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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Proof of Delivery for 3081, 3082 and 3083

 3086. Proof of Delivery for 3081, 3082 and 3083


  1. For just these Correspondences alone Anna had to pay 135.20 out of her own pocket. It would be interesting to know what Anna's total expenditures have been since she first initiated her walk down this crooked perilous path fraught with highway men? A journey such as this is Life consuming. Very few in life go where Angels fear to tread. This is definitely one of those areas. Does any one else want to travel, and make this trek? Please come forward, be ready to say goodbye to all family, friends, acquaintances, dreams, aspirations, wants, needs, everything, and everyone that ewe think ewe know. Come on, this is just great fun for all that wish to make this their life consuming endeavor. For those that say "Anna is a Shill" please publish ewer greater works for US to see, that we may also utilize them against this fraudulent scheme that has been perpetrated upon all of US since the day of Adam. Still waiting...

    1. I helped pay a portion too.. a few years ago.

    2. Well said, thank you. I get so tired of all the ridicule from others about what Anna is doing and yet they have nothing to offer. Links to some overweight backwoods guy out of the gold rush days making videos on youtube like he is some authority on government. People are always stating Anna is wrong about this or that but can never back it up.

  2. @FoscolosOO...get off your high horse...Anna recieves thousands of $$$ in donations..she takes nothing " out of her pocket" you moron.
    You make the fatal error of putting her on a pedastal. If there was not some profit or personal gain for her do you actually think she would be doing all this ? No one is that alturistic.
    I for one and tired of you asskisssers. Want to know why ? Maybe because I was one before she turned on me. Some of you memory loss. There have been may of us who over yhe years have put money and time into all these seemingly good ideas...paperwork, Continental Marshals, donations.... only to be left with our proverbial d--k in our hands and no help or answers to questions...
    Use discernment wih all this " info " . Being a Soveriegn and free requires more than most of are able to muster. I am no smarter or better than anyone else, I just have more personal experience . Comprehending all this new info that runs 180 degrees contrary to everything we uave been told and have learned requires daily dillegence and walking a razors edge, a task that most will find impossible or too daunting. Why do you think Stramer deletes most of my oosts ? Why do you think " Anna" devoted 2 articles in April 2018 to discredit me ?.. you wont find them because I called them out on the bullshit and lies and personal attacks... the woodchucks ran for their holes...learn to think for yourselves and for Christs sake have some discernment with all this bullshit !

    1. Patriot58, it should be easy then for ewe to publish your "greater works", for all of US to follow, and shed this skin, or cloak that has enveloped all facets of our lives. But no, ewe elect to use Hegelian dialectic techniques of slander. I can only laugh at ewe, and any deriding comments. Just remember there are now 50 State Assemblies...

    2. Patriot58, are you Virgo Triad? I'm afraid that I'm not up to speed on the controversy between you two...

    3. This is finally getting out there with multiple avenues;
      SGT Report First published at 04:52 UTC on April 8th, 2021.
      LOVE YOUR SERVITUDE, SLAVE. -- Michelle Ford
      At 47:44 Michelle Ford plugs Anna’s book
      Here's her website;
      Hey Patriot58 I'm sure that there are at least a few platforms like Bitchute that ewe can publish ewer findings for all to see. Make sure to leave the comment section open.

  3. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: 'Protect Democracy Project' - The Group Threatening Arizona Auditors Is Connected to Obama, Soros, China and Biden's DOJ. The corruption from the Obama years is not over. It’s just beginning. The Gateway Pundit

    Voices and Votes, Inc. - 501(c)(4) corporation is helping lead the charge. I know the individual spearheading this effort. She is a super Patriot. I am told that $150,000 is needed for expert witness fees. Other costs exceed $1.5M but have been covered by private Patriot donors. #FightBack, the 501(c)(4) of which I serve as CEO will be donating $50,000. So that leaves $100,000 to meet the need. Time is of the essence.

    Please consider joining the effort. We can get this done, Patriots!
    $5, $20, $100 – every dollar you give goes STRAIGHT to the AZ election audit.

    Below is the website. Just hit the donate tab, and select the AZ election audit initiative. When the fraud is finally revealed in one state, just watch the other states fall like dominoes! God bless you. - Lin

    1. We deal with Parasites, Robbers, Narcissists, GREEDY BRIGANDS, THEY TOOK SO MUCH, from my ancestors and my family circle to enrich themselves, for their sex and drug addictions... as long as 170 years...

      AND now they want to give me their bullshoot Apology for their crimes.

      They brought NOTHING to the table. For centuries, Their bloodline only take and take and take.

      Its time to shut them down. UCc 9-607 ~ 9-610. Im not taking their new Bs I.R.S.Inc scamming tax.

    The Biden Regime Is About To Be Delegitimized, And They Know It. The Criminals Cannot Let This Stand...Expect Extreme Measures.

    "Today in Maricopa County, AZ, law firms aligned with the Democrat Party coup orchestrated last November threatened to sue the auditors planning to go door-to-door in AZ to verify who voted and who didn’t. Think about that.

    Why on God’s green Earth would you threaten to sue over such a thing? The only answer is you don’t want anyone to know about the massive election fraud that installed illegitimate Joe Biden in The White House. The lawyers say lawsuits could follow if the audit proceeds as planned.

    In short, along with actions in other states where the election fraud took place, the legitimacy of the Biden regime is about to be revealed, in a major way. The criminals cannot let this stand. They cannot let the ballots be analyzed. Their criminal house of cards will collapse. We expect extreme measures from the dark side. However, the public is watching. The Deplorables are winning the public relations war."


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