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Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Power of the Post Master

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you have been following along, you have seen the progress and the changes as this work has gone forward. Over the past five years vast gains in knowledge have accrued, and at the same time, the game board has been radically changed, too.
Both Federal Subcontractors organized as foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing essential government services have gone bankrupt. Many of the processes and procedures have changed as a result, but through it all, the Principals are the same: the British Monarch, the Pope, the Lord Mayor of London, and the People ---- the State Citizens of this country.
As Successor organizations come forward and try to "assume" the contracts and obligations of the bankrupted commercial corporations, we have uniformly rebuffed them and settled the matter upon the Principals instead. This leaves the Principals responsible for the debts and obligations of their subcontractors.
Let me briefly reiterate an analogy --- I have a contract to deliver milk every Saturday, but I decide to hire someone else to do this job for me. (The Queen sloughing off her responsibilities to the Lord Mayor.) However, the person I hire to replace me doesn't deliver the milk. (The Lord Mayor fails to honor the Constitutional obligations and evades them by deceit instead.)
In fact, not only does he not deliver the milk, he robs the customer, kidnaps the customer's daughter, and holds her for ransom. (This stands for the administration of the British Crown "Raj" in this country.) So, who is responsible for all this damage to my customer? I am.
I was supposed to deliver the milk. It's totally my responsibility however it got done or didn't get done.
In the same way, these Principals are totally responsible and are held to account.
In the process of witnessing and researching the numerous fraudulent bankruptcy actions that have gone on since 1907, we have observed that the sea-going Postmasters have been largely substituted for our land jurisdiction Post Masters, with the result that the People of this country have had little to no defense against predatory corporations operating on our shores.
There has been nobody "writing up" these corporations for their heinous behavior and impounding them --- that is, arresting them and their officers ---- and penalizing them when they engage in unlawful activity on our shores. This has encouraged ever-increasing predation and lawlessness, as these corporate criminals have faced no public retribution for their private acts.
According to our law, there has to be an Injured Party before our Post Master can issue an Impoundment Order, so we must be able to prove injurious harm before such an Order can be issued --- but once this is established, the cure is certain and sure and cannot be denied within the current system of world government.
We are now in possession of numerous complaints sufficient to end the activities (at least the activities as they are currently being administered) of these vicious foreign corporations on our shores.
And our Post Master has written the first Impoundment Order against the Internal Revenue Service, Inc., doing business as the IRS. INC.
The Post Master holds the ultimate local power in the Municipal Government System.

This means that we now have the methodology and processes in hand to bring all these corporations into compliance with the Public Law, the means to penalize them, the means to arrest their officers, and the means to liquidate any corporation that engages in criminal activity on our shores.


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