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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Cowboy Ethics and Frontier Justice

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are some places in this country where it has become "fashionable" to snark at "cowboys" --- Santa Cruz, you listening?  DC Beltway Mob--- this means you. --- and to use such phrases as, "He's gone cowboy." to describe people who woke up and left the flock of goats as part of the "Walk Away Movement" that has decimated the ranks of the Democratic Party, for example. 

This is the same crowd that sits around on their pampered little butts and discusses at length how bored they are and how they are teaching their children how to be bored, too.  Boredom is, after all, a professional hazard of the Hereditary Bureaucrats and Politicians. 

They blandly accept that their Great-Grandfather was a bureaucrat, and their Grandfather was a bureaucrat, and their Father was a bureaucrat, and they are going to be bureaucrats, too.  

They yawn and blink like dogs half-asleep, and at their snide little cocktails parties they decide the latest "in" words and jargon, set the standard for what is politically correct, and thus having identified the members of their elitist little tribe, take their paychecks and play the stock markets as inside traders, tipped off by the politicians with the sure thing tidbits. 

This is the same rat pack that sucks up to the politicians and joins illegal "councils of government" and "boards of education" and "municipal governments" and "public employee labor unions"  and "bureaus" and "commissions" of various kinds ---the same group which promotes and populates "school districts" and "Boards of Health" ---all of which are illegal and foreign and should not exist anywhere in this country. 

Americans have been so Dumbed Down and programmed as television addicts, nobody noticed.  Nobody called down Wrath on the proliferation of all these foreign, illegal, private, special interest groups---including political parties--- that have no provenance as any form of American Government and no actual granted authority to dictate anything to anyone. 

People have been stunned to learn that a "President" is just the CEO of a corporation.  

And now, they are stunned to learn that "Executive Orders" and "Mandates" issued by State-of-State Governors (who are just CEOs of franchise corporations) are not laws.  Never were laws.  Have no force or authority as laws.  

Executive Orders are in that class of directives known euphemistically as "private law".  When your Boss tells you that your lunch hour is from noon to one o'clock in the afternoon, that's an "executive order".  

If someone from another company comes through the door and says your lunch hour is from "one to two in the afternoon" that's attempted fraud, because he has no authority related to you.  

And if you aren't working for either company, it's all ridiculous. 

That's where we, Americans, are right now. 

Executive Orders are for those working under the direction of the Executive. They have to follow his orders as a condition of employment.  

So just imagine that the CEO of Burger King walks into your living room in Fair Isle, New Jersey, and bellows an "Executive Order" at you, telling you to: "Put on your uniform and get to work! You are late for your seven o'clock shift!" 

If you actually work for Burger King, you'll probably scramble around, but if you don't work for Burger King, you are more likely to report an unknown man in your living room causing a disturbance and saying weird, nonsensical things. 

So are you responding to Executive Orders that don't apply to you?  It's like a Stupid Test.  

Call out an "Executive Order" and see who believes it applies to them.   

By now, perhaps, you are recognizing Joe Biden?  And "Governor" Inslee?  


But what's your excuse?  Are you confused about whether or not you work for Burger King?  Or maybe something calling itself "the" State of California?  Do you get a paycheck from these thugs?  Or do you just get all the bills? 

Sure, these politicians have a private mercenary Army and an equally private "police force" to back them up ---all paid for with your money.  

Assuming that the men in these organizations know that they are operating as private mercenaries and what they are doing is against the Public Law and the Constitutions they have all sworn to protect and defend --- it's on them to disobey or ignore whackjob "Executive Orders". 

It's up to them to figure out who actually pays for their services. 

All the good little hereditary bureaucrats don their masks and put masks on their kids and toe the line, because it's a condition of their employment.  They sigh, they play the Drama Queen, they all start parroting the same catch-phrases of drivel: "in these challenging times...."

What about the rest of us who built this country?  The cowboys and farmers, the iron-mongers and steeplejacks, architects and engineers, sales attendants and cashiers, the cooks and the storekeepers?  

Here's a book we all should read and give copies to all the bureaucrats, bankers, politicians, soldiers, police chiefs, school board members, "commissioners" and "council members" that we know:  

Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West, by James P. Owen. 

