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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Get to a VACCINE REBELLION state or be HUNTED by the vax enforcers


  1. The Big Lie is a propaganda technique, similar to Gaslighting, used to gain control over other people minds.
    Its Mind Control.

    The Big Lie Theory:
    "If you tell a lie big enough
    and keep repeating it,
    people will eventually come to believe it.
    the lie can be maintained only for such time as the state can shield the people from the political economic and/or military consequences of the lie.
    it thus becomes vitally important for[:]

    -- Joseph Goebbels.

    1. "The Constitution":

      isnt ratified from consent from the governed.

      is written in a language foreign to the people, LegalEnglish.

      wasnt signed by signatories, but by non-participating witnesses.

      has no title to make it a stand-alone agreement.

      "...truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...".

    2. i was commenting on the disgusting disgrace the so-called "usinc military" has brought on themselves and dang!!? my smartphone just suddenly lockeddowne on me!! lol!!
      i had to reboot, and lo and behold, my truthfully scathing comments were completely wiped out!!):):)
      oh my!!! :):):)

      one of the last things i said tho, besides that they are merr derrs and terr rrr ists and LOTS more, is that they are NOT our heroes!!!!! our men who try to take care of their homes and people and country are OUR heroes.

      the rest are a bunch of freeloading flunkies gorging at the Public trough because they are too worthless and stupid to feed themselves without being dependent on other men!!! or taking contracts to get paid to merr derr the innocent in exchange for feeding from the trough thats filled with the fruit of OTHER mens labor!!!! because theyre too worthless to produce anything of their own!! so when they get a chance to "get ahead" by Haleing Satin! they jump on it!!?

      anyway they are NOT the American peoples heroes, employees, government, protectors, or FRIENDS!!
      and "The Constitution" is as much of a farce as the Birth Certificates are.

      and one of the funniest parts is:
      their buddie, "trump", wouldnt give them a parade!!! omgosh, that makes me laugh.:):):) he CANCELLED their big parade! theyre not worthy!!!
      ...the one parade in four years that was planned, he CANCELLED!!! and another was not ever even planned!!!
      theyve been ignored and rejected because of their GROSS AND ARROGANT MISUSE of our American men and of their lives and all other things that belongs to the American people!!!

      theyre totally jealous of OUR honorable men!! because they can never be one! they will NEVER measure up to our American men AND WE KNOWN IT!
      And we stand with our honorable American men.

      anyway, TRUMP CANCELLED THEIR BIG PARADE!!!! hahahahahaloolol!!!
      He wouldnt let the FLUNKIES pretending to be honorable American men parade THEIR STOLEN VALOR around on our land!!!!! hahahaha!!
      lool!!! hha hhahha oooooooweee, now thats fun-neee!!

      American men might take heart that "trump" DID NOT ALLOW OUR MEN to be paraded around on American land when he apparently knew HOW GROSSLY THEIR LIVES AND SACRED, HONORABLY- INTENDED SERVICE TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND COUNTRY was being PURPOSELY MISUSED!!!!

      anyone who wants to join me and others: we are, together, agreeing, and sending the EVIL right back on the heads of those who send it to us!
      ...returning it BACK to them.
      BACK to who and where it came from.
      its NOT ours.
      TAKE IT BACK on yourselves.
      it spiritually STINKS!! :):)
      go WAR-SHIP Satin with it flunkies!!:):):)!!

    3. "...truth is the mortal enemy of the lie [and of the WILLING azzzxxfcd flunkies pretending to be honorable American men]..
      and it is so.

      janmarie, woman.

    4. geewillikers, now the jibberjabber is that the Dfumpster who was a Democrat all his life until he ran for President of the Foreign Corporation as a Republican, and the Queens and Popes British "Military" isnt going to be saving us Americans from the men the Queen and Pope hired and sent to destroy all us freedom loving people until december now!!!!
      OHhhhhh laaaaauudd!!! :):):)
      DEEEE-SEM-BRRRRR?????? :)

      :its a military op youknow.... :things change all the time.
      :cant let "the enemy" [the AMERICAN PEOPLE?!?!!!??? :):)] know what yure doing.
      :disinformation is necessary.
      :get your popcorn.
      :its a movie, yure watching a movie.
      :things are happening guys.
      :be patient.
      :things will happen at the right time.
      :we dont know everything he knows.
      :Trust God.
      :Trust the Plan.
      :Trust Trump.
      and FRUMPF
      :i will not concede the election.
      :i will FIGHT for you.
      :i will never let you down
      :its a hoax
      and BO
      :if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.
      no need to get angry.

      the constitution is a farce and doesnt apply to us Americans anyway and
      we dont need a "bill" of rights. we dont have to send a "bill" to anyone to get our rights.
      creator GAVE them to us free of charge from him.

      looks like theyve possibly just been stalling, trying to work out "The Big Plan" and like someone with ED and no viagra, cant get 'er done. :):) (sorry, i couldnt resist:):):) ).

      logic says that they either need to get it done, or include us in their plans and discussions, including giving us give timelines; and be competent enough to stick to the timelines and finish up;
      or people are talking that we just maybe need to go ahead and get busy peacefully taking care of ourselves and each other without them!!

      that all sounds peacefuly, logical, and doable to me.

      im declaring, count i:woman called by janmarie: 100% in on that!
      itll be fun!

