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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

For The State Recording Secretaries

 By Anna Von Reitz

There seem to be some common threads of confusion and misdirection and plain old wrong information impacting the performance of our State Recording Secretaries.
The first issue to understand is that international Public Records from other sources are valid. There is no special magic attached to the means by which an international (land jurisdiction) Public Record is established.
A Public Record from the State of Washington is as valid as a Public Record published on the Land Recording Service (LRS) or by the Assembly Land Recording Office (LRO). Public Records can even be established by publication in a newspaper, so long as the publication is sustained for an appropriate period of time and has reasonable distribution.
A Public Record, backed up by appropriate action, has the power to overcome and rebut a private registration, which is the entire point.
Our 928 paperwork established as a Public Record by any means is sufficient to establish our political status and rebut the legal presumptions that otherwise attach to us.
More recently, we opened up a second, simpler pathway for people to establish their political status, rebut the obnoxious legal presumptions, and at the same time, obtain a State Credential, by issuing and recording a 1779 Declaration and providing the State Recording Secretaries with appropriate back up information.
When doing this function, and only this function, the Assembly Recording Secretaries are called upon to examine what they are recording, and ascertain that: (1) the individual has signed a 1779 Declaration, (2) has provided two credible Witnesses, and (3) provided additional back up in the form of a Birth Certificate, Naturalization paperwork, or other documentation establishing where they were born and who they are.
Birth Certificates and Naturalization papers, Green Cards, etc., are private documents presented to the Recording Secretaries for verification purposes and are not published.
Apart from this one function-- issuing State Credential Cards-- an Assembly Recording Secretary is not generally enabled nor empowered to comment on the correctness or efficacy of a recording--- that is entirely the responsibility of the people establishing the record and the Recording Secretary bears no responsibility or liability beyond establishing and keeping the Public Record intact.
When people wish to become official members of their State Assembly, they need to present (or create) the Public Record that they are Americans, born or naturalized in this country, and affirm that they are adopting State National and/or State Citizen political status. They also need to affirm that they have a permanent home in the State and have lived in the State for at least one year.
That's it.
Our Assembly Recording Secretaries are fulfilling a vital function and keeping the door open for other people in our States of the Union to "come home", but there are other avenues still open for people to accomplish this goal, and so long as those other avenues exist, we need to recognize them and be grateful that we can still employ multiple means to establish valid international (land jurisdiction) Public Records in this country.
People in other countries aren't so lucky, which is why we established the Land Recording System (LRS) to provide a helping hand, and the reason that we have International Land Recording Secretaries, too.
This is all about helping living people regain their natural political status as natives of their own countries, enabled to exercise their rights and treaties, access their contractual guarantees, and enjoy their private property assets.
Some Assembly Recording Secretaries have been abusing their positions of trust and this must come to an end. They have been creating "extra" requirements and enforcing them on people. They have been refusing to record materials they don't personally agree with, for whatever reason. Some have refused to do their jobs, because they didn't like someone.

Being a Recording Secretary is an honor and a public office. It's not equivalent to being a Rotary Club Secretary. It involves being responsible for Public Records and dedicated to Public Service, at the level of your State Assembly. Somehow in the years since the Civil War began, we've forgotten our obligation to our fellow men -- to honor their rights and their needs as forever equal to our own. We need to remember.


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