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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Are We Stupid?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Brits think so. 

But are we?

We have let them lead us around by the nose for over a hundred and fifty years....

And we have been confused and deceived by rudimentary semantic deceits such as the difference between The United States of America and “the” United States of America—- the British Territorial United States.

We’ve let them define us and run us through their courts like cattle in a chute, pillaging and plundering all the way.  And yes, we did mistake their courts for our courts, and their forms of law for ours.... but is that our fault for being fooled or theirs for acting in Breach of Trust and deceiving us?

And we have been obeying mandates issued by the heads of their bankrupt corporations who have less than no authority over us.

And we have been cowering in fear of a virus that nobody has yet proven exists. They haven’t even tried to isolate any virus.  They just talk about it as if it exists, and blame it for heart attacks and cancer and falls off of ladder trucks.

But then, generations of us have cowered in fear of an unknowable and unseen and terrible and vengeful god —or two or three hundred such deities, and nobody ever proved that they existed either.

And only a few of us have scratched our heads and wondered— if they haven’t isolated a specific virus, how could they test for something undefined? 

And why are all these people who took the vaccine now testing positive for HIV?  Oh, right. HIV was Fauci’s specialty.

And since we know that Bill Gates and Fauci and the Pirbright Institute created and patented this same so-called virus according to their own patent applications—- why aren’t they all in jail?

The Public hasn’t been told the truth about any of this—-and why should we believe anything they tell us, when it’s always what they don’t tell us that counts? We can just skip to the chase and look for the missing pieces.

Then we have these yahoos crying about “the Title IV flag”—- which we loaned to the Brits and which they gave to their Subcontractors, who “lost” it to pirates, who now want to try to claim that they own us?

And use DOG LATIN to do it, too?  

Go look up The Justinian Deception  and realize that they are trying to trick us using con games that are more than a millennia old— and they have been getting away with a similar scheme for decades already.

We have listened (patiently) to every Flim-Flam artist from A to Z telling us all the reasons that they own us and they own our land and they have power over us — and it’s all nothing but lawlessness and thugs.

We have taken the blame for slavery (which we didn’t event) and racism (which we didn’t invent, either) that occurred six generations ago and which had, after all,  been happening worldwide since history began— but yes, we took the blame for it.

Even six generations after we spent our blood and money to stop it, we are the ones taking the blame for it?

And that, even though we were clueless enough to let the slavers come up with a scheme and enslave us all on paper, too.

Yes, there is plenty of reason to assume that Americans are stupid, because Americans have been far too trusting and complacent for too long. 

We’ve sat glued in our armchairs and anchored to our sofas, listening to their “programs” for decades and we’ve barely bothered to look at who is behind the curtain or what all that “programming” was doing to us and our ability to think critically and independently.

We haven’t even asked how we could be self-governing, when all we’ve ever done (until now) is to hand off our proxy to some jerk in a suit —and let him, our employee, reign over us?

Yes, there are plenty of reasons to think we are dumb—- but are we?


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  1. Romley Stewart - the Justinian Deception in four minutes

  2. Over 90% of the us population is currently on a cholesterol lowering drug like Statins. The brain is composed of cholesterol fats, if you take a cholesterol lowering drug, you’re SHRINKING YOUR BRAIN! DUH!!! Yeah this country is loaded with stupid Sheeple taking advice from the allopathic medical charlatans! That’s the only reason Covid19 exist! Shrunken Brain Syndrome!!!

    1. Well said! I binge on cholesterol daily and my brain works just fine thank you!

    2. This perspective is of high interest (having already dismissed the anti-cholesterol hype since 1999)! I'm especially interested in blogging about this at one of my CureZone Blogs. Would it be possible to offer a link or more on the brain-shrinking consequence from a cholesterol lowering drug like Statins? .........

    3. Yes Jayebird65,it is called the, 'Cholesterol Myth!' It's become a staple within the medical industry. They strive to get anyone over the age of 25 on prescription medicine for so called, 'high cholesterol,' and for what they call, 'Metabolic Syndrome.' Can you imagine all of the so called diseases that they have created and introduced through the medical industry and how they get so many people to subscribe to them? They have many parents believing that their children have autism...It's staggering!!! And, one of the greatest myths within the medical community is that eggs, (egg yolks), are not good for us. That is so absurd it's not funny! Eggs are a perfect food! The list goes on! People please do your research if you are told something that doesn't right to you. Do your research, period!

    4. Make it happen- February 26, 2021 at 6:50 PM
      Originally posted on Anna's article: Wednesday, February 24, 2021
      Turkey Farming By Anna Von Reitz

      Greetings Earthly Mortals,

      What does any of this "BC" matter if divinity has planned the planetary extermination of the globalists and humanity as soon as January 1, 2025 and latest as January 1, 2035???!!! The "BC" is the least of the globalist's and humanity's worries!!! "The peacemakers shall inherit the Earth" said our Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!! Are you personally a peacemaker or not???!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Divine-Intelligence ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Mortal-Intelligence ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Divine-Lawful-Jurisdiction ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", February 26, 2021. ©

    5. Foscolos00- February 26, 2021 at 11:42 PM

      “Make it Happen”, Far be it from me to question Holy Divine Inspiration, and Revelation; ewe posted: “What does any of this "BC" matter if divinity has planned the planetary extermination of the globalists and humanity as soon as January 1, 2025 and latest as January 1, 2035???!!! The "BC" is the least of the globalist's and humanity's worries!!! "The peacemakers shall inherit the Earth" said our Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!! Are you personally a peacemaker or not???!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!”
      I have a few questions that should only be answered from ewe if ewe can;
      1: Are these Human Beings/Humanity that are going to suffer “extermination”, to be the living or the dead?
      2: Is Our Creator God’s name actually Yahweh?
      3: Do you know what the definition of “human” is? (Hint) look in the Ballentines’ Law dictionary under “Monster”
      4: Can you give a true definition of “Man”
      5. Is the term Globalist one who resides on a Globe, and rules said Globe?
      6. In what rendition of the Bible along with the Chapter and verse are you quoting that “The Peacemakers shall inherit the Earth"?
      7. Where in the Bible does it state that the Earth is a Globe?
      8. Lastly, what is a "person"?
      I do hope that this prophecy does comes true that has been given to you with all my heart, because that will mean all fictions will be destroyed, no longer in existence. Alleluia !

    6. Make it happenMarch 1, 2021 at 9:18 PM

      Greetings Foscolos00,

      Thanks for your response!!!

      You asked "1: Are these Human Beings/Humanity that are going to suffer “extermination”, to be the living or the dead?"(!!! [sic]) The globalists and rest of humanity (with exception of few chosen Earthly mortals) are currently on "Divine-Lawful-Death-Row-Judgement ©*" unless absolutely the globalists and rest of humanity become peacemakers (with my personal divine/mortal intellectual guidance) before January 1, 2025 to be given a "Divine-Lawful-Stay-of-Planetary-Extermination ©*")!!! All planetary mortals still alive (including the globalists [anti-creation, anti-humanity {people} and anti-divinity]) will be divinely exterminated as soon as January 1, 2025 and latest as January 1, 2035!!! All Earthly mortals who die before that deadline is already pre-exterminated (Divine-Lawful-Eternal-Death-Judgement ©*)!!! There will be no "suffering" from the planned divine planetary extermination, it will be quick, swift, and painless!!! The globalists and rest of humanity absolutely will not be able to counter-attack!!!

      You asked "2: Is Our Creator God’s name actually Yahweh?"(!!! [sic]) Yes, that is our divine Father's actual name just like your personal name that your biological parents gave you at birth!!! The only reason I personally use His personal name is so no Earthly mortal is confused about who I am personally mentioning and serving!!!

      You asked "3: Do you know what the definition of “human” is? (Hint) look in the Ballentines’ Law dictionary under “Monster”"(!!! [sic]) When I mention "humanity/human" it refers to our divine Father's (Yahweh) mortal children also known by divinity as "people"!!! According to divinity humans are only considered "monsters" who do not follow "The Original Divine Lawful 10 Commandments ©*" such as the globalists and any other Earthly mortals who commit crimes against "Original-Divine-Creation ©*"!!!

      Continued in following post (too many characters):

    7. Make it happen- March 1, 2021 at 9:20 PM

      Continued from previous post:

      You asked "4: Can you give a true definition of “Man”"(!!! [sic]) Man as in manual (as in autonomous, free of divine and mortal influence [in the world but not of the world]), free will of the consciousness, mental and emotional ability to comprehend cause and effect (absolutely aware of the consequences of thoughts, words and actions which result in "Divine-Eternal-Judgement ©")!!!

      You asked "5. Is the term Globalist one who resides on a Globe, and rules said Globe?"(!!! [sic]) Globalists are considered "Divine-Earth-Criminals ©*" who hijacked (stolen) "Original-Divine-Creation ©*" from its original creator which is our divine Father (Yahweh) from The Kingdom of Paradise/Heaven!!! And, my personal duty (voluntary), command and mission is to absolutely return what was stolen ("Original-Divine-Creation ©*" and "Original-Divine-Lawful-Rights ©*") back to our divine Father (Yahweh) personally (sounds familiar???) as soon as possible hence to avoid the planned divine planetary extermination as soon as January 1, 2025 and latest as January 1, 2035 of the globalists and rest of humanity!!!

      You asked "6. In what rendition of the Bible along with the Chapter and verse are you quoting that “The Peacemakers shall inherit the Earth"?(!!! [sic]) "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons (daughters [sic]) of God (our divine Father [Yahweh] from The Kingdom of Paradise/Heaven)"- Matthew 5:9 (New International Version), "Blessed are the meek (peacemakers [sic]), for they will inherit the earth"- Matthew 5:5 (New International Version), "Happy are those who claim nothing, for the whole earth will belong to them (inherit [sic])"- Matthew 5:3 (J. B. Phillips New Testament), "Happy are those who work for peace; God (our divine Father [Yahweh] from The Kingdom of Paradise/Heaven [sic]) will call them his children (divine beings [Lucifer calls his children "Kids/Goats"] [sic])"- Matthew 5:9 (Good News Translation), "Happy are those (peacemakers [sic]) who are persecuted because they do what God (our divine Father [Yahweh] from The Kingdom of Paradise/Heaven [sic]) requires; the Kingdom of heaven (Heaven on Earth [sic]) belongs to them"- Matthew 5:10 (Good News Translation), I could personally go on for eternity quoting Bible verses!!!

