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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Few Announcements

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone has been concerned about lack of new posts on my website. It's okay--- I haven't been writing a lot, because I am up to my neck trying to nail down assets that belong to you and get relief on its way before Christmas. Pure and simple, I am doing my job as Fiduciary (and all my other jobs) as well as I can and that is taking a lot of time out of my Daily Rant posts.
At the same time, Paul and Gladys have been taking some much needed time off and focusing on their health instead of working 24/7, seven days a week, for free. I think its the closest thing they've had to a vacation in the past ten years.
Finally, it's time to knock heads in the Assemblies. People have come into the Assemblies and brought their corporate baggage with them: competition, lies, dog-eat-dog, taking, fighting, positional authority, etc.
The simple idea of supporting each other and supporting their State is foreign to people now. After decades of indoctrination in the foreign system, the American system is like the Land of Oz to many newbies--- so we are taking a lot of "time outs" across the country to reinforce the difference between the American Way and the European "System".
This internal discussion and education process is vital to arriving where we ultimately want to go --- a new world and a new way of doing things, so even though it is a tad bit inconvenient to slow down the wild free-for-all of incoming people, we have to do so to consolidate the gains we've made thus far and make sure that our core folk are strong and educated and ready to teach and model the new behavior and new assumptions that the American Way requires.

So --- don't worry! Breathe. Think. Feel. Dream. Go back and re-read The Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions to get a firmer understanding of who we are and who "they" are, and what is required to move forward. Our Forefathers left us plenty of insight and direction; all we need to do is get serious and pay attention.


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Editors Note: It hasn't exactly been any vacation.  We have the second strain Chinese bioweapon and are on oxygen and a whole raft of medical protocol to try to beat this thing. We are making good progress now so prayers and lots of rest are what we need right now, not to mention our own Oxygen concentrator.

In any case, God's Holy Will be done and thanks for your patience and support over the years. I hope to be fully back in the saddle in a week or two.   Paul