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Monday, March 1, 2021

Vaccines - The Oldest Scam


  1. A synopsis of this book is on scribd. It describes the horror of the swine flu debacle of 1976. So many people died of that vaccine yet there was not a single actual case of swine flu in humans. Finally because of public outcry, the vaccinations ceased and Gerald Ford was replaced in the next election. This synopsis also sheds light on Legionnaires disease. OMG!

    This situation today is the same. Our warning cries are seen as only conspiracy theory and it won't be until many are dead, dying and disfigured before the cry will go up en masse.

    As much as I love Donald, the fact that he's pushing this vaccine and touting it as a victory of his administration makes me really wonder. Just sayin'

  2. It's coded talk. Lots of people don't want to believe that fact, but then how do you explain what Trump said at CPAC yesterday "America has the cleanest air and water in its history"? No intelligent person will ever believe that Trump is referring to the air we breathe and the water we drink because it is abundantly clear that our air and water is more polluted than ever. They are anything but clean.

    So what then? Do we join the long ignorant chorus claiming that Trump is just a mad man lunatic on the loose, spewing retarded babble at every opportunity, and that he should be destroyed by any means necessary? If you believe that then I have no respect for your intelligence.

    Or do we wake up from the dream and deception and once and for all understand that he talks in code much of the time. Another famous guy talked in code and riddles 2000 years ago, and to this day most people still can't figure out the simple messages that Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph was giving us.

    I can't make it any simpler than this. When Trump says "air" he's referring to the sub-delegated MUNICIPAL Air Jurisdiction, not the air we breathe into our lungs. When Trump says "water" he's referring to the delegated watery international Sea Jurisdiction, and it has nothing to do with drinking water. When Trump says things like "we the people", "returning power to the people", "the people", "America", "Americans", he is referring to the sovereign national Land Jurisdiction.

    This is what Anna has been preaching for 40 years.

    When Trump says "vaccines, covid, China virus, ventilators" etc, it's all coded talk.

    China virus = communism/fascism.
    Covid = Air and Sea bankruptcies in progress.
    Ventilators = Emergency aid and new contracts to help those countries hardest hit by the bankruptcies.
    Vaccines = Air and Sea bankruptcies liquidation and wrap up.

    That's why Trump keeps saying that it's all FAKE NEWS! The MSM interprets these words literally and leads the entire world into confusion as a result. All these words and more must be decoded and understood in their proper context for anything to make sense.

    Sometimes the context is clear and simple like Air and Water = jurisdictions (not physical substances).

    Some are harder to decipher, but there's help. This is why Q became a reality. Q is the alternate media. Everyone else other than Q who claims to be part of the alternate media is merely confused, deceived and spreading yet more confusion. It's pointless and even damaging to continue with the MSM and the self proclaimed alternate media. Q has given us all the news we need to know, plus, a complete course on how to decode it all.

    I do my daily decodes and I sleep very well at night knowing that things are being taken care of the best way possible.


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