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Monday, November 1, 2021

First of November 2021 Dear Cardinal Mamberti,

  By Anna Von Reitz

First of November 2021
Dear Cardinal Mamberti,
It is now years since we began our correspondence with your offices, and we continue to get inquiries about many basic things even as the leaders of the Church propose an enclave to decide the fate of the so-called Historic or Legacy Trusts which are, rightfully, the property of living men and women, their Heirs, and their Assigns.
A False Legal Presumption was deliberately employed in the wake of World War II to pretend that the whereabouts of the donors of these trusts were unknown and that the inheritors and assigns were also unknown.
This is like children on a playground snubbing another child by pretending that they don’t exist, only in this case, it is far worse, because this false assumption was pursued for the purpose of purloining the assets of the victims and using their assets for public and corporate purposes without their consent.
As Spokesperson for the Donors of these Historic Trusts, I have enclosed a Notice of Prohibition. The Heirs and Assigns and Powers of Attorney have been identified and are not lost, and not agreeing to disposal of their trust assets by incorporated entities and unknown Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s).
Since 2005 there has been no general contract for anyone to use these private assets approved of by any of the Donors, their Heirs, or their Assigns, and since 2017, there is no contract for UBS or any of the Swiss banks, to use the assets, either.
This situation cannot be overcome by pretending that the Heirs and proper Assigns don’t exist.
New contracts for the use of the assets must be established, and together with new contracts, a new understanding of what the Will of the Donors requires. The Donors have long established their Will to employ the wealth of the trusts to break the yoke of poverty, to break the yoke of ignorance, and to break the yoke of prejudice forever.
The assets of the Historic Trusts belong to living people, not governments, not corporations.
We have called our lawful governments into Session and established our international trade banks, including The Global Family Bank, and their wholly owned commercial subsidiaries, including The Global Family Bank of Commerce, for the direct administration of the Historic Trust assets.
The Holders of the Powers of Attorney and Fiduciaries established by the Donors, request your urgent assistance and support. The Donors of the World Trust have left their progeny to act as Donors in the present day, and the American People are still present and accounted for, too.
We have been able to locate the Inheritors and intended administrators of every trust we have thus far researched. This indicates that these people are not missing and should not be presumed lost at sea, dead, disinherited, or otherwise incapacitated ---- and the assets of these trusts should not be distributed without a good faith effort to locate the rightful inheritors and administrators.
Furthermore, those who have survived and come forward need to be recognized for who they are and the valid offices they occupy. We can provide new contracts and new direction for these assets to bless the entire Earth; it was the Will of our ancestors that this should be so, and it is our Will, too.
Please advise the Curia that a substantial number of the actual Holders and Fiduciaries have been found and that there is likelihood that more will be found if a good faith effort to find them is made.
The General Power of Attorney over the D’Avila Family Trust and the lawful Fiduciary of the United States Trust are both present, as are the Trustees of the V.K. Durham Trust, the Beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust, the Holders of the Santiago Family Trust, the progeny Donors of the World Trust, and many more who have been falsely reported as lost and presumed dead.
Most sincerely,

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America [Unincorporated]


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