations with the Crown. Are they not trapped in the same invisible contracts that we are, the "social contract" with the state that people used to throw around not realizing the nature of what they were seeing unfold in front of them.

      You're right our moral compass has degraded since the beginning of the 20th century. There was a certain "innocence" about America that was depicted in entertainment, literature and how people tended to carry themselves. A lot of that lost innocence we would consider quaint and old fashioned. We don't have a lot of intrinsic entertainment for example, and we didn't either.

      America has excelled in this area, and we imported so much of our cultural cues and references from your country. Everything is bigger than life. Well compared to life here anyway LOL. It's interesting how our more direct English heritage has held us down in so many ways and don't get me wrong, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Canada has produced more than its share of cultural uniqueness, but then again it has always been tempered by the strong French influence by design, rather than by association or assimilation with the Spanish influence in America.

      I see articles all the time, I saw one recently saying that "like minded" can try to establish cooperative communities that can try that experiment. Without becoming the Stepford Wives I guess!

      The Secret Treaty of Verona is the proof that the overlord class just can't tolerate the idea of self actualization. There are many benefits to a society that works properly without the criminal over-class trying to steal from every one. And normalize that! By the way, I did see a video where Brian Peckford addressed the protesters in Ottawa during an outdoor event and it sounded great but where's the beef? If I was Trudeau I would have been terrified by the idea that so many people in one place could spread the truth about the liability of the government and the fraud of the plandemic scam and the response by media with constant gaslighting. I think he was terrified in the beginning and thus was MIA. Because the last 2 years of limiting gatherings was exactly about preventing people from spreading the truth, and Trudeau knew that, or was made to know that. It's no accident that they wanted people at home very afraid.

      You guys and gals are going to have your own truckers convoy too, which I am sure the world is going to encourage with great fanfare right? A bit tongue in cheek there, but considering how the convoy in the frozen north here unfolded I hope you have a different outcome. Speaking of frozen, it is still a bit too persistently cold here for my liking. And snow still. I hope it starts to taper off next week, we have had winter here for sure.

      Considering that we up here were sort of a prototype of what could be expected, I hope that some of the mistakes were avoidable.

    5. Oh yes, you mentioned other posts that you published that I might have responded to? There are times when Paul closes a topic for further posting so that thread is disabled. Although I have noticed that he is opening more posts from Anna for discussion, but for a while prior there was not much anybody could really say. I have thought that he might consider opening a thread just for people to converse aside from anything Anna was posting. If it was sticky and could stay at the top and not get pushed down so far into oblivion that would help. I find it tough to get back to a thread for followup when it gets pushed so far down it is hard to remember which one it was.

      So I don't know how many people are aware, but Trudeau did get spanked for his Emergencies Act by the overlords when he experienced instant karma for that really.

      All of the dirty dealings of that oversized police riot squad to move the protesters AND freeze their bank accounts was done BEFORE there was a vote on the Emergencies Act by the house. One of those cases where it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission right?

      So the house voted on the act and they thought they were going to make stealing people's money "permanent" which is the language that they were using. Meaning of course that if we don't like you we can turn you off any time, and they did. People lost their jobs over $50 donations, it was a disgrace.

      Then a bunch of wise people made the connection that if the government can steal everyone's money in a blink using the banks as conscripted accomplices, that sounds a lot like government theft writ large. Hmmm...

      When people made that connection they suddenly started moving money out of Canadian banks like they were all on fire, and for a brief moment they were on fire, they were caught in a bank run.

      Every single bank turned off all their computer systems in an overnight span since it was after banks had closed their doors for the day so no risk there. The internet was flashing red with stories about Canadian bank runs, and they were all offline. All of them, so no wrongdoing there officer.

      Trudeau and his nitwit handler Freeland got spanked and I guess it went right up to Schwabbie Dawbbie himself. Calls were made and the situation was reversed toot sweet, very fast. The emergencies act was strangled in the crib when people realized that WEF really would turn off the money spigot and steal people's assets. By the way, not just cash, assets too! That little goofup spilled the beans on the whole thing, kind of like the law of unintended consequences make a surprise appearance and voila! Instant karma for Trudeau and friends, and karma is always a bitch.

      He is done in politics thankfully, but as is always the case, some other God forsaken creep will slide into the chair after he is gone, unless people wake up much quicker than they are and start moving more money out of the country. The big picture here is that Canada is looking like a bad place to store any money, private OR commercial money.

      Two days after the house approved the act, it was quickly reversed, presto change-o, and then no more than 2 days later the WAR channel was turned on, and suddenly you can launch a cannon ball down the street and not hit any more Covid.

      And so it is thus, that Covid and mandates, and vax passports all goes out with a bang, than a whimper.


    6. yes will! were going to get lost back here again arent we?!!:):)

      hey, ive got a song for you, i *think* youre gonna like it alot, three distinctive things about it:
      1. his buttersmooth voice
      2. the french horns
      3. but really listening to the words -- i wanted you to hear it for some reason if youre up for it.
      i listen to the ones with no video:
      favorite channel: Entre Ciel Et Terre
      Sam Cooke - A change is gonna come - 1963.


    7. thanks for the compliment!
      i tend to believe were going to end up, in America anyway, getting together in our "groups" right where were at, (more or less) because people have always (more or less) believed that its their right to do such things as have various ideas... more or less anyway.
      the big change i see coming is more cooperation among people with various ideas but who realize were ALL being hurt by people from very far away that well never even know and dont care what happens to ANY of us, who have co-opted some MORE of OUR OWN NEIGHBORS TO THROW OUR LITTLE HINEYS UNDER THE DAMM BUS WHILE THEY LOCK US DOWN -- AS IF THE ATTORNEYS HARMING PEOPLE WASNT ENOUGH.
      yes, Secret Treaty of Verona!! arrrgggh:):):)!!! they cant squirm out of that one.
      yikes. i mean to think some people actually have no qualms about sucking life out of others like theyre entitled to it...???
      the American Truckers Convoy isnt going to take off like you guys's did... yours was more grassrootsy, this one: the damned stupid attorneys set this one up, if you can believe that!! if the Truckers had been able to arrange their own convoy, it'd probably be HUGE. itll be big enough though.
      nobody can figure out why theyre having the convoy go to WashDC, because we keep hearing its deserted. "tunnels" been cleaned out. ??? they say the city stinks. like deth. who knows tho? could be propaganda.
      yes, kind of kept up with Trudee getting smacked down but i want to go back and re-read the sequence your wrote out especially pertaining to the banks and how that all played out.
      thanks for condensing it and putting it in summary form. youre really good at that.
      are there really 300 people who were Protesting that are now "missing"? i hope not.
      hey, yeh!!! flipped right from the covie /jabberjuice fearporn to "ITS WAAAAAAAAAAAAR"!!! Im so disgusted with these people.
      oh God please save us from these knuckleheads!!!! :):)