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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Notice the Modus

By Anna Von Reitz

I just finished reading an entire screed of weird world "news" --- including a bunch of astrologers suggesting that we need to prepare for the return of Baphomet, who, according to them, is actually Jesus Christ. 

Ignorance not only breeds.  It breeds like bunny rabbits in springtime. 

If you really want to know what is going on, read The Book of Ezekiel. All of it. 

There you will learn the Secret of Solomon, whose Number is 666.  

There also, you will see one of the last to be fulfilled prophecies in the Bible, the reunion of Israel and Judah.  

Add that to what we now know about the razing of Mount Zion by the Romans amid the general destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. --and the use of the debris that was the top of Mount Zion as fill for later projects and road building--- and it becomes clear that the Temple Mount is not the Temple Mount. 

And all that wailing at the Wailing Wall is for naught.  

I shake my head.  I go back to work. Mount Zion is now a steep decapitated slope, and the only way anyone is going to build a Temple where the 2nd Century Temple once stood, is (1) if they are smart and honest enough to find the location---which is unlikely, and (2) they exert an effort that would make building the pyramids look small, because not only do they need to rebuild their temple, they need to rebuild Mount Zion as well.  

Everyone, including the Crazy Persons trying to make the Bible come true via human efforts, would be better off relying on Ezekiel. Soon after beginning to read The Book of Ezekiel, you will begin to notice the way the themes of this book mirror the themes of today, right down to Ezekial's duel with the black-robed priests of Molloch.  

You will also notice that these people, the Enemies of the True God, are liars.
They lied until Ezekiel called them out, and they even believed their own lies. They take his challenge.  And they lose.  Big time. 

This was true then, and it is true now.  

We don't need to fear lies---- or liars.  They have their place in the Lake of Fire. 
All it takes is one honest man to destroy everything they have built. 

Yehushua -- English "Joshua" -- destroyed their temple by rebuilding his own. 

It was their own free will decision to kill him instead of welcoming him, so it was in no way his fault ---- and yet, he knew the ultimate outcome. 

Their temple would be destroyed.  Not one stone left standing upon another. 

For those who have eyes to see, the parallel and the meaning  is obvious.  

When the curtain in the Temple was torn in half, the True God left it.  Even if the Temple were rebuilt, and Mount Zion magically restored to be a mountain instead of a decapitated slope, would the True God enter into it?

No.  And Ezekiel tells us the reason why.  Read it for yourselves. 

The Spirit that is the True God came to live in the temples his Son built for him in our hearts, for we are, literally now, the living temples of the True God.  And just as the child is forever a part of the parent, and the parent part of the child, we are joined together by a bond that cannot be severed. Ever.

The True God will build his own temple and raise his own New Jerusalem in a place of his own choosing, and those who do not know and believe this are not listening to what is plainly told to their own souls. 

Those who have lived through this darkness will see the new day, and a world not made by men, but by the Living God: "for behold, I make all things new...." 

Listen with your soul and let your eyes read the message of Ezekiel. 


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  1. I'm new to your site Anna. That was very interesting. It's happening before our eyes. I'll be doing some reading. Thank you so much.

    1. Welcome to Anna's site and the comment section! It would be lovely to have a name to reference your posts going forward...please and thank you for posting here, Unknown! :))

  2. The Spirit that is the True God came to live in the temples his Son built for him in our hearts, for we are, literally now, the living temples of the True God. And just as the child is forever a part of the parent, and the parent part of the child, we are joined together by a bond that cannot be severed. Ever.

    Even by death of body the parent live on in flesh with the child....physically and spiritually.
    What you say resonates....that is what was talked about the body as the temple for the holy much corruption around us.

    Teaching that we came from apes..and survival of the fittest is just pure ignorance, lack of common sense and failure in intelligence. I have nothing against apes but come on, Look around the intelligence of creation, the geometry in plants, flowers, the planet the world, we are all diverse yet only in harmony together each doing its own we have Unity..

  3. Anna, Thank you for all you do. Thanks to all who have weathered the battle before us. We will be forever grateful.

  4. Anna, Thank you for all you do. Thanks to all who have weathered the battle before us. We will be forever grateful.

  5. My sources tell an entirely different story ,two sectors that made up Palestine Jeddea of which Jesus was judean.and Israel these were tribes .
    Both went into captivity by Assarya and Babylonia.
    Prior they were in Egypt and traverse the Sini peninsula into Palestine.
    Archeologists have pieced togetherness the movement were bible fell off silent .
    They became the Celts,lombards, Franks,Germans,Norseman.
    They were sons of Noah son Shem . However the book burners are relentless till today ban anything that blows the fake false flag BS.

  6. The government workers flip status at will (on the clock or off ).
    Same in my profession if I engage in commercial enterprise I’m under a different set of laws however once I make an entry on my log not engaged in a private capacity .
    All government employees experience this on clock your regulated by statutes in public.
    Punch clock your private . Simple.
    They know but play dumb like sheriff Mac advocate for the elite special ppl.

  7. 😋
    I don't encourage people to get into any goofy Esoteric. Like this site's mis_interpretations of people personal chart. But you can inspect the RETROGRATED planets (of the subject native). They make an ALARMING reflection of the person misbehavior. . (This site show something inaccurate, for the Banksters, the misvehaved politicians, fake Govt bodies, like their house position off), but that's is just an asymmetric view.

    What you have to do, after clicking this link, is to FIND a button (planet positions) of the sample Master manipulator, and see for yourself.

    The Antagonizers like to switch off and run away from their crimes, obligations to repay their true debts, while enticing their victims to follow the same path, to be their victims forever. 😱😨