    5. isnt ratified from consent from the governed.
      this is true. occult theocracy cares not for anyone not in the secret clubs.

      truth be told, anna is correct minus the religion. just, there is no such thing as "secular" so all the claims ultimately boil down to "religion". this is the real scam. she has said herself: all forms of law are based on religion. they just chose the earthly/worldly/"king of the world" asmodeus one.

      read new age and theosophy stuff and u.n. plans and "synthesis" and "red symphony" (minus "jews" distraction, which is 1/2 truth and too complicated to go into here) and "perestroika deception" and "new lies for old" if you want to know what is going on. as recent post implied, saint germain "advised" franklin and washington and..etc. like anna says. that "real constitution" is all these secret society "advisers" aka occult theocracy. noone can read it, noone can ever face their accuser. that is gnostic monad the "unknown" god. it is like that on purpose, its their idea of "freedom". they call it "enlightening the masses" for self government. same old illuminism plan as 1789.

      search saint germain, you will see:

      0) he advised mesmer in hypnotism; this was useful research the CFR founders followed up on; see stanley monteith brotherhood of darkness video and book, or find a pdf
      1) not a catholic saint, a rosicrucian mason "saint"
      2) many "reincarnations" ...including christian rakovsky soviet bolshevik/trotskyist founder of "red symphony" fame lol. he needs "rest"
      3) he is the new 2nd coming new age christ, the 7th ray, etc.

      alice bailey said 2025. also, noone will enter the nwo without a luciferian baptism (paraphrase). just same thing the u.n. and vatican II is doing. same ppl who brought you WW I and II. same people who run the "Education" "synthesis" soviet-style conditioning and "mastery learning".

      yes, its a scam. but thats all it ever was. illuminism has always been mind control. the masonic doctrine is they dont owe you a damn thing. also, this was how all mystery religions worked. only the worthy are allowed. opposite of new testament, noone is worthy, the law is all cursed/damned.

      ditto, it was considered holy never to speak of god. so, that is perfectly fine, but new testament and old that was always satanic and disallowed. for mystery religions, and gnostic "unknown" god, this was holy.

      likewise, the masonic motto is making good men better. make america great again. standard masonry. new testament is there werent any good people, "the law" was corrupt, noone could live up to it.

      humanism claims they dont need to include anyone. masonry rejects christ.

      yes, it is a hoax. but jerome had to counter this "heaven on earth" kabbalah nonsense (was never christian nor jewish) circa 350 AD. so, it is a good 1700+ year hoax. heraclitus goes back a long ways too, where hegelian and other marxist stuff came out of. likewise where 2nd coming came out of "synthesis" "sex on the spiritual plane" as "rosicrucians" call it.

      "the plan" is occult theocracy. see manly palmer hall or many others. its why you get meaningless "NWO" about south america or the remake the world one (thats new heaven and new earth)

      look on the bright side...if some "saint germain" reincarnation ever does show, we can ask them alchemy questions and we will all get philosopher stones.

      these people dont believe in disclosure. they believe in faith by works, and that if humanity loves them and they love the world, they will become gods.

      lol at get er done.

  2. look at how "they" trepass:

    1. claim something belongs to them
    2. rename it
    3. begin acting as if its theirs.

    its the very same process every time, for EVERYTHING.

    "...truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...".

    1. ...because they are acting as their version of man; and using the three-step process the "New Testament's" "Jesus"/"i-e-ous"/"iesous"/"isis" set up for their version of man to use to establish the law among other man, concerning his free and independent self:
      1. intend
      2. name it and announce
      3. do.
      however, that system, common law, existed LONG before the jesus ieous iesous isis of their
      400AD New Testament HolyBible (construct?) was ever thought of and added to the ORAL traditions of nomadic group/s.

      looks to me like maybe they:
      1. desired the Nordic/Germanic law already created (for perversion)
      2. claimed it and renamed it
      3. began pretending its their property.

      "...truth is the mortal enemy of the lie..."

    2. the "New Testment" didnt exist until almost 400 years after jesus deth and there are NO ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS in existence for any of its books.

      im pretty sure some could be constructed and suddenly "be discovered" if necessary though:):):).

