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Monday, October 25, 2021

Additional Update on our fight with the Chinese Bioweapon

 By Paul Stramer

I have finally managed to fully research the protocol we are getting to help us with our recovery from this so called Delta Variant, which is what our outreach team from the clinic is calling it. See the protocol we are using below.

It combines oxygen supplementation to ease the stress on the lungs and allow them to heal slowly. That is one of the keys to why this works. The formulas they are using slow the immune reaction enough to prevent a cytokine storm in the lungs and upper respiratory system while allowing time for our bodies to slowly build antibodies for whatever is causing the problems. Antioxidants are the long term solution, as the paper we published last week from Spartacus describes. Slow steady progress is what we want.

Right now, with supplementation supplied by the concentrators, at a fairly low setting, I have no trouble keeping my Oxygen levels above 90. I can even get off the supplementation supply for long enough to take a shower now. If I deep breath while I am doing that in about a half hour my levels will start to fall below 90. Everyone knows that oxygen is the most important, and levels in the blood should remain above 90 at all times.  In any case we are both making progress every day, with my wife Gladys better than myself. She can stay above 90 now without the supplementation of O2 if she doesn't get  too carried away with the work of the household. Neither one of us are doing much right now.  That, in my opinion is a direct result of the help we are getting. She used the nebulizer for about a week and is off that now too.  Not me, not yet. It feels like I have no  energy or stamina if I over extend for a half hour or more, and I start breathing harder and the bottom falls out without the supplementation, so I am now challenging my breathing by doing that every day a couple of times. 

For those who may want to use this or are interested in knowing exactly what they are helping us do here you go.

What we are getting is Aviptdil  in the nebulizer.  It's a Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide and some other stuff.

We break that capsule open and mix the powder with a liquid and use that mix 3 times a day at 3 ml each time in the nebulizer.  After the morning and evening treatments it's followed in a half hour by another liquid at 3 ml called Budesonide

Budesonide (BUD), sold under the brand name Pulmicort among others, is a medication of the corticosteroid type. It is available as an inhaler, nebulization solution, pill, nasal spray, and rectal forms. The inhaled form is used in the long-term management of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The nasal spray is used for allergic rhinitis and nasal polyps. The pills in a delayed release form and rectal forms may be used for inflammatory bowel disease including Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and microscopic colitis. Budesonide was approved in April 2021 by the UK's NHS to treat COVID-19 on a case-by-case basis.

Then we are using  7000 IU of D3, 1 1000 mg aspirin, 1 zink, one 1000 mg vitamin C, one Dexamethazone at 6 Mg, and I have been on a batch of the antibiotic called Doxycycline Mono at 100 mg capsule for 10 days twice per day.

What this did for me was help the oxygen level in the blood right away and settle the process in the lungs of gaining back function without much radical congestion, or loss of ability to use the oxygen.  IT WORKS and these people on this outreach team have kept many people out the hospital entirely and given them time to heal.

I do have a bit of pneumonia in the lungs but that is what the antibiotic is fixing. It's coming along nicely and slowly my ability to keep good oxygen levels with supplemental O2 is gaining. 

This is the first time since 1996 that I have used any kind of antibiotic so I think that is one reason it's working well.

It might take a few weeks but I am really happy with the  process and the progress we are making now.  We don't eat any junk food, and we do other nutrients to boost immune function, but right now I don't want my immune function to run away in my lungs.  Slow steady progress coupled with a daily challenge to my lung function is working and I expect a full recovery within a month or two. We shall see what the Holy Will of God is in the matter.

Thanks for your concern and good help.

The key to this is Antioxidants.

At this point I am hoping to get off the Oxygen by December, but we shall see. 

In any case I am using a stationary oxygen concentrator (borrowed) but without a little Oxygen supplementation my levels drop off into the 80s, so we are faced with buying some equipment for the home and a portable.

I have them covered on a card for about $3800.00 and are waiting for the equipment. I got a ride to the clinic Friday and they checked my levels and wrote a prescription for the machines.  Let me tell you that it's a fight to buy one. They knit pick everything about it. You can imagine the pressure these medical companies are under right now from government to stop the people that are really helping others and keeping them out of the hospital. 

If you would like to help us pay for these machines just look on the right for the PayPal button and put medical devices in the note when you donate. If we get done and don't use them we might pass them around locally with the outreach team for those who can't buy or rent one. They are in short supply. I would never give up ownership but would loan out the machine for a while when people need this protocol.

