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Monday, May 17, 2021

Listening to The Left

 By Anna Von Reitz

The repetitive chant-like sameness of the Leftist diatribe usually puts me to sleep. But, this morning, I heard something odd coming from the Left: a Leftist Gun Club. The leader of this organization was being interviewed and saying---that, well, she wanted to be able to defend herself against thugs.
Imagine that?
This was an early morning radio interview so my imagination was free to envision a human Chihuahua on a polished waxed floor packing a .357.... which was unsettling enough to jolt me fully awake.
And then she said something that answered a question that I have had for many years.
She said that she and her cohorts on the Left see the government as a force to be used to promote the Greater Good.
They see themselves as being anointed to determine what the Greater Good is, and then, they see the government as their means to power to implement it.
This took me back several decades to my time spent in California and the bizarre Bayside dinner parties I attended as one of the Greater Unwashed scarfing up free champagne. And it all made perfect sense.
These people have no idea what the government is, so they are using it for purposes never intended. Like two year-olds with a hammer or a dog with a dildo....they just came up with their own theory and ran with it.
It's a pillow smasher, no, no.... it's.... for denting the car fender! Wait, what else can I do with this?
What, I wondered briefly, would a tribesman living in the Amazon rainforest do with a wingnut?
Or a Californian do with a government?
Now, we know.
Apparently, large numbers of New Yorkers and Californians were never taught the actual functions of government, so they came up with something totally different to do with it----and then spread their new theory of government via morning television, reaching a huge audience as clueless as they were.
Like birds pulling apart a sweater to make a fluffy nest, or Grandma using a cat box for a laundry tub, or kids turning an old packing crate into a castle, the Leftists have repurposed the Federal Government.
There are now so many of them brought up under these false assumptions about the nature and purpose of government, that they are enforcing their own delusions.
"Hey, Joe, isn't the government supposed to take care of us, cradle to grave, no matter what happens?"
"Yeah, that's what I was told."
They actually believe, as in religious belief, that the Federal Government is a charity created to impose social justice (as defined by them, of course).
I used my hand to prop up my jaw.
That's why the Leftists sound like they are preaching a religion.
They are.
That's why they are so Holier-Than-Thou.
That's why they believe that they can buy social justice.
That's why they think that they can (and should) impose their own values on other people, using the government bureaucracy to do it.
For them, politics has replaced religion, complete with doctrines and dogmas and sacred cows.
And they think that the government bureaucracy is their means to convert all the Unbelievers.
Forget about militant Muslims. Forget about the Jesuits. We've got something far more dangerous and unhinged going on.

We need to start teaching Civics again, because millions of clueless people are falling victim to this theory of government, and once they embrace government as a religion, it's hard to tap them on the shoulder and ask, "Why are you wearing a mask and a birdcage on your head?"


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  1. Thank you Anna for your great Work

  2. Actually, this thinking starts somewhere-- and with the Jesuits it is in government, and seminaries, pulpits, Schools--- ever notice how at one time you could ask just about any teacher or coach in public school which church they belonged to while, in my case, a good chunk of Catholic students got a public school bus ride to our high school just to hop on another bus to take them to a Private Catholic School? Or did that just happen in parts of NY?

  3. 2 million people living in NYC and it’s a way of life being on government welfare.
    The media lets them feel good about it , after all the majority are deplorable.

  4. 13th Communist Plank

    They are not the "Left " dear Anna, they are communists. The enemy of a Republic form of government and " illegal " her since the 40's. Call them what they are and deal with them as such..
    Your pacificism with them will not work. Force is the only way

    1. Resistance is the only way and it is not pacifist. It is our call to resist the enemy and they will flee from us. Resistance is largely responsible for justice to flourish, not force, or we risk acting like a god in contravention to the laws of the God of Creation and reap additional woes upon ourselves due to our lack of interest in the complete concept of self governing. However, if push comes to shove, and tyranny escalates, I assure you we are fully conscious of our duty to act as agents of truth with the authority to render our enemies fruitless. Make no mistake, we are locked and loaded. The uncomfortable anarchy we must navigate is exactly the field that the effective nature of God becomes activated. There is no one coming to save us, and, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty, through God, to the pulling down of strongholds. Spiritually muscle up. That Wind will carry us through to the fulfilling of our task of recovering this world, God’s world, with the beneficence of the family of mankind at the forefront of every man’s consciousness. What Patriot58 pushes will directly separate us from the divine protection of God. Since he is an antagonist, his comments, or solutions, should not be considered as viable. He appears to be a tool of darkness sent into our midst as a way of showing us how not to respond. It is good to know your enemies.

  5. about 1940s is when government agencies and corporations began to break the law and invest in corporations. Now they own nearly all the stock in many and they all cross own each other. 1908 Senator expressed the corporations were wrecking the local economy. Andrew Jackson warned saying if the people allowed them they would lose their lands and homes and own and have nothing. Ancient theme war it is in high spiritual places. Bad VS Good, simple but hard to see

    1. FDR and ho Jewish hoard came into power 1931 ish primed by the banker made Great Depression. 1937
      Slipped in all thair communist poison pills buck act overlaying maritime shipping lanes over postal roads so now they have federal stranglel hold on interstate highways.
      Contrary to popular thinking those are for federal troops to crush any uprising.
      New deal,social security,state plan to force a contract everyone must follow (the communist plan) and as you point on corporations everything all business is by contract acting as corporations . Legally obligated to comply!

