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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Situation Update, Jan 14th, 2021 – An astonishing theory: FEMA and the US military will save America at its final hour

(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update for January 14th examines the two competing theories for the outcome of the rigged 2020 election. In one outcome, Trump has given up, Biden will be sworn in, and the United States of America will be plunged into a communist-controlled authoritarian police state that silences conservative dissent.

Another theory is emerging, however, that claims the United States is in a military coup against illegal civilian traitors and that a combination of FEMA and the military will actually save America, not enslave it.

This theory gained momentum yesterday when Steve Pieczenik appeared on the Alex Jones Show and claimed a military coup was under way to carry out mass arrests against the traitors on or before January 20th. (See video below.)

During the interview, Alex Jones express skepticism and told Pieczenik sounded like he was spouting nonsense theories that mirrored “Q-tards.” Pieczenik responded with a wager that if Biden wasn’t arrested by the 20th, Pieczenik would never appear again on the Alex Jones Show.

Pieczenik was a former psychological operations intelligence official with the US Statement Department and helped the United States carry out military coups against foreign nations. The question being asked now is whether Pieczenik is running a psyop on the American people, or if he’s telling the truth.

This is a must read article with must watch videos. It's very controversial but you need to know what is being said.


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  2. how interesting these suggestions about a military force aaaaand FEMA SIDE-STEPPING our Constitution and bill of rights almost (WAIT)!!! just like the other side?????? The only thing thats going to stop the (play) and these (actors) are REAL people talking about truth and the REPUBLIC and our Constitution and bill of rights!!!!! ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LINE!!!! American People gathering and sticking together on what and who we are!!! because this "shitshow" is all about distractions and Diversions and going round and round being showered in RHETORIC!!!!!! Any Questions??????


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