Thanks for your help and prayers on this. We just really want you all to be blessed because of your care and charity.

Paul Stramer


  1. CONgress is and always has been the problem - just look at the BS they pass and their voting record to see the scoundrels [criminals-traitors? from at least 1860 if not 1783]

    Godspeed everyone
    Biden to sign UN “Small Arms Treaty

  2. .
    CONgess has no morals - do you think they are blackmailed in one form or another?


    1. Two silver star recipient Congressman Paul McClusky said APAC terrorizes Congress.
      His whole family was attacked in university’s thair grades were suppressed employers blocked work, newspapers smeared them typical treatment even bombing and burning DOJ don’t care.

  3. I'm surprised that there's no mention of Hydrochloroquine or Quercetin both are known for getting the iron back into your blood so they can carry more oxygen.

  4. We know ivermectin is an awesome anti inflammatory and for the lungs

  5. great news paul... continuing prayer for you and gladys that you both be in health and prosper even as your souls prosper.
    pertaining to "cytokine storms":
    do be sure to search for facts. jon rappaport is a good start: nomorefakenews.... cytostrms seem to be caused by OVER-response of the immune system where, basically, one's own body attacks itself... much like for example: rheumatoid arthritis. so that some speculate that the immune system needs to be quieted down rather than stimulated... to re-balance it?

    also the iron /oxygen carrying bodily process seems to be thrown out-of-balance.. the facts on such balance might be important?

    also, high quality, properly fermented foods are said to support the peyers patches in the intestines.
    i have found it interesting that fe is the abbrev. for iron; and some say the iron in the blood may double with vir but that even so, it still cannot process/carry oxygen and so on and so forth; and then the blood gets clotted; and then "TRUMP" said *cov*-*fefe* way back around 2017... why?
    then a lightblue dress ivka wore to in dee ah visit around oct2019, at around the same time some say the vir was released, had big red spiky vir-similar-looking things printed on it. why?

    i:woman presently believe "they" want us to think they are using/ following the "stories" in the HolyBible but rather are/may be using The Egyptian Book of the Dead:
    a book of 200 or so various spells used by the living on the DEAD!
    look it up if you dont believe me!
    havent they "written us iff" *AS* dead??!:)

    1. imo:
      it is The Egyptian Book of the Dead that is actually what they are operating their systems/ courts/entire "juris-diction" system under, ....*NOT* THE "LAW OF THE SEA"!!
      we need to go ahead and send all of their "offers"/"spells", if any, back to the senders: being: rejected and not accepted by us in any form whatsoever at all, including any "offer"/"spell" concerning any vir/other harm, if any exists.
      in their made up world of commerce/PROFIT (that is NOT Equal Trade and Exchange):
      every one of their "offers"/"spells" can be returned, unopened, unaccepted, and completely rejected.... then its just like what happens in their "courts":
      where the bringer/creator of the "charges" has to find and bring the remedy: an "acceptor for the charges" that he created OR ELSE THE CREATOR OF THE CHARGES IS RESPONSIBLE TO PAY THE CHARGES HIMSELF!!:
      and from what i comprehend, THAT IS ONE OF THE OR *IS* THE *MAIN PRINCIPLE* IN THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD so they cannot get around that at all!
      i:woman suspect that the same is also operational regarding the vir"offer"/"spell"... since it is not made by nature and we:man are under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator: can we learn how to strengthen our "inner man" spiritually as we are also strengthening our own physical bodies, and begin learning how to spiritually reject that which is harmful to us spiritually?!
      for example: can we learn to say NO to "junk spiritfood" that someone is trying to "cram down our throats", if any, that harms us --- just as paul mentioned saying NO to "junkfood" that harms our physical bodies?

      seems to me that we should be able to do that... and it seems to me that the more of us who agree to do it together would add to the power of it:

      i also agree that we would do well to start getting our own "banks" started under lawful authority of our very own American common law, right along with actually using our very own American common law "court" system ... that is ALWAYS "up and running" SINCE EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN MAN OR WOMAN ***IS*** THE "COURT", ITS ALWAYS OPEN AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN OPEN, WEVE JUST BEEN LIVING 'UNDER THREAT DURESS, AND COERSION'.
      and it is so:

      woman:called by janmarie.