      Continued in following post (too many characters):

    8. Make it happen- March 1, 2021 at 9:22 PM

      Continued from previous post:

      You asked "7. Where in the Bible does it state that the Earth is a Globe?"(!!! [sic]) Earth was once covered in 100% water and methane after completely formed!!! For an object to be covered 100% in water and methane by physics is a globe in zero gravity (absolute space)!!!

      You asked "8. Lastly, what is a "person"?"(!!! [sic]) A "person" in divinity is an biological being (Earthly mortal) who consciously accepts bribes/shekels (also known as fiat [illusion] money) to survive at another biological being's expense!!!

      You said "I do hope that this prophecy does comes true that has been given to you with all my heart, because that will mean all fictions will be destroyed, no longer in existence. Alleluia !"(!!! [sic]) I am personally honored and humble that you have personally recognized my personal agenda of "The-Mortal-Savior-of-Earthly-Mortals ©*" to bring dignity (self-respect, self-love, divine/mortal peace on earth) and survival (enjoyment of "Original-Divine-Creation ©*") for millenniums to come for the globalists and rest of humanity!!! The absolute divine will, authority and command of our divine Father (Yahweh) will be divinely and mortally executed to perfection for divinity and mortal life itself, I will personally make sure of that, guaranteed, if I personally do not die before!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from The Kingdom of Paradise/Heaven!!!

      If you need any more clarifications of my answers please let me personally know!!! Thank you!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Peace-Ambassador ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Peace-Broker ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Divine-Intelligence ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Mortal-Intelligence ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Divine-Lawful-Jurisdiction ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", May 1, 2021. All "Divine-Lawful-Eternal-Rights ©*" reserved without prejudice, under the "Divine-Lawful-Authority-of-Command ©*" and "Divine-Lawful-Eternal-Protection-Order ©*". ©

    9. would that "make it happen" bothered to read rest of new test.

      "monotheism" is obsolete -- noone goes to the father except through christ. putting on christ is required. as is confessing he is lord and was raised (silence is guilt here). this requires a baptism. in a trinity. of 3 persons, who are cosubstantial.

      "the lord" is like saturn -- devours/castrates the real father and/or son, to steal the kingdom

      the meek get the earth because cattle are dumb animals with no spirits. lead. second death in revelation and thoth-land. it means they denied christ/god once and deny a second time -- so are twice misled and deceived, twice damned, twice cursed.

      like roman law, "the lord" and saturn time -- always impersonates everything. ouroborus. tries to steal and deceive existing things.

      anyone can verify these statements -- look in new test for things i claim.

      one can say "the bible is not the word of god" -- but then why is make it so quoting it and trying to rewrite it? equity demands rejecting new test, or rejecting "make it so" as misquoting and misapplying scripture -- unless there is some reason that all the things i mentioned were "mistranslated" and somehow his statements are "correct"

      revelation tells us about "those who say they are jews but are not" -- the synagogue of satan.

      "god of this world" was monotheism/"the lord". aka satan.

      that was who christ and new test came to save people from. the devil, masquerading as light. same old.

      also, christ broke the sabbath. and said people who leave father and mother for his sake would be rewarded etc. and no gods before him. it is only kabbalah that tries to blend "judaism" with "new test" in an unholy mess that is neither "jewish" nor "christian" -- those who say they are jews but are not, the synagogue of satan.

      noone can do kabbalah because noone is pure. noone is pure because old test people their messiah hasnt arrived. their messiah hasnt arrived because worldly israel is blocking it. see or .com -- either on web or

      for revelation see eliphas levi transcendental magic -- just a 1800s "socialist" ploy to destroy "christianity" -- a kabbalist, neither jew nor christian.

      my kingdom is not of this world. all you have to know about "make it happen" LOL. the god of this world is satan -- see the bible.

    10. may 1st is "illuminati" day the day "make it happen" is poised for LOL. "make it happen" is just some kid (goat) of baphomet toying with people. read the new test to refute all his claims. put on christ, baptism, trinity, no worldly kingdom, noone goes to the father except through me, my kingdom is not of this world.

      revelation -- those who say they are jews but are not -- the synagogue of satan.

      as others have said -- actual public laws cant be copyrighted. for rules abuot actual public offices, see american jurisprudence.

      de jure, de facto, and intruders.

      such statements of course put "make it happen" as an intruder.

    11. its kind of pathetic "make it so" will quote new test for one little line while completely contradicting every other portion of it.

      saturn is just lead. its just a fake "illuminist" golden age. it already failed. that was the book of enoch. and nebuchdnazzer's dream about the roman ages. its against old test too to try to magically return to some saturnian golden age.

      there is no law in the golden age -- because mankind is supposed to be so full of reason. its just another ploy to steal all property and people and their minds and put final nails in the new test coffin. vampires.

      "make it happen" is just some kid "goat" toying with people pretending to be "illuminati" -- all the new test contradicts his every word. his goal is to get people to commit the one unpardonable sin -- denying christ/holy ghost. as long as people persist in that, they become permanently damned.

      again, see new test about flames being prepared for the devil and his children. and also about the other "father" being the devil and father of all lies. that would be yahweh aka jehovah aka "the lord". actual "jews" are still waiting for their messiah -- see or .org or wayback machine -- on hold because worldly israel is preventing their guy from showing up. actual statements by actual rabbis contradict everything "make it so" says as well, not just new test.

      kabbalah/illuminism wants to destroy both judaism and christianity. so that is what "make it happen" is attempting to do. it is against old test as well -- no secret books, no trying to "force the end" -- and it should be self-evident you cant mingle and mix and match new testament into old test things.

      actual "old test" people should avoid "make it happen" as well, heresy for old test too.

    12. the "fall" of the book of enoch was the "heaven on earth" and so was "atlantis" -- none of those are "christian" of course.

      so, it already failed. "heaven on earth" under "the father" (rejecting christ as god) is just same old "illuminism" trying to destroy what is left of judaism and christianity.

      they have to destroy both new test and old test to get "their lord and his christ" of revelation. so that is all "make it happen" is trying to do -- get everyone to reject both actual judaism and new test. then, "their lord" saturn can rule all.

      the sabbath is saturn's day BTW. there's a reason old test is obsolete.

    13. ashes to ashes dust to dust -- earth -- meek inherit the earth -- another one bites the dust -- refers to corpses/bodies.

      which is quite irrelevant. only question is where your spirit and/or soul goes when you "give up the ghost". so those people whose spirit sticks around to haunt earth are basically cursed/damned and didnt make it to "heaven" -- zombies, vampires, undead, werewolves, ...

      they miss out on inheriting heaven, so they get earth/lead instead. and eternal alchemical fire to try to purify all their sins. 1000 years or so? forever? eternal? in any case, they just get burnt for a long time until they are "pure"

      in other cultures they get to be e.g. rabbits if they cant keep their bodily lusts under control. again, thats punishment. act like an animal, eventually you will become one. such are "the meek" who couldnt decide if christ was god or if the devil was god. they get to be animal slaves for the "illuminists"

    14. earth -- some imaginary heaven on earth golden age -- yahweh -- its just saturn worship they put ashes on foreheads too LOL.

      the lords day -- saturn's day. besides time, saturn is god of "reversals" (see saturnalia) -- kings become slaves, slaves becomes kings.

      so "translated" they want to overthrow both christ and old test and -- in true saturnian fashion -- devour the real father and the real son so they can steal the throne.

      such is the cult of saturn. amos 5:18 the day of the lord is darkness, not light.

      it doesnt take a lot to refute "make it happen" -- just read new test or actual judaism (not kabbalized/zionism/etc.) -- but this is why "be wise as serpents"

      hopefully noone is dumb enough to fall for saturn worship.

    15. also, noone is supposed to be an "observer of times"

      so all those magical dates "make it happen" talks about -- thats against "the bible" too. obsolete. no more prophecy for new test, and old test people -- on hold because worldly israel isnt supposed to be there.

      if anyone still is dumb enough to believe "make it happen" -- enjoy your eternal slavery. for new test -- you reject christ, he rejects you.

      for old test -- well, "make it happen" is not actually "jewish" because he quoted matthew. noone can serve 2 masters.

  3. The cabal rich zionest took over government education trotting out an adorable school teacher then the switch end actually it’s the vile Nelson Rockefeller using Soviet Academy of Sciences associative conditioning.
    What to be cool ? smoke a pack of cools cancer sticks .
    And due to powerful gang called APAC Jewish lobby they monopolize all communication and print fake Monopoly money or other methods of crime .
    That’s all they need to thug world one nation at a time . Watch them work in Middle East the bombing of innocent civilians either by Direct Israeli weapons or weapons we give them for free .manipulating the masses with fake Hollywood style false flags like Charlottesville or DC crisis actors doing all the stunts.

    1. bubbapatric - yeppa! And their FAKE NEWS TODAY becomes tomorrows FAKE HISTORY. And with allllll our technology, we cannot stop the jew.

      GOOD FOLKS - All our history is FAKED, almost everything we think is our history has been a replication, duplication of one true character, sometimes total fabricated character, or duplication of one even times 4, placed in different locations, given different names & push back on FAKE historical timeline.
      There was NO Henry VIII, no Dark Ages its the Middle Ages, no Catholic Church inquisition, Trojan War was Middle Ages & is the Crusades event, thats it. Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D. & is Mt. Sinai & Zion-Horeb. Columbus sailed in 1677 not 1492. Their 'antiquity' is really the Middle Ages. There was no Holy Roman Empire as we're told. The Roman Coliseum was built for tourist attraction, is not ancient, not qualifies as such grand empire construction, its junk. Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705 not 1520 & this occurred just a few decades PRIOR TO 1776.

      All by the jews. And those jews are now pushing AGAIN, to edit the Bibles to remove what jews deem anti-semetic, such as jews killing Christ. AND NOTHING STOPS THEM.

      And... jews never were semites in the first place. ALL LIES, talmudic filth. Including their 'Give me your huddled masses' & 'Melting Pot' BOTH written by JEWS & lathered across our history as though it is law & it is NOT. The jews "Statue of" Liberty is their Inc take over of OUR Liberty Enlightening the World is her true name. She is atop a Star Fort.


      thanks so much & stay sane

  4. The U S population is stupid because all we want is limited government and to be able to live our lives in peace. The biggest criminals in the U S is the government! May we all wake up just long enough to correct this so we can go back to sleep. We need Trump to come back now in some form as he said he would! Now would be a good time for that. We would all love to see the bad ones go to military tribunals and convicted and appropriate punishment! Make it so that no one would ever try it again. All people in government office and their families should be audited every year. They should have term limits and leave office with the same amount of money they started with. I want to be proud of our government. They are supposed to work for us. We need you back in charge Donald J. Trump!

