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Thursday, May 20, 2021

What You Get Out of It -- The Negative Incentives

 By Anna Von Reitz

From time to time, I am asked---- if I do what you suggest, what do I get out of it?
There are both "negative" incentives --- that is, what won't happen to you as a result of reclaiming your political status as an American, and positive incentives --- what will happen as a result. Let's take the Negative Incentives first.
I am very upfront about what my own initial motivation was: I realized that if I didn't act, I would be an accomplice to crime.
Simple as that.
Whether that crime is -- in the particular instance -- willing participation in constructive fraud, impersonation, inland piracy, or even treason or conspiracy against the Constitutions --- it should matter to you that you can be considered a willing accomplice to these crimes, if you do not object.
Objection is essential. Reporting the crime to the responsible authorities is essential. If you are aware of a crime and don't report it, you are considered a willing accomplice to it, and you can be arrested and prosecuted as a result.
So, if you do what I suggest, you cannot be accused as a willing accomplice to the crimes that have been perpetuated in this country. That's a big benefit, considering that many of these crimes are very serious.
Who do you report these crimes to? The Governor of your State of State. The Chief Justices of the "State" Supreme Court, which is a Public Trust Office. The State of State Secretaries of State. The President(s). The Pope. The Archbishops. The United Nations (because of Jimmy Carter). The Joint Chiefs of Staff. The State Troopers. The State Judicial Councils. Members of Congress. Hit 'em all up.
I have.
Everyone from Portland to Poughkeepsie, Dallas to Bismarck, Tallahassee to New York City knows where I stand on these issues and "has cause to know" that I am not a "willing" accomplice.
I have tens of thousands of registered mail receipts logged and filed, together with the correspondence, to prove that I did not sit on my laurels. Once I knew there was a crime afoot, I blew the whistle so loud it could be heard in Boston. I have published books. I have written articles by the thousands. Nobody can accuse me of willingly going along with fraud and enslavement and graft, breach of trust, unlawful conversion, kidnapping, or conspiracy against the Constitutions.
Nearly everyone else in this country who hasn't taken my advice or similar advice from others, is wide open to these sorts of accusations. Think about it.
I am not suggesting that everyone can or should endure the kind of effort that I have gone through, but everyone can and should care enough about their own position to let fly some letters to the responsible authorities and record some paperwork to reclaim their American identity.
You may say, well, what good do you expect that to do? Writing letters to pirates telling them about their own smuggling?
It does two (2) very important things. It establishes that you are NOT a pirate, and it establishes that they ARE, if they continue to sit around and do nothing to stop it.
You not only protect yourself from being accused as an accomplice, you deny those in political power any "plausible deniability".
And while they might ignore one little old lady, heck, a great-grandma from Big Lake, Alaska --- are you joking? (God has a great sense of humor.) They can't ignore hundreds of letters from thousands of people who have caught on to the scam and who are safely and properly organized as State Assemblies in their own jurisdictions.
If you do what I suggest, you won't be identified as a willing accomplice to capital level crimes. You will have done your Public Duty. You will have prodded the various officials to do the same. You will be part of a lawful State Assembly and no longer hiding in your basement, all by yourself, wondering what one man or woman can do against such monstrous evil.

That's quite a lot of relief and benefit and avoidance of nasty consequences, even if it is a negative incentive.


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  1. Any care to post "letters" or examples sent to gov, banks , other ?

  2. Just saying have not met anyone with success writing banks and asking for "their security back " that the bank "forgot" to give back or receipt or respond to a 1099 request .

  3. I am working on a letter of rogatory for civil case, but its so fn confusing ,don't do this don't do that cant talk about this, don't mention that "they" wont recognize this or that .......arrrgg personally I don't give a crap about "their"
    Feelings or their fraud and do mention their crimes all the way up to piracy because their "family case ruined my family as well as millions across the nation including murder "suicide" by desperate parent losing child and bankrupted , I still cant come back to land "they" have a Lien on my passport so I can never be free of these !@#$$% "but on the other hand "they will never be free from me "

  4. Tell the pirates their pirates ? The legal department in all the government agencies and corporate offices make a living off screwing the public.
    It’s a privilege to operate a corporation and who owns the property the operate on ? It’s our state that allowed thair business lisence .
    So the governor is working as a corporate body following rules of corporation.
    And in capacity of state of state .
    So we play paddy cake when they are playing monopoly corporations. I hope this is just temporary till we can show force in words of Patrick Henry “unfortunately tyrants only understands one thing force “.

  5. So we see the stern gang menacam Began stating for record they created terrorism globally.
    In full visibility using high tech weapons on peopl with only rocks trying to stop the complete thieft of thair homes.
    Two silver star congressman Paul McColsky said I quote “ APAC terrorizes congress”.
    They the communist a department of Mossad stole our government.
    And terrorizing the populace. Write letters to whom ?the communist government?

  6. I am NOT stupid enough to work freely for the Two_to_Ten TOP financial & Property MANIPULATORS, ROBBERS, NARCISSITS, 😈😠 and the Antagganizers again.

    Their IOU $¥£ they recently created with the CCP are FAKE MONEYS, backed my Ancestors, people and my Gold. 😴😢 That could explain why the dollars losing values.

    They OVER MANIPULATED, and over STOLE EVERYTHING, from my people 170 years. I've made things clear, in writing in 2020 to the Sneaky Thieves, with their deceptive Corp. Names. They must clear their ROBBERY STATUS first. with their own real money: Gold and Silver only, they missed the deadlines, and Hidding their stolen assets of ours away on purpose.

    Watchout top 5 Banks. BoA. Jpg, FHHL fake homeloans, NationScam mortgages, BNP, Barclay, Fannie etc. 745+ All Corporate Water _Air signs. Mr. Peter Makowieki.. . < 1 of the Top Masters of Manipulations, known as neg. Pisces with Taurus, with their Neg. / Reversed Capricorn + Jupiter(Saggi), Pluto(Scorpios), all Reversed, or Toxic 😈😬😠😡 energies. He knows how to manipulate people emotions for profits in all cases.

  7. The lying corp. guys used illegal tools to snoop people emails, to steal people informations for their inside tradin activities in the last 35+ years, and more to rob, gps in secret, and murder all walks of life. They packed their Google play and Google Maps in 1_piece 😈😠😬 to control our cell phones, 110% unlawfully, to control, manipulate everything, to abuse people around the globe, under the Govt Names. Are these the type of beginnings, you want from them People?
    It's madness, they are killing themselves together with us, due to their stupidity, and imbalance.

    If you doubt, or if you want to learn more, how to stay away from the Robbers, see their Toxic Energies by yourself. Here is a good sample of their top Master Manipulator, to inspect . Add 60 days to this birth date: 27 February, 1960. That means 27, April 1960, City of birth? Eitheir Texas or a bit above it works fine. You shoul see his Capricorn in Reversed at house #9 (law, legal screwed) , Pisces #6, reversed (deceptive works, products), Jupiter (Saggi) reversed, #8, people assets robbed. Etc.. The judges he communicated with, to rob people have lots of reversed energies likewise. Go online astrology site, to get a free chart if them. Adding 60 days means to get a progressive chart. At his current age. All psychologists used astrology tool to predict human misbehavior.

  8. Robert David Steel &Sheriff Richard MAC pretend to not comprehend the different status of individuals ICE surely does .
    Establish what legal jurisdiction you fall under .
    Sheriff Mac understands the constitution fine!
    But fails to comprehend statutes in the words of Roger leader. If Michigan group and Florida common law grand jury on video .
    Says” statutes are for government to tell government workers what to do “!