      "...truth is the mortal enemy of the lie..."

    3. anna and america from day one always rejected new testament

      continental congress, when asked by british soldier, declared jehovah. that is old testament or apocalypse.

      masonry is inversion/opposite of new testament. thats why its "freemasonry" -- free from christ.

      there is no new testmant, officially, long gone. was gone in 1776. rosicrucianism/masonry and saint germain new age 7th ray is the new "god". age of aquarius. christ/pisces is officially gone.

      "new testament" ? my kingdom is not of this world. who is claiming that? vatican II switched to "holy spirit" baptisms long time ago.

      only remaining "new testament" is some scattered remnants of "traditional latin mass"...and likely to be filled with heresy if not infiltrators as well. SSPX pushes lots of heresy.

      "new testament" was grace, not law. you wont find any new testament during "apocalypse" it disappears. new heaven and new earth is the new plan for age of aquarius.

      cerinthus heresy. new testament had a trinity. do you see america of any form, baptizing people or praying to a trinity? no. you will only find a speck of new testament, the trinity "was is ever shall be" in the "litany of saints", surrounded by heresy.

      is america catholic? no? never was, is not, and never will be. bouviers 1856 "heresy" -- does not exist.

      "new testament" ? vanished from the face of the earth.

      yes, the bible is mostly satanic. if you have questions about scripture ask the jews and read the talmud.

      christ was grace, not law. "the lord" struck the shephard, just like christ said it would. he had to take the wrath of "the lord".

      new testament really isnt in the bible for the most part. it was the mass. spirit gives life, letter kills.

      it was pharisees and lawyers who loved "the law" and their "scripture" and parading and praying in public.

      read galatians. no salvation in law.

      also, see knesset menorah wikipedia.

      Hillel the Elder opposite Ezra

      same rules for torah. the WHOLE TORAH is do not do to others what is disagreeable to you. the rest is the commentary there of. same thing christ said, that is THE WHOLE LAW.

      you are looking for some non-existent "law" that not only cannot save, but was never old nor new testament in the first place.

      law cannot save. treaties, are just scraps of paper.

      new testament didnt establish law, it had to rescue the world from "the law". see also mediator dei, just before vatican II. grace grace grace grace grace grace grace. "law" ? lol

      if anyone says mosaic law is necessary, and without it christ cannot save, they sin mortally. that means spiritually dead. this is dogma as well, or was, before "10 commandments" "covenant from mt sinai" REPLACED "new testament".

      now, why is "law" replacing new testament? to understand that, you must understand "frankism" "to eliminate the opiate" is perhaps a good start. illuminism and masonic/gnostic "father in heaven" tries to overthrow/replace all other religions. or, we can say, strike the shephard a 2nd time and scatter the flock.

      it is the greatest "work" they can do, to try to overthrow/merge all religions, break all taboos, violate all dogma and "law".

      so, they would preach jesus in synagogues. they would want to eat pork in front of religions that disallow it. they would try to convert "christianity" into "law" and kill grace. they will try to get homosexuals in the vatican, etc.

      frankism/illuminism. 2nd coming saint germain is really just another form of this. "new testament" ? lol. saint germain is the new 2nd coming christ, 7th ray of the new age of aquairus, new heaven and new earth.

    4. if you want new testament you want holy ghost, not holy spirit. new age purposely did that switch too. holy ghost was: was, is, ever shall be. they switched to holy spirit, johns baptism, "come, 2nd coming saint germain. i reject christ, and wait for the next guy instead".

      and the bloodline/lion of the tribe of judah opens the seals to start the apocalypse.

      flesh and blood cannot inherit anything, was the new testament. new testament? they are doing the direct opposite.

      as it says in apocalypse our (their) lord and his christ. cerinthus heresy.

      they break the trinity, "god the father" gets mad, and maybe if he is nice they get another messiah as a replacement. ordo ab chao in many ways. same as frankism. heraclitus "union of opposites" too.

      new testament was: "my kingdom is not of this world" "do not love the world" etc.

      it is marxism/2nd coming/kabbalah that says they get a worldly kingdom. jerome denied this. augustine denied this. "catholic church" always denied this, historically.

      look at use if down. holy ghost is lucifer to them. they switched to holy spirit instead. golden dawn. like aleister crowley "the beast". "golden dawn" claimed victory circa 1950s.

      it was an "illuminist" claim bible stuff is just osiris/etc. there may be some connection to egyptian book of the dead. "catholic church" never denied this, they said it "prefigured" or predicted christ. virgin incarnated, and her son. isis back then etc. had not incarnated, neither had christ. druids carved isis into groves as well.