    1. You can't expect one man to do it all. This is exactly why we are in this mess. Leaving everything up to someone else to take care of. That is the definition of doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

    2. Jon - yeppa & so much more to what you're saying, which can't be detailed on a simple post. Floating the internet is March 3-7 something about Trump being recognized as Pres of Republic... but does he have proper standing on land & soil & everyone else involved have proper standing?

      So much confusion, for all the dumbed sheeple, to comprehend Trump has no jurisdiction over land & soil. And folks think the banks can be "nationalized" when there isn't a true National to take it on, so its just shifted around to another jew Inc.

      Trump needs full force backing, which rumors say are behind him, as White Hat military, who are said to have met in his Mar a largo War Room. Even Steve Bannon is said invited on team, maybe leading aspects, by Trump (Jared the Chabad jew had Bannon kicked out & Bannon can't stand that jew).

      IF Trump returns, he has got to SHAKE OFF HIS JEWS, they should have NO PLACE near our government. Folks don't know, but Congress is made to sign Israhell 1st contracts & a jew is assigned to them to insure compliance.

      So another sh*t pile of evidence its the jews, NOT Catholic Church. Can Trump go anywhere without his anal-clot-jews? How to get rid of them permanently? How?

      Agree Trump needs to surface now... Or we the peeps are done with this grift. And.... just so folks know, JARED the Chabad jew, is rumored to want to run for prez. ANAL CLOT JARED KUSHNER CHABAD JEW running for any office?? Ivanka Chabad jew, is said thinking of running for some office.

      After the massive grift Jared did, with his brother, against America, enriching themselves on OUR BACKS, while jews give jews everything they desire..... & YET IT IS NEVER ENOUGH.

      So what is Trump really up to? If its smoke & mirrors, lots of smoke, no lift-off the runway... he's just sitting in the hangar.

      SO SICK OF THE JEW-GRIFT. thanks & stay sane

    3. Trump? I don't think so. No puppet will help us. There are millions of people in this nation. We don't need a politician to save us.

    4. Amen to that! No politician is going to, 'save,' us.

    5. Amen to that! No politician is going to, 'save,' us.

  5. Saturated fat is necessary for cells like lung cells 100 percent saturated fat. It is needed to keep cells water proof and the charges correct inside and outside the cells. They say dont eat it and bombard us with electric fields that screw up the charges and cells. Ever since HIV anyone looking could find the same thing, no virus isolated and offers of big bucks for anyone doing so. HCV and the new lifelong diseases yet no virus and using the PCR. Curious Kerry Mullis would die of cancer right when they planned to use PCR again for another new disease. He said over and over PCR cannot tell you if anyone is sick or how much virus they have. Fauci failed to take him up on a debate at the university where Kerry taught and Kerry Mullis created invented PCR and got an award for it. He met the infamous Luc Montagnier who bogused up HIV causing a symptomology AIDS but when Mullis met him at the Nobel Prize party Montagnier shunned him upon finding Kerry was interested in truth. New PCR allegedly isolated (not) virus that still cannot be seen and grown yet claimed to mysteriously exist using mathematical Sherlock Holmes process but assuming a particle while it could be thirty other things must be a chunk of HCV or HIV without even knowing. Its a total farce and the treatments will give you the symptoms and make you sick and die unless you are big public figure then they might use something that will help you even though you are not actually sick with the thing claimed but who cares as long as the end goal is reached. With Corona in New York its get em in a Corona bed, 13,000 medicare and on a ventilator 27,000 medicare and get em processed through fast ( turn up ventilator cause thats normal) and get the be emptied to another can be processed. Killing people to make money, faster get more money. Eustis Mullens said he though doctors were good people until one day he went to them and found they are in business of killing people and making them sick. Dumbed down very profitable too. Just a few sick chattel for the elite to toss in a hole.

    1. AirCarvings - yeah & Mullis died soon after. Anybody have more details on if he was killed or not... I tend consider he was killed becuz he was destroying their $hekel $haker jew world oder plans with the simple truth.
      And we love Eustace Mullins for sure! And his close friend Ezra Pound, placed in asylum cuz he exposed the jews.

    2. They assassinate by numerous means General Smedly Butler who went full dissident “writing war is a racket”
      Died of strange stomach cancer .
      General Patton rammed by a military rogue truck survived and killed in hospital when he was just fine .
      Congressman Louie McFadden poisoned.
      FBI whistle blower Northern California chief poisoned with arsenic dust .
      Two drops on your hand of organic mercury will immediately cause your brain to completely die .

    3. Ted Gunderson (FBI) drew out the power flow chart and the central node is CIA.
      Unlimited funds unlimited immunity,unlimited power they even guard our black ops bases .

  6. I am not new at this, but I am relatively new at what is entertained as the assembly: talked to a coach, really not please with the conversation, but it is what it was, what I see here is there is no real effort of confrontation and I do not mean stick and stones, one wants peace but on what terms, get real peace without confrontation is B.S., I read everything you have posted and research along with it and I have confronted these jack asses nose to nose without any back up, used the news papers, courts, even served them in their municipal B.S. jurisdiction. I have watch your Monday meetings and I am not amazed to what I see or hear, frankly I am not impressed at all, but informed if anything else. No, little tweets, posts and one on one conversations are not going to project ones agenda of truth without confrontational peaceful effectiveness in media and nose on nose, toe to toe effective issues

    1. thomas, I can find nothing to disagree with in your comment, but if I may add one thought to it. I'm all for going nose on nose and toe to toe against this iniquity, and we could all do it until we are all blue in the face, but it would all be for naught as long as the underlying jurisdictional problem is not fixed.

      We can desire true government as much as we want, but if we build it on unstable sand it will soon collapse. We need a stable foundation on which to build. This is the foundation that Anna and her Team are building. This foundation requires a certain minimum system to be reconstructed and firmly anchored on the land and soil, otherwise the shifting sand will just tear all our best efforts apart all over again. And I'm not just talking about America. This is needed for the entire world. We as a civilization need to finally get it right, just once, to get a properly functioning system (a pattern, a viable model) up and running and then it can be copied throughout the world. There are numerous efforts taking place around the world trying to set this up, but I believe Anna's approach is the best one overall, because it is the most comprehensive and the most adaptable. Every nation on earth is different and with its own needs, and Anna's technique is the one that can best accommodate all these varying needs. I encourage everyone reading this to try looking at the broader picture. America doesn't exist by itself on this planet. It is but a small part of the bigger picture. The entire planet needs a solution to this centuries old horror story.

      Keep one other thing in mind. All this effort by Anna's people is not just about me-myself-and-I. It is fundamentally about civilization, and, civilization is fundamentally about We-Us-Everyone.

      As a final note, we all should be paying close attention to Trump's CPAC speech of earlier today where he emphatically stated that America now has the cleanest Air and Water in it's history! Is anyone foolish enough to think that Donald was talking about the air we breathe and the water we drink? If that's what you understood then it's time to take that red pill and wake up (learn the comms). That makes no sense at all, since we all know for certain that our air and water are more polluted than ever before. Trump was talking about cleaning up the Air and Sea (water) jurisdictions through the bankruptcy system. The Air and Sea jurisdictions are now in better shape than ever, even though our breathable air and drinkable water are horrible.

    2. The confrontations that are needed now are most certainly jurisdictional in nature. Just by challenging the jurisdiction (and recording that in common law) is a sufficient Lawful start whereby the legal entity must prove their Lawful jurisdiction. We don't have to wait for any viable model to be up and running to question "authority" now.

    3. TBG from 9:30 PM quote. Thank you for your contribution in thought on this post. I found it inspiring and encouraging from your informed perspective.
      I'm a coordinator within the South Dakota Assembly.

    4. Thomas - too much of what you say is spot on to ignore. We've been following Anna for years. Now we're fed up with her commandeering, while she says we are to govern ourselves, Anna seems to rule from a self-appointed perch as Fiduciary for The United States of America, before it was reconstituted, & we have no evidence of a contract with Anna.
      Anna appointed herself Fiduciary, which means control of our nations wealth, & she instructed jew Mnuchin to provide somebody named Hein III OUR ASSETS in some account.
      Who is Hein & is he a jew? Where is his contract stipulating all we need to know, including his job description, his purpose, for whom he presents, his obligations, the results of his control of our assets, when his term ends, etc.

      And this account, where is the contract for this account? Where is it? What are the terms? Where is it held? Who has access & for how long? What are the rules? Are the funds to be dispersed & for what & to whom? NO CONTACTS??? Nothing but 'Anna says'.

      And Anna has apparently appointed herself Immigration Tsar, repeatedly stating to her global audience, that according to her OUR BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN & anybody who gets here & hides for 7 yrs, receives no benefits, has no Fed convictions has every right to be made an American State National & they GET TO CHOSE THEIR STATE. The so called people have NO SAY WHATSOEVER about this at all. Again, Anna has given GLOBAL NOTICE that OUR BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN & she dictates it all.

      Anna also says anyone born on America is to be American. This includes all those who come here illegally, including birth tourism, they have every right to be ASN's. Somali's have avg 6.2 kids & avg iq 68, a trained Chimpanzee has an iq of 80. And by force of Anna's dictates THEY GET TO CHOOSE WHATEVER STATE THEY WANT. So that state will be burdened with them forever.


    5. cont'd
      Also, the Coordinators 'work for' Anna, not the people, are appointed by Anna & her set of agreeable's . Anna says Coordinators work for The United States of America… but that’s not true, as Anna's dictates are to be followed, & she has NO CONTRACT. So Anna is doing exactly what she vilifies as "European royalty' usurping control, when SHE IS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING, based upon her 'said' bloodline & possession of seals. Which by the way has been challenged, from what we get, by the Catholic Church itself… And we can't help but to tend to agree. This is due to her claims, such as heirs of Habsburgs. Here's the clincher: HABSBURGS NEVER REALLY EXISTED, they're fiction, same for the Medici & vastly more.

      But we ASN's have no idea what Coordinators are doing, telling people, guiding them, much less what dictates on her BORDERS WIDE OPEN multi-culti destructive jew-agenda Anna globally publicizes. WHAT THE HELL????

      So are Coordinators instructed to allow immigrants to usurp upon our America via granting of ASN status… JUST BECUZ ANNA SAYS SO? We have asked many times for the Law & Anna keeps making sh*t up, lying, while stating her multi-culti "beliefs" as though her belief is law. Even illegal immigrants are to be granted ASN status! Anna helped a non-English speaking immigrant & also, a federally convicted sex offender become ASN's & Anna told the sex offender how to get out of having to give notice as required by the Feds, so she set this predator upon us.

