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Friday, October 22, 2021

RE: Situation in California

 By Anna Von Reitz

Unfortunately, certain members of The California Assembly who applied corporate methods of control and manipulation to the other members recently found themselves on the receiving end of their own devices, and didn't like it. So now, they have split off, and are causing trouble of a different kind.
I wear myself out explaining that corporatist ways and means don't belong in an American Assembly, yet some folks go on using the whole bag of tricks they learned as politicos in The Other System.
Like alcoholics who move to a new town in hopes of beating their addiction, these would-be Assembly members bring the same problems to a new location, and by failing to learn and practice the American Way, they stifle real progress.
Two groups emerged early on in California -- one group sincerely wanting to build an American Assembly and learn how to operate our lawful government, and another group attempting to use the Assembly process as a means to front their own Separatist movement.
All actual American Assemblies are formed for the purpose of restoring our lawful government to full function. There are no secessionist American State Assemblies, by definition.
We fought the 160 year Civil War over such issues and ideas seeking to divide and conquer our country for the benefit of outsiders and we have all suffered the results. That should be enough said.
And God help California if it is not.
Over the past twenty years there have been repeated attempts by foreign governments to buy California, rape California of its resources (especially gold and oil) and to set up storefront insurrectionist movements in California.
I know how bad it has been, because I have been at the forefront of these international encounters, fending these evils off and protecting the people of California for two decades.
It's time for the Californians to recognize the danger for what it is, and defend themselves.
While the two groups that are struggling for control of The California Assembly continue to point fingers at each other, the blame is mutual. Both sides are failing to recognize the central issue--- which is the need for an honest and clearly stated agenda that is followed.
The agenda for The California Assembly is simple: to organize four structural components that are common to all American State Assemblies, and which perform work and make decisions for the people of California: General Assembly, International Business Assembly, Courts, and Militia.
The further agenda for The California Assembly is to be honest and to support California as a State of the Union, agreeable in its support for the other States of the Union and our Federation of States.
Secessionists need to find another place to roost.
British Tories need to join their own District Assembles.
Papists who support the Municipal theocracy need to join their Municipal Assemblies.
And all three groups need to leave our American State Assemblies alone.
It is of paramount importance that everyone recognizes the evil that will befall all concerned if they don't stop playing these ugly games and pay attention to what's needed.
California and the people who live there desperately need a competent and honest electoral body occupying the land and soil jurisdiction of their State of the Union. They don't need politics. They don't need excuses.
As someone who has fought the good fight for California on numerous occasions over the past twenty years, I advise you all that it is your Public Duty to man up and do what is right by each other and by your State and by your country as a whole.

Even if it means that your petty pride gets ruffled. Even if it means that you have to apologize to people you trampled on in the past. Even if it requires a whole new way of thinking and doing things.


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