      jesus is not isis. may "correspond" to his mother though. 2 marys. waters above and below. johns baptism versus christ. water/earth versus fire/air. john decreases while christ increases, virgo versus pisces.

      again, new age switched back to johns "water only" baptism, or baptism in "the father" or whatever other heresy, because they wait for their 2nd coming saint germain or whoever else to show up. maybe he will give them a new baptism then.

      so, isis is out. they wait for saint germain 7th ray to incarnate apparently 2025 is the date.

      isis? does america do "our lady" now? lol. no, america does gnostic monad aka masonry, never pick any god. bouviers 1856 "heresy" -- does not exist.

      no, america has always denied grace and christ. they do isis/osiris/horus insofar as rosicrucians "correspond" that to 2nd coming. but theosophy says its really saint germain.

    5. new age aka aquarius aka new heaven and new earth, is saint germaine and they follow cerinthus, which was always heresy. see catholic encyclopedia and "theosophy" stuff or saint germain on e.g. wikipedia

      it is inverse of new testament. it is "gnostic luciferian jesus" comes to destroy the new testament.

      now who helped franklin and jefferson and washington with advice and was the mysterious person "guiding" america? saint germain. the new saviour to replace christ and replace the new testament. aka christian rosenkreuz. aka francis bacon, new atlantis. aka christian rakovsky of "red symphony" fame lol. aka...

      there's no "new testament" in america, there never was. 2nd coming saint germain was the one who "authorized" it all.

    6. there is less of a "new testament" in america than there is for the "consent of the governed" for saint germain's constitution.

      noone agreed to that, it is true, but doubly so america never accepted new testament in any shape or form, ever.

  3. common law
    1. intend
    2. declare
    3. do:
    was used by Nordic/ Germanic peoples looong before the so-called "Judeo-Christians" version of "jesus ieous iesoussuosei iesis isis" ever existed.

    "...truth is the mortal enemy of the lie..."

    1. Gods creation has GROSSLY TWISTED AND MISUSED.
      by those who despise him.

    2. peoole need to not be afraid to look at the origination of the new testament, in particular.

      it appears weve been lied to/ deceived about that too perhaps, and even if that is so, it doesnt knock the creator off his throne.

      and further, god doesnt have a name either.
      property is named.

      besides, who would have given the self-existent one a Label anyway?

      start THINKING people!!!
      THINK!! about everything youve ever been told and see how much of it doesnt even make sense!

      john dees, british occultist, and divinator and advisor to Eliz. 1, was given the kjv for a year or so before its publication.

      check it out for yourself!

  4. MATHEW 13 57
    Since everything without exception is God's creation attacking
    the name of Jeshua or trying to discredit him is an irrelevant
    useless effort.

  5. I think civil war 2 is about to be declared.

    1. theyre ALL cowards, but nothing has worked for them so far....
      its just been stall stall stall!, so, yeh, NOW WE KNOW their only two tools seem to be:
      1. LYING.
      2. VIOLENCE.
      so theyll always be using one or the other imo!

      naturally when we walk away from listening to their lying, they have nothing left to do but to overtly attack us.
      we pretty much go into it knowing that their incompetence limits them to that.

      when/if we just go ahead and cut them loose, ignore them, and start building our lives we will all be too busy getting the homeschooling system set up; figuring out how to do our local scrip and banks; checking on our neighbors; switching information on how to "homesteading type" projects for awhile and just generally getting our own free and peaceful society up and they wont like not being "important" :)....
      so yeh, all in all, we can pretty much expect they will attack us.
      they have nothing else.
      theyre worthless, defective, dependant Rejects. :):):):)

    2. another thing to be aware of:
      observe how they plan out and use the "Strategy of Tension" like they did in Italy in Operation Gladio, as their Goad.

      they ABSOLUTELY MUST create a reaction that they can blame for their INTENDED VIOLENCE.
      Watch 'em.
      like in california with the newsom recall vote... telling people who sign in to vote that they already voted!-- and can only vote with a provisional ballot.

      they need to just go ahead and tell the people that their vote in the Foreign Corporations election c
      CAN BE used as just an "optic" to give people the appearance of having a solid say and a choice that cant be overridden.

      deceit is fraud and fraud is trespass in American common law.

    3. and another pro *PAGAN* da.

      The "Only Two Choices" strategy.

      1. only two false "choices".
      2. they construct/makeup what the falsechoices are.
      3. falsechoices "offered" are exact opposites: blackwhite jabdeth .... and on they go.