      We have no idea what Coordinators are doing & according to Anna, we can't know, becuz they work for her, aka, bogus Fiduciary for The United States of America, for which there is NO CONTRACT. Contract is law, law is contract, thus there is NOTHING substantiating her claims.

      This is NOT governance for the people by the people, now is it? So kudos to your discernment. Thanks & stay sane

    6. ADD: FIRST, God Bless these Coordinators, who are giving their everything to spearhead this immensely important job of taking our everything back from these evil bastards. They give their everything, & more, to do this. Where would we be without them, their commitment, their talents, time, expense, skills & true dedication? Most admirable of them to step the hell up to the plate!

      We saw Anna defame a Utah Coordinator, naming them, dismissing them on her 'Global Notice Racketeering Forum' >>??!! NAMING THEM ??!! And in the comments a Utah National corrected Anna... giving correction to Anna's blasphemes against the Coordinator...

      EXCUSE ME! That was more of a "warning" for any Coordinator who Anna deems as misbehaving, TRUE OR NOT, simply based upon 'Anna's beliefs', will summarily be called out, blasphemed.

      That is what we see Anna doing, riding shotgun over her self-appointed dominion.

      We encourage States to contract with their Coordinators, AS THEY CHOOSE, to insure if & when their desired Coordinator is ousted by Anna, that they have a contract to insure those Coordinators, who have given their LIFE to Our America, are held in position to continue their Good Work for their State.

      Like Hell Anna is to be in control. In fact, take the Coordinators out of Anna's control immediately. Coordinators can be called something else, if need be, but save them, save your states from doctorial over-lordship. Provide protection to Coordinators as you see fit.

      Coordinators have NO OBLIGATION (means contract) to the states, nor the people/People. Their obligation is to Anna.

      That would turn governance for the people/People, by the people/People to true standing upon their state/State. At the very least, THINK ABOUT IT. thanks & stay sane

    7. Dittos share your concerns,
      I will say the leadership of the dejour Republic of Texas concludes CIA aka Mossad CFR all Same other words subject is suspect.

    8. Also, we've been waiting for Anna to address contracts. Not going to happen. Why not? Becuz ASN's would summarily awaken to certain facts, as Anna has NO CONTRACT to be Fiduciary for The United States of America. Nor does Hein.

      We'd ask to see the contract with Hein & the contract for the account jew Mnuchin was instructed to place America's wealth, assets.

      Please pay attention & consider: Good Folks, Contract is law, law is contract. We're told by Anna this is our governance for & by the people/People.
      What ASC's do as voting decisions, are to be made public. Thus, made public were the documents autographed for The Post Civil War States of the Union, on display, giving notice by every document. So it is possible to display contracts. These are contracts. These contracts made the law.

      Upon giving notice on status change to an ASN, by recording, we tell the talmudic bastards NO CONTRACT with them. We tell them, they have no contract, thus they have no jurisdiction. We make the law on our standing, giving recorded notice upon the land & soil, that they have no contract with us.

      We learn to recognize when they are trying to contract with us & we tell them No Contract. We realize we are barraged regularly with offers to contract with their talmudic death cult.

      When "their" census was mailed, we saw on the face of their Offer to Contract with the Census Inc, 3 different corporations, & upon opening it, a 4th entity ALL OFFERING TO CONTRACT.

      Anna said to comply with the census becuz America is to have a census. But it wasn't America issuing the census. Did Anna misguide about their census? We say YES she damn well did.
      Now those corporations have your census data for pillaging, targeting, knowing how many children are in your home, all of which is NONE OF THEIR FRUCKING BUSINESS.

      Census employees basically barraged our home insisting they take our info. Essentially, targeting us right there, in face diapers & jew-rhetoric, standing 6 feet away. We told them we do not have discourse with masked strangers nor do we comply with dictates of a corporation, nor are we residents, nor citizens, nicely, smiling, wishing them well.

      We read their Census procurement funds were running out & the date their talmudic corp would end its besiege upon us. It sure did end.

      No Contract. They advertise, attempt compliance trickery, often with threats, but we say No Contract.

      How do we living men & women contract, or counter-contract, with their talmudic dead? Wouldn't that be informative & necessary? Such as, placing one's by-line, autograph, thumbprint on the right side means you are creditor. Would this help us to further strengthen our standing?

      Contract is law, law is contract. No contract, no law. Beliefs are NOT law.

    9. Good Folks WHAT IF: What if claiming one's religion means claiming one's law? What if religion isn't about "beliefs", but about law?

      Ecclesia is self-governance. To say one is Christian means one follows, abides by, recognizes Christian law, which is the highest law recognized. To say one is jew is under talmudic law; Muslim is Islamic law (which was made by talmudics thus both talmudic & islamic law provide for enslavement).

      There is no such thing as judaeo-Christian, its an oxymoron, just as sovereign citizen is oxymoron. We think its all about mamby-pamby "beliefs", don't we? I believe this, i believe that, oohh the jew believes in jew & Jesus so it must exist becuz the jew says so.

      Why isn't there judaeo-Islam? Becuz the jews already 'own' Islamic law. judaeo-Buddism (Buddhism is early form of their Christianity, Buddha, Krishna are Christ)? Buddhism isn't their main target, now.

      One cannot be both jew & Christian. One cannot follow, be held in esteem, protected by dual/duel laws, they are in opposition to one another. Extreme opposition.

      Now, today, the jews are endeavoring to edit OUR CHRISTIAN BIBLES AGAIN, to remove what they deem anti-semetic, tho no jew was ever a semite. Aramaic is Semitic but we NEVER HEAR ABOUT THAT FORM OF ANTI-SEMITISM, now do we?!
      The lies are so talmudic, inversed, reversed, simulated as a filthy rotten onion, their lies & destruction are unceasing against Christians. And they have succeeded far beyond our comprehension.

      The strongest form for Christianity, that which has the strongest structure, the most cohesive foundation & administration is the Catholic Church. All of these Christian sects are weak, & weakening Christianity, & most are mamby-pamby, even judaizing! Putting jews first, which puts talmudic law above Christian law.

      If we can comprehend this severe trespass against Christians by the jews, so as to turn Christian law into talmudic law, is a most dangerous, evil, destructive accomplishment against Christianity.

      To address a stranger one would say, I am John of Doe, Christian. One is John of Doe family, with Christian Law. One claimed Christian law upon the family's decision & after a child was born, they were Baptized, a record made, to be included, protected by Christian Law, is much more than a 'belief', it was a knowledge.

      One followed the teachings of Christ. Our books/Bibles have been extremely edited. Yet, the ability to follow this highly edited Bible provides great things, including in health, society's soundness, etc, becuz it is Truth.

      Does the Bible promote the use of Cannabis for many, many things, including health, medicinal remedies, feeding livestock, making fabric, paper, etc? Is this why also, the jews prevented us from growing our own Cannabis Hemp? Why the jews try to control that too, saying we're to buy from Israhelli jews all the Cannabis products?

      So if Good Folks would consider the above, so that we come back around to a source'fulness. Our American law is Christian law, no other, for a reason. thanks & stay sane

    10. This morning I made this reply to Private thinker's comment located in Anna's article "Turkey Farming". At the time I was just thinking aloud, because it just came to me at this moment in time. I have pondered my response all day, and then I read your comment Wink Wink. Can it be as simple as only using our Baptismal Names/Record of Baptism as our only True Identification/Passport? I haven't been able to discuss this with my good friends who have been working on this B.C. Fraud as I have myself for over 10 years, but everything you just posted above I've been thinking all day. Here's my time stamp
      Private thinkerFebruary 28, 2021 at 11:34 AM

      Hello Ana,
      I just want to cancel and collapse the public All Caps trust Get my passport and leave this country and never come back. Any help for someone like me who is not wanting to fight for this corrupted soil? 
      Foscolos00March 1, 2021 at 2:05 AM

      Private Thinker, get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ keep that original recorded document with you, and only use it as your sole identification, and become the sojourner you wish to be. It worked for a lady named "Sojourner Truth". That, just by all rights should be the only passport one should ever need.

    11. I texted my friend about 3hours ago; stating that 7 years ago we didn't take the next step, and it could be so easy that a baby could do it.

    12. Foscolos00 - Wow. Am blown away by your comment & the synergy of it all. Blown away! thanks so much for posting this, reaching out.

      Yeah, I haven't done enough research recently to find using the Baptismal Certificate as contract. Must say, gave up on it a few years ago. Now you bring this up, & thanks to Private Thinker, interest is renewed.

      If we are correct on this trajectory, the Baptismal Cert COULD have contractual significance ... if its with the Catholic Church, as thats the only one i found with standing. [Protestants were considered judaizers, as Martin Luther fought the jews who were infiltrating the Church & his 'The Captivity of Babylon' was published in 1705, not 1520!! Thats the jews lie!! Martin Luther's intentions were inversed, captured by the jews, as they just did on their fake Race War 2.0. Notice, 1705 was just a few decades before 1776. Much more occurred just prior to 1776 that's lied about).

      The Catholic Church is the most universal, so pretty much where ever you go, touch base with a Catholic Church. Yeah, I'd wholly consider baptismal with Catholic Church, no other has its standing & reach.

      See what i mean? So if you travel, a Catholic Church is likely not far. Establishing with the Catholic Church a foundation, touchstone, ecclesial, with whom your presence as living is recognized, maintained, as a history. Its with the Catholic Church to substantiate law in accordance (bring to an agreement).

      Further, i would seek to do so at a well established, solidly pre-Vatican II Catholic Cathedral in a firm, well generationally established parish. If you have Catholic family members, ask about their church's baptismal, how many generations, keep the lineage going there, maybe.

      So in pursing this path, say one comes into trouble, reach out to the local Catholic Church, inform them of the situation, give them the name of the Church, parish, priest for contact, as such, could substantiate you are a good standing Christian who follows Christian law. Thats how it worked in the olden days. One is well established in their Church, parish, doing good deeds, donations, of good character, good reputation substantiating your Christian (law) commitment. Hey, folks knew who was Catholic, let me tell ya, & it had respectful standing.

      Also, suggesting baptismal by Catholics, becuz they were the ones who participated in governance from the outset. So far as I know, as i recall, no other has its standing.

      Check their certificates, as how the name is presented. Would you also make a red thumbprint?? take a red ink pad & red pen with you, & should you sign in red ink too? Ask the priest. Hey, maybe so, why not?

