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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

For the People -- Especially in California and Texas

 By Anna Von Reitz

From time to time all Assemblies wrestle with the influx of new people who are coming in from the Old System where we have all been born, raised, and indoctrinated into the European Monarchist Model and the Corporate Model --- both of which are very Authoritarian structures with a clearly identified CEO and a pecking order and class system in support of the CEO.
That's what we all grew up with, but that system is foreign. We don't know our own system of government as a result, and we have got to learn.
Recently, different factions have formed, especially in our two largest assemblies --- California and Texas.
Part of this is simply that we have picked up a lot of confused U.S. Citizens -- people who are clinging to the Authoritarian Monarchist/Corporate System even though they were born and raised in America and may be sincerely interested in reclaiming their American Heritage.
Many of these folks are going to be happier participating in a District Assembly and living in the system they are familiar with ---- howbeit, with their Constitutional Guarantees intact.
These folks are confused between the two systems -- the Territorial Democracy and the American Republic -- and because they haven't yet internalized what an "American Republic" is and how it is different from a "U.S. Democracy". They need counseling to help them recognize the best choices for them, and if they choose the American Way, they need more help to learn the American Way of doing things.
Let me assure everyone that packing cronies on Committees, stacking votes, stuffing ballot boxes, telling lies, rigging committee appointments, promoting discord and disruption, shifting blame, redefining and relabeling to suit agendas, using threats and pay-offs, controlling functions and censoring those who are "on the other side" ----even conceiving that another "side" exists--- is all foreign. It doesn't belong in our system at all.
Then, with this wrong behavior going on, and having taken a nosedive straight back into what we don't want and what we are trying to get away from, everyone protests their own innocence and wants me to act as Arbiter and hand out the Golden Apples.
Not going to work that way.
Please notice --- we become what we hate. This is a Law of Nature. It's an important Law of Nature to learn.
When someone abuses us, our natural response is to abuse them back--- but all that does is foster more abuse.
So, people who were censored and ignored and who suffered manipulation themselves, are now "in power" and what are they doing? They are censoring and ignoring and manipulating those who did the same sorts of things to them in the first place.
Those standing on the receiving end in the second round of this process are feeling sorry for themselves and claiming the moral high ground, when in fact they started the whole slide downhill and have earned a share of the blame themselves.
As a corollary to "We become what we hate." --- please note the lesson Jesus taught about this: we cannot overcome evil with more evil.
Fire does not fight fire in the case of evil.
All evil for evil does is promote more evil. Just like rabbits procreate more rabbits.
So when you have people acting like children and indulging in all sorts of dirty politics in response to dirty politics, sniping at each other and tearing each other down, the only way to overcome it is to learn and to practice what the American Way actually is.
And recognize the fact that dirty politics, together with all its works and ways, has nothing to do with an American Assembly. Anyone who practices any of that whole roster of sins ---- stuffing ballot boxes, cronyism, censorship, manipulation, stacking committees, redefining things to fit agendas --- isn't acting as a self-governing American.
They are acting as political party hacks and acting as if their State Assembly was "the same as" the District Assembly down the street--- when they are in fact two completely separate and different things.
The way out is for everyone involved to understand that, hey, this is different-- and we are the ones who have to change ourselves and our own assumptions and habits to make it different.
We have to recognize the evil in ourselves and in our own indoctrination.
Where did we learn all these tricks and power plays? Things like stuffing ballot boxes, censorship, lying and propagandizing, cronyism, kickbacks, rigging committee appointments, pecking orders, authoritarian government, dog-eat-dog, positional authority, good guys/bad guys, competition, and so on?
The other forms of government. Not ours.
In our government, there are no sides.
Our government stands for the good and benefit and protection of all Americans. Equally.
There will be times when we disagree about small stuff. There will be times when petty issues intervene and assume an inappropriately large share of center stage --- but our Forefathers left us a long list of things we, Americans, are against --- and another list of things we are for.
It's called The Declaration of Independence.
So, to all those who are in a kerfluffle about this injustice or that injustice that comes about from continuing to act as if you are still in the Old System --- I suggest reading The Declaration of Independence and review the American platform that it so clearly enunciates.
If you support The Declaration of Independence, stay on as a member of your State Assembly, and commit yourself to learning the way Americans do things.
Which is not by creating divisions, lying, accusing, back-biting, gossiping, censoring, rigging, manipulating, and all the rest of the all-too-familiar behaviors that make the Old System so repugnant.
Americans are called to a Higher Calling and must promote a far Greater Good, one in which unity can be achieved by unselfishness and vision and letting go of pettiness and blame.

If you all just stop and realize that in this game, there are no sides and never will be sides --- you can stop doing and being what you hate. You can stop the cycle of evil and step out into the sunshine and fresh air that your ancestors found and which they intended for you.


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