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Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Great Travesty, Not the Great Reset

 By Anna Von Reitz

The first reason we oppose the so-called Great Reset being pushed by the Temple Bar is that there is no logical, reasonable, or sane basis for it.
The truth, as often expressed by the Committee responsible, is that nobody knows the actual value of any commodity (including money) because the commodity markets have all been artificially rigged for so long.
In such a situation, those responsible lack a basis for taking action.
"We don't know the value of gold or anything else," I was told with great candor, and I have no reason to think that that evaluation is incorrect.
The Free Market hasn't existed since the 1880's, when the Robber Barons began consolidating control of transportation and energy sectors.
And everything has gone downhill since then.
By the 1930's, FDR and Cronies had the lock on what was left of the Free Market and were intently regulating it to death.
By the 1970's, when Dick Nixon and his Kaiser Permanente friends took over the medical sector and commercialized it, the handwriting on the wall was very, very clear: there have been no free markets left in any sector of the world economy ever since.
Thanks to this circumstance, there's no way to know the market driven price of beans in China. And no firm basis to launch any reset, much less a great one.
The second reason we object to any such "Great Reset" is that it unfairly targets America and enriches criminals.
The men who have engineered this have engineered it so that they and their cronies emerge from it as the wealthiest people on the planet, and everyone else takes it in the shorts.
The Insiders have bet against the US DOLLAR while being in position to manipulate and tank the same US DOLLAR.
They have bought tons of foreign currencies, most especially Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwean Zim and Iraqi Dinar, as hedges against the collapse of the US DOLLAR --- a collapse (or not) which they control.
Talk about illegal market rigging.
This is at the very least unsavory insider trading and market rigging and unpatriotic activity in the extreme. I would go so far as to call it treasonous. What else do you call it, when the "American" military offers to sell out America and Americans?
Under this plan, the US DOLLAR would immediately lose more than half of its value. And almost immediately after that, people acting under conditions of Non-Disclosure Agreements, would start spending all their ill-gotten gain, which would create hyperinflation and destroy whatever value remained.
The Great Reset would be instead The Great Destruction, not only of the USD, but of any semblance of an economy anywhere in the world. The same thing would happen in a stair-step fashion with the Dong, the Zim, and Dinar. And then what?
The entire world would be left dependent on the ancient (and still false) answer of gold and silver coinage. Those who engineered the debacle of the Federal Reserve watch from the grave, expecting to be rewarded for their guile of over a hundred years ago: the chumps they stole the gold from will now have to pay 500-fold to buy it back.
Or so they think.
But there, too, are obvious problems, one of which is that the vastness of the world's gold holdings is now known, and it is infamously difficult to maintain the illusion of dearth and "value" in the presence of a surplus that would make Midas blush.
Same with silver, only more so.
What's a beleaguered, messed up, shown-to-be-immoral-and-illegal World Government to do? Both sides of this criminality stand to be destroyed, and then, what's left of society? We will (if we continue like this) be left with no sane means to trade goods and services.
That would cause more trouble, misery, and destruction than all the wars ever fought to date --- and these Bar Attorneys and Generals all have cause to know that.
So, the big question is --- how to unwind this whole situation, without killing people by the billions? How do we bring forth any kind of justice from this gigantic hot pile of horse manure?
We keep the USD in place, backed by silver and gold, and we adjust exchange rates in a sane way to promote overall economic growth worldwide, we make the medical and pharmaceutical sector non-profit again-- as it used to be, prior to Tricky Dick and always should have remained-- and most of all, we give the people of the whole world debt relief.
Money is like manure. A little in the right place works miracles. Too much anywhere merely burns the Earth and kills the plants. And we've got a gigantic hot pile of horse manure to deal with, folks -- whether we look at fiat, gold, or both.
Let those who hear my voice, hear my voice. The only plan that works, is the measured and disciplined plan that the actual American Government is proposing.
We step-by-step retrace our path and release the choke points on the world economy that were placed there by evil men seeking to profit themselves at everyone else's expense.
We do away with Blood Money and use the residuals for the benefit of the former slaves and indentured servants, and do it without recourse to any "trans-human" agenda seeking to boot up another round of excuses to de-humanize and deprive innocent people of their identities and health.
We introduce a worldwide currency to serve as a beneficial hedge, instead of trying to use and artificially control the Dong, Zim, and Dinar -- with destructive results.
As governments, we turn our attention to the real enemies of Mankind --- lies and ignorance, fear, filth, and avarice.
Both camps of the economic huddle have been proven wrong, as well as criminal. Their "war" bodes nothing but destruction for them and everyone else. Into the gap comes a Third Option.

Tell the truth, at least to yourselves, and do the right thing for once, straight out of the box, without trying every other alternative first.


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