  6. Budedonide inhaler IP 100 mcg/dose inhaler.

  7. We're using hydroxy gas via nebulizer for antioxidant activity. It really goes for the hydroxyl radicals and peroxinitrites. It is amazing. I treat all of my patients with it now. More:

  8. Paul, I purchased a brand new silver particle generator for about $150 on ebay to make colloidal silver. Greatest, safest and cheapest antibiotic ever. Knocks out anything in a few hours. It also lets you make colloidal zinc. Check it out.

  9. Elderberry kills all flu viruses, and every other virus it has ever been clinically tested against.

  10. no proof of virus therefore no proof of variant therefore no way to build a vaccine. It's simple.

    1. jane,

      and some, now many credible sources are likening the symptoms of "the v" with the symptoms of RADIATION POISONING!!

  11. Ive been telling people for years now that oxygen is the one element we are most of need in , but it is so hard to get...!! The dr wont give it too you unless you are below 80 % which means your dying....another thing is our atmosphere has only 22% oxygen in it. Years ago we had at least 30% atmospheric oxygen . But there is one more thing that your body needs and fortunately you can get it on is called a " rebounder" ( a small trampoline) which helps the bidys sewer system rid the body of all toxins through the lymphatic system which only responds to up and down movements called " compressions". I got mine for $ 128 and is excellent for this purpose. All you have to do is jump around on it for 15 min a day. Mine also has a handlebar for those people that cannot stand on one without help..!! The lymphatic system only responds to up and down compressions and not like the blood which is run by the heart and only responds to walking. These are being made well now because most of the good ones are being built with bungee cords and are very silent...!! Get one quick because they are also fun to jump on . you dont have to do any calisthenics on these, simply jump up and down slowly if you have to.

  12. Its called " ONETWOFIT" 51" with a handlebar for stalbility..!! It can be ordered on Amazon..!!

    1. Thanks James , just what the doctor ordered ,
      Sister is struggling wit edema.
      Caution your typical antibiotic is like dropping a nuclear warhead in a rain forest .As boots brought up 70% of your immune system is in your gut acting like guards in case a hostile bug gets through the one cell thick lining.
      Due to advances in germ warfare we know tons of new things on the relationship between the gut microbes and your immune system.
      Recently a microbe that is allway present in non cancer people and missing in cancer struck ones.
      Old ppl have low microbes low diversity and healthy young ppl have a plethora of microbes.
      This is the rave in all alternative medicine the gut immune symbiotic relationship.
      Don’t nuke your delicate microbes with antibiotics.
      Instead feed them vegetables matter they love .
      Sounds shitty but fecal implants are extremely effective.
      Experiment of taking samples of intelligence rate into dumb rats will make them smart .
      Whole new field of medicine.Dr. Gundry, Dr Berg .
      Gundry top cardiologist now realizes the importance of your gut microbes.
      Especially Akkromancia bacteria that’s always present in non cancer patients and missing in striken ones.
      What it loves is polyphenols.
      Everyone is fostering this hot anti cancer microbe.

    2. yes, grapeseed extracts, resveretrol, apples, others.
      apples, onions, garlic: supposed to have quercetin.
      pineapples: bromelain: protein enzyme.

      ann wigmore:
      wheatgrass juice implants.
      i would use, myself: alfalfa "tea", barleygrass juice, even kelp. would rather drink it though!
      so many good things! the ones who have tried to ruin it are UNFORGIVEABLE.

  13. Very easy go to
    Use the Live Pine pine needle oil knocks every cold and flu out.

  14. You can also find used home unit sized O2 concentrators on Craigslist and other such places. Folks use them for oxygen on some types of welding as well?


    1. Radionics is an established science using your immune system as an intelligent positive response or negative response .
      Like biofeedback a signal a tone usually query like the system can identify a pathogen and mount a response
      The technique is put a test specimen on a plate and you touch ire other part via an electric wire to your knuckle if you get a hi tone the presence of your specimen is in your body ,
      The proof is enormous that your immune system is far more intelligent than most think .you want a bulletproof system give it logistical support in antioxidants like sulfur foods garlic and onions broccoli high in sulfurathane.
      If your system is exhausted cleaning toxins it won’t be ready for a fight from a pathogen and you will be weak .

  15. Plants nature’s oxygen generator,also cleans 99.9% of toxins out of air .