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Sunday, May 16, 2021

My Thoughts on the ArVee

 By Anna Von Reitz

The theory behind the "RV" is that when the US DOLLAR is trashed and people lose half to 80% of the value of their money in this country, it will be offset by gains in the value of other world currencies. So, you are being told to invest in the currencies of other countries, because once "the RV" occurs, their gains will more than offset your losses.
In theory.
Of course, putting all your money in other currencies weakens the US DOLLAR and so, you are stupidly participating in the demise of the currency you have been using and investing in all these years, albeit under the force of Legal Tender Laws--- which is another story you can chalk up to the U.S. Military.
Some of these foreign currencies, in theory, stand to gain much more value than others, because the countries involved have assets (like minerals or archeological sites) that have been discovered or developed in the years since 1941 --- the last time that an RV-like event and worldwide asset accounting process occurred.
Those responsible for trashing the US DOLLAR --- mainly military officials who are supposed to be guarding our nation's money for us --- have been promoting the RV as an "answer" for their own gross mismanagement ever since 1863 when Lincoln appointed them to be responsible for our money.
Refer to the very first Executive Order ever issued --- General Order 100, also known as the Lieber Code, issued in March of 1863, one day prior to Lincoln declaring the Northern State-of-State organizations bankrupt. The U.S. Army took over as the Territorial Government at that point and has been in control of the money ever since.
It has been under their auspices and on their watch that so much terrible fraud and theft and abuse of the people of this country has occurred, so don't for a moment think that our military can escape this debacle with clean hands. They have had their paws in our cookie jar since 1863 and much of what we and the rest of the world have suffered is directly related to them and what they have done or failed to do.
The proposed ArVee is no different.
It is just another Big Con and Crap Shoot, based on graft and malfeasance, designed to benefit Insiders at the expense of Outsiders.
And it is just as criminal as all that has come before it.
The U.S. Military and their crony pals working the storefront in Washington, DC, have the most powerful commodity rigging scheme in place that anyone has ever attempted: The Exchange Stabilization Fund.
Using this mammoth stockpile of foreign currencies, they can undermine any economy and "blow out" any currency worldwide, at will.
They have been using this tool to conduct Economic Warfare since the inception of this scheme, and the ArVee is just the latest bit of their self-interested criminality on display, despite all the "secrecy" and elbow-jabbing associated with it.
Obviously, with the world currency markets rigged to the teeth, there is no actual value in any of the currencies. They are all arbitrary. Some jackass sitting in a leather club chair in London and his buddies sit down over a glass of Scotch and out of thin air, decide the exchange rates of world currencies, and whether or not people in Nigeria starve this winter.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with value or abundance of commodities or anything else. It's just digits and stockpiles and petty little men playing "god".
If the U.S. Military was worth the powder to blow them to Hell, they'd rebel against these masters and stop their endless bootlicking, but then, they'd have to explain to the American People exactly how and why all our gold and silver was cashiered offshore in foreign countries for "safekeeping".
And they'd have to explain their part in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.
And they'd have to explain what went on in 1941, just prior to the staged attack on Pearl Harbor.
To quote Ricky, Lucy would have a lot of 'splaining to do. A lot.
And most of it wouldn't ring true or be justifiable. It would just appear to be what it is --- criminality in a suit.
You want to know why Biden is "President" of a brand new foreign Municipal Corporation (that doesn't have a contract) and Trump isn't?
Because the Dirty Military outfoxed the Clean Military. Or maybe they just bought off enough traitors to pull the political equivalent of another one of their horrible Great Fiascos ---- the September 11 Holocaust.
Tell me, again, why NORAD was on stand down that day?

No, friends, the ugly truth is that the ArVee is like everything else these jokers have done for the past 150-plus years and they all need to be keel-hauled.


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  1. Anna God bless your Soul. I will calm the seas wherever I can ! I’m at studying diligently! Thanks for your great work. Within my Tribe you will be regarded as a SAINT

    1. I agree. Thank you for explaining the situation. So much for the good guys being in control.

  2. Have you ever wondered why so many people are actually believing in this Covid-19 scam, and faithfully obeying the masks/social distancing and 6’ apart mandates? Well wonder no more; this is the reason; STATINS! Hear me out! Over 90% of the population is taking Statins or some type of cholesterol lowering drug, “FACT”! Over 60% of the brain is fat, cholesterol fat! If you’re taking a cholesterol lowering drug, you are actually SHRINKING YOUR BRAIN! Remember, over 90% of the population is taking Statins! One of the listed side effects of Statins are Cognitive Impairment! Similar to Dementia! Germany used Fluoride to dumb down the jooz. American pharmaceutical companies use Statins and other chemicals to accomplish the same effects! Remember, the pharmaceutical industry also makes Vaccines! NOW YOU KNOW!!!

    1. Remember, your brain requires cholesterol to function properly! DUH!

    2. Does this fraud ever end..I guess Abby was right all along..only one person can fix this problem...God himself..

    3. The reality of it is, GOD is not a person, GOD means "Grant Of Dominion" and the only one who can correct this is You. The Ferry in the sky is not coming to save anyone. Who do you suppose that belief system benefits?

    4. True on cholesterol,however your brain is electrical billions of synapses foreign akin to fireflies a cloud of charge ,children thought to see without thair eyes tell them to visualize a forest they all report a vortex tube they can see through
      Lucid dreaming ,Russian scientist cozrev finds magnetic ley lines and places his equipment to John Dee’s cup or nasturtiums seeing cup and they get military grade telepathy.
      GOD is the one who can steer the biggest Tornado .or yoda.