      Pre-Vatican II Catholic Church info below. Be great to have the ceremony in Latin. They may ask for class attendance prior to baptism. ?? Don't know for sure. Choose a Christian name, of course.

      After its done, record your documents with your new Christian name, if it differs from you current name. Otherwise, if not different, at least record your Baptismal Cert, eh?

      Ok, so from memory that's what i recall Hope its correct.
      Would be great for you to touch base from time to time, let me know how it goes. No obligation (offer to contract) hee hee, would just like to know anything more you discover.
      thanks & stay sane

    13. cont'd
      Pre-Vatican II Is the Catholic Church - Home | Facebook
      Pre-Vatican II Is the Catholic Church. 1.9K likes. Vatican II and its subsequent reforms have given us a new religion, a religion which is substantially different ...

      Pre-Vatican II – The One True Catholic and Apostolic Church
      A little background on why we belong to the one true Catholic and Apostolic Church following the ‘deposit of faith‘ and ‘the magisterium.’ All of the information on the website is gathered from existing resources and draws on people much more learned than us.

      Side note: Research from Fomenko Chronologia a historical timeline correction : Apostolic Church won the war Kulikovo Battle in 1380 against Ancestral Christianity, claiming Christ blood lineage, who deemed themselves as gods, demanding sacrifices to themselves, including human ones, & were called "pagan". This is from where current jews make their supremacy claims, chosenites, royal lineages. Pretty disgusting to imagine jews claiming any relationship w Christ ( including for their enslavement of everybody else AND their sacrificial animal rites, which they do today - NYC alone has to deal with 50,000 dead chickens that jews swing around in torture, as their pagan belief is to put their sins upon the animal, make it suffer, to relieve the jew of their sins. And they do this IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN, thus insuring continued psychopathy. Yes, they torture that many chickens, causing health concerns over the 50k carcasses, which they throw away, do not use as food. TORTURE THEM on purpose, the more torture, the more relief from the sins. FRIGGIN PSYCHOS, ok PSYCHOS.)

      Christ had bequeathed a school of his disciples-apostles. They have created a fundamentally different branch of the original Christianity, namely THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH, as is the Catholic Church, was 'for the people', & this is also from where American governance has a foundation in Christian law, for the people, by the people.

      Fun stuff, eh? thanks & stay sane

    14. Must always be aware of the definition of "Certificate" we the Living should never be satisfied with any Certificate, ie., "Baptismal Certificate". We should be given the Baptismal Record(Original, with all the wet ink Signatures) to hold in our possession. When the original is left in another possession it opens up the door to usufruct, no matter how pious an establishment portends to be.

    15. Foscolos00 - excellent point there. Yes Baptismal Record. well done! And it may have been called record prior to interference. thanks

    16. Twenty years ago I endeavored to answer the question Jesus put before the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders. After more that three years of research my Heavenly Father/Holy Spirit revealed the answer.
      Mark 11:27-33
      27 And they come again to Jerusalem: and as he was walking in the temple, there come to him the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders,28 And say unto him, By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority to do these things?29 And Jesus answered and said unto them, I will also ask of you one question, and answer me, and I will tell you by what authority I do these things.30 The baptism of John, was it from heaven, or of men? answer me.
      31 And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we shall say, From heaven; he will say, Why then did ye not believe him?32 But if we shall say, Of men; they feared the people: for all men counted John, that he was a prophet indeed.33 And they answered and said unto Jesus, We cannot tell. And Jesus answering saith unto them, Neither do I tell you by what authority I do these things.

    17. Answer;
      Exodus 29:4-9
      4 And Aaron and his sons thou shalt bring unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and shalt wash them with water.
      5 And thou shalt take the garments, and put upon Aaron the coat, and the robe of the ephod, and the ephod, and the breastplate, and gird him with the curious girdle of the ephod:
      6 And thou shalt put the mitre upon his head, and put the holy crown upon the mitre.
      7 Then shalt thou take the anointing oil, and pour it upon his head, and anoint him.
      8 And thou shalt bring his sons, and put coats upon them.
      9 And thou shalt gird them with girdles, Aaron and his sons, and put the bonnets on them: and the priest's office shall be theirs for a perpetual statute: and thou shalt consecrate Aaron and his sons.

    18. Jesus unquestionably proved the corruption, and collusion of the Church/STATE(is still going on to this day). John was the Forerunner. As we read above {this is the first instance that Baptism was initiated, and was decreed by our Creator} only priests were initially Baptized, and only the first born Sons from the Levitical order were ever to be ordained as such. What John did through Baptism was make everyone Priests. Thus taking away all of the current priests’ Heritage power(undeserved Nepotism). When Jesus was crucified the veil was torn in the Temple(Mathew 27:50-54). The Veil/Curtain is what separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Temple. Only Priests(Levitical Order) could go behind this Veil/Curtain and Minister.
      Now through John’s Baptism and Jesus’ Crucifixion-Resurrection all can come before our Father without the need of a middle man(priest). We now all have been made priests. This is why John, and Jesus both had to be eliminated. Then afterwards all of Jesus’ followers were hunted down and killed. Even to this day. This is no Joke folks. Let there be no doubt there will be no “Friends”, no “Family”, no “Church”, no “Establishment”, no “GOVERNMENT”… Only ewe, and our Creator. The only solace I can provide is Romans 8:31”What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Read the whole chapter to realize that this is nothing new. 

    19. Did you notice verse 28 "And say unto him, By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority to do these things?" These Cretans are always looking for some Tangible Authoritative Entity. Instead of Jesus answering their Question which they had no Jurisdiction to ask him, he turned the Table and questioned them. Their little Pow-wow amongst themselves at the end proved what Lilly livered punks they were.

    20. I apologize Wink Wink and others if my posts seem long winded. I try to condense my replies down as much as I know how. Through my years of research dealing with Birth Certificate Fraud, I have also found that Baptismal Certificate has also been similarly fashioned, and employed as well. Take a look at ewer Baptismal Certificate and ewe will notice the ALL CAPITOL NAME in leu of ewer proper name.The old adage “they got ya comin, and goin” aptly applies. This was written about in The Book of Jasher Ch. 14 (keep in mind when reading that all these certificates are dead entities). This Expose' takes place in Ancient Egypt, however it is a much older system that was also utilized by Nimrod-“He was a Great Hunter”! That’s right, he hunted Men and women. As we all know nothing gets done unless a Man or Woman does it. The best Slave is the one who thinks they are free.

    21. Back to contracts - INTERFERENCE IN CONTRACT IS UNLAWFUL & illegal.
      - Most importantly, another cannot interfere in contracts. This is what protects contracts between living men & women & with whom they contract. NO INTERFERENCE.

      Of course, the jews & their useful idiots, ignore law, & we find ourselves in quagmire of incessant interference in our contracts. Nothing is sacred under the jew boot.

      Does non-interference in contracts also apply to CONTRACTS IMMIGRANTS make w USA Inc? Immigrants sign contracts to be citizens. So assisting an immigrant to switch from citizen Inc to ASN, with no regard to the contracts they have made with USA Inc, constitute interference in contracts?

      Do Good Folks get its all about contracts?? I see some Folks don't want to be bothered with this very important issue. Contract is law, law is contract. We cannot interfere in contracts.

      The immigrants have contracted with USA Inc PLUS this is a REVENEUE GENERATOR, as they create debt & are taxed.

      Is broadcasting to a global audience that OUR BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN interfere with lawful contract for America & Americans? This is why we ask for the law on which Anna bases her claims that our borders are wide open & anyone who comes here, even illegally, unlawfully & hides for 7 yrs, takes no benefits, no fed convictions, be allowed to be ASN & are allowed to choose their own state, while the people/People have no say.

      Whom then incurs their liability? Would it be the ones who made them ASN's? The ones who instructed them to be ASN's? Who? Anna, becuz she said so?

      Contract is law, law is contract. Beliefs are not law. What contract do these immigrants make for America, for Americans? Is there language that they are to abide by American Common Law & they don't abide, what are the consequences?

      Contracts include 'who benefits'. Who benefits for all these immigrants to be made ASN's? ONLY the immigrant, thus the contract is in question. We do not need immigrants, they COST US including our jobs. So who benefits? Does Anna benefit? How? We imagine the more immigrants she has under her dominion, the better to push her jew-agenda, like multi-culti & communism (we only need 6 pairs of shoes & one car, got that?)

      … OOHHHH Wait… that sounds like exactly what we are trying to escape, self-serving interests. Does Anna need immigrants to better her life? I damn sure do not. Why does Anna's desire outweigh my & America's law? Who needs immigrants to improve life, quality on America? WHO BENEFITS? WHO TAKES RISKS?

      Or, are we to assume those immigrants, even illegals, will automatically abide by our American Common Law? Do they comprehend that THEY are responsible for their acts & THEY are responsible for their childrens acts? So if their children commit harm to another American, cause injury or death, or harm property or interfere in contracts, that the parents are to be held responsible, & this lasts into adulthood. What age is adulthood in American Common Law? Do they know?

      Are there contractual education requirement for immigrants to be ASN's? Requirement to speak & read English sufficient enough to contract? If they are not, then they cannot contract with America, cannot be ASN's.

    22. cont'd
      Speaking a country's language is IMPORTANT. Anna doesn't think so, as she gave an immigrant the OK to be ASN when they said they barely spoke English.
      So if Americans contract with this immigrant, whats the result for their failure to perform? Immigrants think they can slither out of it becuz they were made ASN'Folks do not comprehend what its like working with immigrants on construction sites. I paid the immigrant sub-contractor, hired by another, but he apparens without such requirement. So, You paid them several hundreds or thousands to do a job, they don't understand,... oh well.

      Who showed up at a single woman's door aggressively demanding payment, with 4 angry men immigrants & their immigrant citizen BAR attorney, to speak English for them, demanding payment? Why her door? Becuz it was next door to the property they worked on. The immigrant contractor was paid, but didn't pay his immigrant employees.

      She has no idea to what extent immigrants will go to retaliate, as set the property afire, next door? That was threating to the tenant. Scared the gheezems out of her. The immigrants think they can conduct business, solve their issues, the way they do back in their country. They do not change simply becuz they are ASN's, especially with such gratuitous ease.

      Or the immigrant who drove a truck down the wrong way street, slammed into a man, broke his face to pieces & tried to escape when others on the street stopped him. What would happen if he pulled out his ASN papers saying HE HAD EVERY RIGHT to be here, doesn't need a license, their laws don't apply to him, his Credentials Card says 'do not detain', the victim is unconscious, police have no jurisdiction to act... And we think immigrants are a problem now as citizens Inc?

