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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 6 --The Military Quandary

 By Anna Von Reitz

The military is having trouble discerning who they actually work for --- the Pope, the Queen, the Lord Mayor, or us?
The answer is surprisingly complex, but it all boils down to: they ultimately work for us.
The Queen and Lord Mayor have inserted themselves in the middle and taken control by acting as their Paymaster in our purported "absence", which is why SERCO, Inc., a British Corporation associated with MI6 and the "Senior Executive Service" --- SES, has been cutting their checks.
Please note that the U.S. Territorial Government was never granted any authority to do this, and it has been done under pretext of "emergency powers" that don't exist.
Please also notice that with our appearance and coming into Session, there is no excuse for continued Territorial over-reach and assumption of control of any function not specifically delegated to them under their constitutional agreement.
We have objected to the Queen and Lord Mayor exercising control over our military payroll and have also objected to them assuming free access to our credit for purposes never agreed to, while failing to honor their contractual obligations in other regards --- such as securing our Southern Border, which clearly is their responsibility.
Of course, there is the issue that without fulfilling their obligations, they are not only in Breach of Trust, but in Breach of Commercial Service Contract, which places the default and the cost of all this firmly on them, and which also means that they have to meet the military payroll out of their own funds and show themselves as the brutes and bullies behind "American" aggression and the "US" military the whole time.
Essentially, they have been using our troops and sailors as mercenaries, using our natural resources and land assets to fund their war-mongering for profit, and using a "presumed" custodial interest in our assets to do it.
Now we are back and our actual American Government is in Session, and all of this so-called "mischief" has been unearthed and documented, much to our displeasure.
We doubt very much that the rest of the world will be happy with the prospect of them continuing this same game via the misuse and abuse of the Chinese people as cheap mercenaries.
The discovery of their mis-administration and criminal activities in this country and "on behalf" of this country --- purportedly---- makes their overtures to China to become the world's new policemen for them and their corporations a more apparent clear and present danger to all concerned.
We are all faced with the prospect of the military here being out of a job, our country being betrayed in front of the rest of the world (including our Allies in Russia) and everyone being bullied and beat up by Chinese instead of "American" troops---- all at the behest of the British Crown Corp, the UN Corp, and the Queen.
So, if the military, both the old DOD and the Territorial contingent, wish to have jobs and purposes in the future, they need to realize who they work for: the American States and People. And they need to come home and talk to their actual employers.
And the Queen and the Lord Mayor need to have some of their more nefarious profit-making and coercion mechanisms examined by the rest of the world, just as the other nations examined their perfidy in India and forced them to make correction and function within the Public Law and the International Law which allows the existence and functioning of their corporations.
It's more than past time for the Pope, who in the end, is responsible for this entire boondoggle, to examine the treaties allowing the Inner City of London to exist and also the incorporation franchise that allows the British Crown Corp and the UN Corp (founded by Vichy French war criminals) to exist.
And as for the Pope and both the administration of the Municipal Government and the former Commonwealth Government being administered as a "temporary" Territorial Government here, in Australia, in Britain, in Ireland, in Scotland, in Wales, in Canada, in New Zealand, and elsewhere.... please note the following laws pertaining to the parish law, which is synonymous with the district law of the District of Columbia, and the institution of their "District Assemblies" which are being improperly substituted for our State Assemblies, and usurping upon our authority and function.
Godwin v. Lunon, 1771 Va. LEXIS 1: "Act of Assembly 1748, copied from Act of 1705 -- Jurisdiction of the General Court -- Ecclesiastical visitation and deprivation are no parts of the "office" of an ecclesiastical judge...."
Bear in mind that "districts" equal "parishes" and that Municipal Magistrates, that is, ecclesiastical judges operating in Municipal Districts have been used to seize upon and confiscate the assets of their American Employers, at the same time as former-Commonwealth but now Territorial District Judges have done the same thing in "United States" District Courts.
The Pope and the Queen/Lord Mayor have been abusing the Ecclesiastical Courts to commit inland piracy against their clueless American Employers and right under the noses of our military the entire time that this has been going on.
3 Burn's Ecclesiastical Law, 58.
Penalties of a premunire --- forfeiture of properly -- for outlawry resulting in perpetual imprisonment of the "person" which results in a Bill of Attainder --- like the so-called "Fourteenth Amendment" which is outlawed with respect to all Americans in this country by Title IV of both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America ---- have been liberally applied to Americans in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract by these same "district" courts and their officers.
See Outlawry for Felony -- 1 US 86 (1784) 16 R.S. 2 --- Temporal cognisance/temporal law.
Act of Assembly 1661 - Act of 1696
The parishioners are indeed the "Persons" ordered to furnish the money-- that is, the Municipal citizens of the United States and US CORPORATIONS denoted as "citizens" under the diversity of citizenship clause --- but the erection of the parishes, that is, districts, and the gift of a salary or stipend, or in other words, the foundation and endowment of "the church", is the Act of the Legislature ---- meaning the foreign state-of-state legislature in this case.
They direct an "officer" --- in this case, a Hired Jurist or Agent, as in IRS Agent, operating under color of law -- to levy sixteen thousand pounds of tobacco (in this Act) on the titheable --- that is, taxable --- "Persons" of the parish/district. As soon as this money is converted and in hand, it become the money of the public. See Act of 1711, c. 2, (1829 edition).
Camp v. Lockwood, 1 US 393, Pennsylvania, 1788 --- Restitution of Estates and properties already confiscated as a result of The War of Independence:
As to the Restitution of Estates already confiscated, it is not required by treaty of peace between the United States -- that is the Company --- and Great Britain to be done, even as to real British Subjects.
(HN3) A Treaty is just as much a law of the Land as an Act of Congress.
So, property confiscated prior to 1783 does not need to be returned to the prior owners, even if those owners were British Subjects, because the Treaty of Paris concluded in 1783 between the Municipal "United States" and the British King did not include any such provision as part of the settlement.
Crane v Reeder, 25 Michigan 303 (1872) under Jay's Treaty of 1794: a Delinquent subject is an attainted traitor, referring back to the obligation of the British Subjects and Municipal subjects to pay war reparations.
332 Michigan 237 --- a bill of attainder is a legislative, also known as a police act--- which comes under the authority of Article 1 Courts which inflict punishment without judicial trial.
As you can see by reading the so-called Fourteenth Amendment to the "constitution" published by the Scottish commercial corporation usurping upon our Good Name and Identity in 1868 and operating as The United States of America, Incorporated, the Municipal citizenry of the United States were subjected to exactly such a foreign Bill of Attainder.