    "Major disagreements to come within military leadership. Stay tuned. Joe Biden is not the president."

    ""I stated in this channel on March 10 that major problems are coming within our military leadership.

    A large portion of our military has embraced marxism. The other side are Patriots and loyal only to America.

    What happened today to US Space Force Commander Matthew Lohmeier was just the beginning. China benefits from all of this. Patriots must stay united and loyal to America."

    Space Force commander removed after saying Marxism is infiltrating the military

  4. Jimstone:

    One hour of Covid shots detected by stud finders (stud finder demo starts at 32:20), metal detectors and magnets. EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) Reader shows huge spike in the vaccinated - probably to interact with the 5G.

    "I have definitely figured out why the covid vaccine is causing blood clots
    They are claiming the spike protein does it and yada yada. That's not it at all. The real reason why the covid vaccine is causing blood clots is because the only readily available metal in your body is the iron in the blood, and the vaccine has nanobots that are attacking the blood to get that iron so they can build something with it. And your body has been re-programmed genetically after the shot to produce more nanobots, which attack the blood more. The shot is the most sinister thing ever done out in the open, while in secret."

  5. 9-11 a movie made for TV.Conventional demolition no one died.
    Military smoke builders.
    As a long time member of Clues Forum we even figured out most of the people were fake.Spend some time there.
    Still a great forum many interesting things found there.

  6. Is there anybody who can tell what "ArVee" is meaning ??
    I am reading this the first time.

    1. RV > as in Re-evaluation of currency value
      This site excels in this barrage of disinformation :

    2. Good question! I did not have a clue, either. So I researched "RV" as an acronym:

      RV Recreational Vehicle
      RV River Valley (Singapore)
      RV Review (medical)
      RV Runtime Verification
      RV Research Vessel
      RV Royal Vegas
      RV Right Ventricular
      RV Relief Valve
      RV Revert (Wikimedia Foundation)
      RV Rendezvous (military)
      RV Rendezvous (logging abbreviation)
      RV Received Votes (sports ranking)
      RV Right Ventricle
      RV Rigveda (Indian sacred collection)
      RV Rental Vehicle
      RV Random Variable
      RV Retroverted (uterus)
      RV Residual Volume (lung)
      RV Response Vehicle
      RV Rotavirus Vaccine
      RV Recirculation Valve
      RV Revised Version (of the Bible; published in 1881-1885)
      RV Rappaport-Vassiliadis (salmonella enrichment broth)
      RV Retrovirus
      RV Remote View
      RV Rød Valgallianse
      RV Réalité Virtuelle (French: Virtual Reality)
      RV Reverberation
      RV Rated Voltage
      RV Rateable Value (business premises terminology)
      RV Rabies Virus
      RV Release Valve
      RV Revalidation
      RV Reference Voltage
      RV Reactor Vessel
      RV Reconnaissance Vehicle
      RV Relatieve Vochtigheid (Dutch: Relative Humidity)
      RV Rescue Vessel
      RV Ralston Valley (Colorado)
      RV Radar View
      RV Resident Visitor
      RV Ryom Verzeichnis (Works of Vivaldi list by Peter Ryom)
      RV Rifle Volunteers (British Army)
      RV Rhino Virus
      RV Receipt Voucher
      RV Receive Variable
      RV Runway Visibility
      RV Radar Vector
      RV Retrieval Vessel (US NASA)
      RV Ruins Vacation
      RV Regulatory Verification (various locations)
      RV RuneVillage (RuneScape gaming discussion forum)
      RV Ross Volunteers (Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets)
      RV Routine Verification
      RV Ring Voice
      RV Recombination Velocity
      RV Radius of Vulnerability
      RV Reentry/Remote Vehicle
      RV US Revenue Motor Vehicle Use (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)

      A boatload of possibilities! None the right answer, based on a subsequent post.

      Small but important detail for future consideration:


      Not doing so in this instance wrecked the entire communication for informative value.

    3. Not a RV.. It is a RI... ReInstatement of the IQD... Iraqi Dinar

  7. Galls the BLACK nobility that the pladenians Nordic s like Marina Orsek who psychic abilities and Dr Schumann produced anti gravity craft Hannabu.germans called other world flying machine.
    Operation high jump crack piolits and navel forces cam scurrying back with thair tail between thair legs.secartary of navy Forrestall wanted to tell the public what happened so (((Eisenhower))) had him killed like gen Patton who also wanted to spill the beans on complete murdeious bombing of 1/2 a million refugees fleeing communist in non military Dresden.
    But zionest hate it when thair best plans get blown back in thair face with a littl help from Nordic buddies.

  8. the bottom line is... Jesus is the Only Truth...the Only Way....the Only Life....Everything Else is Deception!!!

  9. Military leadership principle use your men within thair capabilities .
    We’re not ready for a shot at the title .
    In words of Karl Luntz to often victims want not only restitution but revenge.
    He can’t deal with vengeful ppl.
    Do they deserve a noose yeah.
    They got unlimited funds we have pocket change . They have 2 billion hollow point in homeland sec alone . We have empty shelves .
    They have the congress in thair pocket we have retired resolute wise people .
    In words of general facing the Nort Korean communist we got them right were we want em attack in any direction.

  10. A coffee shop had along glass covered bar with under the glass thousands of dollars of now worthless totally. currencies with pictures of the dead leaders on the paper. Military scrip papers designed like the marketers insurance schemes selling people on the idea of the "as good as gold" papers. Money far more dangerous than fire and has caused a few so the owners could collect and rebuild. Magic Paper