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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Reply to Timothy Norton, FORMER Michigan Coordinator

 By Anna Von Reitz

Michigan never got off to a right start in its assembly process — but this was not the fault of the people there as a whole — it was the fault of wrong-headed leadership from the start.
Tim Norton and Friends never properly understood the job they volunteered to do. Even long after we pointed out that they were doing the Twist at a polka dance, they just couldn’t get learn the steps.
So they are no longer involved, and that’s perfectly okay.
There are a bunch of rock and rollers down the street at the District Assembly, and all sorts of opportunities to engage in politics and government business as usual and cronyism and control junkie activities.
The point is that that’s not us. That’s not the American Government.
We are intent upon restoring the American Government to full form and function the way it is meant to be—- not recreate some variation of the foreign military “district government” that has been “representing” us since 1863.
Ours isn’t a new government— it’s our old government, being restored and set up the way it is meant to be. It has rules of its own. It has its own structure. It has its own way of doing things that is different from any government we have experienced in our lifetimes.
That’s the whole point.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with our purposes and agenda does not need to be involved. In fact, they shouldn’t be involved because they just gum up the works, like Elvis chugging and churning in the middle of the dance floor at a polka dance. Or Tim Norton offering his opinions.
Tim and his Friends came in and agreed to help organize The Michigan Assembly but from the first, they had difficulty following simple, straight forward directions.
If you cannot or will not follow the blueprints, how are you going to build the right structure?
You may wind up with a barn instead of a house, or just a big pile of building materials with no rhyme or reason— which is where things were headed in Michigan.
From the beginning, Tim and Friends wanted to make things more complex, more bureaucratic than they actually were.
They also wanted to control everything and everyone by ownership—- which is what the corporations do, but which is diametrically opposed to the way that unincorporated organizations work.
Our American Government is 100% Unincorporated, so our institutions follow different laws and operate under different assumptions and have different structures and methodologies.

For example— the actual State Government functions via an Assembly, not a Legislature.

And the State Assembly functions by Committees, not Offices.
We don’t even have political parties. Forget all that.
And even though we say this, flat-out, from the get-go, some people keep right on doing the Funky Chicken anyway.
And we can’t stop them from doing that, all we can do, is politely show them the door.
That’s what happened in Michigan, in Texas, and now in California, too.
But we won’t be discouraged and we won’t give up, because we hear the music and we know the steps —- and sooner or later, those who want to do something else will go elsewhere and join other kinds of assemblies that suit them better.
Of course, we tried to explain these should-be-simple to observe facts of life to Tim and his Friends—- repeatedly, but to no avail. They kept right on spooling out their agenda and doing things the corporate way and trying to convince us that the Funky Chicken was what we SHOULD be doing—- instead of what we “hired” them —as volunteers— to do in the first place.

Now they are attacking me and trying to justify their acts.
Well, what can you say about people who sign up and volunteer to do something, who are given simple instructions to do it, and who then repeatedly subvert everything you give them to do?
People who stubbornly fail to follow instructions? People who go off the trolley and go build other things instead? And think they are right for doing this while representing themselves as being part of what you are doing and proposing?
“Hey, the Funky Chicken is a new kind of polka!”
Tim just issued a screed asking “Who is Anna von Reitz?” — well, I ask “Who is Tim Norton?” — other than a man who obviously never read my book Disclosure 101 and never knew who he was purportedly working for—- and didn’t bother to find out then and is still in the dark now?
It’s not as if I haven’t been straight up and consistent since Day One about who I am. My pedigree, my address and telephone and email, my books, my work record, even my Irrevocable Will —-are all published and standing on the Public Record.
I have never deviated from my course from 1998 to today; restore the American Government and protect the American people. Period.
That is all I have taught, all that I have preached and all that I am about.
Rebuild the government as it is supposed to be and take responsibility for operating it as it is supposed to be operated—- is a simple instruction. Don’t ask me why Tim Norton and Friends didn’t follow it.
Our objective does not include any room for interpretation because we are not dealing with any unknown quantity. Our Forefathers left us solid blueprints and good institutions and methods and values and means. The Law is what it is. Logic follows from point A to point B.
And a polka is a polka, not the Funky Chicken, after all.


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