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Friday, January 22, 2021

Retreat Not Surrender

Streamed live on January 21, 2021

Greasy Grass Battle is how Lakota and Suhtai (Sioux and Cheyenne) call Custer’s Last Stand. They were in full retreat. The post Pearl Harbor, one way, Doolittle Air Raid on mainland Japan, was tactically insignificant, but regained US initiative.   Goes to


  1. Hi, Great message. Thank you for sharing. I Live in Arizona and I am surrounded by sleepers, deniers, and the TV programed. Could you recommend any like minded people in the east valley area.If possible I would prefer to communicate via email. I will be sharing your video to as many as possible. Thank you.

  2. They are many hidden laws of physic's, we don't see people use everyday, but they existed, and they are used every day in office and in calculation. There is also a hidden law, to read human mind, Better than any lie detector, and more.

    Nevertheless, they are much much errors in Astrologies than in Tarot readings that Christians dislike both. There are myths and failed predictions in any religious books. But you can tell the difference between myth and reality, by their standing force. So don't fall for the corp. rosy outlook, sweet words = deceptions. There are only 10% good Tarot readers. I can read it at 1-minute person and know the habits of the evildoders with 100% accuracy.
    Are you in tune with God? How Big is God do you know? I can tell you that God is so large so huge so intelligent, and much larger than this Earth. That's the reason why Moses saw His flames of fire. Because He cannot enter into this world physically, much more evidences already proved so.
    Can God help you fight with the Vermin? Yes, as explained. But it's hard isn't it in Anna site. IF you profiled the whole site, you can track who said what. The Benefits usually don't come from Anna directly, they come from the posters as well. That's how i gained the knowledges.

    1. If i have 2 choices, I will NOT use the known failed option. I'll create my own choices.

      Can a failed machine fix itself ? Nop, Therefore you know what to do next, within 3 years is best from now. BEWARE X5 of, the false rescuers, the 2 top enemies already planned to get Americans to fail again. Anything from DC is mapped to SAR - BLACK HOLE Re-entry point, Geometrically by God's design. I tested this earth-Human-Dna-binding force, tied to each country destiny.

      Move your new Gov't set-point somewhere else far. Reset X what-you-need, to get your broken machine back to its fresh state. Fix the past heals the present.

  3. Wow wow wow I can't believe this stupid thing the Vermin did so quickly by flooding YouTube with a whole bunch of junky tarot card readings. They confuse me NOT, SO NOW, I conclude the accurate tarot card reading is 4% reliable.
    The Vermin show their phony characters before a few years ago, confuse the public agsinst the news of mass arrest of Obamby, Clinton, etc.. So, like Craig B Hulet (the terrorism expert) and many other Patriots said: America big Enemies ARE within, in bed with their EU MASTERS.

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