      So whom is to be held liable for immigrants to be ASN's? There is NO America to back up liability, expenses, payment for workers, other costs as time, effort, risk etc. Its going to be the ones who assisted them to be ASN's.
      Imagine that those who assisted them were to be made liable for them & all their generations in perpetuity, as ASN's trust accounts, assets would be attached to them, NOT AMERICANS NOR AMERICA, for committing unlawful acts against Americans & America.

      How else is this to be remedied? Anna has NO CONTRACT to be Immigration Tsar & those blindly following her baalsh*t beliefs, are to be held responsible.

      CONTRACTS MATTER. No contract, no law. See how contract makes law? Every one who holds a gov job, position is contracted for that job & their liabilities & remedies are determined by contract.

      Ok, just wanted to exemplify for those who can't quite comprehend what contracts mean, what being an American means in relation to contracts.

      >>>> Being a ward of the state, a citizen Inc, can all of a sudden seem quite the better option. And... for most alll this IS the better option, as they are not mature, nor educated, nor willing to be so, enough to be ASN's, much less most alll immigrants, who have NO CONCEPT of what being an American means.

      Do not interfere in contracts. Contracts protect. Contracts define. WHO BENEFITS? WHAT'S THE CONSIDERATION? IS IT EQUITABLE?

      So a contract that says immigrants get to be Americans, have all the benefits, but don't have responsibilities. Is that an equitable contract? Is it going to function properly for immigrants to not have responsibilities? Its not equitable.

      For immigrants to be ASN's, how is it equitable? We do not benefit. If folks want to enjoy their company, then take a trip to their country, try to be a national there & benefit without consideration, responsibility, see how it works. GO DO IT IN THEIR COUNTRY.

      Does this help? thanks & stay sane

    23. Foscolos00 - sorry can't concentrate more now, so pardon a summation. APOLOGIES TO THOSE WHO MAY FIND WHATS SAID PROBLEMATIC, however, this is about research & finding out what the hell is going on, roots to shoots, ok. Just let the dust settle where it may.

      Couple things, as Authority, which Christ's reply was a question, not an answer. In court the one with greater standing asks the questions. So a 'reply' would be in form of a question.
      As we see in movies, say, the king asks the questions, no one has standing to ask the king questions, 'don't question the king' (which gives it a different twist, then, as though the sovereign is a know-it-all psycho, but its the standing thats inferred), so their method of questioning could be to rephrase a question as a response.

      Christ remained the questioner, & did so on question of 'authority'. Christ was sovereign, as a 'king', which defiled the jews claimed supremacy as ruling bloodline kings. As to say, a king is only as kingly as the sovereign man, thus brought their Ancestral/royal 'down'.

      What Christ knew was he was sovereign, he was king, as all can be king. Crown of thorns for the common man who thinks himself a 'king'. Or as Louisiana Sen Huey P Long sang "Every man a king' >>> 1934, every man a sovereign, Apostolic Christian.

      Research from other sources, on correcting history, which relates to the Bible & its events, have been purposefully conflated, so that we won't realize different epochs from another.

      What if: the New Testament is the Old Testament, as they've been switched? What if the Old Testament is the most recent, the New is older?

      Then we'd be confused, as rulers & their law at the time differs, & reasons why things occurred, differ. The truth about the New vs Old can be too hard to fathom.

      The priest class are the jews & they ran an exclusive Ancestral/royal religious dominance which they required honoring them, saying they were Christs heirs, bloodline. Since they were bloodline they demanded be honored as gods, requiring sacrifices, even human ones. [I'm not making this up]

      The jews Ancesteral/royal rule were defeated Kulikovo Battle in 1380, by a >> militia << of Christ followers who were Apostolic, thus not enforcing bloodline supremacy as gods, but for the people.

      They, the Christian Apostolic militia fought against the mighty army of the Ancestral/royal jews who were most assuredly to easily win.

      However the Apostolic's had invented a new weapon, the cannon, made from oak trunks, which accomplished their win & thus, release from the jews.
      This battle changed Christianity, as Apostolic Christianity reigned & its victory by newly invented cannon.

      Apostolic/peoples Christianity was made the state religion, opposed to the hereditary jew bloodline, which Apostolic's did all they could to implement within their empire, & sought to enlarge it, to ensure hereditary/royal jews never gained power again.

      Now look at us today, the jews have accomplished destroying Christianity, Catholic Church, displacing it w their jew, bloodline as gods themselves, sacrifices, taxes, subjugation, enslavement, vaccines, gmo's, all happening right now. They've already implemented their Noahide Laws 1991 by secret Congress, called Education Day, in honor of Chabad rebbe Schneerson.

      So as we experience today, even though we are to be following Christian Law, WE ARE NOT but are ruled by talmudic law.
      So there will be confusion in the future, as they try to discern what law? Its said Christian, but they acted like jews. This conflates the two law systems, which are polar opposites, to judaeo-Christian, which is impossible. The law systems are extreme opposites.


    24. Just as having Apostolic/people vs Ancesteral/royal, it is impossible. So its hard to relate to Folks, what it means to say that one's religion is one's law, as we are beaten over the head to instill that "religion" must be separate from 'law', when in truth, religion is the law.

      Which brings us around to 'separation of Church & State'... Really? Its not separation of religion & state...???

      Now, am going to add another shocker, when Apostolic Christianity won & became the state religion, Catholic meant universal. Catholic Church became an integral component of society & made our worlds great. Even the Papul Vhu is Christian, they followed Christian Law.

      So to read about the exclusive priest class describes to me one epoch & this has a most generous range, but say, approximate date as 100 yrs prior to 1380, so... 1280'ish. This doesn't fit in our current Bible.

      So in trying to figure which law was in place at this time, i have to be as truthful about this, & that truth is the Bible is purposefully often incorrect. It will shock anyone, especially those close to the Bible, that Christ's life 1152-1185.

      The Sacred Calendar year 0=1185 of the Julian Calendar. Making yr 836=2021. Thus Christ life was 836 yrs ago. The jews have destroyed our history on purpose, & dates, events, characters... multiplied, re-dated,
      changed geographical locations, renamed but are really about one event or character.
      So one war, as the Trojan War, is turned into several other wars, at different times & places, that never happened. Trojan War & Crusades are the same event in the Middle Ages. Mt. Vesuvius is Mt. Sinai & Zion-Horeb, volcanic explosion occurred 1638 not 79ad.

      So, trying to figure out what was really going on at that time of Christ & who had what law... well it gets interesting, don't it.

      So, the religion we choose to follow, is the law we follow. All of these 'mamby-pamby' sects, beliefs over Christianity is its destruction. And I betcha ain't nobody talking about Christianity as our self-governing, Apostolic/for the people, law.

      Every man a king in Christian law. So there it is & yes, am sure Folks are going to upset about Christs epoch & the Julian Calendar. Just relating what's found & ... its looking pretty solid.

      When was the Julian Calendar changed to the Gregorian? The fake history says 1582, but... its really about 1768 which is just a few years prior to 1776, not hundreds years apart. Squashed timeline. And this squash occurs multiple times over, as our history has been extended by hundreds & hundreds to thousands of fake years.

      What? Once their garbage is out of the way, historical events make sense, & their truer reasons why. Am just a messenger, Folks, just doing my job. Thanks & stay sane

    25. johns baptism doesnt save -- it is "in water only". baptisms go way back. broadly, is just applied alchemy. (spirit/soul/corpse). not all things are consistent, but soul can be middle binding layer connect the other 2.

      can also be sulphur/mercury/salt. or earth water air fire ether/quintessence (in order of ranking)

      earth there is salt (salt of earth)
      water + air is mercury (connecting heaven to earth)
      fire/sun is sulphur
      quintessence is what the other 4 are made up of -- higher than them all.

      again, for purposes of metaphor -- water is not even heavenly.

      osiris was said to do 2 baptisms in "water and fire" -- this should be a big hint about alchemy, as bible stuff uses similar language (but see below re: christs baptism v john)

      sad, because Foscolos00 seems legit -- but without dogma "the bible" very much can and will lead astray. see catholic dogma about johns baptism in "the father" in particular.

      christians are to put on CHRIST. see any new testament. this means baptism. that means father, son, holy ghost. separate baptism, it is NOT john's baptism in "the father" -- the father doesnt save anyone. christ and his baptism saves people. john was "not worthy to" put on the sandals of the person following him IIRC

      holy ghost arguably not "released" until crucifixion -- then he rose again, and IIRC sent a different spirit down from heaven. THIS is what christians are to be baptized in.

      now, you can see what christ was telling them about johns baptism -- it was in "the father" -- and how could they deny someone baptized in their own god?

      you can appreciate the trinity now too, christ being the word incarnate, was, is, ever will be, from the beginning. holy ghost proceeding from the father and the son. proceed -- following, after, yet cosubstantial -- the same substance/essence/whatever you wish to call it. one god, three persons (personas/masks -- manifestations, whatever you wish to call it)

      alchemy wise, cross is sometimes 4 elements -- making christ quintessence -- preceding the world. above the material plane.


      christ is god, and his baptism is needed to save. johns was "just water" -- IOU -- one holy ghost on its way, please hold. DOES NOT SAVE. was for christ ONLY. christ had his own baptism. see new testament.

      there are at least 7 or 8 baptisms in the bible. even protestants know this.

      all power in heaven and earth belongs to christ -- the keys. trinity. as above, so below. "THE FATHER" has NO POWER TO SAVE ANYONE. see new test. johns baptism accomplishes noting, but "second death" (damned once because adam, damned doubly because got tricked into wrong god/spirit/baptism, and now thinks they are saved but are not -- and liable to curse/damn other people as well -- even if well intentioned, the effect/result is the same)

    26. johns baptism -- like "make it happen" -- in "THE FATHER ONLY" = deny holy ghost, the one unpardonable sin = straight to hell

      character == mark == baptism. e.g. whatever one is baptized in, they believe that entity is god, and seek to emulate and serve it to please it (and save themself from wrath). thus ,baptized people put on the mark/acquire the character of whichever trinity they are baptized in.

      johns baptism is that dangerous. people think they are saved, they are not. they deny holy ghost/christ in the process, get to burn in hell. and they drag countless people along with them -- probably unintentionally.

      satanists promote johns baptism for this reason -- to destroy the church and all its members, and everyone is damned, then the devil wins not only the material world, but everyone's souls as well, for all eternity.

      johns baptism is that dangerous. "the father" alone is denying christ/trinity/holy ghost -- see new test about putting on christ, baptism required, confessing that christ is lord, noone goes to the father except through him

      mixing and matching old test and new test is a sure ticket to hell. christ had a new commandment. 10 commandments are OBSOLETE for new test -- AND WILL ALSO DAMN PEOPLE because they then commit the one unpardonable sin -- denying christ/holy ghost has the ONLY power to save people.

      noone can serve 2 masters. choose old test "The lord" or new test "our lord christ/holy ghost" and put on christ with proper baptism in christ/holy ghost -- proper trinity. not john's baptims in "the father" that is "in water only"

    27. WINK WINK is 100% correct -- there is no "judeo-christian values"

      you either do old test and reject christ
      or new test and reject "The lord" for christ as lord and GOD and trinity with holy ghost

      or you do luciferian kabbalah and try to merge them both to destroy them both see eliphas levi transcendental magic kabbalah revelation/apocalypse/etc.

