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Sunday, October 31, 2021

A Reply to California Hotheads and Liars

 By Anna Von Reitz

Especially Ron Kelly, who really should know better.
Our Forefathers won the War of Independence. The Northern States also won the American Civil War. Period. We, as the Progeny, own everything in this country. We, as the Progeny, are owed the profit and benefit of all the assets in this country. We are even owed all the debts associated with this country. And we are also owed the protection of many venerable international treaties and commercial contracts.
Having won and having done so decisively, what possible benefit is there in reopening the question? None.
Yet there are those in California who want to ignore all that our Forefathers won and all that we are guaranteed and owed as a result. They want to throw the doors open to some new vision of California being a separate country.
Believe me, after some of the ugly things that California has imported into the rest of the country, everything from drugs and Valley Girls to Hollywood and pedophile "ranches", there are many who would prefer that the San Andreas Fault just got on with business and created a new sea coast for the rest of us.
Any prudent sane man looking at the situation knows that any "New California" uprising would allow the foreign creditors ---- especially China --- an opportunity to attack California.
All the Sister States would be obliged to come to the rescue, and there we would all be, with a war on American soil, thanks to these Pretend Patriots.
Pretend Patriots, I say, because all real patriots support the lawful government of this country, and that is, after all, exactly what our organizations are about --- restoring the lawful government. Neither I nor anyone else associated with me has ever offered anything different as the agenda for the American States Assemblies.
So why on Earth would anyone come into our Assemblies expecting anything different? And where is their basis to complain?
We've been upfront since Day One. We are here to restore the lawful government to full function. No other agenda or plan. No radical rabble rousing. No anarchy. No communist-socialist-or-fascist agenda. No Republican. No Democrat. No Mexican. No Pink Unicorn Rainbow Agenda.
Yet, these pikers, who have infiltrated The California Assembly under false pretenses want to complain when we remain true to our advertised and plainly stated objectives. They want to gripe because they are not allowed to come in and promote and preach their "other" California under the protection of the legitimate California Assembly.
In a pig's eye. They all deserve a good public spanking. And no, I don't care about their "feelings" or if they are "offended". I am the one offended.
These same perps want to accuse me of being a CIA Operative.
Well, it's damned sure that none of them could pass the entry test.
These same people have stolen money and property from The California Assembly, imposed censorship on the other members of The California Assembly, stacked electoral processes and failed to follow clear instructions regarding organization and notices related to elections, they've organized the entire thing backwards because they thought they knew better than the rest of us, they have held secret meetings in which they have vilified me and the Federation of States, they have delayed actual progress for California long enough.
They can't claim that we lied about our agenda or who we are.
What is instead self-evident is that they came in, knowing our agenda, and have attempted to subvert it. Unsuccessfully.
The only legitimate California Assembly is being organized by its current Coordinators, who, lest this point be lost on everyone ---- are Californians organizing The California Assembly the way it ought to be, and for the purpose of restoring the lawful government to full function. No hidden agenda. No politics. No "New California". No Mexican California. No Other California.
Just our plain old American State is what we are organizing, and anyone who wants to do something other than this, is welcome to go elsewhere and do their own thing at their own expense with no reference to us.

Thank you, and this will be your Final Notice to Vacate.


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