Here, for the edification of all our worthless Beltway Pundits, is the standard you have to meet as a cowboy: 

1. Live each day with courage. (That is, find some first.) 
2. Take pride in your work. (Not how much you can sluff off.) 
3. Always finish what you start. (Requires starting something worthwhile.)
4. Do What Has to Be Done. (Confession and correction, for example.) 
5. Be Tough, but Fair. (A "No Whiner Policy" is in order.)
6. When You Make A Promise, Keep It. (Learn from Donald Trump.) 
7. Ride for the Brand. (Notice that you are an American, living in America?)
8. Talk Less and Say More. (Actual Public Laws are one page long.) 
9. Remember That Some Things Aren't For Sale. (Like Long Beach, California.)
10. Know When to Draw the Line. (Here and now.) 

Also, remember that rustling cattle is still a hanging offense in most States of the Union, and so is kidnapping our babies.  


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  1. QUOTE including political parties--- that have no provenance as any form of American Government and no actual granted authority to dictate anything to anyone.

    6. When You Make A Promise, Keep It. (Learn from Donald Trump.)
    7. Ride for the Brand. (Notice that you are an American, living in America?)
    are we done with the hegelian brainwashing cognitive dissonance?

    everything you accuse the "pope" of doing you are guilty of yourself.

    noone can serve 2 masters. pick a side. the hegelian brainwashing parties OR america. ride for the brand OR ride for the foreign private "party".

    why the endless schizophrenic psychosis gaslighting delusions?

    5. Be Tough, but Fair. (A "No Whiner Policy" is in order.)
    10. Know When to Draw the Line. (Here and now.)

    take your own advice.

    1. is there some actual america that isnt being blackmailed or something by a "party" ?

      noone can serve 2 masters. endless endless hegelian brainwashing. where or where is actual america?

    2. ok, so anna is just a storefront for the political parties. same old.

      wake me when there is an actual america.

    3. xerces, maybe you should stay away from the computer when you're drinking. Good, now go back to sleep.

    4. Idiot Comment Number One. I don’t work for the Pope. I worked to give his Employees Due Process for a period of 7 years beginning in 2007 and ending in 2014. As a result of that work many of those same officers and officials have been brought to justice and many systems in the Church and in the Municipal Government have been corrected. I have been on the same side the entire time. It’s you and your total ignorance and wrong assumptions that need “change” and a helluva good stiff kick in the rump. Read Disclosure 101 and the very first Article on my website, my letter to Cardinal George of the Chicago Archdiocese and come back and tell me if you still think there was any conflict of interest involved in what I was doing then or now.

  2. This actual America is you and I. This land is your land; this land is mine. It is us everyday we self govern. It is here and now!

    1. Truth, you really think so? the admiralty bastards think you're an easy target to Railroad in less than 5 minutes, and get a lot of $300 off of you x 7 secret trust extraction. Its that you America? Why don't they exercise the Constitution and your modified law or Canon law? You are dreaming cuz you don't know what you're talking about.

  3. When I was young I played pee wee football. I was the only “white kid” on the entire team of 50 youngins. The coach played me at Defensive Line Backer, and Offensive End. I Never came off the field. LeBraun James might have resided close by to where I grew up, but he didn’t grow up in my neighborhood. I had to quickly discern between those that had the ghetto, racist(both ends), wanna be’s, and the truly intelligent. Fortunately for me my neighborhood harbored at least 3 youngins that were mentally fit, and talented. We all were tight. Years later, my best friend of over 50 years made a comment ,” that I was the blackest man he ever new”. I replied,” that’s alright Randy, because your the whitest Guy, I ever met.” He about fell out off his chair. Whenever, I was called “white boy”, or “Honkey”, I would just inform the ones that were trying to box me in (because this is what racist like to do) That “I am just ‘Pig-Mentally Challenged’”. Enjoy.

  4. xerces yakir,
    I like you funny attitude. And the most importance is to be honest.

    CFPB is also a Federal Reserve storefront of the UK** + Vatican, FR* pretending helping people. In reality they help no one they just waste your time that's their games, to steal your times and prosperous, etc..


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