The problem is that the Pope's two incorporated instrumentalities have colluded together to deliberately misidentify Americans as Municipal citizens, and have knowingly prosecuted them as such under False Legal Presumptions in his own parish/district courts, despite the fact that Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America explicitly forbids this activity on our soil.
As more confirmation of this, you will note the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure published by these courts stipulate an "an appearance of justice" -- not actual justice, so that this becomes an admission that these courts have knowingly been operating under color of law on our soil, in violation of our treaties and our Public Law and our Constitutions allowing these purveyors of "essential government services" on our soil.
Jackson v Sands, 2 Johns.Cas. 267 (1801) (HN6) regarding Immediate (meaning Instant Action) attainders by legislative acts. See also, Jackson v Vatlin, 2 Johns. 248 (1807) and Act of Attainder October 22, 1779 and Act of May 22, 1722 Subsection 8, 1 Dall.185 ---- establishing Commissioners of Forfeitures.
Ware v Hylton, 3 US 199, (1796)
(HN5) Confiscation Laws of 1777 -- Two citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia (Wards of the Commonwealth being administered by the British Crown Government) were not indebted to a Subject of Great Britain where the eminent domain of Virginia was confined to "internal affairs" --- and the property of the debt was not within the limits of its territory.
Territory refers to the Territorial Government domain.
(HN7) Justice is the right to reimburse the expense of an unjust war.
See also Settlement at the Appomattox Courthouse in 1886.
The various rules that allow Bills of Attainder to be issued by foreign governments against their own foreign citizenry living in this country or against the citizenry of other foreign service providers living in this country based on treaties, don't apply to Americans.
In fact, Americans are specifically exempt and excluded from and protected from such Bills of Attainder by Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America ---- and nonetheless, the two instrumentalities of the Pope and the Queen/Lord Mayor, have knowingly colluded against their employers in Gross Breach of Trust, Treaty, and Service Contract to "latch" onto millions of Americans and purposefully mischaracterized them to be subject to such Bills of Attainder and subject to two kinds of Ecclesiastical parish/district courts for the purpose of defrauding them, confiscating their property assets under False Legal Presumptions, human trafficking them into foreign jurisdictions and allowing foreign courts to mis-address them to expedite these known international crimes of personage, barratry, inland piracy, press-ganging, conspiracy to evade their constitutional obligations, and unlawful conversion of assets.
All the above definitions and case citations are important, as well as the two "federal" Constitutions cited, to form a correct picture of the circumstance that the criminals used to take advantage of their Employers under color of law and in violation of both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.
Simply by establishing unconscionable "birth registrations" and registrations of other private property while acting under color of law, the criminals responsible could unjustly enrich themselves in the same way that any identify thief does ---in this case, by impersonating their victims as foreign citizenry subject to Bills of Attainder, pretending a subject matter jurisdiction based on this fraud in the victim's assets, then using the purloined assets as collateral for issuance of credit, running up debts in the names of the victims, and then using coercive force to collect the phony debt from the victims in their foreign parish/district courts.
While these courts and foreign governments have always had the right to establish Bills of Attainder on their own citizenry and the citizenry of foreign governments under treaties, they are specifically and explicitly forbidden to apply any such legislative measures to Americans.
Rather than abide by this simple constitutional mandate, they have deliberately entrapped their employers in adhesion contracts of various kinds while acting under color of law "as" the government acting under delegated power, and have thus presumed upon their American employers and misaddressed them, shanghaied them into foreign jurisdictions, and subjected them to foreign courts when no such action was ever necessary and cannot be justified.
The Perpetrators of this vicious scheme will argue that they were faced with an "emergency" and had to claim and exercise "emergency powers" because the American State-of-State organizations and the Federal Republic were both inoperable after the Civil War, but the actual States of the Union and their unincorporated Federation of States were not involved in the Civil War and were perfectly intact in 1865.
The Public here was simply never informed by traitors occupying seats in the Territorial U.S. Congress, and the then-State Assemblies were deliberately misinformed and coerced to create new State-of-State Constitutions that allowed British Territorial business organizations to slide like cuckoo-birds into a nest that never belonged to them, and to assume service contracts and positions of control that were never knowingly and with full disclosure granted to them by the American States and People.
They only succeeded in this subterfuge against their employers via the use of constructive fraud, semantic deceits based on similar names, and mis-applying their delegated powers of government under color of law.
No "emergency" ever existed in fact, as the Federation of States is the Delegator of all the powers delegated under all Federal Constitutions, and those powers that were left hanging by the collapse of the Confederation providing oversight to the American Federal Republic reverted to the Federation by Operation of Law.
All that needed to happen in 1865 is for the Employers, the American States and People, to be fully informed by their Employees.
We could have all been spared the Spanish American War, the First World War, the Second World War, and innumerable war-for-profit conflicts including Korea and Vietnam, Iraq I and II, and so much more pillaging, grief, and suffering, if our Employees had simply done their duty by us and the Principals responsible for the misdirection of those Employees had honorably discharged their treaty and contractual obligations to us.
So now we come before the nations of the world and the people of the world and the High Courts established to deal with such matters, and we ask for the unified and universal action required to restrain rogue corporations and Principals operating crime syndicates in our midst.
We sue for the peaceable return of all our purloined assets, including the Labor Bonds that were used to falsely indebt our people and which establish both the US Debt and, on the flip side, the American National Credit. We sue for the peaceable return and release of all foreign titles taken to our land and our land assets by the Queen and the British Crown. We sue for the return of our purloined state offices from the United Nations Organization, noting that Jimmy Carter could not give them what was never his to give. We sue for the return of our Title IV Flag entrusted to the British Territorial United States. We sue for the return of control and non-custodial ownership of our gold and silver which was removed "offshore" for safekeeping beginning in the 1870's. We sue for the instant and immediate cessation of all commercial warfare on our shores being promulgated by any corporation chartered by any nation at all, including those chartered "for" us in abuse of our sovereign powers. We sue for the international recognition which is ours by Nature, and for the peaceful resolution of these issues.
The International Court of Justice, the Vatican Chancery Court, and the Court of the Lord High Steward are all invoked.

