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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Before the Next S&@T Storm

 By Anna Von Reitz

Keep alert, folks. 

Word has reached us that the Biden Administration is cracking down on illegal assemblies.  Be aware that illegal assemblies now exist and in some cases, they are actively misrepresenting themselves and confusing their organizations with ours. 

In Oregon, there is a group led by Ron Vrooman, that calls itself the Oregon Assembly, but which has no affiliation with The Oregon Assembly.  This group means well, but they are confused about jurisdiction and continue to blow off their mouths and misaddress the foreign courts.  

I have told Ron to correct and I have pointed out the dangers of continuing to do what they are doing to no avail. 

The problem is that law enforcement can be confused and mistake one group calling itself “Oregon Assembly” for another group calling itself “Oregon Assembly” so by all means make them aware that there are two completely different groups involved and that yours is properly declared and recorded as The Oregon Assembly. 

A similar situation exists with the former California Assembly members who split off from our California Assembly and have adopted the ideas of the Separatist Movement in California and therefore stand to be charged as Insurrectionists.   They have nothing to do with us and are not members of our Federation of States, but they stole our seals and persist in calling themselves “ The California Assembly” even though they are not, and are merely attempting to redefine and commandeer what we worked for.  

Another case of identity theft. 

Both these examples show the danger that arises when groups use similar names or retain assets and property that belong to us when they go astray. 

There are other organizations springing up all over and calling themselves some kind of assembly or another.  The important take home message is that you have to draw the line and know which assembly you belong to. 

If anyone accosts or threatens you, or worse, some eager beaver LEO Junior Woodchuck First Class tries to arrest you as a member of an illegal assembly, stand ready to prove that you are not associated with an illegal group or activity. You are a member of the lawful and peaceable State Assembly guaranteed by both Federal Constitutions.  

Your assembly does not promote or condone any insurrection or secessionist activity or violence of any kind. 


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