    4. continued: trumphillary redblue blackwhite democrrepubl hiveminddangerous ownerslave defenselessdangerous compliantmentallyill obedientdangerous serfnoble consentinglawless savagecivilized unquestioningdangerous and more; with strictly opposing categories of thought being the ONLY two versions "allowed"!!

      more Mind Kontrol.

      there is no way to make this be any different; it looks to me like this is the hill theyve "chosen to dye on" because they keep pushing further in and, dont seem to notice or care that the "escape route" behind them is closing up (red sea reference)

    5. yes, thats why we have a trinity and "names of god" that is the only thing that will avoid this "2 choices" "only 2 versions allowed" brainwashing.

      maybe you finally see the value of a trinity and "names of god". that is the only thing that will save you and prevent you from that kind of marxism/hegelian/heraclitus "unity of opposites".

      yes, "left" "right" luciferianism is what happens when you get rid of the trinity. that happened circa 1789. it is the direct opposite of the new testament/trinity system.

      yes, if you can pick the parents, you control what type of "child" results. it doesnt matter which "side" you pick, the "child"/result is the only thing they are concerned about. just means to an end. pick either "side" it is the child/merger they are after, and then the hegelian spiral begins again for another round.

      and, this is also why there must only be one baptism/one trinity/names of god. else the hegelian brainwashing spiral just begins again, and you get another "conflict" that must eventually be "resolved" by "merging"

      see also delphi technique and spinoza.

      now you see the value of a trinity, and why there must only be one, and one baptism.

    6. leninism is another variant. "left wing communism: an infantile disorder". real commies dress up as patriotic, conservative, nationalists. it is only the lower level tools that think there is any difference between "left" and "right"

      read "red symphony" for further explanation of "leninism" which works on the same principles, as does "marxism".

      perestroika deception and new lies for old noted all this.

  6. well it sounds like they must have tried to.
    youre still here though? good.

    its the jewsbritzionistswissvaticanmasoniccrownbaalonandon.. depending on the "op" theyre running, isnt it?
    "a thousand points of light"... the many headed hydra?
    keep the people confused.

  7. We have the Sheriff here in California and that is all that matters! This man blathering on with fear tactics and telling everyone to start shuffling and moving around is straight up bullsh-t and is offensive. Stand your ground Californians and lets work together to bring truth and structure to all!

  8. More proof Biden is not real. Look closely near his ear - see the tab. "Biden" or whoever the hell that thing is, is wearing a mask. "Fauci" and "Pope Francis" have also been caught wearing these masks.


  9. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Professor at the US Army War College, believes that Israel's MOSSAD carried out 9/11 and provides the evidence to back his allegation
    Cynthia McKinney

  10. This hospital refuses to release this poor woman - she is literally a prisoner being held against her will and she is slipping away. She has COVID and their "treatments" are not helping her and they have refused her request for Ivermectin.

    Many people are trying their best to get her removed from the hospital and under a private doctor's care so she can be treated with ivermectin, HCG, etc. The hospital won't  even let the local sheriff do a wellness check at the request of her health representative who has a power of attorney. Please pray for this elderly woman. I'm certain the hospital administration is doing everything they can to kill her.

    "The police have informed Veronica’s representative who holds her medical power of attorney that the matter of a wellness check or possible transfer will have to be addressed with the hospital administrator tomorrow morning. The officer was responding to the request for a wellness check by Veronica’s lawful representative AND a complaint by the hospital against Veronica’s representative.

    The rule of law does not exist in our country at this time for ordinary citizens. It only exists to be abused by the elite establishment.

    I just received this message for the individual who holds Veronica’s medical power of attorney.  “September 12th 7:00CST  URGENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!! PATRIOTS!!!!  URGENT EMERGENCY!  Veronica was stable yesterday and was going to receive a feeding tube over 24 hours ago. She has not received enough nutrients and has taken an extreme turn for the worse. We have a team in place including a private ambulance to transport her. They are DELAYING hospice or releasing her from the hospital. We don’t have that kind of time! She is declining due to lack of medical treatment and nutrients.

    We are left with other NO option than to alert the public and request your assistance as we are trying to SAVE VERONICAS LIFE. Her advocate just had to call the police department from the hospital. Make calls, be loud and be heard!!! Please help get as much attention FOR VERONICA as possible. Time of the essence.  


    RESSURECTION Hospital - (773) 774-8000

    Fox 32 - 312-565-5533

    ABC 7 - 312-750-7070

    Sun Times - Tom Mcamee - 312-321-2921

    NBC 5 - 312-836-5555

    16t District - 312-742-4480

    OAN NEWS - CHARLES ERRING - 858-270-6900”

    1. Are you friggin kidding me


      Yes by all means you go call up all those talking head news stations

      And L Lin Woods is a fraud
      He represented the fake RAMsey case and the Atlanta b o m b e r case

      And I got news for all you brain dead fools
      ONE AMERICA NEWS means one America as in the North American Union which is what this shit is all about as per their UN plan from decades ago
      Just like the EU was their plan from decades ago

  11. They killed her because that was their intention all along. Police tape should be placed over her hospital door and a murder investigation initiated. No question this was premeditated Medical Murder. Veronica was known as the bridge lady. Rest in peace Veronica.

