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Monday, June 21, 2021

A Letter of Condolence for the Pope

 By Anna Von Reitz

This past week saw Pope Francis in a rare fit of consternation, openly upbraiding the government of the crazy country and expressing his frustration because he doesn’t know whether to work with Biden or Trump or….. or…. the actual government.

It’s all so confusing!

You have all these corporations operating under similar names that are named after other organizations and if that wasn’t bad enough, they change names back and forth over time, so that “the” United States in 1790 is not the same organization operating as “the” United States in 1851, and neither one is related to “the” UNITED STATES.

Yes, we understand how confusing this is.

It was made to be so deliberately, but the really irksome part is that Pope Francis apparently blames us for what his employees and overseers have done to us as a means to wrest non-consensual control and as a means to seize upon unjust enrichment.

Oh, yes, we do understand his frustration and we sympathize; however, this is ultimately the fault of the Pope’s Predecessors in office and the fault of the Pope’s tax collectors, and the Pope’s business partners, and the Pope’s Overseers of the Commonwealth—-aka British Monarchs, and the Pope’s Property Managers. 

And we do have to note that the unjust enrichment garnered from all of this confusion and all the similar names deceits was always split between the Pope, the Queen and the Lord Mayor and the corrupt Americans- in-Name -Only who profited themselves at the expense of their countrymen for 16 decades while singing Yankee-Doodle-Dandy.

Forgive me if I sound a tad bit bitter. 

Here’s the facts to assist Pope Francis:

Joe Biden is the President of a new Municipal Corporation pretending to be some kind of “United States” Incorporated Something-or-Other.  This is a corporation in the business of providing governmental services, but it lost its contract because it was defrauding its Employers and hasn’t gotten a new contract for the same reason.

Donald Trump is the President of another Municipal Corporation called some version of “the” United States of America, Incorporated, and its in the business of selling government services,  too. 

Then, there is the actual government, our unincorporated Federation of States.

The incorporated entities are just corporations like any other commercial corporation, but the actual government is an independent holding company

Here’s the kicker —all these corporations that are playing all these games, ultimately belong to the Pope!   


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  1. I recall an image of Trump on his visit with the Pope. Trump is grinning with the utmost satisfaction, while the Pope is all scowl and looking sideways. Who understood that image? That image is worth a thousand words, probably more...

    1. Melanias is Catholic Most of Trumps team where Catholics He was surrounded Melanias face was almost apologetic i thought and as if pleading forgiveness .Trumps biggest mistake was his ignorance of the importance of religion i suspect, at the end of the day that was his achillees heel.

    2. definitely he must be oblivious to the fact that fundamentally Catholicism teaching is that all heretics, aka non catholics really should be ,deserve to be killed .

    3. and ABSOLUTELY NO POPE is going to listen even with any sympathy to an Lutheran .

    4. Kane - Trump was up to his gills in jews, up to the last days, even Miller & Cohen-Watnik, who were quickly slid into place to handle the preplanned False Flag Capital 'Riot'. What about anything Trump did 'benefitted Catholics'? NOTHING. All benefitted the jew.

  2. This is a very oddly written article that “Anna” has just posted. After so many previous articles concerning the Pope(s) knowledge and all the Papel Bulls and Papel Speeches that “Anna” has referenced leaving US the readers with no doubt of the Vatican’s involvement/ownership of all “CORPSES“ Whirled Wide with the Pontiff at the Helm. To allow any wiggle room for the “Pope” to “act” and utilize “Plausible Deniability”, or garner any psychological dissociative mental hypoxia is absurd at this point in time. From all of “Anna’s” Registered mailings he is quite well informed. Even without “Anna’s” mailings, he(this current “Pope”) as with all his predecessors know exactly what their “office entails”, and everything they control.
    The only “saving grace” was the title of this article, I had to look it up to verify what my memory recalled about when the word "condolence" is used.
    noun: condolence; plural noun: condolences
    1. an expression of sympathy, especially on the occasion of a death."we offer our sincere condolences to his widow"

    1. only one religion has a seat at the UN and thats the Catholics who often sit beside the King of Spain .:the moral authority for rule of law is the Popes : according to the Declaration bt President Obomber . who dropped over 200.000 bombs onto Moslems .