      3 different "dispensations". noone can serve 2 masters.

      noone goes to the father except through me -- monotheism is old test. new test there are 2 "fathers" and one of them is "father of all lies" and "god of this world (the devil)" and only christ and putting him on (baptism in holy ghost trinity) can save people and confessing he is lord instead of the other "father" entity.

      wink wink is 100% correct -- its either old test "the lord"
      or new test holy ghost trinity

      or luciferian kabbalah/revelation/apocalypse try to destroy them

      christ broke the sabbath, divided houses, said noone goes to the father except through him, and had a new commandment.

      you cannot do 10 commandments and new testament at same time -- they contradict eachother. wink wink is 100% correct.

    28. Most Excellent, xerces yakir, and Wink Wink. Thanks for the most in depth comments I have been blessed to read in a very long time, and especially how they compliment each other. However what should one make of this?
      Revelation 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Thanks again.

  7. Major part of their plan is forcing death under color of law without informed consent, yet people still trust them.

  8. No we're not dumb. We we're just brainwashed since birth but we were smart enough to recognize the truth, when it was presented to us.

  9. .
    thomasFebruary 28, 2021 at 8:05 PM

    I am not new at this, but I am relatively new at what is entertained as the assembly: talked to a coach, really not please with the..................nose to nose without any back up, used the news papers, courts, even served them in their municipal B.S. jurisdiction. I have watch your Monday meetings and I am not amazed to what I see or hear, frankly I am not impressed at all, but informed if anything else. No, little tweets, posts and one on one conversations are not going to project ones agenda of truth without confrontational peaceful effectiveness in media and nose on nose, toe to toe effective issues

    I have mentioned the truth here before and what was need to do; but no one can see it and or......... it has been remove.

    The people can not agree on anything (for what ever education has produced)no unity. The bad guys win!

    We need more than one person fighting the whole system - wont work - been there done that

    So what will the end result be?

    1807 Insurrection act - the army is in control - What Reset Will We Get - the right one or the evil one

    however no one knows --- and they have all the money to fight us with .....

  10. Cells need 30 micro volts to be healthy less and your dieing.
    Children shouldn’t Handel metallic tools it bleeds thair charge
    Children thought to see without their eyes are told to envision a beautiful forest they become centerpeadal seeking any available charge they think is available and brain waves become tuned and a vortex or tube appears in mind and they see through that tube .

  11. What ever happened to God's law -- Do no harm? Does the theory of let him who is deceived still stand when it is clearly doing harm? Why are any of us settling for any man made rules allowing any other person or group of people away with any thing that causes harm to anyone. Why are "courts" accepting any contract as valid when harm is the result? People keep the idea that somehow jurisdiction needs to be upheld. Different rules for Land, Sea, Air? Harm is harm, corporation or not, Government or not. All of this BS can be settled quite simply- Has harm been done? Who caused it? Was the harm a result of self defense? One does not need to be a lawyer to figure that out. All the masses of law books is just bunk and anyone believing in them is full of bunk. The minute you accept any ruling or law that violates basic human rights of do no harm is ungodly and plain wrong. Bullies are bullies.

    1. Dan Carpenter - you may find value in Christopher James, A Warrior Calls &

      James is addressing just your line of thinking. 3 requirements to be answered: Who claims i [meaning one’s] property?
      Who can administer property without right?
      Produce the obligation [contract] upon which the claim is relied.

      Essentially, the bastards claim us as their property, tho we have NO CONTRACT with them, so they are to produce the claimant, produce the law, & produce the contract which gives them their claimed rights.

      He even addresses their courts. He says why not use our courts, which they have commandeered, call our juries of our peers using the same jury-callers the courts use. Tell them this is our court, move aside, stay out of it.

      thanks & stay sane

  12. I read this everyday as well as the comments. And all I ever hear is everyone bitching about what has been done, arguments about who did it and constant reference to its all fake. And pokes at Anna and implying she too is part of the trickery. I hear how this was done to us that was done. This is who did it No these are the ones responcible. It happened 150 years ago No it happened before that 1877. The constant back and fourth bullshit. All this is doing is causing more confusion. It is the jews fault . No its the britts. Honestly... I think we can all agrree on this " Something is wrong" and we can speculate from now until the end of time as to what where when who and why. And we will have accomplished nothing.
    Istead of ttrying to be the one that. Is "RIGHT" about how this happened. And basically saying we are doomed. Lets try and put things together that might help the situation we find ourselves in and agree that "ALL OF US" Want to change it. We can agree we don't like the present situation. So what wouldd. Be a positive move too fix it? Instead of more crap about whats wrong and who did it. I do believe thoughts and words carry a lot of power. So therefore having our thoughts and words focused on the problem is only amplifying it.

    1. Exactly. People need to be organized because believe me, the evil social engineers are well-organized against us, and have been for years.

    2. Then read the article & move on. Or...
      If there is something you would like to see in comments, THEN DO IT YOURSELF. You do the research, form your thoughts, post it.

      YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN... complaining about complaining... ??

      Anna has said & done very stupid things. Anna has no contract, nor are her beliefs the law.

      We're under siege, under the jews boot, in stasis, forced compliance, by Bolsheviks, AshkeNazi.

      What if all this time, all the notices & grand letters to 'officials' are for naught beuz Anna has no contract?
      Would that be considered a waste of time? Would that be considered a deceit, as calling oneself a Fiduciary without a contract?

      Would it be of interest to true Americans, especially Generational Americans, that Anna gives global notice that our borders are wide open & she'll make them ASN's based upon her beliefs?

      Would it of interest to discover that our wealth will never be ours becuz we've been hoodwinked again, into 'believing' that this Hein is of course, acting in our best interest, when we have no idea what interests he's upholding?

      You make your reality.

      All this deceit & blaspheming & destruction of Great White America... & facilitated by Anna??? Uhhhh... Not on my watch.

    3. ... Importantly, we must pay attention to which United States is being referred. I never see The United States, nor The United States of America, always 'the'.
      So are we incorrect on 'The' vs 'the', or is ALL of 'The' history removed?

      So, in this document its 'the' United States, & about 'reconstruction'... of What?? 'The' or 'the'?

      THIS IS WHAT WE GET FOR LETTING THE JEWS IN. This is what we get for NOT KNOWING who we really are & letting those filthy, vile, disgusting parasites tell us a damned thing. Look at our generations subjugated by the very talmudics we are forced to coddle.

      "No Rothschild is English. No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Schiff, Sieff, or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon.
      And it is for this FILTH that you fight. It is for this FILTH that you murdered your empire. It is this FILTH that elects, selects, your politicians."
      -- Ezra Pound

  13. Popular to bash Germans and Hitler but Churchill told Montgomery “if Stalin doesn’t stop give the Germans back thair guns.”
    Figure that out .

  14. I am in full agreement with the comments made by Lifesmirage. Every day I read the comments and grow more weary and stressed. From my limited perspective I see many things being done that I question as well as many strategies that I believe could further the cause in a much more expeditious manor. However, this is not my plan that's unfolding. It is Anna's. Of the various groups attempting to create a roadmap to guide us out of the mess we are in, Anna's overall methodology appears to be the most logical and comprehensive. If she withdrew her involvement tomorrow, who would be able to pick up the torch and guide us through this dark uncharted wilderness. I have many questions that I need answers to. I wish to constructively assist and support her efforts but I require more knowledge and understanding. This effort is at a crucial stage and we don't need any more critics and distracters. We need to join together and begin moving this project forward by pulling on the same rope in the direction our chosen leader tells us. Our chosen leader is Anna. Who else can it be? She needs all of our support. She is the architect of her plan. It's the most refined I've seen. I don't know of any that is better. I have tried to make a habit of backing the winner. In this case it is clearly Anna. At this crucial moment she needs all of our support. For us to win we need Anna's plan and her leadership. Anyone who chooses at this point to criticise needs to make the commitment to shut
    up and whole heartedly support the cause according to Anna's plan or considerately and respectfully move on. Whether elected,self appointed, or ordained by God Anna is it. So whoever, no matter how well intentioned, questions the competency and legitimacy of Anna's leadership in this cause, respectfully and honourably step aside and even though you may not be in total agreement offer up your prayers that our efforts are successful through God fixing and filling in any of the parts we may get wrong.

    1. Entitled to your opinion on Anna’s work but to trash talk all the commentators that is up for debate being you dons get specific hard to find a counter be specific will you .
      It’s those all this is BS. Or what are you talking about supposes everything is .BS and not going to guess what you have a problem with if you don’t know I’m not going to guess and try to cover everything,no irreverent.

    2. - This is the thing, paulstephen, WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE LEADERS, not Anna. Its ground up NOT top down.

      Anna has been saying & doing many stupid things, repeatedly. Anna is not my leader, she is to be my follower. Anna is not the leader for America, she is to be the follower for America. She's made a fool of herself & this movement too many times to be ignored.

      Anna has attempted to be a self-appointed Fiduciary based upon her bloodline, a position she, quite frankly, is not qualified to hold. MAYBE as a consultant.
      thanks & stay sane

    3. . Our chosen leader is Anna
      noone voted on this, noone approved it, noone was notified.

      if you post in public places, dont expect people to worship you.

      and if the world doesnt worship you -- be glad.

      noone elected anna. noone agreed to 10 commandments deny christ either. noone agreed to kabbalah 2nd coming -- noone is pure.

      you are asserting authority you dont have -- neither in heaven nor on earth. telling people to shut up because they dont wish to worship the devil is not a good strategy.

      i suggest a new plan that doesnt require devil worship.

      if your plan requires everyone must worship the devil -- come up with a new plan.