    "To Veronica Wolski (known as the Bridge Lady—created the People’s Bridge over Chicago)... a patriot of the highest order, a blossom of truth in the field of fight that we find ourselves engaged in, she stood as a giant among Patriots who believe in freedom, believed in America and the American dream and was always willing to give of herself before others. God speed beautiful and kind Veronica

    God Bless You for your courage and your fight. You showed many how to be strong, courageous, funny and patriotic while standing up against the tyranny that our nation faces. As many who have sacrificed for our nation, your sacrifice will not be in Vain. RIP Veronica and May the Angels of the Lord clear your path to your final resting place. I know they will.

    My faith tells me that as she knelt before her Creator, He said, “Well done, my good and faithful child, well done.”
    Now on Earth, it is our responsibility to ensure that these medical murders stop NOW and the perpetrators be brought to justice.

    Veronica will be on her bridge in Heaven looking down on us. We must do our best to make sure Veronica did not leave this Earth in vain.

    1. linwoodspeakstruth my ass

      And all you brain dead that plan to help ole grandma here buy a building and set up a bank using those fiat dollars - SUCKERS

      You are doing the exact thing they wanted you to do all along
      These will be the UBI banks set up as public utilities through the Earth Federation

      Of course they won't they will steal it from you
      A schedule determined by the World Parliament shall convert banking on the Earth to a public utility. The schedule ends private banking with due haste. Public banks shall democratically operate local, regional, national, and planetary banking in the service of the people of Earth and their universal prosperity. Banking is clearly the most fundamental of all public utilities to be used in the service of equitable planetary development. There is no good reason for private, profit oriented banking.
      4. As determined by legislation by the World Parliament, the World Financial Administration and the global banking system shall spend primary created money directly into existence as needed for infrastructure and other essential services and shall itself incur no debt in the process of doing this.

      And there build back better BULLSHIT and their infrastructure legislative acts in washington and other imagi nations is being directed by this world parliament today
      See the Trillion Trees Act where under the earth CONstitution you will be paid to plant fucking trees while they burn hundreds of thousands of acres up clearing the land of people and making way for the forest surveillance systems to be put in place

      And all of it linked to Chicago and Colorado
      Hmm and this woman built the People's Bridge over Chicago?

      And what do ya know the outfit and their endtimes blog
      Sheriff Joe, Jason Goodman, the gangs all there folks

      They're all in on it
      Nothing but an absolute onslaught of BULLSHIT to move their agenda forward

      Story after story after story
      They bring in new ones like this to stir the pot
      First Generation American Consulting LLC, hmm I wonder what the hell that is?

      Math, science, history, unraveling the mystery, we built a wall and pyramids it all started with a BIG BANK or BANG

      Making sense why ole UNIDROIT here is looking to shore up their future cultural artifact finds as belonging to the crooks who invent them and the stories that go with them to control the narrative and secure some ROYALTIES and COPYRIGHT payouts for decades even centuries to come

      And being that everything INTERNATIONAL is coming out of their home base of SWISSY LAND makes sense that they would want to cover up the fraud cultural finds as they go you know


    2. UNIDROIT and the false narrative set up to claim land and 'cultural artifictions' of the future for their UN UNESCO HISTORIC land grabs

      Utah as Ophir?

      And what do ya know just recently they started a 'historic' dig in Utah

      Touching story of how they all worked together and how the fake archeologist are piecing together the fake story for copyright and royalty pay outs for years to come

      And I wonder is this land Department of the Interior land, millions upon millions of acres?
      Did they film old westerns in these parts to help set the narrative for the savage indians that inhabited the land?
      Most all of the land in the west has been reserved for their use starting in the late 1800's to early 1900's right about the time they launched their television and radio BROADCASTING SPELLS across the land

    3. Remember Nellie Olson and the Olson family from Little House on the Prairie?

      How about the Waltons from Waltons mountain
      Hmm the Waltons and Waltons Mountain, rags to riches story of Sam Walton and WalMart

      Carnegie and Rockefeller and USX steel
      The USX towers in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania a triangular shaped building with a restaurant at the top called Top of the Triangle all sitting below a hill called Mount Washington

      As they worked in tandum to DEindistrialize the United States and move those factories and jobs to China they have deliberately plunged this entire nation in to this bullshit through back room deals, insider trading, land theft, trust theft, banking ponzi scheme put in place all over the world for them to be able to pull it off and everyone participating is an accomplice to their end game of global slavery