If we, the defenders and keepers of all actual law, and the people of the nations of the world, stand together for justice and for peace, there is no office accorded to Man or Human which can prevail against the will of the living. Let us all choose to act in the only moment that does exist, that moment called "now"-- and let us act in our common defense against charlatans, liars, con men, bullies, and other species of banal criminals who seek to attain by guile what they cannot wrest by force of arms or moral persuasion.


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    How does a BAR - attorneys in a black dress have any authority over a sovereign nation with boarders, known as united states of America?

    Do they have an army like the U.N. that America pays billions in fees?

    How does anything they do affect the American John Public?

    1. .
      Lawfully speaking that is not this deceit and fiction created by the Vatican ensnare the public by their alleged God rules ............

      Wake up people its all B.S. for control over your mind and body

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      How do we become enslaved to something we were never new or were never told about; just more-another dacite-falsehood-trickery-lies know as the B.C. to control your mind.

      Because some person says what he says is law (LOL) and has a Roman Army to back them up

    3. Re: April 13, 2021--- Adherents of this cult have greatly influenced the Law of Admiralty --- for behold, Satan is cast down into "the sea" --- and British Maritime Law, too.

      I want to know exactly where in the true Hebrew or Aramaic Scriptures (not any of that so called latin or greek stuff which change the original meaning and intent) it says: for behold, Satan is cast down into "the sea" ?

      Remember what silence is and equates too?

  2. Discussion last night Michigan ass touched on ecclesiastical law meaning the people are the ecclesia. And it’s been our common law tradition
    That the pastor played the judge and practitioners the jury using gods law the Bible.
    But the BAR couldn’t set up shop .


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