  3. In the prior article;
    I forwarded this link to my little one(She's 31 years young), and also wrote her a small synopsis to bring more clarity to her mindset that she, and most are not aware of, I am posting it here because the comments for this article were disabled;
    —Now, there is no more debate, there is no more using the “conspiracy theory” tactic against anyone that doesn’t kowtow to a propagandized narrative. Unless a person has to be in a known, and I do mean known toxic environment that has been determined to be detrimental, and cause bodily harm, PPE should never be donned. When PPE is used OSHA has very extensive protocols. Not only for the use of certain PPE’s, the duration that it is to be worn, and a strict protocol which has to be adhered to for disposal of all used PPE’s(Personal Protective Equipment). This includes all face masks. Especially when they contain biological hazards. All of OSHA’s data and Protocols have been well researched, documented, and published for over 20 years. The only questions that one needs to ask is where has the spokesman(wo) for OSHA been hiding, and not speaking out? Oh, that’s right, within their Industry rules governing the disclosure of ingredients to workers that handle manufactured chemicals , and biologics, a manufacturer is not, nor ever will be required to disclose any “proprietary ingredients”, even if a worker handling said manufactured chemical, or biologic is exposed to it and dying. The EMT’s, the Emergency room Staff, Nurses, Doctors, Top Hospital Physicians, Lawyers, Judges…no one will ever be told what “proprietary ingredient” is in the substance that is killing, or killed the one that was exposed to it. Who Lobbied for that to be hidden in plain sight within OSHA”s Rules(Law). This is how much Industry, and your so called Government cares about Ewe little sheep.—
    As this is read, and absorbed all of US need to come to the realization that this is the modus operandi that has been instituted through out the whole infrastructure of all “GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES”.

    1. Including their creation(creature) the birth certificated child(foundling).

  4. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is just the latest puppet front man who is being handled like any other 'Pope' they may install. He didn't create the situation and I doubt he is FULLY aware of what is going on.

    He is a Communist in the guise of a "Woke Pope" which fits nicely within the agenda of the Global Criminal Network. He gets NO pass nor does he deserve ANY benefit of doubt regarding his role and what is being done through the Office he holds.

    There have been COUNTLESS Municipal Corporations masquerading as our lawful government over the last 250 years. The possibility that there may be 2 different versions operating or claiming to exist currently and at the same time is not shocking nor revealing. History has shown it does not take much to create another "entity" and pull the same shell game on everyone.

    What is really happening "behind the scenes" as it pertains to BIDEN, TRUMP and the "POPE" is another matter. Only time will tell whether there really is a good faith effort to 'drain the swamp' and restore lawful government.

    In the mean time, it is prudent to make it known who you are and where you stand so there are no possibilities of "voluntary compliance" claims made for the purpose of trying to absolve themselves of culpability for the fraud, crimes and murder/genocide committed.

    Enough people need to wake up and get on the "right side" so the American people, and the lawful assemblies and government(s), have the enforcement arm behind the declarations made.

  5. Good Folks, take a glance & see how cute the CIA really is, lovin' on us soooo much, they just gotta know everything. Well, somebody's gotta do it, eh?
    Does this seem much like military ops.? And the global HQ is in Swissy, and global HQ of Octogon & all those nice parties they give, like World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab, that rascal psychopath, narcissist jew. But its so fun to hang out with his reptilian anal clot jews, all exclusive & stuff, discuss their Tikkun Olam & what to do with excessive numbers of their Golem creating all that carbon:

    CIA's the World Factbook
    Here a sample:
    Directorate's are listed, then down near bottom, more fun stuff:
    Directorate of Support
    The Directorate of Support is the backbone of CIA’s mission. They are responsible for key support functions, including security, supply chains, facilities, financial and medical services, business systems, human resources, and logistics.
    For tasks and assignments all over the world, they are first in, last out.
    Mission Centers
    Mission Centers work closely with all Agency elements to meet national security challenges. Mission Centers bring together a full range of operational, analytic, support, technical, and digital capabilities.
    Officers from each directorate work together as one to address present and future threats. Today, there are almost a dozen Mission Centers focusing on regional and high-priority issues.
    Executive Offices
    The Director of the CIA maintains a diverse executive staff to oversee key Agency functions.
    - Human Resources, which builds and shapes CIA’s workforce around our Nation’s intelligence needs
    - Congressional Affairs, which serves as liaison between CIA and Congress while ensuring Congress is fully informed of intelligence activities
    - General Counsel, which is responsible for the sound and efficient management of all CIA legal affairs, including providing legal advice and guidance
    - Military Affairs, which coordinates, plans, executes, and sustains activities that support CIA and Department of Defense interactions worldwide
    The Agency also has several offices that focus on public affairs, talent, internal oversight, and more.

    Cute, eh?