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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Notice of Impoundment

 By Anna Von Reitz

For many years private corporations, including private, foreign-owned corporations, and their Boards of Directors and their Shareholders have trampled the American Public and the Public Interest of this country at will.
This is because the actual Government of this country largely went silent after the so-called American Civil War, which opened up an opportunity for European interests acting as Federal Government Subcontractors, to act as fraud artists and interlopers taking advantage of our Public Trust and the gullible, peaceable character of our people.
Waking from our stupor, we, Americans, have manned our Ship of State and summoned our States of the Union into Session. We have also exercised our offices in defense of our Treaties and Contracts.
This Notice of Impoundment serves Due Process and Notice upon the other Principals owing Good Faith Service that our Head of State, meaning our Post Master of the Land Jurisdiction of this country, has impounded the Internal Revenue Service doing business as the IRS, INC., for offenses of Federal Racketeering against declared American State Nationals and has also impounded PAYPAL.COM doing business as PAYPAL.COM as an accomplice.
The Internal Revenue Service has repeatedly failed to produce identifiable vouchers and instructions to eligible Americans who have requested exemption and/or Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges, that are owed to them, and even after individuals have firmly established their Good Name and identity and exemption status, including establishing their Good Faith and Credit, the Internal Revenue Service has continued to misaddress these Americans and to repeatedly harass them with False Claims in Commerce and non-judicial "levies" and liens that are insupportable and which can result in illegal confiscation of foreign assets.
The American People have been unreasonably and extremely imposed upon to contest such claims in foreign COURTS having no jurisdiction related to them, and to which they have no obligation.
This has been a pernicious problem with the administration of the Internal Revenue Service ever since the Second World War and the failure of the U.S. Congress to act upon the sunset clause of the Victory Tax presented as a voluntary self-tax enforceable only until the "end of hostilities" in that war, which officially ended in September of 1945, has only expedited this abuse.
These abuses have been compounded as the Internal Revenue Service, Inc., has imposed upon other corporations, including Municipal CORPORATIONS, to do the dirty work for them, and has presented faked court documents appearing to be judicial levies to force banks and cash transfer agents to seize upon lawful funds and foreign currency in behalf of the Internal Revenue Service, Inc. and to act as accomplices to this continued Federal Racketeering against Americans who are not Taxpayers nor TAXPAYERS and who have done all that could be reasonably expected to fully inform these corporations of their political status and exemption.
Therefore our Post Master has issued an Impoundment Order to the Office of the Inspector General of the Treasury and has imposed financial penalties and arrest orders for the personnel and corporations responsible. The paperwork forwarded to the yesterday, 27 October 2021, includes the Violation, the Citations, the Fees and Penalties, and Cure demanded.
All operations of the Internal Revenue Service, Incorporated, doing business as the IRS, INC., are suspended pending resolution of these issues and the Delaware Secretary of State is under demand   to pull all related charters; the Officers of     PAYPAL.COM doing business as PAYPAL.COM and PAYPAL, INC. are under similar prosecutorial prohibitions as accomplices.
A copy of the Impoundment Order is attached.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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