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Friday, January 29, 2021

The British Bodkin

 By Anna Von Reitz

A "bodkin" is a needle of the kind used to sew canvas or leather. It's what British sailors used to mend sails, and what British blacksmiths used to sew their aprons. It is a useful tool that goes back to the Iron Age, when it was first fashioned. It undergirds the basics of livelihoods and trade. It is, in fact, one of the noblest implements of commerce ever devised.
And it sits in the drawer unnoticed, and in the modern world seldom used.
Yet it is still there.
And that is the same sort of sturdy and relevant and useful tool that our land and soil jurisdiction represents, so long as we decide to do the work and make use of it. We still have the means to sew our breeches together.
There are those who for their own self-interest would prefer it were otherwise, and who would rather we be totally dependent on their "products" and services, and no longer have access to actual bodkins.
For obvious reasons, that would not be to the advantage of humankind, but it would be to the advantage of those engaged in producing "virtual" versions of nearly everything.
Pretty soon they will have everyone believing that they can hammer in fence posts by manipulating a computer screen, and become unimaginably wealthy by manipulating digits on a virtual ledger.
Those of us who insist on keeping our bodkins and sledge hammers on the ready are derided as Luddites, yet we are the only ones in the room with a grasp on history, physicality, and reason.
Turn off the electricity for ten minutes, and their world vanishes. Our world shoves into view.
In the same way, they have endeavored to delude us into giving up who we are, our separate and glorious nations, our languages and our national currencies, our traditions, our religions, and everything else, even our sexes ---- along with our bodkins, to make us ever-increasingly dependent upon them and their products.
Ever heard of "cornering the market"? Well, you are the ultimate market that Bill Gates and Cronies are gunning for. Forget about controlling the commodities and instead focus on controlling the consumers of commodities. Then you can actually and factually control all the markets and the entire world.
They took a first step toward this by registering us all as Legal Persons and Wards of the Commonwealth, thereby misrepresenting who we actually are. Then they mischaracterized us some more and created all sorts of business enterprises and trusts used to benefit themselves "in our names".
Using this process, they even displaced and removed and deprived the lawful Queen of England of her standing, and replaced her with a cousin. They also encircled and deprived the Lord High Steward of his inheritance and true identity. In both cases, the servants registered them as Wards of the Commonwealth, without standing to inherit all that is otherwise theirs by rights.
So, not only is Joe Biden not your President, but the Queen who has ruled England since the 1950's hasn't ruled as Queen and actually wasn't in the proper line of inheritance-- and by the way, Edward VIII who was the only one of the British Royals to stand up against this Breach of Trust was illegally forced to abdicate.
What may also be of great interest to our English readers is that Edward VIII did marry and did have two daughters, both of whom are still alive. It will also be of great comfort to learn that the Lord High Steward is still alive and kicking, and there are other expatriates who are True Peers, who are also still alive.

Against all odds, the British bodkin has been preserved, ready to mend the harms of an unreal world.


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  1. Jimstone

    "Fedex really is shipping millions of body bags ...this is a legit "millions of body bags" being shipped by Fedex, with them being the only thing in the warehouse. There is not other stuff mixed in."


  2. Monkey Business with Special Guest Nate Cain Jan 29, 2021

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  3. Make it happen- January 30, 2021 at 2:27 AM

    Thanks Paul for all your informative posts on this forum and absolutely proving my non-disputable (absolutely no argument, absolutely no debate, absolutely just the pure divine truth about the globalist's and humanity's divine fate of the planned divine planetary extermination) divine point since I have been on this forum blogging my heart out (a lot of personal time and energy spent, done out of love and respect for humanity, original divine creation and our divine Father [Yahweh]) for months to warn of the planned divine planetary extinction of humanity, the globalists and original divine creation on Earth as soon as January 1, 2025 and latest as January 1, 2035!!!

    Now, we all see why our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven wants to currently exterminate His creation for His children's corruption of original divine creation (Melinda Gates, Anthony Fauci, Barry Soetero [aka Barack Obama] and the female lab technician throwing up the 666 hand sign [plus many others including Bill Gates] at the Wuhan, China Bio-Weapons Lab4 in 2015 will be divinely exterminated as soon as January 1, 2025 and latest as January 1, 2035 unless I personally reach out to them to intervene from their own divine demise [divine-eternal-condemnation]; picture under Paul's article titled: "Please Post Where People Will See It")!!!

    These folks in the picture (Anthony Fauci, Melinda Gates, Barry Soetero [aka Barack Obama] and the female lab technician at the Wuhan, China Bio-Weapons Lab4 in 2015 [ground zero for COVID-19 bio-weapons creation {Prions /Mad Cow Disease/, HIV/AIDS, SARS, Influenza} imported {stolen} from USA found in "testing swabs" and "bio-weapon-vaccines"]) think they can out do our divine Father (Yahweh) by killing off His original divine creation (including humanity) but they are absolutely mortally under estimating the power of divine creation and judgement (it is better to fear divine creation and judgement than any Earthly mortal) and about to get a divine rude awakening very soon with my "Divine-Manifesto (c)" of "Divine Intelligence's Lawful Divine Warning Orders To Humanity Of Earth To Avoid Divine Planetary Extermination (c)"!!!

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    1. Continued from previous post:

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      I sincerely thank from deep down in my mind, heart and spirit everyone in The Assembly, The Constitutional Republic, even the globalists and the rest of humanity worldwide who is now part of the greatest awakening (elimination of divine mental blind spots) of humanity since the time of our divine brother Jesus Christ of Nazareth and I am personally honored to be able to MAKE IT HAPPEN 2,000 plus years later in our lifetime (Paradise/Heaven on Earth)!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

      COPYRIGHT WARNING: This posted script herein is under divine and mortal copyright protection, absolutely no part of this script may be copied or transmitted without exclusive permission from the author "Make it happen (c)", this copyright herein supersedes this forum's copyright, all rights reserved without prejudice: (c) 01/30/2021

  4. Thank you Anna and Paul for your hard work and dedication to enlightening people to the truth. It just amazes me how long this fraud went on. And what more mind blowing is the constant lies and the grand attempts to deceive and manipulate. These people just dont let up. Every single day more crap shoved down people throats. My question is how many lie how many frauds how many crimes is enough before something is done to put a hault to this 150 year escapade?


  6. Shelby, how do you think about the two Hitler-fotos here ?

    1. Thank you Shelby, but there is much unbelievable for me.

  7. I asked my mom how she and dad got through the depression. They said they knew how to make things and made what they needed, grew food, sewed clothes, and those who could not help themselves did not fare so well. Also I wont forget the Portuguese farmer who said when the governments collapse its the doctors wo are the first ones out asking how to plant food. Their plans based on illusion will collapse, its happening right now and whats different is the amount of poison spread and growing killing the fields, trees, water, people, animals and all of it. Satan wants to destroy and if able to fool people in to it will use them to do it

  8. Enjoying being a member of the New York Assembly !