  6. To have bliss think shareable thoughts compassion is charge compression your heart frequency cascade like going down a vortex .visualize a forest scene is like flipping a switch

  7. Jedi like yoda be one with nature .

    Magneto protein reports are legit, the vax is clearly for remote mind control.

    "100 percent of the information in the quoted report below is from 2016 or earlier, they had time to work on this. This is what the vax is, obviously.

    The vax is supposed to install a remote controllable system into people's brains that will make the controllers able to force people to believe or act on whatever the controllers want.

    Corona Vax ingredients are horrific beyond belief
    "They are working toward the elimination of homo sapiens. The mRNA injections are just the thinnest edge of the wedge that will eventually involve the wholesale transformation of humanity into something else entirely. And at precisely the point that we allow the precedent to be set that governments can mandate the forced injection of unknown biomedical technologies in the name of a declared health “crisis,” Orwell’s nightmare of a boot stamping on the human face forever is tranformed from a dark warning about a possible future to a virtual certainty. You have been warned. I suggest you warn others."

  9. once they embrace government as a religion
    yes, thats why 10 commandments and "the bible" cannot be "public law".

    the american made-up religion puts on many masks but always just plays these word games, and its always millenium/illuminism/perfectibilism at its core. supposed saturnian golden age heaven on earth, never actually arrives.

    there is no other solution. thats the jesuit plan (who promotes american values, which are really masonic values), thats the state assembly plan, thats the vatican II plan...that's even many vatican I plans "the lord" instead of christ.

    there is no non-illuminati america. noone ever bothered to do such. all we get, from all angles, is the same old millenium heaven on earth nonsense, the worldly kingdom of "the lord" and christ is dead and gone.

    left and right are hegelian nonsense. state assemblies do the same exact "heaven on earth" illuminism/millenialism.

    "rules of heaven"

    "dark lodges" playing both "sides" as always.

    where or where is non-illuminati america? changing a seal doesn't actually accomplish anything.

    noone can serve 2 masters. there is no non-religious gov. there is only overt or covert religion, any gov. or supposed "sovoreign(s)" is either attempting to follow some standard (written or not, also flag pun intended) or they are making it up as they go.

    "left" and "right" are illuminism, came out of french revolution. there are terms for masonic/illuminist religion, which from all indications, america still has yet to escape.

    jesuits are pushing masonic values and "social justice" ala "communism", showing the actual intended goal, hegelian mergers.

    there is good reason to avoid "left" and "right" nonsense, it's always just an act and the goal is to merge. goes back to 2 hemispheres, the great cackler, creation/flood myths, alchemy.

    there is no such thing as non-religious gov., that's called materialism, aka the devil. "god of this world"

    even luther's non-sensical "2 kingdoms" wasn't pure materialism -- it allowed for a supposed private conscience.

    as soon as you accept "left" or "right" you have chosen illuminism/masonic religion. there is no way to be neutral on a moving train.

    the worldwide train, is headed into the worldly kingdom millenium of "the lord" aka aquarius.

    america, in all incarnations, always does the forked tongue dragon ouroborus, "bible-based" "public law" and 10 commandments but we aren't "religious" and you have "freedom" LOL.

    "secularism" is always a masonic/illuminist lie.

    1. CORRECTION: these [left and right] are terms for masonic/illuminist religion, which from all indications, america still has yet to escape.
      you can't beat masonry/illuminism with more illuminism, you just get more illuminism/masonry.

      you can't beat satan with satan, you just get more satan.
      you can't beat luciferianism with more luciferianism, you just get more luciferianism.

      actual "the bible" besides the phony masonic/illuminist interpretations, long ago covered all this nonsense.
      no neutral, secular is always a lie
      no neutral, secular is always a lie
      changing of seals doesn't actually do anything, if you are still just pushing the same old bible/revelation-based millenialism/masonry/illuminism
      left and right nonsense is easily seen through

      "to eliminate the opiate" also points this out

      state assemblies are not "wise as serpents" if they keep falling for this masonic/illuminist "left" and "right" nonsense,

      america always speaks with a forked tongue, wake me when there is some plan besides bible-based masonry/illuminist state religion.

      meet the new boss, same as the old boss. as a thing is bound so it is bound again. ouroborus. the first and last.

      what began as illumism and masonic state religion, still follows the same cloven-hooved tracks and forked tongue 100s of years later.

      left and right is also known as sex magic(k).

      this is the purpose of a trinity btw, any trinity -- it is the simplest possible solution to avoid such luciferian fake "duality" nonsense.

    2. old test "the lord" creates light and dark, more of this left/right luciferian nonsense. they alternate between "god" and "satan" like an oscillator. america seems stuck on this, a saturnian stumbling block, trapped inside the masonic/illuminist lead box.

      new test is (well, was, seems completely gone) light only.

      all the left right masonic/illuminist fake "secular" nonsense was obsolete 2000 years ago.