      The golden age for the crooks as they mine the hell out of every place on earth - but ya know those alien brothers need that gold to survive
      Their free mason brother ole Zach here gave you the answer to where all the gold is going

      This is a world wide heist folks and many many people are in on the CON to get you to the other side of their new age UBI and creative share your skills everyone we're in this together BULLSHIT

      Those mutual offset credit cards are your fucking UBI
      Those donations are to build their public utility LOVE banks while they go out the back door with all the proceeds from the last 150 years

      The recharter of these corporations is a repeat of the same shit
      The old UN operations will be merged with the new and improved UN operations as it clearly states within the Democratic Federation of Earth and World Parliaments information tells you

      WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

      World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments
      World Legislative Act #54 Remedies and Corrections Act
      World Legislative Act #55. Surveillance Limitations Act
      World Legislative Act #56. Crowd Dispersal Ban
      World Legislative Act #57. Collegium of World legislators
      World Legislative Act #58. Neonictinoid Ban
      World Legislative Act #59. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act
      World Legislative Act #60. Paid Informant Ban
      World Legislative Act #61. Fracking Ban
      World Legislative Act #62. Fission Power Generation Closure
      World Legislative Act #63. Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act
      World Legislative Act #64. United Nations Merger
      World Legislative Act #65. Global Sustainability Directorate
      World Legislative Act #66.
      World Legislative Act #67

      And is this not interesting
      DBA (or Delaware Business Alliance)
      When you select the USA Map for 2010 this is the form that comes up from that link
      Alot of other information on the page as well

      How many thought that DBA meant 'doing business as'?

      Funny that they seem to only cover Louisianna and Florida in this writing?
      And Delaware Business Alliance?

      You are walking right in to their trap

  12. RATS in the house for decades

    1. Better listen up and NOW

      The online ecosystem

      As I've been telling all of you, data data data
      If you think your servers are safe and off limits think again
      You are piggybacking off the main computer brain and infrastructure which is CERN and they can access ALL OF IT

      And they are
      All the forums are nothing more than hooks to fish out and separate into groups for identification purposes

      Break society up in to internet groups for identification and then put the specifications and legislation in action to control

    2. this is why we (who want to) should be thinking, together if possible, about how were going to effect the change in our lives that involves
      1. rejecting their "offers" and
      2. affirming our creator-gifted state and condition and property being man and then just
      3. trusting God to back us up on it.

      i mean seriously, either he's with us or he isnt.
      if hes not here with us, whats the damm point of any of it anyway?

      but he is here.

  13. miles' fouchy pdf ending:

    absolutely! he is so right.
    and they are not just "making mistakes", they have made a big MESS.
    they have absolutely no experience with being in the light in view of man who can think and discern, evaluate, weigh out, assess, and question; them (i guess) being under strict orders from someone else all the time. Mind Kontrol, MK, which they are trying to push off on us.

    i am recognizing now that what may come off as arrogance is imbecility from close familial inbreeding.
    very low IQs.
    general delusions.
    inability to assess their surroundings correctly.
    delusions of their own grandeur.
    inability to correctly evaluate other peoples strengths and weaknesses.
    not to mention all the physical deformities! MIGAWD!...sloped back foreheads; pawlike feets; gigantic misshapen skulls or conversely, tiny pinheads; screwy eyeballs pointing in different directions; jeffepps stubby eggshaped *ahem* "little friend".

    normally i wouldnt take advantage of imbeciles, but
    i agree with miles, we need to take advantage of their mistakes/ MESS in order to correct the wrongs theyve done to us.
    Weve given them plenty of time... theyre sure as hell not going to do it.

  14. 14 minutes in and some information before that about the cloud and data from the Pentagon and a 'government' contract

    This translates to that Global Services LLC company in Plantation Florida that took over 175 million IP addresses from the Pentagon ust before Trump left office

    Hmm I wonder if this Global Resources LLC is a registered
    Delaware Business Alliance
    I believe I read that they registered in Delaware

    Look at the first two links

    Transparent Redirection of Resource
    Patent to identify groups?

  15. Communism with flowers

    His videos are to the point and clear

  16. lol shelby, 1984 war is peace "union of opposites" heraclitus. antichrist "socialism w/ a human face" perestroika deception same as "union jack" book british israel fabian socialism.

    note the false claim by paul about malachi and judeo-christian "the law"

    (there is no "judeo-christian" god, its either christ/grace or moses law and "the lord"; never the twain shall meet)

    cerinthus heresy, separate jesus from god.

