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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Three Critically Important Documents from Anna Von Reitz

3081. Public Corrective Notice and Demand

3082. Public International Notice - Notice to Vacate

3083. In the Court of Justice via RE 162 265 907 US Protest and Demand for Permanent Injunctive Relief  


  1. It appears to me these jerks arent taking anything seriously. How many times must the same thing be documented. Its time to make this known immediately in widespread use of any and all information outlests. Billboards, skywriting, events, alternative newscasts, flyers etc. Etc.
    They are laughing and ignoring because the mass majority arent aware of the fraudulent thieves.

  2. Are we sure we want TRUMP doing anything for us? The reason I'm asking is because of what I found about TRUMP! Here's the Link : Is This for real? or B.S.? Hope its the Later. Can someone verify this.

    1. My understanding is Rense works for the black hats, so...

    2. total B.S. regarding Trump. We live in a world of deception!

    3. Kodiak, I believe its true. Bur, more people won't believe it than do. If anyone wants to talk about deception...then, it would stand to reason that the very man everyone thinks is a savior is actually the deceiver. Come on people, these sleezy politicians are not deceivers..they are not hiding their deeds. They are laying out their plan for all to see. It's the one who is getting our allegiance that should be watched. The bible says the "very elect" may be deceived. That's a GREAT deception. Also, remember, that the antichrist will draw all to himself as an angel of light...not a despicable criminal. I think he's got everyone hoodwinked myself. Nonetheless, he certainly is being used of Yhwh to bring to fruition the end of time.

    4. I agree, we are seeing the RISE of the Human Beast Rv.13:3.
      We are in Satan's kingdom. Satan is the Father of LIES Jn.8:44
      Our Creator, Jesus Christ is withdrawing His power, from this
      world, to allow His created servant, Satan who is the Devil, to "sacrific" mankind
      for the Angel kinds' Salvation. God's true, but not known Salvation
      is based on SACRIFICE. Our Father in heaven, sacrifice Jesus Rm.5:8
      for our, and the Angels' salvation. Yes the Angels need to be SAVED
      to eternal life as Satan is Eph.1:10; Phil.2:10.
      Jesus later sacrificed ISRAEL Rm.11:11 his chosen nation for the
      GENTILE nations' salvation. Now MANKIND will be sacrificed for
      the Angel's salvation, as it was promised even to the angels in the
      "bottomless pit" Eph.4:10.

    5. tis true, no one gets out of here alive. In the end you will have to die for your belief. You will either die for Christ because you believe he gave us the ultimate immune system, or you will die without Christ because you took the vaccination and do not believe you were made in the image of God. Its that simple for the simpletons out there

    6. Hey Kodiak and Astrid - Trump's not a politician. You should do more research into what is really happening now. There are many sources of intel. Trump impeached twice, stolen election, pandemic. The Satanists, pedophile, Communist Democrats/Republicans will get their deserved judgment. The eternal lake of fire!

  3. The old saying, nothing appears as it is suppose to be.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Yes I understand the Deception. There are also Videos of Trump Partying with Epstein starting to surface also, How do you dismiss what you see with your own eyes. Maybe its CGI.


  5. This International Court of Justice is part of the United Nations. Is The United States of America a member?

    The member i read is the United States (singular), which according to their UCC is made up of the Federal States ( land ceded from a Union state for necessary buildings, forts, and magazines), and the United States (Washington D.C.) possessions such as Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa,etc.

    How would the court of the United Nations be able to settle a case?

  6. Now having read all 3 Public Notices, who can say that has questioned Anna's integrity that they have done as much or more to save US from this predatory scheme? I have waited patiently for ten years, to see someone else do as much or better, so I am very patient to wait for ewe to bring it forward for US all to see. Go ahead take ewer time no rush. I shall wait like I always have been when dealing with Jackasses. Hee Haw.

  7. Thank so much Anna Von Riedz for your hard work,I am very grateful to you.I appreciate what you have done and doing fir America,You are great.God is with you,and may He continue to bkess

  8. boy a lot of argumentative comments. I'm going to share all this to all that will read it. All I can do is try to get through to the people. so much ignorance amongst this world. Ignorance will be the death of all. Thank you Anna for sharing this information.

  9. fact is fiction and fiction is fact is becoming more apparent.
    Nothing is as it seems.
    Thank you Anna for all your work on our behalf.


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