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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Orthopedic Surgeon Performed 800 Surgeries Per Year but Now Cannot Work Due to COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

Just look at all the victims of this murderous holocaust. Watch the videos. Study the pictures on this page.

You will never get the seriousness of this world wide conspiracy to kill us by watching mainstream TV.

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  1. Would Anna take a minute and look at Whatcom County Jural Assembly and Washington State Jural Assembly I published prior to going to the Ellensburg meeting several years ago. I spoke briefly on the dangers to Washington state citizens of it's Death with Dignity Statutes I experienced personally with the involuntary euthanasia of my wife with an illegal DNR forced by PeaceHealth risk management without informed consent after drugging her, making her incompetent according to an eyewitness affidavit. Some members of the assembly apparently thought death statutes are only for voluntary euthanasia, they are typical of the uninformed sheep led to their own death or that of their loved ones. Now covid victims have been euthanized by intubulation and venting which cause blood clots. I feel bad because I believed in the cause to bring back our founders government yet was banned from the assembly and my warnings fell on deaf ears. Bobby Brown