    In Romans 14:5, Paul forbids those who observe the Sabbath (these were no doubt Jewish believers) to condemn those who do not (Gentile believers).

    denying trinity and that holy ghost can save, is the one unpardonable sin, that eternally damns and keeps people out of the new testament. galatians says even an "angel" that preaches "the law" is cursed.
    And the reason that it was named after Moses was because the revealed covenant and law of God to this people was the law of Moses
    that is lds/mormon, 2nd coming only. why is supposed "catholic traditional" theology now identical to self-proclaimed "illuminists" ?
    new testament was galatians and grace. law of moses is all cursed/damned. malachi is a jewish prophet, before christ.

    as devils dictionary says "millenium" they are bound for 1000 years of hell on earth, jerome implied the same.

    judge not lest ye be judged. magician eliphas levi "blazing star" noted what happens -- all their "judgements" get returned on themselves.

    pauls claim:
    quoteThe blessing of God can never rest upon those who never care for it, but rather make themselves unworthy to receive it, by violating days consecrated to God. Let this be a warning to you.
    what is actual new testament? grace.

    original "sabbath" was mid-month full moon, as jews say, and penalty was death for not keeping it. who is using a jewish calendar in the first place to keep the sabbath holy? gregorian, and other calendars, already drifted away from this anyways.

    are they going to put people to death for not following jewish law?

    that was "the law" and "keeping the sabbath". "jews" dont do that anymore, moses law is obsolete. only people still doing that is islam kill someone for making an "image", which was moses law.
    In Romans 14:5, Paul forbids those who observe the Sabbath to condemn those who do not

    Every day to the believer is one of Sabbath rest(Hebrews 4:9-11).
    the actual dogma, is that moses law does not save, anyone who requires it sins mortally.

    paul sins mortally, all his grace and "blessings" vanish

    actual "catholicism" and "new testament":

    Let us, then, confide everything to the faithful Virgin Mary, binding ourselves to her as to a pillar that cannot be moved

    however numerous and wicked our enemies may be, we shall never go wrong or go astray or have the misfortune to lose the grace of God and that infinite treasure which is Eternal Wisdom.

    Hence it is true to say that Jesus is the fruit and product of Mary wherever he is present, be it in heaven, on earth, in our tabernacles or in our hearts. She alone is the tree of life and Jesus alone is the fruit of that tree.

    anyone who wishes to possess this wonderful fruit in his heart must first possess the tree that produces it; whoever wishes to possess Jesus must possess Mary.
    because of the revival of moses law, that is pretty much the only new testament remaining, the only grace remaining on earth.

    as the bible says, sheep on right, goats on left. "the lord" and his law is on the left. grace is on the right.

    1. paul has lost all his grace. noone has to obey heretics.

      quoteThe blessing of God can never rest upon those who never care for it, but rather make themselves unworthy to receive it, by violating days consecrated to God. Let this be a warning to you.
      new testament curses these fake priests and judases, who enter not, but prevent others from entering. they get eternal fire as their reward for misleading others.

      he is under the curse of galatians.
      In Romans 14:5, Paul forbids those who observe the Sabbath to condemn those who do not

      Every day to the believer is one of Sabbath rest(Hebrews 4:9-11).
      the actual dogma, is that moses law does not save, anyone who requires it sins mortally.


      note the front page, defending their divinely inspired (saint germain 2nd coming antichrist) constitution.

      why are fake "traditional catholics" pushing mormonism (denies any trinity, cerinthus heresy) under disguise of "catholicism" ?

    2. teh remnants of actual catholicism are there:

      sheep on right with our lady full of grace and actual christ, goats on left with paul and anna and the state assemblies, mormons, other illuminati, etc. and "the lord, their god" who tries to strike the shephard and scatter the flock, just like old times, round 2.

  17. How can anything be "fixed" when everthing is owned basiclly by two companies VANGAURD AND BLACKROCK. the families that are the private owners/ stockholder / shareholders behind these compaies are EVIL in its highest form. It is all bullshit.
    These people have managed to monopolize everything. They control everything. And until these people are taken down nothing is going to change. They will continue to play their games until they own you. And now they do. If you are vaccinated you are now their property via patient's. These people have been playing everyone like pawns in a chess game. Funding both sides againest eachother.and laughing. I am amazed how many keep thinking we can turn this around. HOW? The only way would be to rid the planet of these enimes. And that'snot going to happen because no one will even say their name. Instead they are referred to as "they" globalist, illuminati, cabal, 1%, and so on. Its like its taboo to say these peoples name. ROCKEFELLER, ROTHSCHILDS, And then the ones below them the. Clinton foundation, Gates foundation etc.etc.That is where you need to start and until people start admittingwho these evil bastards are and understand philanthropy is Bribery and blackmail nothing will ever change period.


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