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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Red Alert -- Wake Up --- The Federation of States is American

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our Federation of States has nothing whatsoever to do with the foreign Federal Subcontractors.
Anyone who is talking anti-Federation and equating the Federation with "the" US or "the" USA Federal Subcontractors is: (1) profoundly ignorant or, (2) playing you like violins.
Those who haven't bothered to study the history and those who have a base interest in promoting disinformation have a common theme---- getting people to fear the Federation of States the same way they fear the 'Federal" Subcontractors of the British Territorial and Municipal United States Governments.
This is a grave mistake for Americans, because the Federation is their instrument to bring the Federal Subcontractors to heel. The Federation is our hammer to beat their nail or pull it out.
If you don't like the government that has been harassing and pillaging you, you'd better have the brains to recognize and support the American Federation of States that you are heir to and support it for all you are worth.
We are presented with the spectacle of ignorant, bewildered Americans being hoodwinked into fighting against the only lawful means they have of controlling the British and Papist interests that have been pillaging them for six generations.
How stupid is that?
And it is all because some individuals in California didn't want Federation Employees holding oversight over their own crooked dealings.
First, they got caught giving people false information, and they were corrected by Federation Coordinators.
Then, they got caught imposing censorship against anyone that didn't agree with them --- and that got stopped by the Federation.
Then, financial mischief --- and that was corrected by the Federation.
Then more financial mismanagement and bad faith and refusal to turn over the books --- and at that juncture, the perpetrators "jumped ship" and stole the seals and other property belonging to The California Assembly and they have continued their rampage.
This morning, word has reached us that they have been selling our paperwork which we offer on our websites for free and are charging people hundreds of dollars in service fees for simple recording services.
They are scammers and they are impersonating us and trying to substitute their phony organization for a State of the Union. This is not only criminal, it's an insurrection against the actual lawful government.
The valid California Assembly is recognizable by being peaceable, community-oriented, and non-authoritarian --- meaning that we do our work by cooperative committee, not by exercise of executive powers vested in offices.
We gave the renegades until November 15 to Cease and Desist and return the purloined property of The California Assembly.
The California Assembly Coordinators that work with our lawful Federation of States are Satya Orion and Michelle Ford. They are Californians charged with the oversight of bringing their State's Assembly into Session and building the organizational structures needed to provide the people of California with a voice and needed services.
If anyone comes to you pretending to be a representative of me or of The California Assembly and they are asking for large amounts of money and otherwise acting like the same-old same-old scam artists, be aware that these crooks are now out there impersonating our Assembly, which is continuing to organize.
Be aware that they do not represent California, meaning our State of the Union.
Neither they nor anyone associated with them has the protection of any Constitutional Guarantees; they have returned to their former status as Federal Dual Citizens and their names and paperwork are being expunged from the records of the lawful California Assembly; they cannot own land in this country, and they will not inherit the wealth of California or control it. They will not receive relief through the Sign In America program and they will not receive funding.
Please be on your guard against people operating in this manner in your State of the Union. and talking trash about the American Federation of States.
We offer the paperwork for free and the recording service fees range from $3 to around $100 for the publication of a full land patent claim --- not the hundreds of dollars and sometimes thousands of dollars that the would-be interlopers are charging.
More importantly, our recordings have lawful standing as State Records. Their expensive copycat productions do not.
So, for your own sake, for the sake of your State, and the sake of your country--- be on your toes and use your horse sense.
It should never cost any great amount of money for you to recoup your lawful birthright political status as an American. There should be no "membership" fees or contracts to sign. Nobody should ask to see a Social Security Number or ask you to sign any Power of Attorney.
The only record that we ever ask to see is a Birth Certificate showing exactly where you were born (because in America nationality derives from your birth place) or reasonable proof of naturalization and/or length of time you have been in this country if you are an immigrant.
We don't vet people or expose them to background checks unless that is necessary for the job they are doing. Peacekeeping officers and officials, treasurers and financial managers, record keepers and others in responsible positions of public trust get "vetted", but this is always consensual and average Assemblymen and Assemblywomen's privacy is always respected.
We are monitoring this situation on a countrywide basis. If anyone is talking trash about "the Federation" please make the effort to explain to them what the American Federation is and how it is different from the foreign Federal Government Subcontractors. If they still don't stop the disinformation and fear-mongering, ask them to leave and cross their names off the Assembly roster.
Federation membership is a requirement to be a State of the Union. Oversight of the Assembly Process and strictly enforced standards are necessary to ensure honesty and good government and commonality of service which ensures equal protection under the Public Law.
No honest person should object to oversight applied to public functions of any level of government. Ever.

Contact the Federation of States directly through the State Coordinators listed at or via my website at or via my email at


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