    4. you also failed to define "god" so why not start with that?

      america has freedom of religion. there is no requirement that people deny christ and switch to old test "the lord"

  15. The topic here tells it all: are we stupid?, lets see this through, the Supreme court said that Trump had no standing, well if you are acting as a fiction of law, I would say that you had no standing, when one was being impeached and and attorney speak for you I would take it that the attorney was acting on behalf of the fiction since the fiction can not speak but only through an attorney, so I would assume that the office of President of the United States either does not exist or it is vacant and all the trappings that go along with it are also not in place, and there is a bit more to take to the wall. So in closing no man ever spoke up to the office of President of the United States for it is a corporation period. I would also assume that the Supreme Court takes the Constitution to heart, with exceptions.

  16. Disappointed in the talk of navigating the military tribunals trying to explain you got the wrong guy .
    No like Ireland refused to go In British courts we should be talking setting up common law courts .
    Texas is continuing to bring back ours that lapse in 1992 due to the pastor passed away.
    So we’re is the The United States of America’s lawful common law courts?

    1. bubbapatric - as Christopher James demonstrates, we make Common Law Courts in our current courts, same buildings usurped by jewdicial talmudic courts.

      He's not recorded land jurisdiction, so far as i know, however, he applies Common Law within the building, says to use the jury summons system since they know how to use it, & state your jury of like peers criteria. He plans to use those in very close geographical proximity.

      Run the courts as Common Law. He's doing a lot of Scamdemic harassement cases right now, some gov-thug property theft, CPS child kidnapping. Although i don't know if he's done his full court case yet, but thats his goal.
      Meanwhile, the jewdicials are flopping all overthemselves as he requires of them:
      Who claims one’s property?
      Who can administer property without right?
      Produce the obligation [contract] upon which the claim is relied.

      They have no lawful claim to us, nor our property.

      So, give him a look & listen:
      A Warrior
      A_Warrior_Calls (
      thanks & stay sane

  17. What if you are really the stock holder and not the chattel stock they trying to make you beLIEve you are

  18. Have a view

  19. To whom it may concern Are you an American? Do you even live in America? you are either a American or a none American and no other.
    1/ Bill of right office will make it simple, Mr. Kirkland. 14798803369
    2/ This tossed salad above is repugnant to the actual contract, it’s the long way around to fix the problem, I will show true Americans the way if you shall want, the short way.
    3/ Ok are you ready pay attention only this matter of the contract agreement between the American people we the people under agreement of contract between the government, even though there is government operating under the color of law,
    4/ but however, to weed them and expose them you must question the contract agreement between the government and the American people, the agreement is to govern by Constitutional amendment provisions and articles and declaration of rights at a state and federal level in harmony,
    5/ if not inharmony then you are dealing with the admiralty commerce commercial, and all other fake statues and codes and proclamations and police polices and regulations that are all not law and is repugnant and void and null because you don’t know, and they do know.
    6/ If you do not know then it what they say it is. So know the little book that controls all the repugnant salad and frivolous codes statutes and any other claimed contract or new made up contract that is in conflict with the basic fundamental and principles of the American civics. Basic 11th grade teaching of God and country.
    7/ So codes statutes and proclamations police policies and regulations kings orders any other from any other nation v US supreme law of the land under contract Amendments provisions articles 1-7 bill of rights 1-10 declarations of rights at a state and federal level as in harmony with the compact agreement and common law.

  20. 8/ Its all-in writing in contract learn your Warranty contract agreement.
    9/ It’s important that you understand that the constitution is in writing, It’s important that you
    10/ understand that it‟s a legal document, that it was ratified by all of the members in congress together, and that document has all the signatures on the document, and it’s important that you understand. that there was an offer: the government offered to govern.
    11/ There was a consideration; the citizens considered how they were to be governed, and
    12/ government promised that they would govern by constitution. And there was an agreement. The citizens agreed that if government promised that there would be government by constitution, they would allow the constitution into force.
    13/ Now there is a unique situation in force here:
    14/ It is very rare when you find the party of the first part, which is the congressmen, officers of the government, who are also parties of the second. part as representatives of we the people of the republic. When they signed the document, they signed as officers of the government agreeing to the constitution, and simultaneously as officers and representatives of the people in the Republican form

    15/ of government. When they signed that document that constituted an iron-clad contract in writing enforceable in a court of law, pursuant to the statute of frauds. Now, all we ask is that they enforce the contract. If we read something in the constitution, and we have a good reason to believe it is the way it is, then they should honor that.
    16/ And they should honor it in favor of you, the clearly intended and expressly designated beneficiary. The first thing you need to understand is Article 6 paragraph 2 of the constitution.
    17/ This is known as the supremacy clause of the constitution. Basically, what it says is “This constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made pursuance thereof, and the treaties made, or which shall be made under the authority of the United States shall be the supreme law of the land.
    18/ The judges in every state shall be bound thereby. Anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary are not withstanding in law.

  21. 19/ First important case: Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803).
    20/ This is one of the leading cases in the history of the U.S. The opinion of the court was “Anything that is in conflict is null and void of law; Clearly for a secondary law to come in conflict with the supreme was illogical.
    21/ for certainly the supreme law would prevail over any other law, and certainly our forefathers had intended that the supreme law would be the basis for all laws, and for any law to come in conflict would be null and void of law.
    22/ It would bear no power to enforce, it would bear no obligation to obey, it would purport to settle as though it had never existed, for unconstitutionality would date from the enactment of such a law, not from the date so branded by a court of law.
    23/ No courts are bound to uphold it, and no citizens are bound to obey it. It operates as a mere nullity or a fiction of law, which means it doesn’t exist in law.”
    24/ Now let me give you an example in today‟s timing as to how effective this is:
    25/ This argument is so effective that it literally nullifies the Brady Bill, it nullifies the crime bill that takes away the right of the people to keep and bear arms on these 19 weapons that turn into 159 weapons, it stops the 666 bill that just went through that they’re trying to take away the 4th Amendment, because they have no power to pass a law that’s in conflict with the United States Constitution,
    26/ and it’s automatically null and void of law from its inception; not from the day you go to court and brand it as unconstitutional. A lot of people think they have got to go to court and brand it unconstitutional.
    27/ But if you know your arguments and you can show your arguments, most of the time you will win. Every now and then you will run into a hard nose, but I will show you how to deal with him, too.

    28/ Black‟s Law dictionary. Is the key to the word game use it to map you through the fake laws and fake institutions between the duality of citizenship difference and the choice you have and the free agency to choose? When you want to talk to these people in court you want to have Black‟s Law Dictionary. You would be absolutely amazed what‟s in Black‟s Law Dictionary. These are the exact words that you need to be able to definitively define the work game problem we are having with these people today.

  22. 29/ They keep changing the words. But guess what? The words in this book are the words that were written when we were in the constitution when it was signed. And the definitions that are in this book are enforceable in a court of law. You can bring this book into court and pull it open and say “this is the one, judge”. And they have to listen. And that’s the way it is.
    30/ Thus a statute is not to be declared unconstitutional unless so inconstant with the constitution that it cannot be enforced without a violation thereof. Because that would be violating the constitution:
    31/ Marbury v Madison. A clear incompatibility between law and the constitution must exist before the judiciary is justified in holding the law unconstitutional. This principle of course is in line with the rule that doubts. in the constitutionality should be resolved in favor of the constitutionality and the beneficiary (you).
    32/ Am Jur 256: The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, whether federal or state, though having the form and name of law is reality no law; but is wholly void and ineffective for any purpose.
    33/ Since unconstitutionality dates from the time of the enactment, not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law in legal contemplation is as inoperative as if it had never been passed.
    34/ Such a statute leaves a question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the
    35/ statute not ever been enacted. No repeal of an enactment is necessary since an unconstitutional law is void. The general principle follows that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it.
    36/ A contract which rests on an unconstitutional statue creates no obligation to be impaired by subsequent legislation. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it. Persons convicted and fined under a statute subsequently held unconstitutional may recover the fines paid.
    37/ A void act cannot be legally inconsistent with a valid one, and an unconstitutional law cannot. operate to supersede an existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, it is superseded thereby.

  23. 38/ Since an unconstitutional statute cannot repeal or in any way affect and existing one, if a repealing statute is unconstitutional, the statute which it attempts to repeal remains in full force and effect. Where a clause repealing a prior law is inserted in the act, which act in unconstitutional and void, the provision of the repeal of the prior law will usually fall with it, and will not be permitted to operate as repealing such prior law.
    39/ The general principle stated above applies to the constitution as well as the laws of the several states insofar as they are repugnant to the constitution and the laws of the United States.
    40/ Moreover, a construction of a statute which brings in conflict with a constitution will nullify it as effectively as if it had in its expressed terms been enacted in conflict therewith. Anything passed in conflict with the
    41/ constitution is clearly unconstitutional. Am Jur American prudence 257: The actual existence of a statute prior to the determination that it is unconstitutional is an operative fact, and may have consequences which cannot justify being ignored.
    42/ When a statute which has been in effect for some time is declared unconstitutional, questions of rights claimed to have become vested of status of prior determinations deemed to have finality and acted upon accordingly and of public policy in the light of the nature, both statutes and of its previous application demand examination. It has been said that an all-inclusive statement of the principle of absolute retroactive.
    43/ invalidity cannot be justified (It would be ex-post facto). An unconstitutional statute is not necessarily. a nullity: it may have indeterminate consequences binding upon the people.
    44/ Am Jur 258 “On the other hand it is clear that congress cannot by authorization or ratification give the slightest effect to a state law or constitution which is in conflict with the constitution of the United States. Am Jur 260:
    45/ Although it is manifest that an unconstitutional provision in the statute is not cured because its included in the same act with valid provisions, and that there are no degrees of constitutionality. So that an act is either constitutional or it is unconstitutional. (So if you have a statute that is partly constitutional and partly unconstitutional, it is ALL unconstitutional.)
    46/ so, the key the little book that controls all unknown foreign institutions all fake fictional claims. If you know what’s in this book, I‟m telling you that you are in full possession of your American citizenship.
    47/ If you don’t know what’s In this book, you are going to be a slave; subject to the whim of extra-judicial people who want to tell you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how high to pack it. Learn your book.
    48/ Know your arguments backwards and forwards. Do not let somebody come and tell you what the law is not, don’t let them tell you that you don’t have any rights.
    {Credited God} {ingodwetrust}

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