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Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Law of Kinds

 By Anna Von Reitz

I wish to bring everyone's attention to bear on one of the most ancient, most fundamental, and most unarguable foundations of law --- The Law of Kinds, which is established in the Book of Genesis, where the Creator declares that each creation is ordered according to their kind: animals to animals, birds to birds, men to men, and so on.
This Law of Kinds also applies to all forms of Common Law and forms of law deriving from Common Law, so that there is a firm and not-to-be-trespassed boundary between living people and dead corporations, between fact and fiction.
The criminality that presently infests the world is caused by attempts to evade and circumvent the Law of Kinds, so as to redefine people as corporations and vice versa. This comprises a whole class of crimes known as "Personation Crimes" which include identity theft, false arrest, impersonation, unlawful conversion, human trafficking, kidnapping, racketeering, extortion, and fraud.
The courts that exist in America now are 99% foreign and virtually none of them have any official capacity to address a living American. They all depend on a ruse of mistaken identity and false claims of citizenship obligation to function.
These false claims of foreign citizenship obligation are propped up by falsified documents called "registrations" and specifically by "Birth Registrations" which are phony, but which stand until and unless people wake up and "record over them" and change the political status attached to their names by these registration documents.
So -- when you walk into one of these foreign courts, they already have "information" at their disposal that stands as evidence that you are a foreign citizen living here in this country as a "resident". They have a Birth Certificate showing that you are a Territorial U.S. Citizen and they have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE indicating that you are a Municipal CITIZEN of the United States, and they have nothing --- nada, zip, zero --- on any Public Record saying otherwise.
They accordingly treat you as a "foreign person" and prosecute you under foreign law.
And in a sense, you consent to this because you take no action to object to their presumptions and you do nothing to create admissible evidence rebutting the registrations they have created in your name.
This is how you, a living American, wind up in a foreign court of "strictly limited jurisdiction", without a clue as to how that court is viewing you or what kind of law you are being prosecuted under.
You have to object to this, and as much as possible, you have to present admissible evidence of the fact that you are an American without any foreign citizenship obligations.
The intention of a future act claiming back your birthright political status and estate as an American is not sufficient. Just saying, "Hey, I'm an American!" in court is not sufficient.
This is because you can be an American and still have foreign citizenship obligations --- like all those Americans who serve in the Federal Civil Service and all those who serve in the United States Military Service and all those Americans who serve as "officers" -- elected and otherwise, of various kinds of corporations.
The key issue that these Interlopers cling to is a presumption that you are "voluntarily" engaged as a Transactor in Commerce, because they have regulatory authority (however misinterpreted) over interstate commerce. Your exemption from this legal presumption is found in Section 16, the Enabling Clause, of the Federal Reserve Act.
You need to look them in the eye and say, "I am a living American without citizenship obligations. I am not a voluntary Transactor in commerce. I am exempt from your jurisdiction and I claim my exemptions, remedies, and reliefs,"
Then you need to plunk down a copy of the Birth Certificate or BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued in your name as evidence of the crime committed against you when you were just a baby, and a copy of your recorded declaration of political status standing as evidence in your favor.
It is both illegal and unlawful for these courts and agencies to "misaddress" you as if you were something you are not, or as if you were engaged in activities that you are not engaged in, but it is up to you to object and hold them feet first to the fire.
It is also up to you to invoke the Law of Kinds --- what are you, a living man, an American owed the Public Law including the Guarantees of the Constitutions, doing in a court that is limited to administering the affairs of corporations, public transmitting utilities, commercial vessels and foreign citizenry?
In every case the Prosecutor bears the burden of proof and he never does produce any public evidence of jurisdiction for himself or the court, because you never make him prove who he is and in what capacity he is acting, and you never stop to question the nature and jurisdiction of the courts you are facing.
Most people never create and bring forward evidence that compels the courts to stand down, either --- but that is changing.
When we first started this effort court wins were few and far between, but as we have amped up our declaration and recording processes and as more and more Americans have stepped up and defended their identity in court, the pendulum is swinging in our favor.
Remember that the Birth Certificates issued in your name provide powerful evidence of a crime committed against you when you were only a few days or weeks old, at a time when you could not possibly object or correct this foreign registration process--- or even be aware of it.
Remember that the Declarations of political status that you establish and record in Public prove who you are and the political status you claim in opposition to the phony registration that was foisted off on you as a baby.
Any foreign court faced with those two pieces of evidence, and your objection to being misaddressed and misrepresented as a foreign person, is looking down the equivalent of a double-barreled shotgun; what these looters have done to you in stealing your identity and misrepresenting your political status is a capital crime in international jurisdiction.

Just like rustling cattle, it's a hanging offense.


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  1. FYI, the judges, prosecutors etc will do what they are going to do either in ignorance (sovereign citizen) or will coerce you to "contract" from "beating you up". My experience, is the State of Michigan District court in Ludington, Michigan. This proceeding lasted for 4 months with documents filed as mentioned above..... IT MADE NO DIFFERENCE.... The solution, I believe is found in offensive actions... not defensive, at lower court levels, such as liens and Notice of Liabilities for damages...

  2. Furthermore, "Any foreign court faced with those two pieces of evidence, and your objection to being misaddressed and misrepresented as a foreign person, is looking down the equivalent of a double-barreled shotgun; what these looters have done to you in stealing your identity and misrepresenting your political status is a capital crime in international jurisdiction.

    Just like rustling cattle, it's a hanging offense."

    Nice theory.... just not reality at the present time.

  3. So get you but in gear, reclaim your identity, and status on the land jurisdiction, join your assembly and do your public duty,, Keep the peace, Do no harm, Report Crime,,, AND SELF GOVERN , and supply the rope,, YOU , I, We. are the cavelry.